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My msn watchlist - innovative solutions

What happened to MSN watchlist?

All those years of inputing data into the MSN portfolio and now it's gone forever. With EquityStat you can easily export your investment data to your computer for safe backup.

5 Cool Free Investing Apps - With David Moadelhey Everyone, And Welcome To Markets With David Modell I am not promoting any of my own stuff in this article.

I just want to show you five cool free apps that you can use if you can't guarantee that any of these apps will be profitable for you, so you will have to make your own decisions as to whether to use them and have lots of them not only a free option but also a paid premium option if you want more features okay but you have to do your own due diligence always do your own research don't just rely on an app to make decisions for you okay please but they are all free they all have free versions that i thought you'd want to check out the first one is called my stock portfolio and widget is on google app store and i will tell you what i am going to do in the description Below this article include links to all of these five apps so you can just click them or you could a Always go to Google and type Si e my stock portfolio widget and widget app or whatever the names of those five are going to be and it will likely show up in google too, so I'll start with this one and it's great for making a portfolio people use YahooFinance to Putting your portfolio together, that's cool I use it because it's free and it's good, but this one looks a bit fancier as you can see, so it has widgets for summarizing the portfolios. It has a little news aggregator like yahoo finance not so different and that looks pretty good i have to admit details stock quotes charts newsfeed realtime quotes unlimited portfolios pretty coolyeah support for multiple stock portfolios that's pretty good i like that and full screen charts different types of charts detailed information p / e Ratio profit per share volume etc. not so bad I like it so and there on Google in the Google app Store, you can see the reviews s ee what others think some people like it some might not you always want to research before you download something for sure so this is the first the next is called je stock JC org the website shows a little screenshot here and what i like about this one is that you can again put together portfolios to track or watch but this one supports 28 different world exchanges which is pretty impressive and there are chart notifications cloud storage currency exchanges and so on and so on and so on next let's go to the home page and see what they have here another screenshot here J stock makes it easy to keep track of your stock investment offers well organized stock market information to help you decide your best investment strategy pretty neatly and it's free it says right there for free and open source so you can check it out if you like hten a Thirdone Alpha Investing and I've featured this one before, but I like it a lot, it's free no fee or I don't know if it's free but at least no fee no paid social stock investing app, it's one by the way LFA, an OFA - investing.comi will include the link in the description below this article.

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You can follow and learn from the investment legends and build your own following that you can emulate if you want to have some great investors and follow their trades and you know the idea is not necessarily just about other people's trades in person to follow I don't follow anyone blindly you have to make your own decisions always do your own research but this is a great way to get ideas great investors, pretty cool, it's available on the app store or you can download it from here on the website, so check to see if there is MSN Money from Microsoft stock quotes and news next and this will probably remind you that you know the microsoft websites MSN website is pretty similar looks very similar, it has CNBC here . So if you are looking for the news just to get it through an app quickly and easily, there are the charts you can put together a watchlist finance simplified it has data watchlist latest news thats good for the news i would say news and only a few basic charts here, but you can also have your watchlist here, although the ones I mentioned earlier, the other apps might have more robust charts and things like that right and look at the reviews some people like it some people aren't always a good idea to look at people's reviews to help you learn more about why not and then stop quoting that's a simple name and that's on the google app store google play store links in the description below this article if you want to check out its stock price and I like all of the different features these screenshots have, they are pretty easy to do Do the work let's check out some more of this and the news right there and it looks like some simple charts pretty cool i like it and again it's free it contains it contains advertisements ok i understand they have to monetize stock prices of many different ones Locations around the world Technical charts with your MACD RSI etc. Index funds ETFs etc.

Make your own decisions these are five apps that you are welcome to take a look at. Links are in the description under this article if you like it if you liked it if you like me cool bring things with you then give it a like give him a thumbs up leave me a comment there all the apps you like and subscribe to my YouTube channel. If you haven't already, why not do this right now and hit the notification bell on YouTube so that YouTube can notify you when I post helpful articles like this one, not going to promote my own stuff, only put out some stuff that might be useful to you Hey thank you very much I really appreciate it I'll talk to you again soon

How do I create a portfolio for MSN?

How do I create a new portfolio?
  1. Select the Portfolio menu.
  2. Select the "New" option.
  3. Enter a name for the new portfolio and confirm the base currency of the portfolio.
  4. Select "OK" option to create a new portfolio.

How do I get on the Stock Market Watch List?

