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Multiple iexplore.exe processes - how to address

Why are there multiple Internet Explorer processes running?

If you have multiple IE processes open, and no IE windows open - then you've most likely got an infection that's 'phoning home'. I'd suggest that you ensure that any sensitive data on the machine is protected. The easiest way to do this is to unplug the computer from the internet, then remove all your personal info.

Okay folks, welcome to this Windows Resource Monitor tutorial, so Windows Resource Monitor is a very cool utility. It's built into your Windows operating system. You don't have to install any third party applications to access it, and what it can do is really very robust now, if you folks out there have been using this for a while and you may be familiar with other utilities like Process Explorer.

Obviously they are a lot more awesome than this built-in Windows Resource Monitor, but I have to say that I've personally used the Windows Resource Monitor in my work for quite some time, it's been almost that year and I find it pretty helpful most of the time, so there is a lot rarely times when I have to deal with more complexities of the ProcessExplorer, although it is more robust and has much larger and more comprehensive functions, but most of the time my work is done with the resource monitor. Let's take a look at this application now to see the Start Resource Monitor Right click on your taskbar and say Start Task Manager Now Here in the 'Inperformance' tab you have this Resource Monitor option, this is how the Resource Monitor utility looks like OK Displays the entire list of current processes that are currently running on your system is the disk activity that is de What processes are currently taking place on your system, which processes are using which part of the hard drive, the input outputs they are making, what rights they are making the hard drive out of, and so on, if you ever get the feeling that it feels pretty slow take up most of your hard drive. The same goes for network activities which processes use how much network bandwidth or even in general network if you are copying large data or are on a network where your friend regularly needs to possibly use your local network to move large files from one system to another copy and so onand then the memory module so if your ram is pretty used up so here when i see my memory is being used i have four gb ram and currently it uses 2.1 four gb ram and i know which applications how much ram are using so am i using the camera? Recorder uses 151 and something and Chrome is 270 in something that's kilobytes so I have the separation like that and this is the overview map where I have all the information I want in front of me, it's more like a dashboard now, now Is the monitoring running like this? Monitoring is active on my system, if I want to stop this I can go to Monitoring and say Stop monitoring so that the monitoring of the processes is stopped from now on, what has been monitored so far is here in front of you and when you want to start monitoring again just go to monitor and say start monitoring and this will start monitoring all processes again.

Autofit columns so all columns are no longer showing but when I close and open it they may not be out. So if you don't want to automatically adjust all the columns one by one, you have to monitor the columns in the window automatically adjust and they will no longer be there so that you can see all the text clearly for those applications where too much text is involved , there will be some places where some testing will be completed, it will be shortened somehow as you can see here under the files column and that is pretty obvious if you go on trying to view this it will be a big part of your screen almost your entire screen uses just one column and that's not what we want, okay so that was the overview tab that listed all kinds of activity in one place now let's go to cpu oh i'm sorry that is my phone that just silences me. If you go to the CPU tab here, you will have all the currently running processes and their average CPU usage of the threads that are active for each individual process and the level of C PU that they are using under the 'Services' option displays the list of currently active services running on your computer so that obviously those services can go to something like servicesdot MSC and see all the services that have completed on your system, those that are supposed to start automatically and those that are not .

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So if it doesn't show up it means that these services are not running so obviously that those services that are currently running are from the same list I just showed you and in the Run menu we just type services whatimma say ok one, so um, now every tab is obviously showing you the graphics listed like this this graphic for each tab has 3 different views which are large, medium and small, if you have medium then shorten it a little small even smaller I think it's big myself, because that's very helpful to me, apart from uh, you can of course select details r-process So if I want to select a specific process, I can now select it so that measurement services that are related to this specific process are displayed . I don't have any services with this particular process. Therefore nothing is displayed here when I select a certain process, all linked handles the DLLs and all that and the associated modules.

The files that have no link to this particular process are also displayed in this particular list, e.g. B.

