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Onedrive account frozen - a solution to

Waarom is mijn OneDrive geblokkeerd?

Uw OneDrive-account wordt geblokkeerd als u zich 12 maanden niet aanmeldt bij uw OneDrive-account of als u de opslaglimiet overschrijdt, zelfs als u de andere Microsoft-services gebruikt.

Hey Youtuber, it's Charlie and this week it got right on Korra. There are 2 episodes left. There was no news to suggest if they'll be posting this one at a time online like last year with the Book 2 Finale, but Janet Varney and the other voice actors did mention some of the things that made this year's Finale different.

Now that we've got all of the WTF moments and my episode 11 review behind us, I'll explain. When you first find me I do Korra articles every week. Make sure you subscribe to get it all.

And for those wondering if Korra will air, I'll be doing bonus articles for a while and then start making Star Wars Rebels. This will probably be a Friday show so from October when we would normally see Korra we will just watch this show. Nice and easy transition.

Don't forget to carry out the Korra giveaway yet. All you have to do to participate is subscribe and leave a comment on this article. So go ahead, beware of spoilers if you haven't seen the episode before.

Here are my top 5 WTF moments from the episode. Starting with number 5 - Chaos in Ba Sing Se I didn't expect Zaheer to actually kill the Earth Queen, but it looks like it did. Which is also bad news for the end of this episode.

But the city is now a complete shit storm and everyone is looting. It reminds me of great times in history when great empires fell. Like the fall of Rome when the Vandals sacked the city and got away with some of the greatest treasures of the Roman Empire.

This is where the term vandalism comes from. That was during the fall and fall of the Roman Empire. After the government collapsed, Europe entered the dark age.

Which was basically the Middle Ages. It was the period between the fall of Rome and the Renaissance. Is that the way Korra is on? That's a good question.

There was no zaheer in real life, no person destroying Rome. It was a long, gradual process. The answer to all of this was the renaissance.

The word renaissance means 'rebirth'. It was a time after the invention of paper and movable metal letters when creative ideas could spread. It became this great cultural movement across Europe that ushered in a new age of creative thinking, art, culture and society.

So rewind where we are on Korra. We are now on the case of Ba Sing Se, which means that the world is going to enter the “void”, so to speak. A time of chaos that Zaheer tries to create so that society can reborn and usher in a new renaissance of spiritual enlightenment.

That's why I love his character so much, he's so crazy, but his logic is solid. That would happen. People will find a way to thrive no matter what.

The 100 years fought against the rise of Aang and a new age of peace. That was a minor version of what Zaheer was up to. He is trying to burn the field down so that new crops can grow stronger than before.

We don't know yet what will happen in Book 4, so there is no telling how far his plan will go. During Makos and Bolins there were a few surprises escaping the city. Mostly Grandma, she is tied to her picture of the Earth Queen.

I hope they explain if that's because she just got stuck in her ways. Or if she has a special connection with the queen. Maybe they made her stubborn just so that Bolin would have the moment to toss her over his shoulder like a sack of potatoes.

I'll talk more about that in my review. Moving on to number 4 - Suyin and the Metal Bending Clan Pair of big red flags here. Firstly, if you've seen my previous Korra articles, you know that I absolutely don't trust Suyin.

And there's a chance that clown persona was in their circus group Zaheer. That's not confirmed or anything, but the moment Suyin said let's bring an army of highly skilled metal tamers who are all loyal to me. I had a feeling that Team Korra was headed for disaster.

Suyin feels like someone who would drink up Zaheer's kool-aide to usher in a new renaissance. Suyin is not interested in the laws of Lin's world. It is possible that it is absolutely real.

I don't think she's going to be angry or anything. She just seems to be a Zaheer apologist. But you can let me know if you agree.

