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Lumia 950 issues - how to solve

Is Lumia 950 still supported?

Software. The Lumia 950 originally launched with Windows 10 Mobile Version 1511. The phone received its last update in January 2020.

Hey how are you guys, this is Dave 2d, and this is my review of the Microsoft Lumia 950 and the 950 XL, so I've had these two phones for about a month, the XL a little longer and at the beginning I had some pretty lukewarm thoughts about these phones but I've been using the XL as my daily driver since I got it, here's my test now, both come in simple cardboard boxes that look like surface devices that you slide open and get the phone booklets, the BC chargers and USB cables from the Use Type A on Type C They are polycarbonate phones and they are very similar in construction.

They remind me of the Nexus 5x so they're really good for a plastic phone, but it's still a plastic phone and the material bends and creaks a little when you squeeze it, but they both feel durable and the texture is nice , I actually like polycarbonate phones because they often have detachable backs and are usually less expensive, but the Lumias aren't cheap, the 950 is $ 550 and the 950 XL is $ 650, so your build quality is too well, they are priced a little higher than your average polycarbonate phone The design is simple and clean and I really like the window logo on the back, but I think a lot of people are going to find a bit of a boring white 950XL in the pocket of my jeans almost every day for the last month and there are no bruises, so now it's good to have the phone there is a USB-C port on the lower volume rocker and de n camera button on the right and the headphone jack on top so that the rear cover on the 950 sticks out a bit, but the rear cover on the 950 XL is flush with the screen and there is actually a noticeable difference in feel when you hold the two so the bar and the smaller size of the 950 make holding it a lot easier.The covers of both are pretty easy to take off and on the inside you have a removable battery a microSD slot and two SIM card slots one of the SIM card slots is too Hidden behind the battery has the stickers for wireless charging and NFC, so the themes on these phones are very impressive. They are using something called H AAC Richaudio and they really take audio to make your voice calls sound really good but despite these really great microphones the speakers on the back of these phones are pretty bad, they get loud but they are not in stereo and they are not stereo and most of all they project away from you when you are looking at things on your phone, it's not a great experience, the earbud in advance is also really clear, it has noticeably better call quality than my iPhone 6s and 6p, so give me a call Quality goes without saying, but these two Lumia phones really have it all.

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Both have an AMOLED Quad HD display so 2560 x 1440, the 950 has a 5.2 inch screen with Gorilla Glass 3 and the 950 XL has a 5.7 inch screen with Gorilla Glass 4 you are both incredibly high resolution and really sharp, but on the same display settings the colors look a little dull in comparison on the 950 but at the same t I'm warmer, they're both really good screens even though they're AMOLED panels, so those are Black levels really nice and deep viewing angles are good, the contrast is really good too and the screens can get very bright but there is a strange problem so the screen has to be set to auto brightness to get really bright and if you do it manually even at the maximum setting it's not easy to see in sunlight, but if you have it turned on automatically and in sunlight the screen will be super bright so I think this et what is they should fix with the software update on top of the display is an iris scanner that it is being used for a microsoft hello so the idea of ​​iris detection sounds really badass but it doesn't work well, it discharges fast and it fails, maybe thirty percent of the time it wouldn't work, now it's a feature that is technically in beta and I know it will improve over time but it keeps getting slower because no matter how fast your camera is or how fast the processing is, you have to put it on your face to make it work properly and a fingerprint sensor can unlock instantly when you hold it, so I don't think this technology is an advantage compared to a fingerprint sensor.

They both run Windows 10 Mobile and on the surface it actually looks a bit similar to Windows 8.1 Mobile, but there is a lot more customizability Then there are a lot of cool features that 8.1 didn't have and Cortana runs really well on the devices, but man, this one Thing has a lot of bugs so I've had to do system updates since I've been using the 950xland it's getting noticeably better every time, but it still crashes in apps and crashes on voice calls, it will smooth out over time, but it's weird for me that a device like this of this caliber is coming out the door with software like this also has that ubiquitous app cap that everyone is familiar with.Many popular and important apps are still not available on Windows Phone, it's frustrating and frustrating for some users even crippling, but I think that's something that's going to change pretty soon because Microsoft's developing software is what I Oh and Android developers essentially do en would allow you to convert your existing projects into Visual Studio projects.

