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Macos version 10.12.0 - innovative solutions

How do I upgrade my Mac to 10.12 0?

1. Open System Preferences... in theApple menu. 2. Click on Software Updates.
Another way to do it is via the Mac App Store.
  1. Open App Store.
  2. Click the Updates tab.
  3. You'll see macOS updates available for your Mac.
  4. Click Update.

Hey what's up, it's Jerad with State of Tech and today we're going to be upgrading a MacBookPro to Mojave to make this work for any Mac, it doesn't matter what type of Mac you're using, as long as it is capable of it to accept this on this update and I'll provide a link in the description below. So if you have an older Mac before doing this process you can check to see if it is supported, but Apple does a really good job of supporting many older systems and from What I've Heard Mojave is bringing a lot of life and new life to them older devices so it's pretty easy to upgrade to Mojave of course, Apple makes it extremely easy, but there is really a safe way to do it if you want to make sure you have a backup of your system and only on conversations that I have run with a lot of people and when i went to help them with their maximum i know that not everyone has a backup and what that means is that if there was a problem maybe the install won't go through and you will show that Your computer crashed or something similar, you wouldn't have a backup, you would have no way to restore your computer to the way it was. Alternatively, you don't like Mojave the way it is works on your system and you want to roll it back the way it was, you definitely need to have a Time Machine backup of your system and it's good to just do a Time Machine backup anyway because if you can have a laptop, your computer is a laptop and it gets stolen gets water damage like that and you have to go and get a new computer or maybe it's an iMac or something that is stolen something happens of course you are going to have to boot that time machine again, to get your machine back exactly where it was Apple did a great job doing it, so we're going to be looking at this process.

Okay so now you can see on my screen I have High Sierra on this Mac so it was updated as much as possible before Mohave and so I opened the App Store and this is where we are actually going to download the new version of Mojave and after your last one Update, you may even have the option to turn on automatic updates.First, run our time machine backup. So what you need to do a time machine backup is an external hard drive that you can plug into your computer.

Now I have a list of a couple of hard drives I prefer that I recommend in the description below, but you'll need one of these to do this, so there are a couple of different hard drives that you will use with the older hard drives that include the spinning discs which are definitely cheaper and you can get bigger versions of these drives for a really good price or if you want something faster you can use a solid state drive like one of these Samsung SSDs. This is a 1 terabyte portable t5 SSD from Samsung has enough space to back up your entire system.If you have a terabyte drive in your system you will need a terabyte backup.If you might be using an iMac or something and you have a 4 -Terabyte drive or something larger in this iMac that you need is going to have a backup drive that has at least enough space to cover what's on your computer now, but if you have more space on your computer, but not use all the space, you just need a drive it will be i have enough space to back up what you have on this computer, find out what you have in front of you, go to your apple menu, go to that mac and then click on the 'storage' tab and this will tell you how much space you have available it says i have a lot of space from that space and d ann of course i can see and see how much is being used and that is what you need a hard drive to cover that so i haven't used it too much since this mac not much here on this p the process will be easy , but for those of you who have been using your Mac for a while, you probably have a lot of stuff on your system and want to make sure it's backed up now, an easy way to make sure you don't have too much stuff on your Keep the system and that you have your important data backed up so that your photos and articles use Google Photos.

So if you go to Photos google.com from your computer, you can download the Google Photos app and allow it to run in the background with your Gmail account or your Google account and it will back up all the photos and articles that are They have saved on your computer and it's actually free. Google Photos does a slight compression on your photos to make sure they don't take up too much storage space But in my only few years I think when I use this service the compression they add is very minimal and the photos look great still looks fantastic.

I even printed out a few after they were uploaded to Google Photo and they still look amazing. Use Google Photos, it's free, it's definitely a lot cheaper than using iCloud Drive to back up all of your photos. Another option with the Mac is using iCloud Drive and then of course buying additional storage from Apple, so what am I talking about here? is not an iCloud Drive, you can use iCloud Drive to back up your desktop and photos and documents folder and the like, but iCloud Drive doesn't actually back up your entire system, it just backs up your documents, to back up your system, with it You have a way to fully restore this system if you need to, want to use a Time Machine backup and we'll go through the setup now so that I have a solid state drive plugged into a USB cable and here because I'm on a newer MacBook Pro that no longer has USB Type A.