If I were Korra or Lin, I just don't know if I would feel comfortable drawing a huge group of fighters into battle if I wasn't sure that they are loyal to me instead of being loyal to my questionable ones Sister. However, I was very fond of Suyin's armor. Before all the metal bending art this season, putting on your armor in the morning was one of my favorite metal bending sequences from Lin.

disabled teredo locally

She just got her Iron Man to dodge. Speaking of which, I know a lot of you think Bolin will learn to learn Lavabend instead of Metalbend. It seems like you can master one difficult form of underbending, you can master another.

They are both earth forms. Usually it's just a psycho-spiritual thing. I know the major forms of bending are lineage tied, but subbending isn't a Midichlorian bullshit genetics thing.

Moving on to number 3 - Korra meets with Iroh again. That was a nice surprise, a little strange with the timing, but very welcome. Especially that they paid off for the moment with Zuko.

I am surprised that he surprises Irohwas in the spirit realm. You'd think that Zuko had reached a spiritual level that would allow him to communicate with Iroh, but I think that's not the case. Korra actually tried to use Zaheer's methods against him.

Call him out in the spirit realm. In case you missed the advice Iroh gave Korra. Finding things you weren't looking for was the same advice he gave young Zuko when they were hiding in Ba Sing Se.

I always love it when Mike and Bryan bring Last Airbender moments to the new series. The Iroh moment was a little out of place, but think of it as a much shorter version of the Iroh episode in Book 2. Korra needs a lesson from Yoda before she flies to the Death Star to face Darth Vader and the Emperor.

And when she talked to Zuko, it felt like he was telling her that Aang died to protect the airbenders. He stepped back a little and said Aang had a greater responsibility to the world. But the alternative is that he implied that Aang killed Team Zaheerif before the election.

Even if killing is one of the Air Nation's biggest taboos. Maybe that means Zaheer isn't a real airbender? The Temple part of the episode was so above and beyond anything I'd seen on the show. I really loved the animation for the Avatar Wan episodes last year just because they were so unique but within the normal Korra episodes.

This is the new king of battle scenes. I know I was referring to Star Wars with Iroh and Yoda earlier, and it only makes sense that my thoughts would go to Obi-Wan Kenobi, who fought Darth Vader in episode 4 when Zaheer and Tenzin fought him same kind of pan-away ending they gave the Earth Queen, so when she's dead it seems like they want us to believe that Tenzin is dead too. I'll go into that in a second.

But I was also very happy to see that they accepted Kai Ming Hua, the cremation tamer. I wasn't expecting the sad ending so I figured when he picked it up he would turn the airship off in a super bending motion. Just like how Lin put the airship down in Book 1 before Amon blocked her bending skills.

It's a kids show so I understand why they showed us survival and Babyair bison rescue in the end. I think if they'd cut out that scene, the episode as a whole would have had more dramatic weight. But I understand the concern.

If they had led the children to believe Kai had died, Nick would probably have received a million angry letters from parents of crying children. I know a lot of the fan base really hate his character, so no judgment. Be honest, you would have been okay with them killing him.

If Mike and Bryan had officially let Kai die in the fall, I would have been okay with that. But again, killing children is not something you see on Korra. At least I don't remember they ever killed a child.

At least in an explicit way. Jet from last airbender is one of the few exceptions. But he wasn't a little kid, he was older than everyone else on Team Avatar.

And More My WTF Moment Number 1 - Team Zaheer Kills Tenzin Can we all agree that at least the show wants us to think they killed him. I'm sure everything will be revealed in episode 12. But by then, Tenzin will have left this mortal spiral, given the way things have gone down with the Earth Queen.

Since this is the title of episode 12, but not the finale, I'm really curious to see if Korra will have a bigger astral travel adventure in book 4. The best theory I've seen so far is that Zaheer wants to reject Korra, Raava, and Vaatu. That leads to some logical problems based on what happened in Book 2.

But if Zaheer has already achieved his goal of revolution, what more could Korra need than he could not do himself? He needs the portals that are open, and they are. So it has nothing to do with that. He could try to reset things to the wan state before the avatar.

