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Random loading cursor - Complete Manual

Why does my cursor keep circling?

The main reason why this spinning blue circle appears next to your mouse pointer is because of a task that seems to be constantly running in the background and not letting the user to conduct their task smoothly.

Hey what's going on here guys and this is another common problem with Windows 10 that sometimes gets stuck loading when you start Windows 10 and it loads indefinitely.

In this article I will show you different methods to fix this problem on your Windows 10 and there may be another solution if you run a gpt hard drive with a uefi motherboard or if you have a legacy BIOS with a mbr hard drive run so I'll show you all the possible options for gpt and mbr hard drive on this screen you need to force restart your Windows 10. I mean, force restart your PC.If you're using a PC desktop PC, you can unplug the power cord and then start again.

If you are using a laptop, you can take out the battery and plug it back in, but if you can't take the battery out, you have to force your laptop three times and for the fourth time, you will get this preparatory automatic repair on this screen for you to diagnose and you will see that automatic repair failed to fix your PC. You need to go to the advanced options now, then go to the troubleshooting option Now go to the advanced option again If you have this problem after the Windows update, you can try uninstalling the updates The first thing you should try is the updates to uninstall. Go to that option and click on Uninstall update and then you need to uninstall the quality update and feature update You may need to select your account and enter your password then uninstall the quality update and the same for the feature update now it may or may not be the Windows 10 Uninstall updates or not, but if it does then you can try restarting your Windows 10 and signing in again and see if it works or not.

If it doesn't work then come back to Advance option and open this command prompt and you will see a command prompt there. First, we need to find out if we are running a gpt disk or an MBR disk, so the first command you should run te is the hard drive part, type the hard drive part and hit enter on your keyboard. Now you need to type the list volume and then hit enter on your keyboard and you will see the whole partition of your hard drive which you can see I have volume 0 and volume 1 volume 0 contains all the operating system files and volume one is ef55 efi partition ef5 means that I am running a gpt hard drive.

Now you can type in a list, then share the disk, then hit enter. You can check if you are running a gpt hard drive or an MBR hard drive and if you get that asterisk under gpt you are running a gpt hard drive and if you don't start it means you have mbids and a combination from legacy BIOS and MBR disk now in my case can find what? is wrong here, you can see that volume 0 which contains operating system files is hidden. So this is a bug and if you also find that the operating system partition of your operating system volume is showing up as hidden, the first thing you should do now is to fix this hidden volume while in disk part mode, enter volume there and then Volume number, which in my case is 0.

In your case it may be different. After that, you need to clear the hidden attribute by typing attribute, then space volume, then space clear then space hidden and hit enter on your keyboard. Now quit this cmd and restart your windows.

If this was hidden, you could sign into your Windows 10. In my case it was the problem so I fixed it by deleting the hidden attribute, but in your case it may be different so let's see what are the possible solutions to get you back to that screen need to come go to troubleshooting and reopen Command Prompt by going into advanced options and logging us in again or since I have restarted my windows now to get back into Disk Part mode by going to Disk- Type path then hit enter and type the list volume then hit enter and you can see volume 0 has now assigned a letter, it was previously empty and the inf o is cleared, I mean it is not hidden after you delete the attributes. Now on this screen you need to find out which drive contains the Windows file.

xbox error 80151909

So exit this hard drive part and then type c colon, hit enter and type a directory there, then you can see that in My case c drive contains all windows files, it may be different in your case, so you need to list the volume and check the drive letter and type in the drive that contains windows files. Once you are in that drive you need to type chkdsk and then space or drive letter which in my case is c, colon, then space, then slash f then you need to press y to continue and it will put your hard drive on check possible errors. Once the hard drive check is done you need to repair the boot file and if you have an mbr hard drive then you need to enter your boot rack then space forward slash fix mbr then hit enter on your keyboard and if you have a mbr hard drive have it will go through, i have a gpt hard drive then it doesn't work on the mbr hard drive you need to type another command bootrec space then forward slash fix boot then hit enter i get this access denied but it can on your MBR disk but even if this access is denied I will show you how to fix this too and the third command you need to run is bootrec space forward slash rebuild bcd then hit enter on your Keyboard and it will scroll on your mbr disk but it may not scroll on the gpt disk if you have a gpt Hard drive, you need to enter another command which is bcd boot, then uncover your operating system hard drive, I mean volume, then colon backslash, then windows, then space, slash, then space or your drive letter colon, then hit the Enter and it will be created Now you need to restart your PC and see if it is working or not if it is still not working.

