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Ospp vbs missing - workable solutions

Where can I find Ospp VBS?

The ospp. vbs script is located in the Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office16 folder. If you installed the 32-bit version of Office on a 64-bit operating system, go to the Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Office\Office16 folder.

Hello friends! Welcome to another article and yes this is about notifying your office program that is required, after you open microsoft office like ms word, ms excel or whatever, you will find 'action required Notification that your license is not real '. 'And next to it you will see an option' Get real office '.

Clicking that will take you to a page to buy a real office, even though your office is already activated. Of course you are a little annoyed! OK no problem. I have a simple solution for you.

Just follow my instructions. Click on the file menu first, then click on the options, then on the general page. Then go down, go down again and click on Privacy Settings.

After opening the page, go to 'All Connected Experiences for MS Word' or 'Optional Connected Experiences' for MS Excel, 'Optional Connected Experiences' for MS Excel. Here is a check box, just uncheck it. Then click ok, ok again and finally click ok.

Now close your office and restart. Yes it was solved. If the first method doesn't work for you, try the second method.

And it works on most Windows computers. First go to your 'C drive'. Open 'Applications'.

Then open the 'Microsoft Office'. Folder'. Then open your version of Office like 'Office-10, Office-13 or Office-16'.

Copy this folder location by clicking the address bar above. Now go to the Windows 'Search' box and open 'Command Prompt App'. with run as administrator.

Now enter the first command. Don't worry, you can see the command in the description. So the command is cd> space> ctrl + v to paste the folder you copied earlier.

Then, press ENTER. Now enter the 2nd command that I gave on the screen. Please don't misspell it.

Now hit enter. Now you can see the last 5 characters of your installed Office Product Key. Make a note of these 5 characters.

Now enter the 3rd command on the screen. If it says 'Product Key Deinstalled Successful' then you have done a good job. Now exit the command prompt.

So you need to activate your Office program So download the file I gave in the article description (link). Extract them. Now open it with Run as administrator.

Make sure your computer is connected to the internet. Wait for the process ... wait for 'Product Activation Successful' You have successfully completed it.

Quit now. Remember to save the downloaded activation file. You may need to reactivate your office every 180 days.

This is the final solution. Thank you for watching. I hope you have succeeded.

If so, please comment and let me know how it works for you. If it works, it's my pleasure. Please subscribe to my channel.

Like the article. Hope to help you again

What is Ospp VBS file?

The Office Software Protection Platform script (ospp. vbs) enables you to configure volume licensed versions of Office products, including Project and Visio. The opss. vbs script is located in the Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office16 folder.

All right, we're going to be copying and moving files with the B script and the script point file system object command here will be the same one we use with File Existing, and we'll use that shortly, but with the note Copy File and Copy Folder is exactly that same just change the word copy to move and you only have your location where there are two files put a comma and then put in the new location you want to be or you want to be copied to so want do I insert one of these pictures? this folder to this new folder that I have here so let's copy these locations so you want to put the location where the file is currently in that location and this is a file so we need to name it and then the new location will be that folder right here, so let's go ahead and copy this, then the end there, add a slash to make it go into that folder and that's it, go ahead and toggle this off and i use a single quote atavistic and then let's do this folder so this will be the same here and then our folder is called Stuff now the new location will be the same as this one so see what i just set up, go ahead and look at the desktop here is our folder and here is our file and let's do this, so you will see these files stay because it just copied them t and then both over here and you notice that this folder still contains all of its contents, so everything is copied out of here um to your desktop, so what I want to do is just copy that and I'll replace them with the opposite, with that they go in the opposite position Okay let's go ahead and turn these on and off again, well we'll do a bit of the difference here we add our file to the end of this one and then we're obviously going to get rid of them here and then the same with this one get rid of it and add to this ok, so now we have exactly the same as before we have our location of our file and an entire location of our folder and then we move it to the warm room which is the desktop so let's go and do save this and go ahead and delete these two because we are going to move them to the desktop so look at these two files if i run this message, they disappear here and move to my desktop, ok Another thing you can do with the copy and move command is rename it while you move it move the solet command we move a file and this will be on our desktop so we delete this and a door file we want to rename so this is called dance and then this can be in the new location in the same location or in a new location so I'll have it in the same exact location and on the desktop and then just give it a different name, make sure it's a file that obviously keeps the same extension and then save it when we run this notification to dude that word instead of dancing and changing it back obviously you could do that ok so let's go ahead and copy this folder back into our test document ren, but this time let's rename the folder so let's keep renaming it and just add your new name of your folder to the end of where you will be copying it and the same goes for the move command and the new file so has it all the size so we turn that back on and run this command sequence properly and now you will see our stuff folder has been moved to our new location with our new name and it still has all the stuff like it was before and all that, what we did was just put our new name at the end, so for example to change that name go to the end and add your new namedot and then add your file extension.

