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Ryzen enso mode - typical answers and questions

What is Ryzen ENSO mode?

Enso mode is a hardware-baked lighting configuration that comes prepackaged in the Wraith Prism's firmware. It overwrites the current user settings, and modifies them to a custom configuration that blends a bunch of different modes.

Can you play in virtual reality on an integrated GPU with enough power not to die of motion sickness? The requirements for virtual reality are significantly higher than with regular gaming and low performance can have some nasty consequences. I've already proven how even something as humble as a dedicated GT 1030 can play some intense games with the right settings. Now I have to find an IntelHD that is powerful enough to run every VR title I own, but then I remembered the Ryzen 2200G.

On my article about this $ 100 APU, I was surprised by how far the built-in Vega graphics compares to every other built-in GPU I've tried. And so the question takes shape: was SuperHot VR the easiest of the real virtual reality games I've tried? In my last article on the subject, I had a little talk about this article in terms of overclocking, how many of you quickly pointed out that my problems were due to low quality VRM, d decided to put even more money into this project and swap the motherboard for this Gigabyte GA-AB350M. Which is a little more expensive than my previous components.

I'm not going to pretend to be an expert on overclocking, of course the lesson I learned from this is that if you plan on overclocking, you might want something better than the cheapest option from Amazon ... even if it is Overclocking supported on paper.

After that was done, I turned to cooling. Long-time viewers may remember that time when I used a Chinese all-in device, a water cooler, to overclock an old, modified Xeon CPU, and some have noticed that I sent two of them and that I never use this Ryzen compatible one have, so ... let's do this! Finally, I had a quick chat with the folks at Bitfenix (the brands of PC cases) who ended up sending me a test device of an Enso case, I'm not kidding, sent a couple of LED strips and I thought me ... why not? So, this is how the Ryzen PC is overclocked Looks like! Wait a minute ...

I'm currently building a PC for m new components that are liquid-cooled, that are to be overclocked, in a case filled with lights. Oh god ... is this going to be a mainstream pc channel? (Nothing below 90 FPS should be allowed) Huh? What was that? ? (4K is the only acceptable resolution) Oh no, it's the spirit of the PC master race (8 GB RAM? Don't make me laugh!) With all the components, only the Ryzen had to be overclocked, which is easy to do with that Ryzen Master Utility.

I'm focusing on overclocking the GPU, which starts at 1.1 GHz and 1.1 GHz.

Without touching one of the important voltage values, I could easily reach 1.35 GHz. Not bad, nothing more than that and I get a blue screen which is fixed by increasing the SOC voltage from 1.25.

From what I've researched, 1.2 is the maximum recommended value for this safe value, but I'm sure we can risk an additional 0.05 volts without much problem.

multiple skype calls

A tiny change allows us to go up to 1.6 GHz which is really good! More than that and we're seeing some pretty bad artifacts that can be fixed by increasing the GFx voltage, but that overheats the chip and it starts throttling ... so we seem to have reached the limit of cooling.

Still, a 500 MHz jump is no laughing matter. Let's test it. For the VR headset I will use this HP Windows Mixed Reality, which I got cheaply for my VR article in the corner.

Steam VR didn't seem to work with this iGPU at first, but after disabling direct mode we were in business. Despise my best attempts Skyrim VR was out of the reach. But if you use the resolution scaler in Steam VR and shut it down all the way, Superhot has produced some interesting results.

This game doesn't look half bad at a really low resolution and has a solid visual design that actually lets you see what is actually happening even though the resolution is much lower. This is a big advantage over Skyrim or FallOut de you play with a low resolution. Oh ok, that didn't work - Oh wow, that was perfect.

Come on. It doesn't work. Ok.

Wow. That is amazing. Hard to believe this is an integrated GPU, they really have come a long way.

This could potentially be a fantastic new used case for ... ok that was awful.

Oh god no Oh ok that actually worked. Oh come on The only game where speed running is actually a sport is exercise. Ok i think i'm done I think that's enough.

So if you want to get away with experiencing virtual reality on the Apu, you can kind of do that under certain circumstances. But if you want to get away with making the whole world a better place without spending any money, you could be driving me crazy, but I'm not about Tab for a good cause. Tab for a Purpose is a plug-in that will replace your new tab for a nice dashboard with some ads.