We need to see that both phones use a feature called the Continuum and in my opinion this is the most unique feature of these phones. The idea is that you can plug a Lumia 950 or 950 XL into a big screen to use the phone for light math so you can connect it wirelessly with an HDMI dongle, or if you want to get it right you can take this $ 100 display dock that is now connected to a monitor won't turn your phone into a computer, as it looks in promotional materials, it basically gives your phone like a big screen and the ability to plug in peripherals like keyboards and mice.There is no split screen.There is no real multitasking and the month I have found it moderately useful because many of the apps i need are missing but there are iliteral days when i come to work and do nothing but email excel and tele phoning for eight hours on a day the 950 XL with Continuum couldn't handle it, but I really bring a laptop to work and it just takes up less space than all of those little peripherals put together I'm not sure how useful it is for most of the people now through 2016 as the developers have invested the time to make more compatible apps, it becomes more useful but it looks like it's kind of a novelty, now something to notice that the phones actually get pretty warm when they're docks for continuum, and the continuum's performance is better on the 950 XL than the 950.

It's not a huge difference or anything, but you will notice it when you have several things open. We've seen the processors in these phones a dozen times and they are very strong performers, especially the Snapdragon in the 950xl and this time it has liquid cooling to keep temperatures down so you will see even less throttling than previous games fine on both devices, nothing seems to be particularly lagging in Windows 10mobile, but if you compare it to an Anexus 6p and a 5x running the same processors, the Nexus devices feel a bit faster, but software updates do things likely to speed up the windows phones The same f 1,920 mega-pixel camera and it's excellent. Lots of the flagship smartphones are taking incredible photos right now, but I actually think the cameras on the 950 and 950 XL are the best for how good the shots are in low light, so daily photos are excellent, but these night shots are surprisingly good and when If you attach great importance to manual control, the camera software is really detailed.

The only downside to this camera, however, is that it is a little slow compared to aniPhone 6s or Nexus 6p, the articles are really good too d but there is no article editing software on the phone and apps are once again very limited the battery life is in Okay, so for the 950 and 950XL you can get through a day if you use it very lightly, but I had to charge it most days I also noticed heavy battery drain when idling. So if you sleep 8 hours you wake up and are 15 to 20 percent off, and by comparison, my Nexus 6p or an iPhone 6s will lose about 2 to 3 percent overnight. I know it's a software thing and it will be fixed but at the moment it still sucks the Lumia 950 and 950 XL both have well built polycarbonate cases but a bit of a creaky excellent call quality from the earbud both have really nice Quad HD AMOLED Screens but they need to be set to auto brightness to get really bright up front which are kind of slow and unreliable, both have 5 mega-pixel front cameras which are decent on the back, they are some of the best pictures from smartphone cameras in the Wait, both have rear-facing speakers that are loud but tinny on the inside.

We have batteries that currently only last about a day with light usage, you have a Snapdragon 808 or an 810, both have RAM and they should be strong performers but they are currently a little sluggish due to software issues and they both have dual SIM -Card slots and 32GB of expandable storage, ok other than that iris scanner and speakers I would consider the hardware of these phones to be really solid, but because of the high prices of these phones? and how limited the apps are, but especially how buggy Windows 10 Mobile is right now, I find it really hard to recommend this phone to anyone, if you are an existing Windows Phone user I would probably only use what you are currently using just keep it a little longer if you're an iOS or Android user there's really no compelling reason not to move on to this ecosystem right now um it's super cool i think what microsoft is trying to do has one enormous potential and over time as everything kind of matures. I think it can actually replace computers for certain users and that's what this whole system needs to be mature, how the operating system needs to mature, the app store needs to be immature, and universal apps need to become more readily available and I think , they will be in mid-2016 and then Microsoft is also planning to release their surface phones, these will be better built and the software will be somehow mature for this hardware by then this review hope you enjoyed it

Why did Nokia Lumia fail?

There are a ton of reasons why Microsoft lost the battle for mobile, including its approach to licensing Windows Phone, partners like Samsung not launching cutting-edge Windows Phone handsets, and Microsoft's failure to attract app developers.

Windows Phone: a product with so much potential that had it all and yet failed spectacularly.

Despite Microsoft's billions of dollars and priceless connections, Windows Phone never caught on and went down in history as one of Microsoft's costly mistakes, in this article we look at the reasons for failure and the actions Microsoft would take This article is made available to you by Dashlane. Keep your passwords secure and strong on all your devices by logging in using the link in the description. When Steve Jobs announced the iPhone in 2007, he took the smartphone world by storm.