Then you go back to the Command Prompt again by going to the advanced option and then to the Command Prompt and you have to go to that part mode again, so let's go back to the disk part mode and then here let me type in list disk and you can again see that it is a gpt disk now list volume again and here you can see on gpt disk that you are getting this ef5 volume which is fat32 and this efi partition is not assigned a letter so we assign one to this efi partition Add letters and rebuild the boot files. Be different in your case and then add spaces like the code. Let's assign the letter v and then hit enter.

You can assign a different letter to Efi-Boot. After assigning the letter to Efi-Boot, you need to exit this disk partition mode by typing exit enter the volume, I mean enter the letter of the efi partition, in this case v colon press enter so that we can enter into the efi volume now you need to enter md then space backslash efi backslash microsoft then backslash boot then backslash hit enter on your keyboard and it will create a boot directory in efi microsoft and i have already created this folder . So once you create that boot folder in efi in the microsoft folder, you need to enter into that directory by typing cd space forward slash d then space v. type colon backslash efi then backslash microsoft then backslash boot and hit enter on your keyboard it will take you to that directory in that directory.

We need to run the fix boot command by typing bootrec space forward slash fix boot and I still get access denied it can now iterate on your computer. The next command to enter is bootrec, then space forward slash rebuild bcd and if you can't rebuild bcd with this command, you can try another one now to rebuild the bcd you need on the gpt disk rename the old bcd file by typing ren then space bcd then space bcd.old so that we can rename the old boot config data file we now need to create a new boot config data file by booting bcd then space c colon then backslash windows then space slash l then space en hyphen us uh then space you have to press slash s then space v colon then space slash f then space all then press enter on your keyboard and i made a mistake before so i ran this command again and after rebuilding the bcd file you need to restart and pr ü see if it works now or not, if you get the 'Access Denied' message frequently then open the command prompt again so let's uh run this command bootrec space forward slash fix boot then you will get this access denied if you keep getting this message on your mbr disk then you have to enter a certain command on your mbr disk it mainly works on mbr disk not the gpt disk, so you have to enter your b double ot boot as ect, then space forward slash and t60 then space cis then hit enter on your keyboard and i get this that no boot code was updated because ih ave gpt disk but it works on mbr disk but if it doesn't work you can use another command instead of the sys type try then hit enter and it will cycle through and after that you can do a hard boot command but in m one case it won't work because i have this gpt disk now quit this command prompt and restart your windows and see if it works or not in most cases it should be ok now if you are getting the problem still getting and no more To fix the boot file with the fix boot command and keep getting the 'Access Denied' message over and over again, you need to open the command prompt and run various commands so that you can first see if I'm running a hard boot command that is denied access to fix the boot file, we will now use different commands to fix the boot file on the gpt hard drive.

You need to enter bcd boot then space c colon backslash windows then space slash than then space v colon then space forward slash f then space uefi the v the is the e efi volume so you need to enter that value or the letter you are for assigned the efi partition and after that a boot file will be created. You can exit that cmd and restart your Windows 10 and check if it works or not by accident if it still doesn't work, follow the next method so you have to go to that advanced option again. Then open the command prompt.

Follow the process I showed earlier. Now we are going to activate the last boot configuration, if our Windows 10 was started successfully last time to do this you have to go to your drive c by entering c colon. Where Windows files are located may be different in your case.

