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Magix media database - comprehensive handbook

What is Magix media database?

The genuine FABS.exe file is a software component of Firebird SQL Server - MAGIX Edition by MAGIX AG. "FABS.exe" is a central component of the MAGIX AG version of the Firebird open-source relational database server. Executable files may, in some cases, harm your computer.

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All of the Sherman here today are really excited because I'm going to introduce you to the brand new plug-in, WP Sells Magic, I'm going to show you some of the magic that is in this plug-in, which is really a brand new tool that you are going to get and am very much too excited so after you install your new plugin come here and click the tab wp sells magic alright you will be taken to this series of options to start with the first one which will flash your download text, whatever you are going to create is going to make a lot more sense after I'm done so bear me here and this will activate your link back to the page we are creating from it, the pull of review from this will activate your shares on your pages this indicates if it's supposed to be a fancy box, which is basically an opt-in pop-up box or excuse a pop-up box or you want it to be a banner type by S ie select false -in and re-enable it here is your download text Okay, we want to put any text here as this is the free gift area that you can use to get your visitors to visit your links with it You can put anything you like here and you can send this straight to any custom url which makes more sense in a minute here is your pull background color your pull bar colors this is the width of your total banner type overlay this is the email width.This is the pop-up that appears after a visitor chooses to share their email in their email addresswith you okay, this is the size of the pop-up that and this is where you can enter custom html from any major autoresponder ok they all now support all form code html in their autoresponder when you create a form so all you have to do is copy and paste it h Here and your own opt-informs work well with your own custom autoresponder selection online.

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Should I remove Firebird SQL Server?

As long as your use of any Magix programs installed on your machine are not used for on-line screen sharing and are not dependent upon additional web based content you might have purchased through Magix, it should be safe to uninstall the Magix edition of firebird server.

Hello and welcome to the ninth tutorial on the topics presented at the IBexperts Firebird School, given by HolgerKlimt and Jason Chapman at the International Fiber Conference 2007.

In the first part of this topic we write procedures and triggers. We'll start by programming the Firebird server, what are stored procedures and trigger their compilation and what they can do. Let's start briefly by looking at the reasons for server-side programming; First, the speed of execution.

The server-side programming does exactly what it says, the work is done on the server and the results are sent to the client. The client-side programming fetches all the data and So if you have to do calculations on a large database or table, you have to suck all the data back to the workstation to actually get the job done, this can lead to time-consuming query traffic congestion and long waits for the user to get the Store procedure up to 50,000 operations per second a front-end program like Delfy or PHP is lucky enough to achieve 3,000 operations per second, and if you write procedures you can use procedural SQL, which gives you more functions and functionality than you use them can see if you just sit on the client en how fast a stored procedure is in the IP expert demo database. DB one with the procedure that performs around 800,000 operations.

Each database operation remains in the database and is not sent to the client or anywhere else to execute its commands, e.g. B.

Executing the initial procedure as a stored procedure takes about 30 seconds, to execute it as an IV e-rep procedure in principles similar to a Delfy program, it takes about 220 seconds I could block these are exactly the same operations as the store procedure , but processes them in separate client SQL statements so that you can get an idea of ​​the performance benefits you can get from your stored procedure database.Consistency is also important as database operations that are running on the server or either complete successfully everything what does not run at all they are never partially completed Another benefit of server-side programming is that you have different front ends, such as: B. Their fees and PHP that do similar things Programming both to call a single procedure to perform a task is not only easier than programming the whole thing twice, it also ensures the consistency of both applications called the same procedure and therefore guaranteed to deliver the same results.All changes that need to be made in the future only have to be made once directly in the procedure.Modularity of stored procedures can be written for singular tasks, such as: About order processing and shipping, they can then be called modularity is easy to understand, which also facilitates future adaptations and in the example, where Delphian PHP applications use the same database modularity, it is achieved that all changes that have to be made in the future only have to be made once directly in the procedure although the SQL procedural SQL at It is not so easy to write IDs in the beginning If you want to develop efficient and high-performance database applications, it is important that you take the time and effort to deal with these stored procedures and triggers.You can distinguish between executable and selectable stored procedures an executable Stored procedure is for example an executable procedure SP-Name a selectable stored procedure Example would be an asterisk from SP Select Namedtriggers Our table or database-linked procedure types, their syntax and functionalities are identical to stored procedures, whether they can access certain variables and trigger them automatically hence the name in fiber2.1 upwards i can specify a database trigger and I can define the event onconnect when disconnecting at the start of the transaction during the transaction commit or at the transaction rollback and I can use a relatively simple protocol ll keep track of who logged in and out and when, so that's just one of the ways Connections of Using Triggerslets Looking at Procedure Composition Executable procedures usually don't have a result set They can't actually return a row or set of variables, so we'll go back take a closer look at the fact that a stored procedure result set when debugging an executable procedure, for example, can execute certain operations in a certain order without the end user being the one calling the procedure and knowing anything about it.An example of an executable stored procedure that separate Operations combined, can be seen here createprocedure delete X as start jump fromorder line delete from order delete from Inventory end this procedure deleteX simply deletes fromorders from the order line and then from the inventory It simply performs a series of specified Op erations in a specified order without the end user being aware of it The process is started by the command Execute procedure delete X suspend andreturns Many people find the keyword suspend a little suspicious - it's pretty easy to understand if we look at this procedure create procedure dummyreturns text varchar 10 suspend basically says that the execution of what we are currently doing will be stopped and some data will be sent back to the client back on this suspend here there is a return avariable text varchar 10 so I put in the procedure in the return variables the word rock and then I hold out, imagines as a kind of pile you push a data record up and then enter something new and with the keyword suspend the next data record is pushed up in this way I can generate a data set that we can look at later with the debugger to see how these Data in this example is created in such a process.If you select a star from the me, you get a backdog cat mouse in a single line and I can include the keyword suspension in a procedure and with that you can define beta and a shape, Perhaps not kissable in SQL, the ross classified table view in a procedure that, although the data is actually tabulated in a column, is summarized in a report side by side where I can tell a report generator to select an asterisk from a stored procedure , this can be of great help, especially for reporting purposes, so that you can see that you can really do a lot of things with the procedure for select suspend, so here we have a procedure that does certain operations let's take that procedure and in the Run demo database The procedure is created with the sudo command I will do it in the I.

