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Mypublicwifi not working - pragmatic solutions

How do I start MyPublicWiFi?

To get started, enable ICS (Internet Connecion Sharing), for which you can see instructions here. Once done, launch MyPublicWiFi, enter a name and network key for your hotspot, select your wireless adapter from the drop down box, and click Setup and Start Hotspot.

Why is my public WiFi not working?

Turn off alternative 3rd party DNS servers. You might speed up your internet with a different DNS server—but not when connecting to public Wi-Fi. Many public Wi-Fi networks use their DNS server to tell your computer which login page to open—which doesn't work when you're using an alternative DNS server.

ah what could be nicer than sitting in your favorite coffee shop, sipping an overpriced LatteChino and browsing Reddit, whatever the drama of the day is, it's easy for attackers to spy on and see a lot more than just the awesome agents that are Send them to your friends.

Why are these networks so insecure, what are some of the most common ways they are attacked, and what can you do to keep prying eyes away from your browsing habits? Although public Wi-Fi hotspots have been around since the early 2000s and people have generally become aware of online security risks ever since, there are still a number of common vulnerabilities that attackers can take advantage of, for example, many public Wi-Fi networks don't use password or encryption See all traffic on the network and you don't even need special hacking skills to do so many programs that make it possible to spy on unsecured networks with just a few clicks of the mouse , which uses wpa2 PSK, the standard data flow encryption in most modern routers, is secure and that would be true in a home environment as you only share a password with other people you trust but with everyone in a public place like a coffee shop the password connecting in front of you can spy on your handshake d The communication that takes place between your device and the access point when you connect to the hotspot for the first time. This way an attacker can steal your encryption key and see all of your data traffic, even though your connection is encrypted, public Wi-Fi is also susceptible to what is known as an aman-in-the-middle attack, which is exactly what it is like listens to a bad person sitting between your device and the internet looking at all of your stuff as they fly by so many times some kind of attacker sets up a fake wi-fi hotspot that looks like a real one when you connect your internet traffic to me go straight through the attackers' computer so they can potentially see whatever you're doing, okay Linus, I get it publicly, wifi is about as secure as a cheese screen door, but is there a way to use it without transferring everything I do, luckily they exist? a number of things you can do to protect yourself. Number One Use HTTPS You know this will encrypt your connection and put a little lock icon in the corner of your browser.

Many sites that require you to be logged in, like Gmail and Facebook, use HTTPS by default, but for sites that can't They actually download browser extensions that use an HTTPS connection for websites as long as the website supports it. Some of these also allow your cookies to be sent over a secure connection to prevent cookie theft, which you can learn more about here. This makes your traffic incomprehensible to attackers even over an unsecured Wi-Fi connection or number, to use a virtual private network or VPN for a more serious security, this creates security The tunnel between your device and the proxy server that runs the whole Traffic encrypted even if the site you are visiting does not support HTTPS VPNs are available as both free and paid services and often let you choose between different service levels depending on your needs management in whatever facility you visit, like the name of the actual Wi-Fi network to avoid connecting to a fake access point.

Keep in mind that identifying fakes isn't always as easy as not being connected to the shady white van parked off the Wi-Fi network and this is related to our topic today, somehow, I mean apps are online and we're talking about it anyway, don't read too much about Braintree Yes my friends, if you're building a mobile app and looking for a simple payment solution Braintree might be the way to go, is probably the way to go to check out their V dot 0 SDK, this is an easy way to add anything, pretty much always Apple Pay Android Pay PayPal Venmo credit cards and even Bitcoin support with just a few lines of code and when you run into problems it's that easy to get in touch with their friendly support staff to help you Guiding you through itBraintreeBraintree is used by uber Airbnb and github, so it's scalable and the coolest thing today is when Si e go to Braintree Comm Slash tech wiki you can get your first fifty thousand dollar intransactions royalty free as we say, give it a mind free try today and see how it works for you. Thank you for watching the article, if you liked this article, wait for this one and if you didn't like it then the other one too check out our other channels Linus Tech Tips and channels super fun we'll be one pretty great article on the channels have great fun we're going to be playing Rocket League in real life so check out that subscribe up there and all that good stuff also leave a comment with article suggestions for future episodes if you have any and subscribe here on the tech wiki so you don't miss any of these articles again, especially if we do one that you correctly suggest

Why is connectify not working?

If you are running any connection management software, such as a 3G or 4G dialer, these may be disabling your Wi-Fi adapter when you are connected to another network. Lastly, if Connectify can't detect your Wi-Fi adapter, it might be because it's part of a network bridge. Removing the bridge will fix the issue.

I would just have my mobile device and iPad talk to my laptop over a common connection and just use that and it's super easy to do, but we're going to talk about two parts today as this software comes in two parts.