Now we need to go to the config folder in system 32 by typing cd or space backslash windows then backslash system32 then backslash config i missed that so i type cd space config now we are in that config folder in system32 now before we do something we should make a backup of this config folder so we make a backup f older by typing md space, then backup I already have this backup folder so we create another folder which is backup 2 so I have this one Backup 2 folder now after we created this backup folder folder in my case it is backup 2. Now all the contents of a configuration folder are copied to a backup folder now we have to type cd, then space reg back then press the Enter key on the keyboard and you need to type the directory and then press Enter. If you have different folders and files with different If you get noble numbers, you can continue, but if you get 0 in addition to all of these folders and files, then you shouldn't continue.

So if you get 0 0 0 don't go ahead but if you get numbers next to all these folders and files then go ahead then you need to copy, then type space star.star and then hit enter on your keyboard and it will copy all files but in my case no file was copied because I got 0 next to all these folders and files but if you get numbers next to these files it will go through now, exit this command prompt and start your windows 10 new 10 but if it still doesn't work then you need to go to advanced options and then start startup setting. Then restart your Windows 10 after the restart.

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Press number 4 to enter Safe Mode. Go to Safe Mode and then go to Settings and then go to Start Go to Apps, find the recently installed app and uninstall it after uninstalling all of those apps. You need to restart your Windows 10 again.

If there was a problem due to a recently installed program, it will go away and you can boot into your Windows 10. So after you've uninstalled the apps, you'll have to start them again. For the most part, these methods should help you fix this problem on your Windows 10.

So these were some methods to fix if you can't boot into Windows 10 or get stuck on loading screen or you get blank screen and I showed you all commands for mbr hard drive and gpt hard drive too but if you got confused you can execute any of these commands and it won't do any harm. Even if you are using mbr or gpt disk, you can still run all of these commands if you are confused. Otherwise you can run the separate commands for gpt and mbr disk and that's all for this article.

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How do I fix my cursor glitch?

Fixing The Windows 10 Cursor Glitch Issue
  1. Solution 1: Update GPU Driver.
  2. Solution 2: Troubleshoot The Mouse Driver.
  3. Solution 3: Disable Pointer Trails Feature.
  4. Solution 4: Disable Screen saver.
  5. Solution 5: Check If The Mouse Is Broken.

What's up guys, welcome to our Tezadvise.com channel.

In this article, we talk about the cursor not working on laptop, or your cursor disappearing in Windows 10 PC, or if you have problems using the Chrome browser, your cursor disappearing then we will let you know about every step you take need to fix your problem the full article. Before proceeding if you are new to this channel click the Subscribe button. Subscribe to our channel and the bell notification select everything and give a thumbs up if you can like this article, and let us know in the comment section which step fixed your problem our first step is restore point by restoring our pc, we can restore all settings, pc create a restore point when we install new software on our pc, or when we uninstall some kind of software that makes our computer re recovery points created so just need to restore your PC If your keyboard cursor was working fine, hold the Windows character key and press Rhier you will need to type sysdm.cpls ysd m.

cpl Now press Enter, I just want to tell you one more thing as your cursor is not working you have to use your keyboard and when using a keyboard you have to click on one of the options or choose one of the options by using the tab key and going to the computer name and here you have to use the right and left arrow keys With the use of the right and left arrows, you can go to System Protection Press the Tab key Now press Enter and open System Restore here as you can see the System Restore file and the setting Use the Tab key and click Go on and use the tab key and come Si e in this option up and down arrow select the last restore point if your cursor was working fine, when you have selected, press the tab on your keyboard click on Search for Affected Programs, here your PC will stop the scan and you can see programs and programs Drivers deleted from your PC and the program and drivers that may be restored here, you can see all the information that this program may not work properly after recovery or may need to be reinstalled, which may not work after recovery properly, so you'll have to install it again on your PC. Hope you can because these are the simple programs that you can always install or if you have stopped working because of a program you can also get the information that this program is causing the problem. Then click Close if you are happy with the effect programs, press Tab to go to the next option and press Next.