I need this adapter, this dongle to convert USB A to USB C so I'll plug that in and then I'll be ready to plug my drive straight into my computer if this is a brand new drive you've never used or it is not formatted for the Mac then one of the things that will happen after a few seconds while looking at this drive is that time machines actually just pop up and say hey do you want to make this your time machine backup drive, so will we see this show up in a second and it says you want to use a new volume to backup with your time machine, now it will say whatever the name is? that drive is and it requires you to format that drive. So if this is a drive that you have had for a while, make sure you have all of it because once you start this process it will format the drive and that means your drive will lose whatever is on it. So, you want to make sure you're not using a drive that you've already used to back up other files or that might have something important stored on it.

I strongly recommend getting a dedicated liize drive for Time Machine backups so that I can now select Encrypt backup disk or not use it as a backup disk later.If you don't see this message, it means you are already on one You made a TimeMachine backup at a certain point in time, and even if your Time Machine backup may have stopped running, it still assumes you figured it out. If you don't see this message, here's what you're doing, so I'll just work around that later, click Decide, but we're going to go down into our System Preferences and our System Preferences.

Now select Time Machine. I want to automatically select the backup and it will ask me to choose a drive now, if you have a drive listed here you can click select backup drive and just delete the one that already exists or you can leave it and you can just start a completely new backup so that I will automatically click on backup. Click on the new volume I'm going to choose Encrypt because I want this to be secure which means encryption means that it actually adds a layer of security over your backup so that if someone steals your backup disk and they tries to use it to restore your computer, what would essentially give you a full copy of your computer, you won't be able to do so without that password, so I'll go ahead and enter a password and I'll choose encrypt the hard drive and it'll tell me I can am going to erase this hard drive now as I mentioned I have used this hard drive before so make sure you have taken everything off of it and copied it to something else before doing this if you want to know when these backups will be done you can click the button below that says Time Machine appears in the menu bar.

When I show Time Machine in the menu bar I see it at the top and when the backup is actually taking place it will rotate and let me know that the backup is taking place, but this will always run in the background and so there is really no need to have that message up there to have. I'll just go ahead and choose not to show them in and the menu bar I like when my menu bar is clean and normally I would let this run for a certain amount of time, maybe I would leave my computer on at night once a week or something when it's plugged in and it will go ahead and do that, but the cool thing is that after the ram is the first backup because the first time is going to take a while especially if you have a lot of things stored on your computer. The first backups will take some time after that, it only backs up things that have changed so the process is much faster each time and it won't take anywhere near as long as it shows you on the screen after about a minute, back up the calculated remaining time so you can get an idea of ​​how long it will take, but what I recommend if this is your first time doing this and you have a lot of things on your computer, just make sure your computer isn't overnight Goes to sleep and keeps running overnight Just do this overnight and it will likely be ready to go when you get up in the morning to make sure your computer doesn't go to sleep.

Go back to your System Preferences, go to Sleep, then make sure you select Just prevent the computer from automatically hibernating when the display is off and I'll go ahead and click OK on the hard drive, but now that we have a lot of solid state drives in our computers it doesn't matter so i just set that up so when i have things running in the background i don't have to worry so while it makes that up again We recommend that this backup be completed first, but since I already have a backup of my computer, I don't have to wait for this process to complete next. We're going to go ahead and select Mac OS Mojave from the App Store, so make sure that if you open the App Store if you don't see Mac OS Mojave in the App Store, it means you have some other software updates as well You need to run. So go to the Updates tab on the App Store and run any updates that I don't have any updates related to macOS so I could just go ahead and go so I hit Mac OS Mojave I hit download and it'll download that in the background and so at this point turn on automatic updates I'll just go ahead and say yes as if I want my updates to run automatically, so do that with the download now, it'll probably take about eight minutes or so for that this happens because it's a pretty big file, so I'll go through this process quickly and quickly and then jump right back into the update process with you guys, so let's do the tunokay when it finishes and the download completes , you will see the Mac OS Mojave installation screen, so we will click continue click agree click agree again we will choose our ma c hard drive and then clickinstall then has to authenticate with either our fingerprint or a password depending on what is available for your system and it will go ahead and go through the process of unzipping the installation file to get it ready and all that stuff, so after that which says on my system for about 15 minutes, which anyone who has done a software update on a Mac before knows that after this wait this can vary drastically, it will go on and require a reboot and sometimes maybe even a second Restart You may see a black screen for a while and you can return to your computer that is turned off.

