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Sharepoint iframe webpart - how to handle

How do I embed an Iframe in SharePoint?

Embed Content

Add the page and go to the edit mode of the page. Click on Embed code which will open up the pop up where we can paste the iframe tag mark up. After adding the mark up, click on Insert. This will embed the document/video on to the page.

>> Thank you for joining me.

I am excited to show you the possibilities of what we can do with your social intranet. Let's start by looking at Yammer. You know Yammer from the networking of your organization in many regions and across multiple regions, features and many ways to connect people across your organization.

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We can think of Yammer in terms of the communities you can create. Both the practice communities and the interest groups, as well as the possibility to bring people to a place where they can come into contact with executives. I'm presenting here one of the things we do at Microsoft.

We have a group for Satya our CEO and he can share his opinion and understanding about what is going on within the organization there, I also get great feedback from us and his staff, if I scroll through you will see that I have a vibrant and rich community, the people are engaged, they are re-sharing articles and conversations and it is a great way to do this really well to understand the voice of our people and understand what our senior leadership team is thinking too As I scroll this through I think okay, it wouldn't be great if I could have this conversation part of our intranet site. Like many of you at your company, we have intranet sites that really help keep the latest content posted Presenting it from a news perspective, maybe articles or even blogs from our senior executives. I can present this content as part of what We're reviewing a SharePoint communications site here, and as I flip through you will see that I have great conversations from my Yammer community, and I can also see that I have news articles, as well as polls and polls and other web parts that do I understand might be able to appear as part of it.

I can see the latest content, policy documents, procedures, or whatever you want to share. But it really takes advantage of those massive communications capabilities that we built into S harePoint, so let's explore a little more about what we can do with Yammer and feed those conversations into your communications websites as well as your existing team websites. I'll move on and actually create a whole new website.

And when you look at this new site and really choose a template, we can think about the different options we'd like to use. When I look at team sites, it's really about working together on a day-to-day basis, and by that, about that core group of people you work with and understanding that the focus is really on the content. I'm going to go for a communication website.

A communication website it's really about fully informing and interacting with your entire base. Maybe it's something about your project that you want to share with a wide group of stakeholders in your company, or it can help you communicate new information or even create a new group for a specific executive that you want to share on the communication website is a great starting point. I can choose these different layouts, for example: I have themes, I have a presentation page that I can choose something.

So I click on 'Topic' and we give this site a name. I will say it is called 'Leadership Connection' and the site is part of it, I will click on the site description which I could fill in later and I can also provide some classification information. In this case, it's a general purpose as basically anyone on my intranet can access it.

You can customize these site classification levels based on what you need. I'll hit the 'Finish' button here and this lovely communications page will be created for me right away. One of the great things that we have as part of this communications site is that it is really easy to come up with the content you need.

When the site is up, you'll see I'm Getting a Wealth of Features. If I look through this I can see, 'Okay, this is information I understand what to do here.' I have news, I may have events that I want to introduce, various documents, 'I'm really looking at everything that is here.

What I want to do, however, is make sure I can pull in my conversations from Yammer. I'll hit the 'Edit' button, 'and I'll provide the various guides here. You will see that I have section breaks here on the site so I can actually create different sections here as part of my page layout.

I could do a add a few columns if I want to share the alignment, or I can just click through here and open the web part gallery, if I click through you will see that I am getting all of the web parts that are available to me as part of SharePoint. There is a really rich set of features that we have here. I can click my way through, you may already be familiar with some of the ones we showed above.

Page is called a Heroes Web Part and usually has a lot of content and images. We have 'Microsoft Forms' that we can use to conduct surveys and polls. And we have a 'People' web part to help you showcase experts or people you should contact as part of your project.

And then we have 'Twitter' and finally 'Yammer'. So let's talk about the Yammer web part and how we can help make that connection between both of our intranet site and the conversations you have within your community, and if I scroll through here you'll see that I have several options. But it all starts with identifying your Yammer community, so I'll type for CEO Connection and you'll see it populate automatically.

Auto-population now happens because I'm signed in to Office 365 and know the Yammer communities to which I have access. When I click on CEO Connection, you'll see that I'm given a number of options. I can already see that there is some content if you access here as part of my web part you will see that it is displayed in a great map format.