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Thanks to them for sponsoring this article and to the people for Patreon and big thanks to co-creator EposVox for the voice of the spirit of the PC Master Race.

What is the L and H on Wraith prism?

H/L High Speed Fan/Low speed Fan.10 mei 2018

Andy's new Race CPU cooler increases the surface area of ​​the aluminum heat sink by 24 percent and is considerably larger than the previous cooler, if you look at the two here side by side, and even larger than the cooler before that the race is primarily the reason Launching is an update to the existing FXline, specifically the FX 83-70, and it will launch at the same price as the current FX 83-70 processor, but the old cooler comes with the FX 83-70 for $ 10 Cheaper so you pay 190 instead of 200 the Wraiths cooler uses the larger heat sink surface area and it also has a new fan that spins at a significantly slower speed and that's a good thing for the previous cooler though If you've ever used it, it spins up to a maximum of around 5500 RPM, we get 50 to 52, and the new cooler is around 29 47 RPM, so almost half, it's about 40% of the original Usual RPM and cooling, as you'll see right now, is pretty much on par, which means the AMD stick coolers finally stop making the high-pitched banshee screams eking noise the Theia that made the older models and did we tested so let's talk about anything you can see under the testing methodology link to description below. We have all of this in the article if you want to know how we tested our automation works at a very high level and things like that keep all tests accurate and fairly transparent. Also, be quick to note that there is currently no objective decibel analysis as we don't currently have the tools for it, we invest in thermals and if we can't get it right we don't do everything subjective what I can tell you is that the old cooler is absolutely unusable at its maximum speed.

This is the previous model, not the new one, so the old cooler was so loud and so high-frequency that it was somewhere beyond the halfway point of 3,000 rpm, it was just unbearable and really caused a lot of stress to sit next to that that the new cooler itself at 3,000 rpm is generally quieter than the system and GPU fans in our test bench, so it makes it more or less inaudible or imperceptible and fan noise or other noises are logarithmic, hence it is not really that easy to say you can add a few more decibels, and that's exactly what you expect from the output, but in general you should expect a very slight increase in noise from the Wraiths cooler, oldcooler was way louder to the point that it's actually the loudest device I've ever tested, aside from a server fan at 12,000 rpm or so. Let's look at something that we have objective benchmarks and analysis for, so this graph shows the balanced temperatures for the peak load averaged thermal on the various coolers on the workbench, so let's look at the thermal over time, there's one for that another table and then we average the Peakthermal area, there is a set area and every test where that happens we average that and then we get a value to three significant numbers that you can see here that we have averaged out an ambiguous finger measurement and you can read all that in the articles o In the morning the Wraiths cooler pressed with its maximum 2,900 rpm or less forty-one point zero seven four degrees Celsius and this third number is actually important here, because when you look at it Looking at the old series cooler at its maximum speed, he pressed 41 point zero seven eight, so that's a very small imperceptible barely measurable difference we can only measure it because we have been logging for so long and using accurate instruments so it is imperceptible to the average user but one thing and that is the RPM and the noise to get the same cooling performance as the Wraiths the old one Cooler almost had to work with twice the speed anyway and that made it a lot louder, its idle temperature was also a bit higher with six point two nine four degrees compared to four point eight three six degrees with the Wraiths and that is again not really something you get into won't really notice his rig, but it's only noteworthy because it shows a clear cooling benefit for the Wraiths and that's likely a result of. Although they're about the same under load, the larger surface area of ​​the fins will help shut down those thermals during idle times simply because they have more fins to dissipate heat and then dissipate it.