You can build an effective watchlist in three steps. First, collect a handful of leadership or liquidity components in each major sector. Second, add scanned listings of stocks that meet general technical criteria matching your market approach. Third, rescan the list nightly.

I will walk you through my pre-market watchlist step by step, warning you every single warning and the five steps that there are no Lambos getting rich quick here and there are no day trading secrets that will cost you $ 5,000 become.

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I know you must be really disappointed by now I guess I really need to give you knowledge, both valuable day trading information, if you are a longtime viewer of this channel you know that I am always preaching that you plan your trades and your plan Trading I found that while the most important aspect of trading is focus, it is far too easy to get distracted by chat room notifications, what people are saying or holding onto on Twitter, or even an intraday notification from your own momentum scanners and unfortunately this is the main reason most novice traders will blow their accounts slowly bleeding it out with little paper cuttings I say this because I understand that I did just that today myself about two hours before the market opened was made to prepare for my pre-market watchlist, but don't worry, this article won't last two hours Following this planning process summarized in five easy steps Notice that I said easier but not easy trading is never easy, but you can increase your success rates significantly by having a plan and all it costs you is a simple tap on the Like button, so the first step in creating a watchlist is to scan for cappers. Pre-Market Gap Rates Our stocks capped up or down by a dramatic percentage overnight. Technically, this could be due to earnings news, clinical trials, or other deals and agreements, and the reason it is so important to look for cappers is because there will likely be an instant response to the stock in the first two hours, and that is Traders are looking for exactly what we are looking for, we are looking for momentum volume and volatility.I have already made a article showing you my settings, how to use the Moversmod to look for a small cubicle.As well as Ben Zynga, I also have trading ideas for the same Purposes Used Sometimes, both scanners give me a list of similar results, but I leave you alone to using both scanners specifically in the next few steps is a great resource for people trading mid-cab and large-cap stocks is a web-based service that gives you live market commentary and analysis.This tool was extremely helpful during the summer months when the Sm allcap penny stocks are pretty slow but the low floats have been really hot lately I haven't used briefing that much The fourth resource I used to look for gaperrn is with my execution platform, the trader who Provides you with a list of all pre-market winners every morning.

They call this the top list This feature comes with a platform subscription now the fifth way to scan after These scammers can finally be used for free but personally I don't use this feature anymore which is the thinnest korswimpre market scanner this tool is not so ideal as the scanner takes a long time to refresh and isn't as fast as all of the other tools I mentioned before. So I missed all sorts of pre-market movers because the scanner was delayed, but I mean it's free 'Finally, it's a great way for beginners to get started. I'll go over again how to say that I think the scanner will now create a swimming tutorial article.

It doesn't matter how you find your Cappers, either with the five resources mentioned earlier, or you got it through a subscription email or chat room service, more importantly, do your own research on the news catalyst, which is the second step in creating an apr-market watchlist, as not all Gabor's are created equal. Some headlines were generally more hype and follow-through while others are just blatant pumps, but the key is knowing that there is an actual published headline and reliable sources like BenZynga Yahoo Finance or Fenves and why are published news headline this way important if you remember those penny stocks over the past few years I smashed the like button as always, these articles take me 10 to 12 hours to do. This is the time I could have spent driving my lambochilling on the beach and making millions on the bathroom.

So if you don't mind taking an extra second to tap the Like button then I really appreciate you, my friends, and the reason why those stocks I just mentioned were discounted is because the NASDAQ stock exchange needs more information from these companies, usually after those penny stocks with low free float move 300% 500% or sometimes even a thousand percent with no valid news. These Nasdaq t12 holds are designed to protect investors from that these companies may violate US securities laws. Whether it is true or not, we are not going to get into it today and that is why it is so important to know that there is a published headline that if you are sucking some tea to receive your funds it could be weeks, days or even months tied up .

This is not the same as a volatility that usually takes less than 10 minutes and imagine if you took advantage of the margin buying power I have a friend who insured elves around $ 24 before the stop and he had to get in Continue to transfer money to the broker for the next few weeks because he had too little money and yes, although? If you want to know more about all of these different Nasdaq trading holds I leave a link so you can read more below The importance of news doesn't mean you should just blindly buy every singlegapper with news and make money quick and easy, if you follow chat room alerts to buy high prices he day breaks out of every single stock that's a headline. Well, I have some breaking news for you. You see why I did that.