Now how do I scroll through my list of artists? How do I do that? I just take my finger and scroll. Smartphones up until then had a big problem: they had small screens with hard-to-navigate surfaces, and that was because half of the phone was occupied by a keyboard with tiny buttons that you could barely press with no precision at all. What Steve Jobs showed his ecstatic audience was a game changer, but not only Apple fans were watching.

The engineers at Google, who had built their own smartphone for the past two years, had to scrap your entire project and start over with a touchscreen design. Their final product, Android, was to hit the market more than a year later, by the time the iPhone had taken the smartphone crown. The iPhone model was built on exclusivity: it was made entirely by Apple for maximum control over the user experience and the quality of the product, which enabled Apple to charge a premium for its phones.

To be successful, Android had to follow a different strategy: instead of going for exclusivity, Google tried to be everyone's friend and partner with as many phone manufacturers as possible, the selling point of their phones being that they were cheap and were still functional. For a while the smartphone world was in equilibrium with Android and the iPhone occupy very different market segments. Yet that balance would soon be upset by another tech giant, Microsoft.

Of the three companies, Microsoft actually had the most experience with mobile devices, and Gates revealed what he called the handheld PC, which was actually more of a small laptop. I asked Tom McGill of the Windows CE group to come on stage with me and give us a quick look at some of the nice things built into the handheld PC, for those of you who may not have seen one before Bill has talked a little about the handheld pc and this is actually the Casio unit. The Casio unit is typical for the handheld PC, so it has a physical keyboard, a 480x2402 bit per pixel screen, IR, PC card, upgradeable RAM, 2 AA batteries.

So this is a pretty typical handheld PC. The operating system it ran on was known as Windows CE, which was essentially modified by Windows 3 to work on the lowest specs. Over the past decade, Microsoft added features and developed this line of products extensively, which brought out another 6 full versions.

Between 2006 and 2008, Microsoft's mobile devices claimed a 15% market share, more than any of its competitors except Nokia’s Symbian. But that success is exactly what has blinded Microsoft to the iPhone threat. When Steve Ballmer, then CEO of Microsoft, was asked about his reaction to the iPhone, well, let's say it hasn't aged very well.

Steve, let me ask the iPhone and the Zune if I could. Zune got some attraction and Steve Jobs goes to Macworld and gets out this iPhone. What was your first reaction when you saw this? $ 500 fully subsidized with a plan! I said, 'This is the most expensive phone in the world'.

the world 'and it doesn't appeal to business customers as it doesn't have a keyboard which makes it not a very good email device. Even more priceless, however, is the frankness of the next question, though? It has sucked a lot in the spotlight in recent weeks because of the events at Macworld, not only with the iPhone but also with the new iPod - millions and millions of cell phones are selling per Year. Apple sells zero phones per year.

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Note the stark difference between the two men: The reporter clearly sees the innovations of the iPhone as a threat to the old smartphone establishment, but Microsoft's CEO can hardly look beyond the sales figures. And in case you think he's an exception, Blackberry and Palm CEOs were equally skeptical of the new iPhone. It took Microsoft a full year of declining market share to finally realize that something had to be.

Unlike Microsoft, Blackberry sales were still rising, giving them a sense of confidence that they never recovered from. Well, as they say, it's better late than never, and when Microsoft finally got around to it, their development was actually pretty quick. Microsoft started developing a touchscreen-based mobile device in late 2008 and it took only two years to get it to market What Steve Ballmer revealed was a very unique product indeed, whose advancement in smartphone design is not really well known, but it should be.

At a time when the iPhone and Android were stuck with static icons, the Windows Phone provided tiles with live information. Overall, critics had a lot to praise: In terms of design, the Windows Phone user experience was right next to Apple, and because Microsoft had very strict requirements for the hardware used by phone manufacturers, all early Windows Phones were very powerful machines for their time. And yet, Microsoft encountered a major problem difficultly very early on: it emulated Apple, which was trying to establish tight control over the user experience and hardware, but unlike Apple, it didn't make its own phones - making the Windows Phone a very nifty one Product, but the level of control Microsoft wanted made them a lot harder to work with compared to working with Android.

Unsurprisingly, most phone manufacturers chose to partner with Google, which put Microsoft in a very bad position: it had a great product and no one was making it. The only salvation for Microsoft was a happy marriage: when Nokia took over as CEO in September 2010, the new man, Stephen Elop, was a former Microsoft executive and the first item on his agenda was trying to catch Nokia's declining market share The task of Symbian and the switch to Windows Phone to restore. Now, you can tell that this was a very premeditated plan as this massive transition, in which Nokia completely changed its product offering, took place within a single year.