You just change the last word of the D file okay so these commands can also be used to copy multiple files and move multiple folders at once. So what we can do is go to this new folder at Icreated and copy its location and paste this here and then our destination folder will still be our test folder so what I want to do is look at this folder here and I want everyone Move pictures to this empty folder so what am i? What to do is just add a slash here and I'm going to use an ace drink to symbolize any name that has a dot and then type the atone extension so that this will move any file with an image of any name the copy command, so that it is copied, does not actually work that way now we see all the images that were in this folder, move right here or now here, this of course also works with text documents, change this to text, save it and then continue and continue this again and now all text documents are moved here You can do this the other way and toggle this and say we want everything named me but we don't care what extension it is so put the asterisk there, where the extension goes, so no we notice that we have a text document and a picture called knee so let's go ahead and delete that and j Run now and now you will find both files moved with me, to move all files, put asterisks on both sides Now it doesn't matter what name or extension it is, it will be moved so let's click on it now and find that all files have been moved ok Now we can copy a folder and it's a little easier since you don't have to bother with the extension, go ahead and just delete the dot and extension part of it and now you have just the asterisk, we can just change this to the folder here, save it and now our folders will be copied from here to our new test document in our new test folder right here and but let's do it if it doesn't exist so i will this one Delete folder and then try to run this command, now it says the path to hood folder is not final i it will not be filmed when di it happens we can use our folder or our file that is there so we enter or the command folder exists and so we check if the folder exists so just copy the file or folder you want to see and then enter if this folder exists then execute your copy command but if not we can set different and then we can send a message to each other now, that way you won't get an error message so let's try now run it and it says don't exist so we can just have one other option of it, for example if it doesn't exist and we could create a file there, so if you want to run this command on anything you move, you copy it around whether it is a folder or a file to make sure you don't get this error and that your code is working fine, thanks for watching if you have any questions have, write them in the comments and see you next

What is Ospp htm?


These files are use to Reset Office 365 ProPlus 2013 and/or 2016 activation state: To remove the Office 365 license, you must run two cscript command lines. The command lines are: Run C:\program files \Microsoft office\office15>cscript ospp.vbs /dstatus.

Hello everyone, welcome to the shared work skills or this is the final article for the Office 365 admin course and today we are going to discuss some of the troubleshooting methods for OneDrive and other issues or basically you can name it that helped us or IT Calls that you receive are real world, so the first one is pretty easy.

People will definitely ask you when they go to port office com how to install office 2015 3. Sorry 13 or 16 so it's pretty easy here just click install now and then they will basically save the file as soon as possible this file is you are basically going to click on it and when they get the message just run it and sometimes people have no problem installing it. Most of the time people are either using Wi-Fi or some other network that you might want to tell them is something to try on a stable connection because when it's running computers can go to sleep, laptops can go to sleep or other things like that if it's a really slow network it can take a lot of time so people get impatient and then they either start closing things in the middle of the installation and things can messed up as people are going to find a lot of problems so i hit next i just go click no thanks for now because i don't want to install you will get a message saying it is like you knowing in the background that it will actually be installed.