You could get dumped if you don't parse the news, so I used three of the tools I mentioned earlier for news research, the movie is perfectly fine to start with, but I'm dumping Zynga because they are lightning fast with their messages and give me the most complete information about the above average treatment volume without delay and next we have a briefing which is my news source for mint caps and large capstocks where I can check the stock gains, downgrades and other major news sources, briefly so that I can save as much time, just like Ben Zynga. Now that we have gathered all the headlines we need to analyze them in general and categorize all PR into three different categories, now the real meaning of each headline will obviously be different for each particular stock and of course whether the stock is a Smoke-A- Pennystock stock or a mid-cap and large-cap stock that is a real company will also be a factor, the first category is positive catalyst that could be potential deals, good profits, positive drug studies, or potential buyouts global trade news favoring a certain sector, for example RL was a gapre market due to news of a potential merger agreement. The conversion price would be four dollars and seventy-two cents per common share, which is important when trading news of merger agreements.

Yes, the catalyst is above average positive for the company, but unless you know the potential transaction price and whether that price is significantly higher than the previous day's closing price of the stock that the merger news won't move the second category will obviously be a negative catalyst This could be a fallout from a global economic downturn, with the stock making an offer that we are to be listed by the Nasdaq, which we have seen many times Cently with a pennystocks for example SLD is a small Capbiotech drug company, that has put one of its drugs on hold by the FDA. The stock traded down overnight on Nov. 12 and continued to sell for the remainder of the trading day as the news was extremely pessimistic for the stock and for this biotech that relies on drugs to be approved for sale for revenue The third category of messages is now fluff messages that are actually disguised as positive.

This is extremely important to realize when trading small stocks as many of these companies really use upbeat and positive language in their PR to drive stock prices up so there are a few keywords you can use to help realizing that this PR might just be fluffy, and this is a general guide of course, just every stock will be different possible deal engagement optimistic outlook in the talks and potential partnership everything else These meanings in the gray areas suggest that something could happen, but neither can it be like you're buying a DVD that promises you might make a million dollars, but you might only have to lose a hundred thousand dollars to get there, technically Don't lie because your potential is only as big as your dreams exactly how technically it could begin If it's raining Lamborghin tomorrow theoretically it's possible sometimes these messages are even a few days to a few weeks old and they just recycled it and repackaged it as brand new, like my favorite pumpucks C a and F here theoretically means in A perfect positive world catalyst that the stock should rise to the right and vice versa, if the catalyst is negative, it means the stock should fall, but unfortunately nothing is 100% guaranteed in day trading, the entire gapstock Gabor's with news is not always the most obvious upward direction or below, we also need to look at a stock's key stats, whether the stock was recently a reverse split, how it technically ranks on a daily chart, using past screen time and experience to make informed plans, and that is the importance of the next three steps in part two of how to be a pre-market ers tellt See this article will summarize all five steps I know it sounds hard and I know it doesn't sound like you can make a million dollars in six months Creating a trading plan can be made simple in a few steps but never easy, but if it's too hard and too much work then chat room notifications may be easier Watchlist let me know in the comments below and don't forget to always destroy the Likebutton, thanks for watching as always and we'll see you next week

What is MSN Money?

MSN Money Central is an online hub for personal finance and investing information. Powered by the Microsoft Network, MSN Money Central joins Yahoo Finance and Google Finance as one of the premier personal finance portals on the web.

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- In this article today we are going to talk about five high paying jobs that don't require formal college education.

I know a lot of people out there insist on going to college and getting a degree, but for those of you say you what, maybe i don't want to go into debt and take out student loans, which are some good options for jobs that one could get with just a high school diploma? That's what we're going to talk about in This Video, The Five Best Jobs You Can Get, and at the end we're going to add seven more jobs if you're looking for more ideas. Now you will find that a lot of people choose to work at and fast food restaurants or they work in retail and I honestly want to advise against that because it will be a very low paying job for you. And it could take a bit longer to find a better paying job than maybe a $ 10 an hour job at a fast food diner restaurant, but you know if you do your due diligence and research and really sp really finish some time off Looking for quality jobs, it is possible to find a really good job with just a high school diploma.

It will take longer to actually get you the job, but it will be worth it if you are able to make significantly more money, so at all costs I would say avoid either fast food or retail to work. So number one on the list is a postman. Her salary is about $ 51,000, and that was in 2011, so this job probably pays more than that.But if you want to work for the postal service, you don't really need a formal college education.