I want to see the Cam-Recorder, if I just select this it will show me all the handles linked to Cam-Recorder-Dotex that you can see over here the files in the directories in the registry keys etc. You can too Cam Recorder Dot exe see the assigned modules for this particular process, so here are all these modules that are currently linked, the DLL files appear, the versions for each and each module is displayed here again.You can of course select a particular process and all associated handles and the associat ed modules with that particular process not only that, when you select a particular process it turns orange and that particular orange line is shown here in the graphs as you can see here if imake make it even bigger, ok as you can see here the cam is now recorded consistently at exe if i use so much of the cpu, the green is the rest of the pro process, the orange is what Cam Regattadot exe is using if I change this to say something like Chrome At the moment, that's why it doesn't show anything here, it's zero if you want to look for something else, the system is using the CPU so you can see a little orange line here that shows the CPU usage only for the system process and all related modules with the system process these are mainly the drivers and all the configuration files that you have configured on your systems pretty much it about the CPU -Tab under the 'Storage' tab Note one more thing when you select a certain process under one tab, it is automatically selected under other tabs as well.

So when I've selected System under CPU tab, that process will customize under the 'Memory' tab and a 'Hard Disk' tab as well as selected under 'Network' so say you want to monitor only one specific process for example just select it select this process under one of the tabs and when that process appears on the other tabs it will always be selected there so you don't have to worry about selecting them or memorizing the processes that are selected in the one tab and manual reselection on the different tabs is something it takes care of automatically so let me remove the check mark and let Chrome check soChrome now i have chromeprocess selected and the cpu tab is using 0.35% of my cpu c right now it can you can see small peaks here, now under memory tab, so much memory is used that it shows a com complete ige separation of different types of storage that are currently in use. If that was a significant amount of memory, it would have shown up here as well.

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This process is always linked to the process ID, which is PID. So if you want to end that particular process or the entire process tree, you can always right click on it and go to the end of the process tree and you can even pause the process if you want or and then you can continue at a later time. If I want to pause the process, I just click on pause the process once I've paused the process, if that's the case it is resumable under the right click menu, it is highlighted that it removes the link to resume the process.

Then I can click continue to continue this particular process so that it is the 'Storage' tab. Now let's take a look at the Sonotice of the hard drive tab that I selected Chrome, since Chrome doesn't have any disk related activities like reading or writing to the hard drive, it doesn't show up here at all, even though it shows that a process is selected, but because that because process is not here on this particular list, it doesn't appear in the first place so just let me select the system for the sake of simplicity. Now you can see that most of this read and write activity on the hard drive is done by the system, and so the orange lines here completely line up with the green spikes and drops, which is why this is happening.

So if I choose the other system process where it doesn't use much of the system resources, okay because it's essentially no, it doesn't even appear on the graph The point I want to say here is that if you have one make certain selections for the process, this is reflected under the Diss activity under the memory under the CPU and under the Network tab that we are looking at graphsit turns orange so you can compare the activity for that particular process to the rest of the system and under the network tab you actually have a lot bigger thing that you might want to check, so under the network tab it not only shows you everything related to network activity but also shows you the live connections, which currently exist. My first antivirus is currently connecting to this particular address, maybe because it is trying to check for any definition updates or any program updates that are constantly running in the background so that it again appears to me that something my background resources is using my background network bandwidth consistently with it I want to end this particular process, I can do so by right-clicking this particular process here and saying in process 3 The same goes for Chrome, then there are times when you have multiple tabs in Chrome or Firefox or Have Internet Explorer open or any browser you use. If you want to see what specific websites they are currently talking about, who they are currently leasing to, you can see this from here, IP addresses of those websites now these look more like google websites, this could be the background update check and so on or I have Gmail and Google Drive open.