You can log into this thing, but you I'll just say nothing more let's say no thanks and then it will basically let you know the installation is complete. One thing that goes on behind the scenes here is you have the entire office first and install everything the way you install it, but this also gives you a drive that is important in all of this troubleshooting because you know that most people are going to be using Office to see with the onedrive is really important, that's why they have this whole thing except that it's like it's just audible via email is the same as audible that they had before, so have they now this one drive, the documents are the main thing here, so it comes with a lot of calls for your helpless or IT folks, what now if one drive is not working, sync not working, maybe there is a problem from on the microsoft -Side should maybe have trouble going on the computers, now a lot of things can go wrong and let me tell you that sinking is really not good at the moment Microsoft is trying very hard but it's not like dropbox so from my personal experience of the people i work with so far not good experiences hopefully they get it better i am not saying it is not good there have definitely been a lot of positive things but them think they have to work on it because as an IT person, an IT person is working with a user to fix the sinking problem and it takes about three to four hours, that's the problem, that's a pretty big problem, so when it's all done just click all done if you want to check it's installed, when you click here it tells you it was added here recently and it can open my word now and this is what people get it most of the time so just click no and what you want to do is log in here and then you can now enter the email address and password for that account so that you can too Some calls can get when someone changes your password sometimes the old password is redeemed and then when they open the word it always asks that way and it won't take the password so what you want to do when a user character lets me in, see See if that works now. So if you enter the username and password, you can log in here and you will see the name in the email address.

You can switch accounts here and add another account if you want, or if you want to remove that account, let's assume you've received the new password and want to fix the problem, you can come to the account right here and log out and it will display this message right here. Click yes if you click k yes it will remove it, you can restart the computer and let the user log in or they can just click log in and that usually fixes these kind of issues when they change their passwords. You may get some calls like this now, if you hit start here, if you go to File Explorer right here you will notice something and you will find your one-drive is over here.

This is not the one drive, sometimes it could be with windows that is like the normal drive that is outlookhotmail and i think it comes with that. Well there is another drive that is OneDrive for Business and that is something? that's what you get when you start working with a company, and to get it up and running, just click on the onedrive option here for a user. Let's say this user is signed in and I want to install a drive on their computer Click Sync, then click Sync Now, and then basically say right here drive for business.

Remember it's not just a drive and if I click ok no I will add a drive on the right side you can see it works now. Here you are going to re-enter the username and password so you will put the username in the password and it will stop going down so um, I'll go ahead and do it so if you put in the username password it will stop going down . Test yourself I hear that the decon goes off and is synchronized and it is now starting to sink like this.

Everything will be great when you start at the beginning, when you first set up a user, everything will be smooth and nice and a drive will work, the problem will appear when you really start using a drive and things are syncing, and let's say for example if i add a file and it syncs as this is a temporary count it might not sync right now, but when people upload a file here it'll show up on your dad for a business drive and then will it will appear right here, if you paste something here it will basically come to the portal, this is where the problem will be m aybe you will face it when this fish is still not fixed that sometimes a drive will stop syncing and you can really do everything you can to fix a ton of bugs but normally you will be rebuilding Onedrive now, n Just to make sure that every time you come across this scenario that you have to recreate the one drive you can go to let's say a user pc go to dr go to the users and go to the user account and here you see the Onedrivefor Business folder now what you can do is can you basically copy this folder before doing anything now? this is very important very very very important because if you screw something up and delete this and recreate the sink what if you lose all the changes a person has made ok and don't sink into your portal it would be a disaster for you For example, let's say this person is working? with a drive that's messy for say five days and he doesn't notice and adds that everyone thinks everything is going to the portal and you just go there and that blows up the folder and just got the sink new and you just got everything that was five days ago from your portal which is your server and you have now lost work every five days and there is no way to get it here you really have to think about what you are doing need to copy this folder and put it somewhere else on your computer. View the drive wherever you want. Back it up a repair option first You can do a repair during this break Remember to do a repair and maybe it will fix the problem Sometimes it won't fix You can just cut all these documents into the folder that is there, remove them Take it from there and put it somewhere else, let's say I'm going to put it in my document, I'll cut it here and you can go back to your onedrive and then cut it back there to start the sink again and that Fix problem you might be having at times? um specifically with a document that it's actually not allowed on one-drive, you actually have to look at one-drive to see what's allowed and what's not so you can do a little quick search on microsoft or google stuff like those sand limits there actually is one Size limit so you really need to know that before doing things like this now, you really don't want to rebuild anything and find out that there were only issues that you just wasted all this time, but sometimes you can run into those Sync option now really doesn't work at all at the end of this article I'll show you another place where you can check the sinking, if there are other sinking issues so you can go to the Psee, go to the program file and here you will go Go to Microsoft Office Officeto 15 Maybe I have the 64-bit version, sorry for that, let's go back and pa nd program files microsoft office maybe i don't have that on this let me check if a game maybe i have it like i don't have the license from microsoft so i don't see that but if you have the microsoft office when you go to program file Office come office 15 You will see that a file is called ms MSOs YN c exe and that is the file that a cyclist disabled or I mean I don't know if they are going to change that but you see a little green one here Line that sometimes moves, is there a green light? Move around and you will find that it will never go away.