As soon as you hit Next, a prompt will appear that you need to restart your computer.After the restart, all the effects will run.We have the keyboard shortcut when we update our Windows 10 which affects some of the cursor settings and when your cursor settings are affected by the Windows 10 update are affected, then try these function keys, you will surely get your cursor back to the right side of your keyboard see Fn key or on the right or left side you will see the Fn key press and hold the Fn key and press F3 The first combination you need to try is Fn key plus F3 the second is Fn and F9 and Fn plus F11, try these combinations if this help do let us know in the comments section.

The third step we have is into Device Manager press and hold the windows character key and press r enter here de vm gmt dot ms c press enter here you have to press your keyboard press tab bring your highlight to the microphone and other pointing devices here you have to press right and side arrow key you get the drop down option as you can see here press enter key here you can see the five tabs press the key on your keyboard and come to the general option and use right arrow key and come to the driver here you can see that you can update the driver or rollback driver if you recently updated your windows 10. Then you will get the rollback driver, but before updating your driver or choosing the rollback driver, select Disable device, restart your computer and re-enable that option using the keyboard and check if this option works if this option works, you don't need to update your driver or roll back the driver if your driver is not updated you have the updatedriver option and if your driver is already updated then you have a rollback driver option, choose your option as per the requirements Now let me close this option now we have the fourth option we have is the registry editor, you have to go into the registry editor and let me tell you, registry editor is a really sensitive part of the windows so don't open this registry editor without the concerns of one Experts, as I am telling you here that this does not affect any programs other than cursor settings. So hit the Windows character key on your keyboard and hit R and type here egedi t press enter and here you can see you need to click yes use the tab and arrow keys click the local machine key here use the Right arrow key and come to Software in SoftwareYou have to go to Microsoft in Microsoft Go to the windowsIn Windows you have to come to the current versionIn the current version go to the guidelinesIn the guidelines, select the system, come to the system and press You tab as you can see it s on the default option come here and hit enter you have to hit enter.

Optional cursor suppression and here you have to change the value You have to change the value 0 to 1 You can enter 0 or 1 here then press OK and restart your PC the fifth step is for the Chrome browser Open the Chrome browser, you come to the top Bar and enter here; Chrome setting here look for Hardware Acceleration, as you can see it will show me an option to turn off or on, if it's available, use hardware acceleration and hit enter and start Your Chrome new browser press and hold the Alt key and the space bar on your keyboard You will get this drop down option Click Close and open the Chrome browser You will see the arrow up there The sixth step we have is for the laptop -Users, if you have a laptop you need to go into your bios You can open the bios with the Escape key or the F1 key or F2 in BI OS you have to go to the main option and in the main option you will go to etTouchpad option, if you select the touchpad with the arrow key if this option is enabled then just do it and save the setting now the seventh step we have is into changing the setting of your mouse, press the Windows icon key here and enter mouse setting go to additional mouse option, press the button tab, you will see the button option appear here now, you need to select the option as In the desktop I get hardware you may see something different for the touchpad, you just have to enable it and that will help you fix your cursor problem, if any of the steps solve your problem let me know in the comment section and if you are still facing the same problem on your PC, let me know let us know on our Facebook page. We will surely help you fix it. Thank you for watching, have a nice day

How do I get rid of the weird cursor?

How do I get rid of the annoying block cursor highlighter?
  1. Goto: Control Panel > Ease of Access Center > Make the computer easier to see > Set the thickness of the blinking cursor .
  2. Make sure it is set to 1 .

xbox remote desktop

Hey guys what's going on today I'm going to show you your own custom cursors for your computer.

It's really easy as you have a black one at the moment and the standard of the windows is the white one so I don't have the white one. I have the black some that I'm going to show you to change, so the first thing you have to go to Cortana, click on it right here, enter the control panel and it's the first, just click on it, it's like and then it is loaded like this and we are here. So just find the mouse.

It's right here for me Just click on it, click the mouse, it will bring you right here if you want the guys to be able to close it so yeah we did that and now go to the 'Pointers' tab you can mess everything up here, if you want yes, so around your ear, you can change your mouse here. So simple team, these are like the topics for your entire mouse pointer. Let's say I want to go back to my normal and hit apply and here is my pointer on a white.

