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Removing content control - how do we solve

How do I get rid of rich text content control?

If you want the content control to disappear when someone types in their own content to replace your instructions in a Rich Text control or a Text control, click Properties in the Controls group, and then select the Remove content control when contents are edited check box.

Hi, this is Deborah Sable Thornborough and I'm going to show you how to insert and manage content control fields in a Word 2013 document on my screen. I have a table I like to use tables for things like that because it helps align the form fields and the text that you've got 'back in the monce you're done designing the form, you can delete the table, not delete it, but the Make the table border lines invisible so that no one can see the actual table. The first thing I have is your favorite color and that will come to mind.

Down List to Choose From The second thing I have is to describe the best trip you have ever been on and so will be a text box for you to fill in the blank before we do those content control boxes on the word bar at the top of the developer tab as you can see I'm at home insert design page layout all the normal ones that come with word that most people use but we want to see the developer tape too, because You can also get to these content control fields there. Note I was showing the Design and Layout Ribbons table tools, and that's because my insertion point is inside the table, so if I click anywhere outside the table, they'll have to go away in order to open the Developer Ribbon tab on the screen You go to the File tab first, so here in the top left corner I click on File and I have to go to the Options at the bottom left here and then click on the Customize Ribbon Now in the options window when you see the one on the left Lists of different buttons and menus and things to choose from and on the right side are all that you currently have in your word window. Here is the developer.

Note that most of the time the checkmark isn't there, people don't use the developer ribbon that much and so the default is usually to not include it, so all I have to do is check the box here and in the file at the bottom right click OK below and now look up here Now I have my developer tape when I click on this tape I have all the tools I want to use so the first thing I will do is click in this empty cell in the table here what? is your favorite color i will create a drop down list of different color options that you can click to do so i go to the control group here you will find all the different content control boxes or items you can choose from the most modern are up here as is it there is also an older version of tools that you can pick up, call the Legacy Tools you might want to try some of the older shapes but I think it's easier to just use the newer ones so here's this little icon for the dropdown listcontent control so I click on it to select it and it will put the dropdown list here but there are no error messages, when I click the button there is nothing there which means I go and create the drop-down list. dow while selecting this option, I'm going up here for properties. Another option is to choose the design mode.

When I click Design Mode you can see the actual tab codes or behind the scenes that you might sometimes want to use or play with sometimes but you don't have to use Design Mode to make the list, just make sure they are so is selected and click Properties. The property sheet pops up, the first thing you want to do is give it a title, especially if you want to create more than one content control, so in that title I will just say color pickers and tag it that is the same as the color of the actual outline is kind of dark gray which is the default and I would stick with it I wouldn't You can't change that you can make other control selections as well, like this one content control can't be cleared, the content of the control can't be edited become. So once someone makes a choice or uses the field, it cannot be changed.

I'm not going to insist so I'm going to turn this off and down here in this section I need to create the drop down list selection. The first thing I need to do is click Add and the first choice is the color Red. Click Red.

Click OK six colors here and now that I'm done with that I click OK and now when I click your favorite color, when I click away or click anywhere away from this box, you see the little gray, choose Select an object and when you roll your mouse over it or move the mouse pointer, it becomes a lightly shaded gray color. So when I click on it it shows the drop down button and I can click the drop down button and choose one of the colors and then when I click in another field or cell of the table it looks like and I can click here again and change it if I want, and so you can do so You can make a drop down menu very easy now I'm going to insert a text field here so that someone can enter as much as they want in a field so I can add this Rich Task can select rich text or the plain text. Either way is fine, but most people want to select rich text content controls so you can choose what the fonts should look like, so I'll click that there is my content box and I'll select properties and again I'll get that one title so I'm just calling it our type description here I'll do the same for the tag and if you want to use a specific style you can click a checkmark here and make sure it has a specific look if anyone taps in this field, but I won't select that for now.

At this point I'll just click OK and again when I click away it tells me to click here to enter text so I can just click here and start typing and a If I type this field it will keep it up grow as big as i want it to be. There are no limits to what you can do here. So now you can create content control panels, but what you have to do when you create a form like this and such has those choices in there that you want people to be able to do so you want to restrict editing so that your users or people who Using your form, changing the form in no way, all you want them to be able to do is fill it out and answer things it would do is go here on the developer ribbon again and click here to restrict those Editing in the restricted editing area on the right.You can set various options like formatting restrictions if you want the one restriction that you really need to do for something like that, these one editing restrictions only allow this kind of editing the document so that you put a check mark there click the drop-down menu and select ent Do not track comments about filling out forms or even long if you do not select any changes For advertising only, which means you will not allow anyone to do anything on the form who will not be able to click on it.

Pick anything, don't enter anything, so if you don't want you definitely want that someone filling out forms, your best bet for something like this is when if you click yes to enforce protection you have that Ability to enter a password but be very careful entering a password here because if you forget there is no way to get it, and this document is pretty boxed, there is nothing you can do with Microsoft can't once so I recommend leaving these fields blank don't enter password just leave blank click ok now editing is restricted i will close the window here and note that when i try to click over this double click, to select something or type a cument anywhere else you would go to narrow down editing again, this button here and you would be at the very bottom i Click below in this area to create control panels and how to control them

How do I change content control in Word?

Set or change the properties for content controls
  1. Select the content control, and click Properties in the Controls group.
  2. In the Content Control Properties dialog box, choose whether the content control can be deleted or edited when someone uses your template.

How do I remove the content box in Word?

Select the border of the text box that you want to delete, and then press DELETE. Make sure that the pointer is on the border of the text box and not inside the text box. If the pointer is not on the border, pressing DELETE will delete the text inside the text box.

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Where is the content control in Word?

You can find the content controls on the Developer tab.

How do you delete a content control in word?

Someone had set the properties for that content control to stop it from being deleted <grrr>. Once I cleared that check box, I could delete the content control and its surrounding text box. Here’s what one of these content controls looks like (Note: they don’t exist in Word 2003):

How to remove content controls and leave filled in text?

However, once the document is created we want to remove the content controls and leave the text that was inserted from SharePoint. We were hoping to do this VBA by putting a button on the document to run the Macro and then remove it after it is run. The issue is how to remove the content controls.

How to remove content controls from SharePoint list?

I have a document created from data in SharePoint list that uses document properties inserted as content controls. However, once the document is created we want to remove the content controls and leave the text that was inserted from SharePoint.

Do you remove content controls when editing a template?

If the original document is saved as a template document then it shouldn't matter if the 'Remove content controls when contents are edited' box is ticked as the new document created from the template will not affect the actual stored template.

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