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Mexico keyboard layout - practical solutions

How do you type on a Mexican keyboard?

-Press and hold the right 'Alt' key or the 'AltGr' key depending on the keyboard. This key is located directly to the right of the Spacebar. -Press the '2' key or the 'Q' key. The '2' key is used on keyboards that have the International Spanish language setup option.

In today's lesson we're going to talk about a few different scales. But in this demonstration I just want to focus on one. It is called the Spanish Phrygian scale.

As the name suggests, it has attributes of the Phrygian scale, but it has an added bonus note that both adds a bit of color in terms of harmony and gives us some melodic alternatives as we explore the tones of the scale. Since you this week have to do with these individually exotic scales, I would like to encourage you to write small sketches just in the world of each scale and look at them again as a mood or backdrop, or as a landscape or spatial landscape, if you wish, as an underwater landscape at some scale , the dream state if you want. Let your imagination run wild.

And try to come to some symbolic association in your own mind with the scales. Then they get really powerful because you can use them in your own language to help storytelling. Now the Spanish Phrygian scale is very interesting.

Of course, we know that the Phrygian scale that starts at C is 1 --- 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 1. And at this point you have written a Phrygian piece and explored it internally and in terms of both melody and harmony. Now the Spanish Phrygian is really interesting because we get a bonus grade.

Not only do we have a minor third, but we also have a major third in the scale. This is what Spanish Phrygian sounds like - so we have a very interesting collection. By the way, it's the same collection as the Mixolydian 9-D-9-Flat 13 scale that you associated with dominant seventh chords moving to minor target chords.

Now it's the same collection of notes, but we're going to align them very differently, instead of thinking about the root triad and the seventh chord as a dominant chord that dissolves into a minor tonic chord, we're going to think about the basic 1 or the root triad --- - as a tonic chord of this special scale. This is an interesting concept, play something that I think sounds very familiar to you. Sounds familiar? A flamenco cadenza, or what in music we refer to as the Phrygian cadenza.

Even if it sounds like we are in a loop that moves back to that chord, we really think of this triad, the tonic triad, as the center of the scale. That will be the chord of resolution. So it's kind of a dominant scale turned upside down a possibility so if you can get into it.

It's very energetic, dark in color. But it also has this festive tonic major triad that we can use. Let's take a look at the scale in terms of its melodic possibilities.

So I'm just going to hold the tonic triad. And I'm going to work through the tones of the scale. Visions of bullfights and ancient Spain.

Well, the fact that we have two thirds, both a Me and a Mi, gives us melodic cadence options or a melodic alternative. So we can come down the scale or move the scale up, skip me and go from Ra to Mi and get a very e xotic kind of Arabic or Turkish sounding melodic gesture. Has a lot of nice potential.

Or we can use the flat third as well. And that really comes into conflict with this tonic triad. Not true? Because we get that sharp 9 tension that We got along in the blues.

So within the Spanish Phrygian scale you have the potential for two melodic alternative thirds. We'd like to think of the major third as our tonic triad sound of the minor third have the amplified second jump from Ra to Mi as a potential melodic delight. Or even both in combination.

Possible elaborate decoration there. So that's up to you to explore and easy Finding your own style in Spanish Phrygian. Spanish Phrygian is a favorite of film composer Jeff Beale.

Actually, it is more likely to be associated with television. He worked a lot for HBO. He made the HBO series Rome, also House of Cards for Netflix, from television films.

And the Span ish Phrygian sound is its characteristic sound. So I urge you to look at some of his work and see how he uses it in his media sound cues. Let's look at the Spanish Phrygian scale from a harmonic perspective.

We have the tonic triad in C major; we have the cadenza chord fl. 2 major ---- of the Phrygian character. We have the potential for Flat 3 major as an approach.

And then the subdominant chord will be in the key of F minor ---- That gives us another stable range. But again, we have to be very careful about treating it as a subdominant and emphasizing the tonic so as not to tone the 4 chord. This scale also has a lot of potential to sound like a dominant, and we have to turn it upside down and make sure we hear the tonic triad in the correct position; in the upper half of the scale we have the flat one we know from the Phrygian mode 7 minor chord as a cadenza chord.

We have Flat 6 major that can work as an approximation chord for Flat 7. Isn't that wonderful? You know, it just sounds like black and red to me. And then we also have a few unstable chords within the scale.

We have the 3 diminished triad ---- and as an extension ---- the 3 diminished seventh chord which comes in handy for approximating the subdominant 3 diminished 7th and then we have the 5 minor 7 fl 5 and the 5 diminished chord which is an approximation of the flat 6. So once again we have a scale that is more complex than the Phrygian mode. It has the potential for a possible toning of the 4-chord.