That is, he must kill Korra while she is in the Avatar state. That would end the cycle of the avatar. When that happens, I assume Raava's connection will be broken.

I don't think Raava would cease to exist. Let me know what you think Zaheer needs Korra for. But just to explain Raava Vaatu's logic problem: During the finale of Book 2.

Raava was wiped out, reset to its zero state. Under normal conditions, she would have resurfaced from Vaatu in 10,000 years. No matter what story the show presented in this finale.

You can never kill bad or good. They are basic states of existence. The terms good and bad are just our subjective way of describing states of existence.

So you can name Raava and Vaatu differently, but neither will ever be completely destroyed. They are only suppressed for a period of 10,000 years. In last year's finale, Jinora only forcibly hastened Raava's reappearance.

This is how you can influence your cycle. But you can't stop it. So I have a bit of a problem with the idea that Avatar 'separated' Wan Raava and Vaatu.

If that were true, then Jinora would not have given any part of Raava in the Vaatu to extract. That means they were never really separated. It's a big problem that I try not to think too much, but let me know what your thoughts on Raava and Vaatu and if it has anything to do with the book 3 finale, fear of killing a loved character and dealing with the most amazing animation of the year.

A plus point all around, the Lin Souyinscenes in the airship dragged a little. Iroh was a little out of place, but overall it was all amazing. The only thing that really struck me was how much they rushed the Korra part of the episode, so get to that part.

I really loved the callbacks from Iroh Zuko Last Airbender, even if it looks like Zuko is still a bit of a space cadet at his age. The way he was presented in the Korra universe was as the new Iroh. As if he had achieved a certain degree of enlightenment in the years since the founding of the Republic city and his resignation as a fire lord.

I think they just wanted a fun call back, so Zuko is Obi-Wan Kenobi in every way, just like Tenzin. Zuko, who calls his daughter on the episode, makes me feel like we'll definitely see each other in Book 4 for four seasons to tease a character and not show it. I wonder why we haven't seen them yet.

It feels like seeing who she is reveals some long-standing secrets. Who did Zuko marry? The best theories I've ever seen are all May. But I don't know about the comics, and I know the comics revealed a little bit about possible beifong husbands.

Just to explain what Janet Varney and the cast had to say about the book 3 finale. They said no great spiritual battle like seasons would go by. That means Korra is unlikely to have a huge fight with Team Zaheer.

She will likely sacrifice herself and literally step into the void of death. It seems like all the important people are dying this season. There is a Korra book 4 in which Janet Varney is the star.

Even if Korra sacrifices herself, I don't think she will stay dead. Or die completely. That raises more questions than it answers.

But I'll wait until after episode 12 to keep speculating on Book4. In the meantime, congratulations to this week's giveaway winner. Li Cheng, you win an Amazon gift card, I'll send you a message on your channel for detailsClick here now for last week's Korra article and click here to find out all about the villains in Star Wars Episode 7.

Thank you for watching. I'll see you tonight. High five!.

Waarom heb ik OneDrive nodig?

Wat is one drive?

Met OneDrive kunnen mensen bestanden online opslaan, bewerken en delen. Samen met iemand anders aan een document werken, kan ook. De opslagdienst kan met allerlei bestanden overweg, zoals tekstdocumenten, rekenbladen, muziek en foto's. De opslagdienst kan ook worden gebruikt als back-upmiddel.

eTop Technology, Inc. Storing your files in the cloud where they can be shared for collaborative work when needed is a great idea, you don't have to email or file transfer your files, and Dropbox was probably the first example known today there are many different options and Office 365 comes with its own version of onedrive.If you have Office 365 installed, you already have Onedrive and to set it up, open your Windows taskbar, find Onedrive under 'O' and click to iteTop Technology , Inc. to open the email address for your Office 365 account and you will be asked for the password Enter it and Windows will set up your Onedrive account for you You can sync your Onedrive files with your PC, whatever means that you always see the latest version of your data and that's it.