I can see here that I have a number of different options. 'Top Conversations' allows me to actually display the most popular conversations in a group. So this is a great option if you just want to get people involved in your community.

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Perhaps this is their first time entering your community through your intranet site. So this is a great way to say here is what's popular, here are the answers, maybe the number of likes. It's a great way to showcase the popular conversations and keep them updated.

You can see I have that option here for Recent Conversations as well. And these latest conversations are personal to you. So in this case, if you've already been a member of the CEO Connection group and visited this content as part of Yammer, you'll be seeing the latest conversations since the last time you were there.

This is a great way to stay up to date with the best way possible. Since it's for you personal, we often consider this cutting-edge conversation article as a way to showcase information on a team website, maybe a little more than that on a communication website. But you have the option.

You can choose which one works best for both your website and the article or page you are creating, and how best to engage that community. You don't have to do this permanently, you can edit the setting anytime and I'll show you how to do that later. We can also just curate different conversations specifically for this page.

Since this is the home page of my specific website, there might be questions people might ask asking all the time. Maybe there are threads before that I think could benefit everyone. And this is how I can actually copy and paste different links to those specific conversations.

Let me show you how to do that Let's click back to our CEO Connection group. For example, if I want to introduce Andy's conversation about diversity recruiting here because it's a common question, I can click the ellipsis and go to 'View Conversation'. 'View Conversation' will ta ke me to a page in Yammer that basically shows the entire thread and helps me gather all of the content in one place.

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I could take this url and copy it and then I'll paste it into this box here I'll see the card pop up on the page right away and I see multiple people responded here and multiple people liked the thread you're using this as a basis to have a stepping stone for your conversations. I'm going back to the top conversations now and you will see that we can bring that up automatically and I will hit publish and we will scroll down and you will see that our conversations have popped up here. If I want to open this web part and then edit it, it's very easy to do.

As I said before, you can always change this so whatever setting works, maybe you run a specific campaign or have a different pi If you want to highlight all the conversations, you can always change that, I click on 'Edit' here 'and you will see that this web part is easy to edit, if I scroll the web part you will see that here I get this little pencil icon which is the editing text and it allows me to go through these different options and and change them as you want. You will also see that we have another option here, the classic version of conversations. 'And this is related to another style of feed that we had available for Yammer.

This might be a good choice if you want to see all of the conversations in progress and the entire thread so that you can see both the thread launcher or the first post that started the conversation and then all of the replies will appear as part of it too. This feed does not work in the mobile application for SharePoint. It is our classic version.

But it can be used in many cases, in other situations too, you should try to broadly choose the one that works best for you. In this case we will use the latest version and recommend this as the default, but if you have options that you need classic version, that's why we have it for you too. So I'll stick with my top conversations, I'll click out of this page and hit publish. how to create a new news article because you would think about how these conversations came about.

Maybe you're on a post about an upcoming show or event that is about to take place, or maybe you're sharing something from an excursion or other visit where you post posting news. I can post news easily by going to SharePoint - Home page. When I click through the SharePoint home page, you see that I'm presented with a number of options, this is my personalized feed here, and these news articles up here are actually personal to me.

So they're powered by the Microsoft Graph and actually it allows me to get content that I might not have been promoted for, but it's really understanding what might be of interest to me based on what we've done with our peers do. I'm going to create a new news post here and I can choose the site I recently created, in this case Leadership Connection, and when I create this new news post I can look at the different ways to include the News Article web part, you can choose the right type of feed. It is important to have this conversation in this community.

So think carefully about what options and what conversations you want to present here. So I can name my page here and I think my news article is about a recent field trip, for example. And so we click through here.

I'm going to add some nice pictures so I could do a web search for example if I wanted to do that, so I'm here to pick one of these backgrounds. You are from Bi. supports ng and they are also available with all Creative Commons information as part of it.

I can drag to focus on this particular image. So if it's a person's face or whatever I want to show off, I can do that. And then I have this great information here.

I can click through here and add a web part that shows you how to add text or images or other types of content to list from Word. And let's go over recent trips and that what we learned to speak. So now I'm just going to type in some text and then you'll see that I have rich editing options here too, so I can bold this could make it a headline for example.

All so those features are built right into it. I'll go ahead and add my community conversations now. So scroll through, I can do a couple of different things if the list looks very long after the various web parts that you just look up here Then you get that familiar interface.