There's the Connect Fi part that lets you set up the hotspot, which is very easy to set up, and then we'll talk a little bit about what I think are just the greatest pieces of software coming out of last year calling that man dispatch now i should say connect fi-dispatch now what Dispatch does is you can combine all of your internet connections into one and use all of the bandwidth so this is one of the things I've been trying to do for years old school guys like me used to use something called earlier Bonding that we'd put under software, usually Intel software or Realtech or whatever software we were using, and we could actually take the tool and the connections and we can put them together and make a faster connection, and then we'd be doing lowbalancing and it was just insanely hard to set up because VPNs didn't like it and Exchange doesn't like it and iTunes doesn't like it and Steam doesn't like it and you know there is a ton of server software out there that it doesn't like or it would literally go mad and fail to aggregate the traffic properly well these guys solved everything i mean, that's just me i bought software that runs every single device i have, my personal belongings, my family could do it lightly, but for me personally i have it all i have it on my laptop i have it on my netbook i have it on mine and now i have it on my desktop and the great thing about it when we have it on your desktop we all have or can have multiple connections. I'm going to show you how easy it is to p The software and the Connect-Fi software is here now, what happens here is you get this little pop-up and this is the connected hotspot so start yours when you can want to share them now, you should prefer to do so by saying you don't have to split your connection to use the dispatch dispatcher which is a separate part that resides right here and can actually only run on the local computer don't have to distribute it to anyone and i'm kind of a pig you not only know i have it in my house and when my computer is on why not use it you know i just let it sit there and suck up energy, me use it as a hotspot and then everyone else talk to the router but I'm talking about you know how a 35 40 you know the gig connection from a few 60 to hundreds and I'll show II to hundreds next and I'll get it to you hi he show, so to set up your hotspot, just ridiculously easy you just go up here and say okay you know what should i do? yHotspot Name What am I going to use now? Remember, the hotspot acts like an SSID so you don't have to name it like your router. You are going to have some strange problems so what I just create you know a name and usually use Smoker 65 and then I use aDT which means it is my desktop and I use something similar for my laptop.

You know smokers 65 you know Lap or something like that so I know who I'm talking to, set up a password boogersand we go Bo GE RS boogers Why don't Hookers have dollar signs, it's really safe here and you know the internet is shared now The cool thing about this software is and as you can see here i have three here you can share this about shipping or you can share it via the actual land connection yourself the dispatch i will share this internet about the dispatch because I want Dispatch to aggregate my traffic so you need to run Dispatch to use this now, if you don't want to run Dispatch let's say you only have a single Co nnector, you would know why You run it when only one connector is supposed to be running but what you can i mean i may be wrong; dispatch actually manages the traffic much better than your system but i I'm going to use about Dispatch because I want to show you Dispatch and we're going to go from there now. I'll share what you can see I have a five gigahertz mode that some devices may not be able to connect. It tells you that some of the older iPads and older phones can't see five gigs like mine, my phone only sees 2.4 so you know it won't, it's good to share it there because my phone won't be able to will be to talk to him.

So I'm going to make sure I'm actually secured over or over the land and they say the ethernet mode will disconnect the internet and you will whatever it does, it takes it on it puts it over it disconnects the land and starts that Land new and it puts it in there and then you say starthotspot that starts your hotspot now I don't go to the hotspot here because I don't need a hotspot I'm on my desktopI 'do that later let's go to dispatch now the shipping is easy that is the coolest piece of software I've seen in a long time, so what you're doing now is shipping, it's a separate purchase. So when you buy when you buy connect with e.g.

B. you buy shipping i believe in at the same time i think they glued it together. I'm not sure if they still sell it separately but I think it has been put together but I think you can still buy it separately but they say show shipping now shipping minimize this quick action what the shipping is for As you can see, there are three connections running on my computer right now and I am launching Dispatch right when my system boots up, so it's really like you know you're starting Steam or something just comes up on it shows up and says, hey, I am aggregating the traffic on all these different network connections you say you know, yes, and then you know you are going, but right now I have the neck that you are running that plugged into a usb Port on the back of my system which is 6,200.