Interestingly you can also see the local connection connection to the router dotesos dot-com to ensure my connectivity my LAN cable connectivity that I have with this particular router is it, I think this is the loopback because the first pc of the Hostname for my current computer that I am using and so on you may have and this is very useful especially if you are working in a domain that requires you to monitor the resources that are currently active and running on your system. Now let's take a look at the TCP connection list under TCP Connections. Not only does it show you the address the connection is going through, it also shows you the connection on each instance of this particular process, where a connection is being made to, and what IP address is connecting 5-3 is mine local address is the local address of my system where I am currently using and remote address is the one that this particular instance of chrome connects to and this is the port number they are using so if i wanted to check what that particular thing is, I can just do something like IP trace and track that particular IP and see what Chrome is connecting to so I have the port number and remote port number and maybe see it on Firefox I said seventy-four point one two five seems more like Google IP let's take another look at it I'm only going to do IP trace so let me go to the IP tracker dog, whatever comes first, now kan You see, because I opened Firefox, there are so many processes listed by Firefox and Firefox are making connections to so many IP addresses consistently on port 80 and port 443, etc. a 74 point is one two five sixty sixty eight one eight nine okay so will i do 70 4.12 5.68 point one eight nine and say let's trace trace ip with ip tracer and you can see that this is owned by google, that is, speed is google, it's located in mountain view, california and that's pretty very much that Chrome makes its background connections with its own server Google maybe to check the updates, maybe to sync because I logged into Chrome with my Google Gmail ID and so on The process uses how much resources are used , so I just select it in Firefox because this is most of the network activity right now and you can see the orange lines here, the TCP connection ungen and the entire network activity appear, so the measured value is between 0 and 100 kPa.

So if you have a large network load say that goes in MVP is something that will be 0 to the maximum that your system is back in use at that particular point now. As I said, you have a much more detailed coverage of all of these things, all of these Features in a third party utility, ok not third party, it's now owned by microsoftanyways called process explorer either useless, it's helpful and it helped me a lot, showed you how to do it. If you ever want to use the Resource Monitor you can watch this article, a little tutorial and then use it so that it was pretty much mine end guys for that particular article thank you for watching thank you for liking this article and thank you share if you liked it let me know your comments in the suggestions and recommendations in the comments below if you have something to share with me or want to have some specific article on a good subject cover me- cover me on me can try this from my end and don't forget to subscribe and like this particular article don't forget to subscribe to my channel thanks a lot for watching and keep up the good work

How do I stop iexplore exe from running?

Stop Explorer.exe Through Task Manager
  1. Press 'Ctrl-Alt-Del.'
  2. Click 'Start Task Manager.'
  3. Click the 'Processes' tab.
  4. Right-click the 'explorer.exe' entry. ...
  5. Click the Windows 'Start' button.
  6. Press and hold the 'Ctrl' and 'Shift' keys. ...
  7. Click 'Exit Explorer' to stop explorer.exe from running.
  8. Press the 'Ctrl-Alt-Del.'

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Is iexplore exe a virus?

Iexplore.exe is the executable of the web browser 'Internet explorer' from Microsoft. Its not a virus neither a trojan but some malwares or spywares would try to imitate your files so be sure to check that. please try closing all the iexplore.exe through the task manager.

What is Iexplore Exe in Task Manager?

'iexplore.exe' is the main executable of the Internet Explorer browser from Mircosoft. It is considered a part of the Windows operating system. Check the security settings for this program to minimize the risk when you are surfing.

Hello everyone Mike on the web and in this module I'm going to show you how to identify processes that call high CPU usage spikes and windows, and what tool to use to identify those processes right now Windows has a task manager and everyone is familiar with task manager, but there are some flaws with task manager and one of them is if your computer is stuck with your codes, there is some process or something that is causing heavy usage. Sometimes it takes a while to open the task manager and when you finally open the task manager, what good happens, the processor is done and you have no idea what is going on and all that is left for you is if you go to the performance tab here you stick with this one and you have no idea which process it was you can't identify it now you can't go back here to the process tab and sort the cpu column by the highest to lowest load, but you can't be sure if this process here caused the camcorder that caused it the tool for that, so let's get rid of the task manager here, minimize it and go to google, type down system tunnel and hit google search and what we're looking for here is windows system kernels on microsoft TechNet site so just click on that and you may know this tool t ool has become very well known over the years for being a wonderful tool to fix any high CPU usage, and it can do a lot more, but in this module we're just going to look at how it can help you identify these processes. So click on the process Utilities in the left pane here and scroll down to click to Process Explorer, just click on it and once the Process Explorer home page pops up now scroll right and add annoyingly, If you are downloading this at the time of this recording, Process Explorer version 11.10, so let's just scroll to the right and look for the download area here and just click on Download Process Explorer and just save it to your desktop so it is once on yours Saving Desktop Unzip and pull out Process Explorer and add the best of Process Explorer.