This is where it gets more interesting, so we take the old stockcool and we clock it down to the same speed as the AMD rayat approx. 2900 rpm, so to speak, the noise level is quite comparable from a subjective point of view, it is not too different with the old storage cooler and the cooling performance is actually noticeably different, so now it's about 5 degrees more or less gain for the stock cooler, the new one versus the old one, so you get 41 point zero seven four against forty-six point nine and that's not that noticeable again, but when You talk about coolers, you end up fighting for just a few degrees Celsius and a 5 degrees Celsius difference is actually pretty massive when it comes to the world of cooling, especially with air when we look at something more standard Termarket Coolers can see that the NRmax t40 fits up there. Above they use a 140 millimeter fan that spins at much slower speeds 1,200 RPM, so it's considerably quieter so your other fans will get louder, and this goes for most aftermarket coolers that spec $ 40.00 coolers, so it's not just an animated saying that goes for most of these coolers and that's thirty-eight point seven eight degrees Celsius, so not much of an advantage over the Wraithor, the old cooler, even at maximum speed, but the noise level is again that what you're looking for here and it's a huge difference from the old 2900rpm cooler though, so if you want something quieter and more tolerable then the Wraith is probably the way to go to get an aftermarket cooler, and the Wraith will cost about ten dollars more than the price doesn't change from 83-70, still 200 dollars, but the old one goes down to 190, that makes the rate tendoller more and who n you wanted to upgrade to some kind of entry-level air cooler? You'd spend an average of at least $ 25 from the Hyper 212 to an AR 0 1 or so, and we think it's generally worth it for anyone doing some sort of overclocking or extended system life because of those extra grades want to survive more life from the CPU or the neighboring VRMs and that's another thing we're not showing here that if you have a bigger cooler there is actually some potential to dissipate some heat from the BRM, especially when there are vapor chambers and both are involved and the wraith doesn't do that that often but let it 'come to a close here so the price is a good cooler and so far it is actually the best bearing cooler out there right now , compared to the old Andy and the new Andy from Intel and for that we hope that AMD will continue in the future because Thewraith is good enough that we can actually tell when you get the CP U buy, don't plan on overclocking and you don't necessarily intend to have a long system life then you can stick with the ghost because it has a bearable noise level and it's relatively cool now for anyone doing serious stuff anyway we still recommend the aftermarket and this isn't really the question of buying an FX processor on a 3+ platform, we're just talking about coolers here because in general my feeling anyway and the kind of feel of the side is that the FX Line and the am3 + line are old enough, now with the am3 + five years old, that it's an odd choice to buy because it ends right around the corner when you really want Andy and Intel just to be cooler and quieter and for games similar to work sometimes a different story for certain applications, but in general the older architecture is a little more difficult to work with.

It has PCIe restrictions There is a non-native limitation of USB-3 so you need to get an aftermarket chip, boot it up on the board and create USB-3 that way and it just becomes a littlemessy if you can starting something like that, you can cause problems with IOtransfIO er Rates or Hannes and Freezes and things like these that don't happen on a lot of the platforms out there, but they have certainly encountered some of the ones we tested, so generally am3 + FX me am not a huge supporter of recommendations at this point because the other processor is so close, but if you're buying one then you should probably get the Wraith model if you don't want to use an aftermarket cooler as it is way better than that old Stockone, when you buy an aftermarket cooler you throw the cooler away, that's all. I hope Andy will continue the Wraith CPU cooler with his next line as hopefully the CPU will be more relevant again and the LED on the side is a nice touch, there is a white LED on the side but you know? an LED so not much to say thanks for watching, check out the Patreon link in the post roll article to help us out directly, or click the link description below for full testing methodology and more information rmation and see you all next time

Where do I find Eco mode on Ryzen?

Ryzen Eco-Mode will NOT appear until PBO (Precision Boost Overdrive) is enabled in the BIOS, so before you begin, check and make sure PBO has been enabled in the BIOS. Download and install AMD Ryzen Master 2.0, or newer. Select one of the four profiles to edit and use. Under Control Mode, select ECO-Mode.

What does autonomous mode do on a Ryzen processor?

'Processor performance autonomous mode' controls whether autonomous mode is enabled on systems that implement CPPC2 and determines whether performance states are selected by the operating system, or whether the CPU cores can determine their target performance state themselves. On systems without CPPC2, this setting has no effect.

How to set Ryzen processor to maximum performance?

To do so, you'll need RightMark's PPM Panel. Install that, switch to the Balanced profile using the Power control panel, then open the PPM Panel, and marvel at all the hidden tweaks the Settings tab reveals. These are the ones you want: Under Processor Performance, change Minimum Performance and Maximum Performance to 100%.

Which is better AMD Ryzen 9 or AMD Eco mode?

AMD shared this chart with us, comparing the performance of the new Ryzen 9 3950X, with and without Eco-Mode turned on. With a 38% lower TDP, the AMD Ryzen 9 3950X used 44% less power and ran 7°C cooler. On the downside, it was 23% slower.

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