I have my two IntelIn countries that are actually removed from the motherboard, here we discussed I have a workstation motherboard that has a Bisland on it, but the cool thing is that I can put another card in my system I will Show you in a minute that you can plug this in and aggregate the traffic too, which literally means you can now aggregate the traffic from every single internet connection you plug into your PC, except for VPN. Don't try this over a VPN connection VPN connections need what they call a point -point they need to talk to someone you know they are talking to an area and then you know you are using the VPN -Servers they don't really enjoy doing aggregation, but I'm going to show you how to fix this quickly, as you can see I'm aggregating the traffic right now, I'm not really doing anything to the system but when I'm with you speaking, you know all and it shows that you can see up here that you know when i am actually aggregated tingnow i open a browser like i have back here, let's go to the news and we will show up, you gonna see i get that speed bump right here, if i walk over there now these are color coded blue red yellow and you'll basically see fine, this is black here but you will see w Which network actually brought in the traffic, so the primary Intel brought in the most, but then it moved on to the secondary Intel as well, which means I use both, it was a three dot and up here my total throughput for that particular website was three point four nine megabits per second. Now you can that was the top and currently we are obviously not running anything so you can see that it is not just used one but now it is all used for heavy sites and this works with Steam for heavysites gaming sites, download stuff that really goes off and you can really get some great numbers, but I want to show you how to add another network easily now I already have the driver for that particular one for that particular wireless network that I'm going to bring up another nectar6200 now in my house I have the 2.4 gigahertz I have a five-year hertz and of course that ends up now, why not my 2.4 I mean, why do you know what, why can't I use that - well, I can show it to you here real quick, so I'll put this in my system, let the baby in quick and what happens is you know, in a second, it will recognize it, it will show up and since I already have the driver turned on and everything is accepted from shipping and it will enter it into the system here as you can see it just arrived here I'm just connected, this is the Asus2 that is my 2.4 is.

I now have a connection to the Asus 5 which is my 5 and then I have connections to both of my land links so I am literally able to receive traffic and use every single network connection I have in my house Use LANWi-Fi on both Wi-Fi is all at the same time and I can get a great speed out of it, so let's do this really quickly, do a few tests quickly, and then we'll get started right here to show you really quickly what's going to happen here and you will really see these babies burst, so I start the test ok and I have a 35 megabit connection, that's my base connection speed that I have as the capspeed and then I have about a seven or eight megabit upload speed that's just, you know, speed i got my house i was like two of us for god's sake and you know it will basically use anything so if i go here we will Don't you see that I'm actually using every single one of my network connections and it's just ridiculously fast as you can see here. This was the thought that we had 35 megabits down and then seven point eight three on a 15 m / s pin, which means that this is the latency that was their ping time to the server but how on the network itself you can see i got a great use of it i literally used every single bit of bandwidth i could pull, but notice here how the different color codes came in here now, most of it came via my intel thing is great because I really want to use more of my intel that is mine? fastest connection i have so now it just does one other thing you can do with it is you can actually walk in and just wait in case you know you know you know You a minute Dave just take a look at some of these settings here so you can actually choose the method that has a grits traffic that you can use, and it gives you an example Gentoo It gives you another one that you can and one more example, a round robin, and then you can also know reliability metrics latency metrics that you can move on to measurement now Measurement is really cool and this really is for you road warriors out there. So when you connect through your phone let's say you only have a 4 gigabyte cap that you can actually set up so that yes, when you're on the go you just have to and you have to see it one couple of wi-fi connections out there, we have a LAN and a wi-fi running from your laptop, but you're limited to data that you can actually set up and say, ok, you can just use the amount of x and after that you have to stop because that will tell you hey you are getting closer to your cap that incredibly cooldas was part of the kickstarter program that was what they called you know that was metering and that they put in guys, well, anything they said they would, they did great if you want to override the primary DNS server on your system that automatically knows Open DNS and GoogleDNS, probably the two most popular, this is the other thing I do Wanted to show you how applications j Now vaping when I ran it earlier this week there seemed to be a little problem with it.

cmd.exe no disk

I think Steam likes this point, especially during the login cycle, so I was ok so I went in and actually took one of my curtsies and I said ok, keep walking now, if you scroll down a bit here iTunes has turned up too not behaving very well I know by the way Outlook doesn't like it at all, you set it up on a pretty normal setup, but on iTunes I said you know what the other good is for you to notice up here I think about 2 5 7 9 V after but down here I am thinking about 2 5 7 4 L so I can actually balance the traffic when iTunes comes up you use that nick and then when steam comes up you use that nick and then when X you know Outlook shows up, use that tag and then of course you know everyone has a VPN connection. They know who is running an MBP VPN connection these days so I scroll down here and then this is my VPN connection and I said ok you I could use that particular connection I could even set up to use a wireless connection . I could actually walk in here and say, ok, check on you when you connect.

Use this wireless connection that you are going to be using so these are the types of settings and this is the type of software these guys put out that they don't confuse them no doubt it is constantly updated I have other dates this morning on this thing, that's why I'm doing this article, so you need to know if you have a bunch of network connections on your system, use them, don't leave them sitting there, if you pay for your network, use the networks so i just wanted you one give a brief overview of this software it's one of my favorite software that came out last year i'm just so happy with these people i mean everything they said they would do it i haven't got my t-shirt yet, although i still do working on them with them, but the bottom line is this is one of the best pieces of software that came out last year for about $ 70 or so, it i st just not even like that is something to have so watch this article again if you want to visit these guys over at Connect to find me and they just do it they just do it and they do it in one like me have in very few startup companies i would love these guys so have fun trying this software i think you will be overwhelmed, okay, okay folks, watch out

Is MyPublicWiFi safe?