Run Bexpert SQL-Editor and now we can see that this procedure is basically that, then it searches for relevant entries in the table in a forselect loop and then gives me the resulting amount of data when I start this procedure, I have to say Stallone, for example, which actor I am looking for, then it searches through all the data and it provides me with all the relevant results That’s all films with Stallone Now I can also try alternatives, for example I can specify a condition for the price in the outer forselect loop, if the price is greater than 13 then the price is equal to 13 so that I can insert some business logic into a process here is a list of results with all prices over 30 rounded down so easily I can make any modular specs I want and while we're at it, give a little tip if you look here choose the first ten titles actor p rice fromproduct and re-enter Stallone I can only see the first ten results but this can be a problem when I put the following as a variable I get an error message for those of you who have had this problem before and specify this as a variable want. You have to insert parentheses, which are not accepted: I have to enter parentheses: I suggest, if I give I equal to 10, then it works exactly the same as before, it is necessary to use parentheses when using First-Next and Skip operators become. How is this data generated? r select loop runs in the following order I can show you in the IBexpert Debugger it starts here with variables we have a variable name an input variable and the variables titleactor and price are left blank something has to be entered in the input variable remains Stallone and now I go through the procedure I arrive next that I equal 10 so that the debugger has extracted the first record.

You can see the information in the variables that we can check here, but the price is 4990. Then when I press the f8 key it resets the price to 30. I press f8 again, it goes into the first loop and shows the next Record every time with the keyword suspend a record that meets the specified conditions is returned.I can see the progress here at the bottom of the results page.How a selectable stored procedure works and when ten records have been returned the stored procedure is complete and that way it is also possible to analyze complex procedures.

Of course, some people don't use procedures b because they think they can't be debugged, with the right tools they can debug easily and quickly. The excuse not to use procedures in order to remain database independent must also take into account the enormous loss of performance that applied to select, we will continue in the second part of our tutorial series of writing stored procedures and triggers with a view to the execute statement and the execute procedure and will briefly introduce you to the pause and recursions and modularity

Can I uninstall Firebird SQL?

You can uninstall Firebird SQL Server - MAGIX Edition from your computer by using the Add/Remove Program feature in the Window's Control Panel.

What does fabs help agent for Magix Media Database do?

It is started as a Windows Service called 'FABS - Helping agent for MAGIX media database' with the name 'Fabs' and described as “Watches filechanges, does automatic backups and configuration stuff.”. . In addition, it is run under the context of the SYSTEM account with extensive privileges...

Where can I download the Magix register records?

Download the MAGIX Register records in ArcView, MapInfo or KMZ formats from the Data and Software Centre. (a) Open-file company data — download free of charge from ‘Geophysical Surveys’ in GeoVIEW.WA

What are the login details for Magix SMTP?

The login details for SMTP are made up of your MAGIX email address (webmaster@yourdomain.com) and the password you used upon registering for the service. The login details for SMTP are made up of your MAGIX email address and the password you used upon registering for the service.

How can I get help with my Magix?

User to user help: It's almost always possible to get help from someone in our Community. Please tell us your program, version number and the hardware you use. We're happy to help you with your MAGIX products.

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