Nokia started selling its first Windows Phone in November 2011 and I can say right away that it was made possible thanks to the billions of dolls ars Microsoft gave Nokia as 'platform support payments'. Nokia reportedly paid a license fee to Microsoft, but in reality it got back $ 250 million each quarter from Microsoft, which more than made up for its expenses. Of course, the other phone manufacturers knew this was happening, which took them even further from Microsoft.

After all, why should they fund their own development and pay a license fee to Microsoft when Nokia got it all for free? In fact, Microsoft had gone all-in with Nokia and there was no going back. But unfortunately it was far too late for Microsoft. By the time Microsoft solved its production problem, four years after the iPhone was introduced, it had fallen to a 2% market share.

Nobody developed applications for the Windows Phone and why should they, considering that Android and iOS were clearly the winners here. For the first three years, the Windows Phone App Store was empty: there was no Instagram, there was no YouTube, had hardly anything. By 2013, Nokia's share price had fallen 75%, after which angry shareholders threatened to simply fire Stephen Elop and get rid of Microsoft altogether, which ended up not: Microsoft instead simply bought Nokia's mobile phone division for $ 7.2 billion in 2014.

The funny thing about it: Microsoft wrote off its $ 7.6 billion investment as early as the next year and then laid off almost 8,000 employees to top it off. Microsoft kept Windows Phone until October 2017, but it was clearly dead long before that.

And yet it is easy to imagine what other path Windows Phone would have taken if only it hadn't been so greedy with its original philosophy. Had Microsoft been willing to compromise its control over production, it would have easily convinced the major manufacturers to use Windows Phone instead of Android. After all, Google had practically no ecosystem to speak of at the time, while Microsoft was a software titan for decades or decades.

There's a lesson here on the importance of compromising in business, but there is one area in life that you shouldn't compromise on and that is the security of all of your passwords. Fortunately for you, managing your passwords is a breeze with Dashlane. Dashlane can generate strong passwords and store them securely on all of your devices and fill them in automatically when needed.

Dashlane is available on every major desktop and mobile device and would even be on Windows Phone If Microsoft had done this, Dashlane not only manages your passwords, but also provides a VPN for each of your devices and monitors the dark web to make sure your data isn't leaked by hackers on My Drift Here, but Dashlane is really great. So great that I'm giving you a free trial of Dashlane and a 10% discount on their premium service if you register using the link in the description. Use the code 'businesscasual' to take the discount.

Anyway, thanks for watching. Make sure you like, subscribe, leave a comment, check out my two skillshare classes (I just posted a new one ) and we'll see you again in two weeks. Until then: stay smart.

Why does my Windows Phone keep restarting?

A defective battery may be the reason for random reboots. You'll first need to confirm whether the battery is the culprit or not. To confirm, note down the battery % when the phone reboots. If your phone reboots at a certain % then the battery is busted.

Press and hold the 'power button and the volume down button'

How do I factory reset my Lumia 950?

After the vibration is felt, release the power button and keep holding the volume down button. You should now see an exclamation mark on your screen. Now press the following key combinations: Volume up, Volume Down, Power Button, Volume Down. Your phone will now reset itself to factory defaults.

How to fix Lumia 950 issue 1.0 en.us?

User Guide Lumia 950 Issue 1.0 EN-US Contents For your safety 4 Get started 5 Keys and parts 5 Insert the SIM and memory card 5 Remove the SIM and memory card 8 Turn the phone on 10 Lock the keys and screen 11 Charge your phone 12 Change the volume 13 Connect the headset 15 Antenna locations 16 Your first Lumia?

Is the Lumia 950 XL a good phone?

If Microsoft intends to not make the Lumia 950 series one of the most returned Windows Phones, they need to fix quite a few things, and fast. The Lumia 950 and 950 XL have a wonderful camera, and the Windows Camera app is great as well.

How to fix random reboots on Lumia 950?

Fix for Lumia 950 random reboots – Method 1. If Windows 10 is corrupted on your phone, you can face random reboots problem and as well as performance related issues. It is best to reset your phone or use Windows Device Recovery Tool to find the culprit. Turn off your phone. Hold down both the power button and the volume down button.

What to do if your Lumia 950 overheats?

If perhaps the ambient temperature is way too high: Close the applications and keep your Microsoft Lumia 950 away from the sun for the time it is cooled. If perhaps you request too much power: Take breaks in your games or activities.

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