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Program files rempl - how to solve

Can I delete the Rempl folder?

As far as we can tell, you can delete the rempl folder if you like. Keep in mind that it only uses 21MB, so if you know a feature update is a month or two away, you might wait until after that update is applied.

Is Rempl a virus?

It is not a malware or virus, but a part of a reliability update pushed out by Microsoft. Also, it can be viewed as an automated troubleshooting tool, deployed to determine and report the reason(s) for the failure (downloading updates) and then attempt to remediate them.

What is Rempl Sedlauncher?

Sedlauncher.exe is a file used to improve Windows Update Service components. This file is copied to your system with the Windows 10 KB4023057 update patch. Location of the file will be in the system directory 'C:\Program Files' within the folder 'rempl'.

What is Remsh EXE?

remsh.exe is a software program which was most likely on your computer without you attempting to even install it. ... This remsh.exe file is an optional update from Microsoft and this file is considered safe, and is not considered malware, spyware, or virus related software.

What does rempl stand for in Windows 10?

Rempl is a folder that typically contains the Remsh.exe executable, which is a special Windows update that includes reliability improvements to Windows Update Service components in older versions of Windows 10. Update to Windows 10, versions 1507, 1511, 1607, 1703, 1709, and 1803 for update reliability - Windows Help

Are there any executable files in the rempl folder?

When you open it, you will find there are some executables inside this folder such as disktoast.exe, rempl.exe, remsh.exe, WaaSMedic.exe, Sedlauncher.exe, Sedsvc.exe, and osrrsb, etc. Why are there so many executable files? Are they virus? Is rempl folder safe? You must have so many questions to ask about the rempl folder.

What is rempl folder in disktoast.exe?

REMPL sedlauncher/disktoast.exe happens to be one such folder! The folder encompasses various files required for the normal functioning of Windows, and to perform all the Update Activities without any error messages. It allows other applications to run on your system without any permission from the user.

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How can I delete the rempl folder in Windows 10?

You will have to disable this Task from the Task Scheduler and delete or rename the folder as well. Launch ‘Task Scheduler’. Next, click on ‘ Task Scheduler Library ‘ in the left-sidebar and go to ‘ Microsoft ‘. Under ‘Microsoft’, expand the ‘ Windows ‘ folder to locate ‘REMPL’ folder. Once there, search for ‘ shell ‘ task in the right- pane.

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