You currently get 5 gigabytes of free space, but you can add additional storage if needed Buy space and this is good compared to Dropbox's 2 gigabytes of free space Open it and see how it works Right-click the Windows system tray icon to open File Explorer. You will see that I have two Onedrive accounts, one personal and one for my eTop Technology account on your quick access toolbar, when I select it you will see that it is added to the ribbon by Top Technology, Inc. I can place the toolbar under the ribbon if I want, but I prefer it on top.

Now it is good practice to group your files into folders, so first let's add a new folder from the toolbar and I'll put my employee documents here so I call them Human Resources. You can see where you are by following the breadcrumbs here and they are also clickable on my desktop for quick navigation I have an excel spreadsheet I'm working on for the staff grill I want to keep it somewhere and I want it with me share with the team that organizes the food and drink, so a good place would be the Human Resources folder and to move everything all I have to do is hold down the right mouse button and drag it to the open folder when I left click and drag , Windows just makes a copy and put it in the folder, but when I right click and drag, Windows gives me the options to copy, move, or create a shortcut I don't want many copies to be made so I just hit my decision to move it and the jobs done you can see it is in the correct folder and now you've done it Let's try to share it. When I select the entire folder the share icon turns gray and this is a little confusing at first because you might think you can't share a folder, but let's explore the sharing tape, you can email the entire folder or in compress an azip file you can burn it to CD or DVD or even fax the whole thing and whoever except lawyers use fax these days but when we open the folder and select the individual file the share icon is no longer grayed out click on it and you will find some additional sharing options that you can share in these apps too Great idea that you can view files in a different ways, if you are used to Windows 10 these will be known and finally let's look at the different sharing options you can choose to share the file or folder with your homegroup and even create a homegroup, if you don't have one or you can share it with specific people instead of sharing it with everyone, onedrive allows you to select someone by their email address and email them a link to the file, so that only she and only he can open it.

When you want to stop sharing, just go to the Share ribbon and just hit the stopsharing icon now if you're wondering what that little green checkmark is on your files that simply means they are synced when it isn't the best part is to wait so you don't lose any data so this is an easy start on a drive Free way to save and share your files that is free in Office 365.If you want to know more, contact eTop Technology We're here for you If you like these articles please subscribe to our YouTube channel, if you found this article helpful Check out some of our more recent articles and if you are looking for a new IT partner, visit please visit our website Top Technology, Inc.

Is OneDrive nodig?

Microsoft OneDrive (voorheen Windows Live Folders, Windows Live SkyDrive en Microsoft SkyDrive) is een dienst van Windows Live om bestanden op te slaan op internet. Men kan computerbestanden online zetten en ze daarna van iedere andere computer via het internet weer openen.

Here are my top 10 OneDrive for Business tips and tricks. OneDrive for Business is a component of the Office 365 application suite. This powerful tool gives you easy sharing, improved security, and convenient portability for all of your files.

Here are my top 10 most popular OneDrive for Business tips and tricks. Number 1 - version history. When you sign in to the Office 365 portal and go to OneDrive, you'll see a list of files.

If you break down individual files, you will notice that there is a dot-dot-dot to the right of each file. This will bring up a menu when you click on it and there is a version history option. One of the great features of OneDrive is that any change you've made and saved to that file will be converted to a different version and you will have the option to click on one and restore it.

You can also open older files and see what they looked like before you made any changes. It gives you great flexibility in recovering if you have a file corrupted and can see the changes over time. Number 2 - file sharing externally.

One of the great features of OneDrive is the ability to share files externally outside of your organization. As long as your administrator has given you permission to do so, you can open the menu for a file, click on the 'Share' option and only set it to your organization by default. However, if you change this to specific people, they can enter the name of an external email address and recognize that they are outside of your organization.