Since this is a public service job, you must take this public service exam to actually be eligible for the job, but there are plenty of postmen out there making over $ 50,000 a year. Many of them have no formal college education. One thing that you might want to be aware of is jobs like this, usually those that have some type of job in higher education, well l these people will take precedence over those who don't.

So keep in mind that if someone with a college degree applies for this job, they will likely get it just because they have skills beyond what you do for the service. Okay, number two on the list here works as a correctional officer. Now this isn't going to be a glamorous job at all.

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You will have to be very thick skin to do this job, but it is an integral part of our civilized life today and a correctional officer is essentially responsible for the prisons and the people in them. So yeah, it's going to be a dangerous, confrontational job, but the bottom line is it pays pretty well. Civil servant made about $ 43,500, so definitely not a bad job for that salary.

But again, this is not a job that is for everyone. Now in the United States there are both private and public prisons public sector job, again you will have I imagine having to take this civil servant exam, but if you want to work for a private prison it may not Priority if they are hired and they will likely start with a higher salary and position in this prison. Okay, number three on the list is a very important job again.

It's a very important part of our civilized lives today, and that is working as a transport safety officer. So if you go to the airport and have your bag scanned and your boarding pass checked, check out a transport security officer and these jobs actually pay off surprisingly well. So the average transportation security officer or TSA employee makes about $ 40,000 and that was in 2016, so it's probably something like this today.

But as for jobs that don't require college education, this isn't a bad job at all. And you are also doing something that is very important and helps protect the safety of people's lives. So it's a very important job and a lot of people would be really proud to do such a job.

Well, number four isn't really a job in itself, but it's more or less an opportunity to make money for people who are more entrepreneurial. Let's say you don't have a college education but you want to make decent money, you don't want to be a fast food worker digital marketing agency. Basically, you would be helping small businesses with Facebook advertising and their social media presence.

Of course, you need some skills that go beyond a high school education, much for free online. There are courses online that teach you digital marketing and so it's a really interesting opportunity, especially for young people, and I personally know several people who have digital marketing agencies making over $ 100,000 a year on average, though If you take a customer, you look at around $ 1,000 a month. So you only need a handful of clients and you will make a significant amount of money from your marketing agency.

Now if you are interested in learning something? More on that, I did an interview with Kevin David. That's exactly what he does, he shows people how to set up their own digital marketing agencies. So I'll link this article in the description below if you want more information on that.

And then fifth and finally on our list here we have an air traffic controller. This is one of the highest paying jobs with a salary of around $ 122,000. Although this job does not require any formal college education, you must complete the FAA's Air Traffic Collegiate Training Initiative Program.

So you have to go through formal school, but it's not a college degree. And it will prepare you specifically for that job. Now one of the most stressful jobs you can have is an air traffic controller, so personally I wouldn't recommend this as a first choice if all you want to do is make a lot of money.

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But if you're interested in this work it pays over $ 120,000 a year on average, but anyway folks, that's where this article ends. That's five high-paying jobs that don't require a college degree. If you're looking for more ideas, I actually have a companion article on my blog that is 12 different ways to make good money without a college education.

So if you're basically looking for seven more ideas, you'll find the link to this blog article in the description below. But thank you for watching. I hope you guys enjoyed this article.

When you've done it, leave a like and subscribe and I'll see you in the next

How does my watchlist work on MSN Money?

The new MSN Money 'My Watchlist' provides a rich, seamless and intuitive way to track your securities. With this new upgrade you can: Keep track of all your favorite stocks in one place. Monitor your portfolio holdings and performance.

Is there a way to import the old MSN watch list?

I cannot find any place the old Watch List and a way to import it again. Please give clear instructions and easy to follow. One more thing. Why MSN make those changes, I do not know who told them it was an improvement, it is not in any way you look at it; news, money, etc. The old MSN was a lot better. Was this reply helpful?

Is there a way to save my watchlist?

I am using Money for windows 10 and can see no way to save a watchlist. This came with the OS and is free. When I close app all watchlist stocks go away and must start over. Of course this has no value if cant be saved. I have worked with 3 tech chats and 3 hours and no answer (new user login etc.).

What do you need to know about my watchlist?

Learn more about the new features in MyWatchlist by clicking here: My Watchlist: FAQ You may have recently imported data from the Classic MSN or my.msn.com pages to the new MSN.com Money Watchlist/Portfolio and may not have received all of your Watchlist/Portfolio data.

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