No installation. It is a stand-alone application; H. You just click on that executable and it will run and when it runs it will look like this so you can see it right from the Task Manager that we saw here to handle explorer it runs a lot better so is one the things I like about when you minimize it to the tablet and what you have to do is go into the options here and make sure this is enabled.

See, it's Task Manager right here, and here is the process -Explorer and note the difference here it is already showing me the process and the percentage of load it is using, when i go to task manager it doesn't tell me all it does is just tell me how high the cpu usage is up so menothing is offering goodbye now as i said here which is great because one of the things hereby leaves a bit more usage here with firefox so if we scroll down here and can hopefully show you that we're hopping around here, tipping Firefox around the CPU and that's why it's pausing, so let's do that again yeah, let's go, so let's make it, if I scroll around here you can see how Firefox that closes close If I bounce around some more, let that pass and hover over it, see how it changes, so this is a wonderful tool right where your trophy percent of your troubleshooting gets in that little tiny graphic carried out. Here you can see what is going on now. Why this matters is that you know a lot of times when processes are going down and the usage is one hundred percent you try to go to task manager See what the hell is going on it doesn't come, but you don't need it because all you have to do is hover your mouse over it wait for the show's tooltip and it will tell you exactly what the process is calling now once you get control back, if you just click on the window here the process explorer will now open if you i'm sorry if you right click on it but you can't get a better tool here or a better system of yours.

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So when you click System Information it will show you what you know about Task Manager here, but it makes a lot more see the grass the CPU usage graph, just remember if at this point it pulls me in. Now guess what's going on now because hovering your mouse over each spike it will show me the exact process that is calling the usual load on Firefox now you need to do some troubleshooting that you might want to stop the graph like this like you stopped the graph or pause the graph just hit the space bar and that will put in Paul's mode as you can see there, it's in Paulsminify that I hit it again on, it's not in pulse mode anymore, so let me put it back into Paul's mode so I can show you a bit more hair now, if you scroll or hover over it you can now find out what the price is for you

How to stop multiple iexplore.exe processes starting?

The extra IE processes aren't hogging CPU time. If IE is actually being a resource hog on your computer, check browser add-ons. from Start> Run (or Windows logo key + r) type in iexplore.exe -extoff (iexplore.exe<space>-extoff) then hit Enter. If the problem goes away, an add-on is causing it.

How many instances of iexplorer.exe are there?

Unless you are talking about Internet Explorer (which is iexplorer.exe) in which case one instance is opened per tab you have open, plus an instance for the UI Shell. I'm talking about explorer.exe, not iexplorer. I find that no more explorer.exe processes come into existence when I start one or more File explorers.

Where is the iexplore.exe file on Windows 7?

Your iexplore.exe files are located at: You can create a shortcut to either of those for the desktop or Start Menu. Normally, with IE11 on Windows 7, the Start Menu shortcut will be for the 64-bit version of IE11. Go to Internet Options> Advanced and check 'Enable Enhanced Protected Mode.'

Is there a way to run multiple Explorer?

There are 2 options to run multiple explorer, one can be done only via reg, maybe enabled by some software? I see second , when I open Control Panel, when file explorer is opened, it keeps it opened for some time. Notice the name of the dialog, it says 'Folder Options'. The default is for that to be checked.

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