If you put your mouse on it you will see that there are five folders, five files are still syncing. Now you have to find out that this is one of the biggest problems and I really hate that it doesn't tell you which file is being loaded, it doesn't tell you that this is where the whole problem is and a lot of people really aren't with that option happy that you know it says five files don't go down, it's still five files even after five hours and then yo you can really figure out what's going on here and that is the problem with microsoft onedrive right now . I think they are working on it.

They are releasing a new version of this thing and trying to fix that, but like I said when you see that kind of option? wrong the only best thing you can do is come back and copy the file and put it somewhere because that will save you a big headache if you delete this and you just lost someone's emails and i do sorry about someone editing files and all that is going to be the biggest problem so i would definitely copy it and then you can recreate it like i said it tastes good. It depends on how many files the user has and that will be the solution for one drive. Other things to work on is a drive that is usually connected to the server.

Every time a file is uploaded to the server it usually talks to an IP address and those IP addresses you need to find out and yours Network tech or whoever is in charge of firewall stuff, so let me see if they have something that drives a drive IP addresses. So if you go to the list of IP addresses and url to Office 365 url and IP address range, we click on it, if you click on it, you are at IP addresses, if you click on it it shows up and here it is right here it basically gives you the target the numbers the type of ports it is using when someone is logged in, you are using all of these so this is the information your admin needs to know and if you scroll down Here you see all these IP addresses, all these links they need to communicate with the internet because it goes back and forth every time the sink is initiated when it says a file is going to one of those IPs -Addresses goes and then comes back and gets another file that keeps it Doing this until all files are synced can cause problems if your firewall is not set up properly if you have a firewall on your computer that is You some de r is really restrictive and something like that can cause problems too and it's a huge list and like I said you really have to go through it and this is something that you are going to talk to your network or your security. Myself or maybe your manager to do this type of work for you, if you are not a part of this team, hopefully this course is a really good start for someone who just wants to know, or basically a little bit technical too but like I said we are going to do another course which will be extremely technical and hopefully you will have learned something from this course by the time you guys made sure this is a free course and your reviews are important do it a big difference for our platform please check the course and a project for a certificate is only for membership only so we can support the whole platform and all we do what you want to do in the future is through your membership.

Hopefully you enjoy this course and don't forget to check it out. Thank you, see you in another course

ms visio trial

How do I check if Office is KMS activated?

