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Is Microsoft Office free for nonprofits?

Get Microsoft 365 Business Premium free

Securely run and grow your nonprofit with an integrated solution purpose built for small and midsized organizations.

Welcome to our walkthrough of the Office 365 registration process for nonprofits. Today we're going to go through registering and activating your 30-day trial version of Office 365. So let's start.

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Go to the Microsoft Office 365 for nonprofits page at www.Microsoft.com/Office365Nonprofits.

Find the link to register for a trial and select the Office 365 Enterprise E3 free trial for nonprofits. Now you need to set up your account. Once you get to the main registration page, you will be asked to fill in a number of fields.

First select your country or region, then enter your first and last name. This is the name of the primary contact on your account. It should be the real name of someone in your nonprofit organization so we can confirm your charitable status.

Next, enter your email address that Microsoft uses to send you important account information. The email address you provide should be linked to both the name you entered above and your organization. This email address will be used to contact your non-profit organization for validation purposes.

Then enter the address of your organization; Your organization's city, state, zip code, phone number, and the name of your organization. After you have entered your personal and organizational information, create your user ID. You use this ID to sign in to Office 365.

You will find that once you have entered the organization name above, that text will be pre-filled here in the ID field. Feel free to change it. Then come up with a good password that you will use to log into the account.

Make sure it's safe by using a combination of upper and lower case letters and numbers. Confirm your password and move on to the final step in creating your account which is to verify your phone number by entering your mobile or landline number for verification and occasionally resetting your password if necessary. You can get your verification code via SMS or phone call.

I'll go ahead and request a text message. You will then receive a code that you paste into the last field and click on Create my account. After you have created your account, you will be asked to verify your eligibility by confirming your domain.

This is not a required step to activate your free trial. If you have the expertise to make a DNS change, you can make that change now. Otherwise, you can skip it and your domain will be checked later.

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Welcome to your Office 365 admin center. You have now completed setting up your account and you should also receive a confirmation email from Microsoft. From this page you can access the support area for questions about your account, view your account settings, assign licenses, make product configurations, and access resources.

Okay, you're almost done! Your final step is to create your Office 365 trial account to activate. This will initiate the validation and approval process for your nonprofit organization. To activate your account, check the confirmation email that was sent to you after you set up your main account.

Click Get Started With Your Trial to begin your activation. Here we go! You now have an active test account of Office 365 for nonprofits. Your trial account is valid for 30 days while we check your charitable status.

Validation can take up to 20 days and you may receive an email request for additional information. I hope this has been helpful. Until next time.

Is Office 365 free for charities?

Charities can get access to the absolute basics for free

There is a free version of Office 365 for organisations who only need the basics, through which you can get access to the browser-only versions of all the main apps.

Can churches get Microsoft Office for free?

User licences are available at a discounted price for churches, charities and other non-profit organisations, making it a good low-cost option for even the smallest organisations. Those with a charity registration and 10 or fewer can even get Microsoft 365 for free.

How many people are using OneDrive for nonprofits?

We have under a dozen local users that access the files on a regular basis. We currently have a subscription to E3 for 30 users and roughly 50GB of data that will need to be moved one way or another to a cloud solution. Also, we have about 15k files that would need to be uploaded so we are under the 20,000 limit. This thread is locked.

How does OneDrive work with Microsoft Office 365?

OneDrive connects you to your personal and shared files in Microsoft 365, enhancing collaboration capabilities within Microsoft 365 apps. With OneDrive on the web, desktop, or mobile, you can access all your personal files plus the files shared with you from other people or teams, including files from Microsoft Teams and SharePoint.

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What are the benefits of OneDrive for business?

With OneDrive for Business, you can easily and securely store and access your files from all your devices. You can work with others regardless of whether they’re inside or outside your organization and terminate that sharing whenever you want.

Can you share OneDrive with someone outside your organization?

Share inside or outside your organization. Securely share files with people inside or outside your organization by using their email address, even if they don't have a Microsoft Services Account. This common sharing experience is available in the web, mobile, and desktop versions of OneDrive. Collaborate with deep Microsoft Office integration.

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