So let me go right back there to the black apply sarge and use my microphone to change it to black with my mouse pointer So if you just want to change your cursor, not the loading thing and such, so you know how normal windows has a loading thing as blue circle? So if that's what you want to do then yes, and like the normal selection make sure it's selected and click the browse button in blue. Don't think you're going to create a Windows folder that you've already installed some of these in, so go right here and find something. That's cool.

Such as. I found this cross. Look really sick, use the arrow as my cursor.

I can just click Open, click ApplyInstant and now you can see that my mouse pointer is an arrow, it's so strange But if you want to do that, it's down, it's like this. But you can't change the whole thing, like is it when it is? the link as the hand must look like this But yeah just let me open back to normal one click apply Apply Okay now we're back to normal if you want you to get your own kind of those who look? Super cool? As for a game theme. Then you just have to go to Google Chrome.

re install activex

Go to this link here. I'll post it in the description, just think I'm sorry not that, so go here and one you like on this website for example there are so many really cool ones like a favorite from the burns and all the tingly, but still popular games and such.I hit up games and get a really cool game I can get a minecraft sword as an amy cursor so now just click that minecraft cursor and win until it loads then hit downloads to click there to say just click on it and it'll download right here, what we need to do now is go to your file explorer, keep clicking that tab there I don't know any of my cursors are pointing to a Climbing Wall Is Attached But it doesn't apply to your actual thing, it just does that for now so let's open up our file explorer.

It will take forever in my computer, go to this pc and go to the C folder and then go and do Windows, it will be open twice below and that's why it's ok now, close someone so have to we go to C and scroll down, now click on window and find the cursor so it will be right here, click on that folder, and here we have already seen it when we click on that path. Here are the cursors so all you need to do is the one we just downloaded, go into that one and hit next and it should complete it right there. Now our sword is right there and I can now minimize this and now let's go back to normal to like click browse, it's like the cursors we just made and click open and click apply and now have I use a diamond sword as a cursor ain't the beast So yeah it's really cool power now.

Let me show you how to make your own cursor. This is really easy to go to Google Chrome and go to this website right here. I'm going to show it and we'll leave it for now, so I've already made one that this website is doing now.

You can make it your own. It's really fun So let's say I want my circle as a thing and I can make it a smiley face, I'm so bad at it, but yeah, just draw something that and hit download, it'll go straight to drag it to your desktop, and it's right There and now we can do the same click Browse, We can get our desktop, and you don't have to put it in that OutFolder, so I told you to bake until it is put on the desktop. It's just better to put it in that folder.

And now, as you can see, my cursor is this circle thing that looks really small, but yeah, so this is how you can make your own cursor or just a really good one to do this to do so yeah that was it again. Thanks for watching today's article? If you want more kernel articles, leave a comment below. I'll tell you in my next article.

Thanks for watching, I'll see peace in my next one

Is there a way to download random cursors?

If you want to, download each individual cursor by clicking on the floppy disk icon next to the file, and putting each group of cursors in separate folders. And the point of this cursor set is to show random kinds of cursors; just random.

How to fix mouse cursor loading glitch Windows 10?

1) Press Windows + X and select Device manager. 2) Select Mice and other pointing devices. 3) Right click on driver and select update driver software. 4) Next follow the instructions to install it. Hope it helps. Please reply to us with the status of the issue. Thanks. Was this reply helpful?

Why does my cursor jump when I type?

Today, let’s look at an issue that manifests itself to users by looking like a ghost in the machine: cursor jumping. Maybe you’ve seen the issue: A user is typing along – clickety clack clickety clack – and then BAM! The cursor jumps to the the front, the end, or somewhere betwixt.

What happens to the cursor when the value is changed?

Contrarily, when code programmatically changes the value of a text field the browser resets the cursor position. In fact, in some browsers, ahem Safari , the cursor position is reset even when the value is unchanged. Fortunately, browsers are consistent with where cursor positions go when they are reset:

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