Microsoft Windows and Office both utilize the KMS server to activate/validate their license.
In Office 2016, you can check to confirm it has activated by doing the following:
  1. Open Word.
  2. Select a blank document type.
  3. Click the File menu.
  4. Click Account.
  5. The screen should say "Office is activated"

Hi everyone, today I will tell you about a utility that is called simpler file tools 42 ports this utility from the greed of microsoft products where I can get it, I will add the link for download in the description to the article, that is , it will help us to get rid of such problems, which are now in the lower right corner of the computer to work with this utility, you must first turn off your antivirus as everything is literally equipped with an antivirus and like a virus on it responds even though it is not viral when you download a file like this file 42 ports were happy to unzip it to your computer open theacts 42 ports copied the archive password to open 4 units 11 packaged antivirus I disabled unloaded work I will show using the example of Windows 7 64 broken darkness I will also publish a vide o for dozens, so in the archive we had 4 files with a description in Russian and English and a 2D file for work, just a stick action with four bits we do the one we need, that is, how is that System? I have installed windows 7 maximum 64 bit 64-bit means that I need an x64 file from someone 32-bit this only has to be started by act to start it is necessary to start as administrator click on the mouse start as administrator there is information windowspress immediately error product key not found utility has everything only once two three 4 5 keys here you can see the installed version of windows only bit can not be displayed this new property means my situation is a product key when you can press tython keys just activate windows and see the result i don't have enough keys i go here is the settings file regarding the seven, there is an installation as a key install your key delete the key you can delete the same you can install on the key install your key and deleting the key also create a task to activate windows and for the office but in the dream the moment is activated for the beginning we will finish with windows means setyour key dies out i need a key for the os windows 7 remo the control mats work in principle, Yandex does not write an easy way and moto or as much as possible, well, let's turn it on and everything is as fresh as possible, we open it, look at the buttons on win7, choose one like, you find it, i want it. and press to stop the installation of the Vidos key successfully installed the product key now information about Windows the initial flight duration of the license the remaining time 30 days press the activation key with usit means that the key from the server did not pass the activation President that the given key is blocked because we will not install it personally, since it does not exist in seven, then we will choose another key information.

We will check the information in the activation period of 30 days and stayed at 100, take the very first lists and out of life in the settings and set our key a new keystroke insert the product key install that we are successfully installed look for information about windows thumbnail works with operating systems Windows Vista 7 881 Top Ten and with Office in the years 2010 to 2016, which means that a partial product key is licensed like a license status, we still have to activate the Windows activation, we have already passed it, that is, t is we do it again, so to speak it is also possible to delete the installed key in the settings in order to successfully complete another activation. Information after the restart the inscription at the bottom right that the copies are real before sleep we have disappeared Personalization of the desktop wallpaper, here the image is placed on the tile, still works with the principle with which we start the utility that we press to Activation with us can be when the key is already installed in the system in order to be activated immediately, if the key is not installed or the beggar on the Internet has written the key for our version with a license, everything is fine with us then we look for a key to our version we insert it activation takes place think the key is allowed blocked activation 30 days search another insert the key myself th from Microsoft Office Information Office only in English in the office it is activated for me 178 days, that means here I have a task to activate e every time interval it will overflow well n, in order not to completely cut out the antivirus, not to quarantine it, add it to the check exception, here such a small useful utility

Where do I find the ospp.vbs script?

vbs script is located in the Program FilesMicrosoft OfficeOffice16 folder. If you installed the 32-bit version of Office on a 64-bit operating system, go to the Program Files (x86)Microsoft OfficeOffice16 folder. Running ospp.vbs requires the cscript.exe script engine.

How do I trigger activation in CScript OSPP?

To trigger activation, type the following command, and then press ENTER: cscript ospp.vbs /act. Check the error message for error code 0xC004F042. If in the notification dialog boxes you see an error code that is shown to users, you can also use that code to check the error message.

Is there CScript OSPP for Visio Office 2016?

I tried cscript ospp.vbs /inpkey:xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx and slmgr.vbs /ipk xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx . It looks like it processes, but it does not activate. I suspect it is trying to apply it to the Office 2016 product and not the Visio 2016 product.

Where is the office software protection platform script?

The Office Software Protection Platform script (ospp.vbs) enables you to configure volume licensed versions of Office products, including Project and Visio. The opss.vbs script is located in the Program FilesMicrosoft OfficeOffice16 folder.

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