Wait a second for it to turn back on, but this reboot process can make it seem like it's turned off. So if during this process something gets weird, as if it actually turns off completely, go ahead and turn the system back on, if it has been trying to install for a very long time and nothing seems to have progressed, the bars or something is frozen, go ahead and just perform a shutdown and restart. Usually, you can do this by long-pressing and holding the power button.

The system will reboot and then it should pick up exactly where it left off, but that's where it's important that we have this backup because if something goes sideways and our update process doesn't work on Mojave, we may need ours Repair system and this is where a good backup comes in There is good support in place so I'll go ahead and fast forward to the point where this is done and I'm ready to go and if there are more prompts along the way I of course show these to you so that when the installation process is complete you land on a screen that asks you to log in with your password and then choose whether you want the light or dark look, so I'll go ahead and do the dark just because i want to try that and it will go ahead and finish the setup process and then we can get started so i will at a pa ar little pop-ups click ok and i opened it right where my browser is i stopped and all that good stuff so let's take a look at what we have here for some apps to open up and look for additional Options like accessibility features ask things all depends on what software you're using so I'll just go ahead and approve these and it looks like I'm good to come here It's all installed everything works the dark mode is kind of neat It will take some getting used to to insure, but I li. definitely ke what I've seen so far, if everything went according to plan then great awesome I recommend leaving your drive plugged in for Time Machine backup, there will be a lot to back up now so you should make sure this one Process is taking place again If you have had any problems and something has gone sideways, all you have to do is follow the instructions. I am adding a link in the description below that will show you how to get into the recovery area of ​​your laptop or desktop, whatever Mac and then you can be recovered using this time machine, so there is a link for that in the description below as well so I'm going to do it for this article my fans are running, so I'm going to start using this Mac here and get used to this Mojave experience a little, but that will do it for this article if you have it Find useful, give a thumbs up and subscribe to our channel here about the state of the art.

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We do lots of content that teaches you how to make better use of your technology and we would be delighted to meet you for the ride, too so thank you very much for watching this article and we hope to see you again in the next

How do I upgrade my Mac from 10.12 6?

Answer: A: Answer: A: Go to your Downloads folder or Applications folder and find and delete 'Install Mac OS High Sierra'. Then restart and try the download again.

What version of macOS can I upgrade to?

Upgrade from macOS 10.11 or newer

If you are running macOS 10.11 or newer, you should be able to upgrade to at least macOS 10.15 Catalina. To see if your computer can run macOS 11 Big Sure, check Apple's compatibility info and installation instructions.

My Mac X is a good tool for wiping all the trash from my Mac stand in the way so let's start with a bit of cleaning it took less than two minutes to wipe all the trash off my maci needed clean my mac x der link to this really cool app is in the description now we are going to back up your mac with timemachine which it was found in the system settings, here select the drive where you want to save the Time Machine backup it is located in the top left corner by the way , if your Mac is running an old version of MacOS like Highsierra, you will need to update your Mac through the App Store. It's right under System Preferences but if your Mac is like mine and Catalina is running you can go straight to System Preferences okaysystem Preferences and from there you have software updates, the little cog you can see that mac os big sur there hit upgrade now i know you can't wait to see the new os but downloads take time, wait patiently, eventually you will see macosbig sur installation intro click next and you won't get lost the whole installation business should be about half an hour your mac will restart a couple of times congratulations you're running great sir let's rewind to our earlier points.