You can add a message and click Send. This person receives an email with a link to the file just presented and can access it directly. You can also click this button to copy the link, copy and paste it into another email or document so that when users click on this reference they can get to the file and the good news is that you can share files up to 15 gigabytes, which means that an FTP download site is no longer required.

For anything big, you can share anything from OneDrive. Number 3 - sync local files. OneDrive's real strength is keeping your local files in sync.

You can do this by clicking the Sync option at the top of the OneDrive menus. Syncing creates a OneDrive location that contains the same files and folders that are stored on your OneDrive in the cloud. If you work on files from either location, they are synchronized and both locations are kept up-to-date.

This way you can take your computer with you, go on a flight without internet access, edit documents and as soon as you reconnect to the internet the files will be synced back to the cloud so that you are back in sync. You no longer have to worry about what state the file is in as OneDrive manages this very well for you. Since Office 365 gives you five licenses for your Office apps, you can install the Office apps on your local home computer and your office computer and have them both synced to the same file location in OneDrive.

This means that as you work, you can work on a file, make changes to it, and then when you get home you can open the same file with the updates. This gives you a lot of flexibility when working on the move. Number 4 - Co-Authoring.

Co-authoring gives you the ability to have multiple people working on the same document at the same time and you can see live edits. If you create documents in Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and other Office applications, you can share this document with other users. When you open it and make sure to edit the workbook in the browser as it must be the online version.

The other user can open the same document online and if I make changes now, those changes will also show up on the other person's screen and when they make changes you will see that they are also live changes. It gives you the option to collaborate through your OneDrive sharing feature. Number 5 - drag files to upload.

You don't have to do anything special to transfer files to OneDrive. Once you have your portal open, all you have to do is take a file and drag and drop it directly onto the desktop. It will automatically download this file to the folder you are in and sync it back to your CDrive if you've turned syncing on.

Number 6 - Recycle Bin. Separate from the version history is the Recycle Bin. When you take a file and delete it, it will be moved to the Recycle Bin in such a way that you can click it and restore it to its original location.

By default, files are saved in the trash for 90 days. They will be permanently deleted after 90 days. Number 7 - OneDrive mobile app.

OneDrive is available as a mobile app. When you open it, you'll be presented with the same folders that you have on OneDrive. You can go to a folder and see the individual files and you can even click on a file like this Excel in the mobile app.

Office 365 offers you five mobile licenses in addition to your five other licenses and includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint and the other Microsoft Office applications. Number 8 - Shared with me. We saw how you can share documents with other people, but when people share them with you, those files are in the Shared with me folder.

This will show you all of the files that have been shared with you by other people in your organization. The beauty of it is that if you've given your permission, you can edit and view these documents, and the changes you make are actually updated in the other person's OneDrive location - they are on a shared network drive. Number 9 - search everything.

OneDrive has a great search tool. In fact, I think it's better than some of the other applications in Office. At the top left of the OneDrive area, you can search for anything.

So when I type in a keyword and hit enter, it will look for that word in all of your documents in your OneDrive folder. You can come here and choose from the various applications such as Excel and it only filters out the Excel documents and I can change the dates. It was only three months ago and now I have found my file.

It's a great search filter feature and makes it really easy to find documents anywhere on your OneDrive. Number 10 - tile preview. In the upper-right corner of OneDrive is a button, Show Tile Preview Items.

When you click on it, it changes the formatting so you can see it in tile format. All folders are shown, but when you go into a folder you are shown the individual files with a small preview window so that you can get a better idea of ​​what the document looks like than in a list form and when you change it back want to click this button again. That concludes the top 10 OneDrive forBusiness tips and tricks.

Don't forget to check out the tips and tricks from the other playlists including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Skype for Business, and more tips and tricks that are coming soon. Thank you for watching. Hey, if you want to see more articles like this please subscribe and if you liked this article click the thumbs up and leave a comment.

I really appreciate your support!

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