Think again about where to post the conversations for that particular article in Yammer. So in this case, I'll still be picking our CEO Connection group, and I'll say only the latest conversations need to be a part of it. And in order for the card format to be there automatically, it's part of the page now that I have a lot of news articles and here are the conversations they relate about.

You can see I can click through and post straight from the Yammer web part. When I do, I'll add some text here that says, 'It's great to hear about this recent field trip,' and this will be posted directly to my Yammer group. Post 'and you'll get confirmation of the message we posted on Yammer, and I can also click through to see the conversation within the Yammer group.

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So it's a really great way to get people right there, but all of those conversations stay in the same place in Yammer, that's how all of those conversations I'm curated in this CEO Connection group make it really easy. And then I can see the conversation continue here and click the like button

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How do I embed content in SharePoint?

Allow or restrict the ability to embed content on SharePoint...
  1. Browse to the root site of your site collection.
  2. Click Settings. , click Site Settings.
  3. On the Site settings page, under Site Collection Administration, click HTML Field Security.
  4. Select one of the following options: ...
  5. Click OK.

It's very useful, a web part page is even more useful so I go into web parts of course I find the web part under the media and content section and the content editor, if you've been working on SharePoint 2007 or earlier then we have it all with Made the content editor web part so you probably know if you've been around for a while but if you haven't then that's fine, I'm going to teach you how to just add this web part to a site page and then go You go into it and edit the part and then you can add new content in that web part and as you can see you have all the regular options there but you have some new options here as well.

show you ho w to work with it in another demo, but here you can see that you can do anything you can in a regular web part here on a wiki page. It's not that useful that you can use it to insert JavaScript or CSS which I'll show you in another demo, but if you go to a page that's a web part page like a view solet let's see I'm going into my documents I'll be the one Edit this page and of course add the web part and click here to add content and then you can just type in here and we keep that library all the important one thing though, one thing you have to do is change that heading, you probably don't want to that it says Content Editor, so I'll go to the Edit Web Port task pane here and I'll change the look and either you can put a different title in there if you just want directions, or you can hide the Chrome altogether by sliding it set to none. It'll still show up with a chrome as long as you're in edit mode, but once you save the document by stopping editing, you'll find that it doesn't have a title, but one thing to keep in mind if you change a view this way is now i don't get any of the tools i don't get in any of your knowalerts or anything so if you put a content editor web part at the top of your view which is powerful and the focus there it becomes a usability issue.

So if you look for all of those files and libraries they won't be visible until you actually set the focus in this web part so that you now have two web parts, you can change that by placing this web part at the very bottom, but that might be too long and you might want to view a lot of documents there, how to add the content editor web part to a wiki page and to a web part page like one of your views, of course you can find this content editor web part elsewhere too which is located here - my ID ticket list.You can of course add it to add to the forms.Both the default form in the display form and the edit form, which you can change, is also a web part page that you can use to do that Enable the Content Editor Web Part.

I hope this gives you an entry point into the beautiful world of the Content Editor web part that I'm going to be going to show you more tips and tricks soon, thank you for watching this demonstration

Can you embed HTML in SharePoint?

In the SharePoint classic experience page, you could simply using the HTML web part to embed your HTML code directly. If you are using the modern experience, you will need to rename the file extension name for your web page from HTML to ASPX.

Can a SharePoint page be displayed in an iframe?

A Page from SharePoint 2013 (on premise) can be displayed in an iframe from a Page hosted on another domain, if the following control is added to the head of the master page: However if this control is not added to the master-page, then we also get the above mentioned error.

How to insert a web page in SharePoint?

If you want to insert web page to the SharePoint Online page, you could click Insert>Web Part>select a Page View web part>select it and click the black arrow in the right top of the web part>Edit Web part>enter the URL for the page>click Test link to see the result.

Is it possible to embed an iframe in a website?

Using the Embed web part I was trying to paste in a site URL when I should have been using the iFrame HTML tag. If you encounter this error: This website doesn’t support embedding using just the address ….

How to add embed web Part 2 in SharePoint?

How to add Embed Web Part 1 Edit the SharePoint modern page, then click “+” sign, then choose Embed Web Part 2 On the right-hand side, you will now see an area where you can embed code. 3 In my case, I am embedding a video from the Vimeo.com platform, so I first went there and obtained (copied) the video’s embed code. More items...

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