Suppose you want to do a fresh install of Mac Osbig, then erase everything on your drive and only then do the installation just in case you back up your Mac to a device because your data could be lost ootable usb drive aclean install is like starting a new life with no leftover files from your previous Mac OS no problems, so the bootable installer grab a USB drive that you can erase and that has at least 16 gigabytes of space. Now go to the App Store and search for Mac OS Big Surclick Get a snack because it will take a while to download the update. Finally you get to this intro screen.

Do not rush to click Next. You need to close this window now go to the top menu and click Finish Install Mac OS Open your applications in the finder we want to make sure that the app called install mac os beta dot app is now in your applications. If you see this, the name of this file will likely change, but the logic remains, you are with me.

What we are going to do is choose an Open Disk utility with your USB drive attached to your Macin Disk Utility Your USB drive in the sidebar Click on Delete Advanced click delete again Now Terminal we use a terminal command to mount a bootable USB stick We give your previously downloaded Big Sur installer as the source. Remember who is in your applications. Now copy this very long command from the description below paste this article into the following command type into your admin password and press enter and y to confirm the action.

This command creates a bootable USB installer based on the macOS installer app we placed in your applications earlier, great, now you have a bootable USB installer with macOS Big Suron it's your holy grail next we're going to erase your startup drive and the only way your Mac will come back to life is through this USB drive It's time to say goodbye to your current configuration again You should prepare the full backup of your Mac just in case that the recently created USB drive is connected to your computer. Turn off your Mac and hold down the Command key in Utility from the menu, choose your main startup drive and then well click d one that your Mac is now formatted, what you can do now, this is the only thing you can do now , is to clean Mac Osbig Sur 11 from the connected USB installer drive when it is not connected. Connect the bootable USB installer now. t return to Disk Utility.

Restart your Mac and hold down the Option key 2. Click Install Mac OS and choose to install from the selected USB drive 3. Click Install Mac OS, that's it You are performing a fresh install of your brand new Mac OS Big Surthat Road was so surreal, sorry for that And now another scenario, suppose you want to get Macos Big Serbe? Before the official release, this type of installation is known as a public beta.

You need to go to the Apple Beta Program website. The link is in the description there you can download and run the installation package as I described in the first part of this article, once your system is clean and new, keep it that way, so I recommend you install cleanmymacx as a must-have app . Your Macit has an antivirus built in and you can remove all kinds of temporary clutter.

And if you like clutter anyway, the link is under this article folks, thanks for watching, we don't post too many articles but only those that are helpful for your macso

How do I get an older version of OSX?

Here are the steps Apple describes:
  1. Start up your Mac pressing Shift-Option/Alt-Command-R.
  2. Once you see the macOS Utilities screen choose the Reinstall macOS option.
  3. Click Continue and follow the on-screen instructions.
  4. Select your startup disk and click Install.
  5. Your Mac will restart once the installation is complete.

Having trouble downloading Garageband on your Mac? Well you are not alone this seems to be a huge problem affecting many Mac users right now. Let's make a quick note before we dive in, if you're familiar with some of the bug fixes I'll talk about in this article you can already use the timestamps below to jump to something you're more interested in and avoid, that I'm babbling about something you all already know about the latest version of Garageband version 10.4 only available to users running mac os 11 big sur.

So if you haven't updated to big sur, you can download Garageband from the Mac App Store. Just right, uh, no hardware and software compatibility issues and Mac OS updates go hand in hand these days sadly so it's perfectly understandable that most of the big problems with Big Sur will happen if they aren't updated to Apple's shiny new operating system, until all the wrinkles are sorted out, a quick Google search can tell you if a particular piece of hardware or software you are relying on is compatible with Big Sur. Another problem you may encounter regarding Big Sur is the age of your Mac computers that are older than six or seven years old and are unable to install the latest Apple operating system and therefore may not be able to use the Do not install the latest version of Garageband.

In fact, if you have an older Mac you can't actually access a version of Garageband, but more on that later, if you have a computer older than the model now showing on the screen, then unfortunately you won't have access to Big Sur or Garageband version 10.4, if you decide to upgrade to Mac OS Big Sur then as always make sure to do a time machine backup this way first if you are having compatibility issues or just hate or so. You can always revert to your current setup if Garageband isn't currently installed on your Mac and you don't have the.