So you have to be very careful how you handle them in time. Put a lot of emphasis on the tonic major triad. Beautify it often.

Cadence with the typical Phrygian cadence chords. And then also, when you write in Spanish Phrygian melody, you have these two melodic alternatives, the flat 3 and the 3, which can be used to various colorful benefits. Well, have fun.

what is iseek

And explore the Spanish Phrygian mode. Write a little piece. Explore the harmonic possibilities.

Explore the melodic possibilities. And expand your compositional vocabulary.

How do I get Spanish characters on my keyboard?

How to use it: Hold down the Alt key (right or left) and press the letter with an accent. For capitals, hold down the Shift key and the Alt key and press the letter with an accent. For symbols, hold down the Alt key and press the letter with the symbol.

So what's up guys, I'm Mash from Tech Mash and today I'm going to show you how to type accented or accented words on your Windows 10 and I am also going to show you how to type other languages ​​and all how to type different ones Kinds of typing language like how to type spanish and accented spanish word or accented french word or any other foreign language besides english ok, i will show you the method of how to do this. Before you start I would suggest you hit the Like button and also subscribe to my channel for more future articles like this one, so let's get started so I'm going to show you just open your Microsoft Word as you can see that I open my Microsoft Word. This is my microsoft word so you can type accented words in microsoft word or ok anywhere in your windows 10 the same method works ok for windows 7 windows 8 or windows 8.1 so don't worry.

So you just have to right click on your system tray and then here you have to select the 'Show Touch Keyboard' button. OK All you have to do now is select the icon. Here you can see the touch keyboard.

If you want to activate the touch keyboard now, all you have to do is click here. OK so now that you can see this is your touch keyboard so you can type the basic things, but the thing is, how can you type the accent now I'll show you now if you want to type the accent then just click here and keep pressing the 'Athens' button. a If you want to do the same for other buttons, you're fine in a minute.

For example if I want to type the accented e all I have to do is hold down the e and then select the accented e that I want ok I don't actually know what it's called but I can just show you how to type it, that's all, as you can see I have an accented e here, so if I want to type an accented a here it will select which one I want to choose ok so you can type 1 accented keys on your windows 0 or on yours Microsoft Word fine or somewhere in your Windows 10. Now I'll show you how to do the same process using your keyboard. So if you have to use foreign languages ​​a lot then this method will help you just have to go to your settings ok i am going to my settings now so just enter here for settings and then click open so now here just click time and language so now here just click on language so what you need to do now is here you can choose your preferred language, ok.

So if I prefer Spanish I look for Spanish, just let me search for Spanish and as you can see there are many types of Spanish. So you just have to select the one you need the spanish spain so then just wait a bit ok and they will download some so don't worry ok you obviously need an internet connection working internet connection for it because they are downloading something so just click install like that Now after installing it, just come back to your Microsoft Word and here below you will see Eng. So all you have to do is click here ok and then you have to choose the Spanish or preferred language you downloaded earlier Enter it as you can see I can type in Spanish language and everything so you can add your accented words in your Microsoft Word or in your Windows 10 and you can also enter other foreign languages ​​Then please click the Like button and please subscribe to my channel and also click the deposit icon for more future articles like this one, so I'm breaking from Tech Mash and sign out

What is the layout of the Spanish keyboard?

Spanish Keyboard Layout Spanish Keyboard (ES) The top row, in black, represents the labels on the keys of an English language keyboard. The next two rows show the letters and symbols typed, upper and lower case respectively, if a computer is set to use the Spanish language keyboa rd. ` 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0 - = Backspace ª !

What kind of keyboard is used in Latin America?

The Layout of a Typical Spanish (Latin America) Keyboard Note: The Spanish (Latin America) keyboard layout is used throughout Mexico , Central and South America. In the last few years, vendors have been preferring the Spanish (Spain) layout as default; as of 2011, the latter is becoming dominant.

Where is the tilde key on a Spanish keyboard?

When the English keyboard is changed to a Spanish keyboard, what used to be the apostrophe key, is now the tilde is, and the apostrophe key has moved to the right of the 0, you are quite right in saying that the tilde key is next to the ñ. On my Spanish keyboard the tilde is next to the Ñ - not an apostrophe next to the 0!

What is the layout of the Brazilian keyboard?

The Layout of a Typical Brazilian Keyboard Note: Essentially, the Brazilian keyboard contains dead keys for five variants of diacritics in use in the language; the letter Ç, the only application of the cedillain Portuguese has its own key. Taiwan

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