MyPublicWiFi.exe is able to record keyboard and mouse inputs and connect to the Internet. Therefore the technical security rating is 16% dangerous.

So I decided to make a article about how to improve your network security when connecting to a public Wi-Fi network, the reason why public Wi-Fi security is an issue is because this has to be public in some way, meaning anyone can access it somehow, badpeople can access it, so today I'm going to be sharing my setup with you.

I wish I think it was pretty safe and the setup is for people who are a bit into technology and willing to do more research on the components and software I mentioned in the article and for people who are really care about their security and being a bit paranoid, ok Alissa let me show you so the first component it says, the gateway that connects to the free public wi-fi interface is a tiny little box called create apoint, so did you do that? It has a unique operating system The operator's operating system that is used for mobile routers like this one usually your Hardon It has a firewall and other low-level network filters and custom izingfeatures It's basically a router that top it off with free Wi-Fi and then filter the traffic you know, filter the traffic and send the traffic in this ethernet interface to the second components.This is an interface outside the router you use to give you the network name of the IDE theRSSI the mode of the network authenticator and authentication mode Channel from the network basically query all available networks for you and here I create an entry for the router to which it should connect, to which my home network is currently connected, free Wi-Fi will show you the status of the connection here, so am I currently connected to it this is the interface of the second component ducks now named untangle i run this operating system on a virtual machine, to run untangle you just have to go to and tango calmly and download the free version or if you want to pay you can pay for the commercial version which is really is expensive, these virtual machines will once again delete all packets that are sent by the router, this is exactly where some functions such as web filters, virus blockers, spyware blockers, application controls and another level of the firewall and the prevention of network attacks on the main machine are called, i.e. via the separation of the network interface all traffic sent from this box will be received by this USB network interface from Cisco this is the import for the virtual machine and this is the output of the virtual machine and only the virtual machine can control this USB network interfacecontrol is completely from the network interface e separate that the laptop has, the laptop has an ethernet port right here, and the wi-fi there are no packets connected between the virtual machine and the laptop so i am basically trying to try as much as possible to separate the tasks and network traffic from the virtual machine and the host operating system just in case you know the virtual machine or operating system has been hacked, so again, untangle is a very, very good kind of firewall and operating system Intrusion prevention software operating system that you can use.

To run untangle on the virtual machine, I use VMware as the software to host the virtual machine and basically just create a new virtual machine with VMware and load and tango into it and make the USB ethernet interfaces available only to that machine from either the Hotel or Starbucks or McDonald, this one has some advanced routing functions It's basically a router with a firewall It's a filter scrubbing You can set some basic rules on this box and the traffic then goes to a separate interface for a virtual machine, on which the virtual machines run another set of security functions that further clean up the packets, give the intern in network traffic and only then after that you can use the traffic in the main main box in here for us to take advantage of all the traffic in and out , monitored by the virtual machine and the box and put in locks box has been hacked here, used to the virtual machine filtering out the traffic and notifying you, and even if the virtual machine has been hacked you can still open the firewall and Security functions of your operating system use security

Why is mypublicwifi not working on my laptop?

Step 1: Boot the computer in Safe mode with networking and check if the issue persists. Follow these steps to start the computer in safe mode. a) Press the ‘Windows + C’ key on the keyboard. b) Click on settings, change pc settings and then general. c) Scroll down to advanced startup, click restart now.

What do you need to know about mypublicwifi software?

MyPublicWiFi: Turn your computer into a WiFi Access Point or individual Hotspot with Firewall, URL Tracking, Adblocker and Bandwidth Manager. MyPublicWiFi is an easy-to-use software that turns your laptop/tablet/PC into a Wi-Fi wireless access point or individual Hotspot. Anyone nearby can surf the Internet through your sharing.

What can I do with my mypublicwifi firewall?

The MyPblicWiFi-Firewall can be used to restrict user access to specific servers. You can also prevent the use of certain Internet services (e.g. file sharing programs) or block the use of social media networks (e.g. Facebook). MyPublicWiFi turn your PC into an Adblock Router.

How do I set up mypublicwifi on my laptop?

Guidelines set MyPublicWiFi Step 1 : Open the folder containing the installation file is saved as MyPublicWiFi mypublicwifi.exe name. Step 2 : Select the language used on the utility later. After selection is complete -> OK to come to the next step. Step 3 : Click Next .

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