You can access the latest version of the Mac App Store, but you eventually downloaded and installed it using the iCloud account associated with your current computer. Open the Mac App Store click on your face. It's in the bottom left of the window to me.

It may be elsewhere for you if you're using a version of Mac OS that is older than Mojave. Scroll through this list of previously purchased apps until you find garageband, click to download it and the latest available version compatible with your computer will be installed on your Mac No it won't be the latest version of garageband version 10.4 it will most likely be version 10.3.5 which, while different from the current version, works exactly the same so you won't miss out on any big new features or anything like that previous version this release this release is heartbreakingly disappointing stuff from Apple.

In fact, I'll only get over it if you restore my trust in humanity by showing me some love below.If you've bought an older, incompatible, second-hand Big-Cert Mac and you don't have a purchase history tied to your iCloud account, you're probably wondering how to download an older version of Garageband that will work exactly as it needs to be with your computer. be a link or webpage somewhere on the Apple website that allows users with all of their Macs to download a version of Garageband that is compatible with their machines I'm kidding, I'm kidding, I have no idea why Apple has decided to effectively prevent new users with older Macs from downloading older versions of Garageband from the Mac App Store, especially if you go to the Garageband iOS App Store listing on iOS Older Device and click Download.

You are told that this version is unsupported and asked if you want to download the latest version that your iOS device supports it's bizarre, I honestly thought I have to. Since something really obvious was missing, I reached out contacted Apple support on Twitter and thought that after offering the solutions I mentioned earlier in this article, they could certainly point me in the right direction. You invited me to contact you for more information. what i did after i met her in dm.

The Apple support rep went on to say that there doesn't seem to be a way to get an older version of Garageband without first having the software and a Garageband specialist to discuss further what I did. The person on the phone was great nice and really tried to be helpful but at the end confirmed that there is currently no way to get an older version of Garageband unless you've owned the software before it gives your final answer, it's not official anyway possible, while doing research I came across a couple of articles that supposedly show how to download an older version of garageband not from Apple but from a third party website. It all looks a bit dodgy to me so I won't be sharing links to these articles here, but if you search on YouTube they aren't hard to find if you're desperate and want to go the bootleg route when you don't want to I suggest contacting Apple directly, either through Apple Support or, better yet, the Garageband feedback page Yes Apple apparently has a Garageband-specific feedback page and you can voice your concerns about this issue as you may be thinking what is the point, but feedback like this helped fix Garageband before version 10 was first released.

Apple ripped out all of the third-party plug-in functions and made the program pretty unusable for all but the most basic functions. Backlash from users and within a month all of those functions were put right back into the program. So by all means take some time to send Apple feedback on this issue, if you're hungry for more garageband flavored knowledge bombs you can check out my garageband beginner playlist right here.

Take care of yourself until next time goodbye by

Where can I download Mac OS 10.12 ISO?

If VMware Workstation software does not installed on your computer, you can check out the VMware Workstation 14 Pro Setup. Click on the button below to download this ISO file to your pc. Update (April 13, 2018): Mac OS 10.13.4 released!

Where can I download macOS Sierra 10.12.1?

#1 .Open Apple App Store then navigate to Featured tab. Find macOS Sierra from right sidebar on app store then click on. Finally, you’ll see the snapshot below and click Download. Type your apple ID with the password. It will automatically download macOS Sierra 10.12.1 in the Application folder on your Mac device.

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Which is the latest version of Mac OS?

Which macOS version is the latest? macOS Latest version macOS Sierra 10.12.6 OS X El Capitan 10.11.6 OS X Yosemite 10.10.5 OS X Mavericks 10.9.5 13 more rows ...

How to upgrade Mac OS X El Capitan to 10.12?

To upgrade Mac OS X El Capitan to macOS Sierra 10.12, the latest updates from Apple.Inc, Download the macOS Sierra 10.12.1 latest version from Apple App Store. #1.Open Apple App Store then navigate to Featured tab. Find macOS Sierra from right sidebar on app store then click on. Finally, you’ll see the snapshot below and click Download.

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