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Liveweb add in - practical solution

How do I add LiveWeb to PowerPoint?

  1. Click on Insert | Web Page.
  2. Enter the list of web page address that you wish to create.
  3. Provide the additional info required.
  4. LiveWeb will create slides with web browser controls embedded on the slides.
  5. Run the slide show.
  6. The web pages will be displayed during the slide show and refreshed at real-time.

This allows you to present your slide deck to the audience and at the same time they can see the content on their own device, which means that you can choose which language they can see in the subtitles, you can zoom in and out of the content and through the slides going back and forth and you can also give you feedback with emojis before you start to miss something, in this article we are going to look at live presentations from two angles, first the presenter and then the audience, if you are a presenter you have to know some things. Doesn't work with the desktop app and in any browser except Safari, so you won't be able to present from Safari.

Moderators also need an Office 365 subscription to start the live presentation primarily as an audience, stop using the desktop app, you are using a browser, but luckily all popular browsers can be used including Safari, and as an audience member you don't need Office 365 License ModeratorStart PowerPoint in the browserYou can do this from the homepage or you can go to the app launcher and select PowerPoint and when you land on the PowerPoint homepage, just open the slide you want to present, I'll present this some financial data and go go to the slideshow tab in the ribbon and you will now see the live presentation button before you present live. There are a couple of settings you need to know, if you drop that arrow down here, you will see that you can choose an audience. There are two options, one of which is only people in your organization, if you choose that option people will have to sign up to be able to see your presentationEveryone who has no minutes in youroffice 365 tenant is not allowed to see your slides The second option is everyone and this is basically an anonymous link to your slide presentation.

When you have the link, you can see the slides without having to sign in to Office 365. The third option here is the audio settings and when I press it it pops up a window on the right and I can choose my audio settings, it will choose the default microphone but I can change that if I want to choose a different one and then can You Also Select Spoken And Subtitle Language The spoken language is obviously the language the presenter is using and that his microphone is going off-hook and the subtitle language is the language that will appear under the slides when the presentation starts. I'll leave both of them in English and as we go through it I'll show you how the audience can change which subtitles they see from their own device, once the presenter has chosen the audience and audio settings all they have to do is press the Presentlive button when they do that the deck will show up in full screen for this demo I'll just bring them back to browser view and you can see that there is some sort of splash screen that tells you the live presentation is about to start and then when I click on the next page it gives the audience a QR code that they can scan with their phone or tablet and if they can't use the QR code there is a link in the top right corner there and they can just type in the browser window StandpunktI will be using an iPad here I will just scan this QR code and you can see that it asks me to open it in the browser e.g. u open so i just click the browser link switch to the browser on the ipad now you can see the presentation load and before the slides even show it is already transcribed what the moderator is saying down here on the right when you get back switch to moderator view, you can see someone has joined it would tick because a lot of people will join the presentation as moderator when I'm ready to start.

I can just click the deck and it will start showing my slides to the audience. Now you can switch back to the audience. You can see they see my deck and the transcript of What I Say As I Say It, but from the audience's point of view there are a couple of useful things we can do, first of all the transcript itself I should change that to Hindi, it would then show all previous transcripts in Hindi and if I don't need a transcript I can always turn it off, I can't vouch for the correctness of the transcription for you meaningful or not the next thing we have down here are reactions.

I can click on the Reaction toolbar here and then send reactions to the moderators so they can see in real time how people like what they say, even as a viewer, I can zoom in and out of the deck even though it is in its normal Snap back to view and I let go so it doesn't hold the zoom and I can also move back and forth through the slides myself and if I'm lost you can hit the button for the current slide and that will bring me back to the current slide in the Moderator zone. Back to the moderator view. They also have a toolbar that you can use to turn off the microphone.

If you want to stop the translation, it will stop there. You can go back and forth through the slides. See all the slides.

If you want to jump back to a slide, maybe you can do that as part of a question-and-answer session and then you can write on the slides as well. So if you want to highlight certain areas of the stack of slides that's also possible and you can turn on the subtitles or even from here and we have a live presentation button that shows you how many people have joined you return with the QR- Code back to the welcome screen or you can end the session and thus close the Powerpoint session for the moderator and the participants.As soon as the moderator has finished the session, all viewers receive a feedback form with a star rating and can choose between 1 and 5 stars to show how well they thought the presentation after the audience submitted an asterisk, they can then go ahead and rate the speaker's design, content and interaction, and leave other comments.

As soon as all the feedback has been sent, the moderator will receive an email with information about the feedback, now if I switch to Outlook can see that I have received an email from Powerpoint live and I can see the audience feedback in the text of this email See mail and up here I get a presentation rating so a total score based on everyone who sent feedback, then the other four questions about SlidedesignSpeaker content and interaction I can see how well I handled each of these four topics and then at the very bottom I have some areas to improve on as I have a low score for slide design it suggests that I should check out the design ideas to make my slides a bit better and then finally have it down We made some comments, i.e. the comments that were made on each of the submissions.

The presenter can also go to Microsoft to detail the feedback data If you go to the app launcher and forms, it will add a form to your collection with the title and the date and time the slide show was delivered, so when I click you will see that I have four answers and sums it up together what the feedback was, just like in the email, but I can also go to the View Results button and actually scroll through each of the four submissions and see how each person rated me and what their feedback was and obviously because They are forms that I can open in Excel. Download, take it offline whatever i want so that it can also be used in excel esentations in powerpoint for the webi hope this article was useful, let me know if you are using it and if it works for you

How do I install LiveWeb?

Select Add-Ins on the left side, then select PowerPoint Add-ins from the Manage menu, and click Go. This will open the PowerPoint Add-ins window. Click Add New to add the LiveWeb addin we downloaded previously. Browse to the folder where you extracted the LiveWeb addin, and select it.

- So you're ready to start live streaming, but are you feeling a little overwhelmed? Well, in this article, I'm going to walk you through my top camera, audio, and software recommendations so you can start streaming live today, and definitely stay until the end where I have a live streaming power tip give. Let's get started - all you have to do is hit record - hey my name is Heather Torres from Think Media and on this channel we also do technical equipment reviews setup tutorials just like this, so if you are new here this should give you a second if you sign up, Hey, before we start the article, I want you to know that I'll be listing the timecodes for all of the things I'm talking about here so be sure to check out the description below so that you can get to know the cameras, audio and software now if you want to dig deeper into these. Okay so you can start your live streaming.

The first thing to consider is your camera. And you can get started with the webcam, which is built into your laptop. If that's all you have, all you need is that.

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But if you're looking to upgrade from there, I highly recommend buying this webcam. I like this webcam because it's easy to indirectly plug USB into your laptop, set it up and you're good to go. I like to use an external webcam because it has a higher resolution, which basically just means the image is sharper and looks a lot better.

I found this webcam to be perfect for what I am doing with my live streams and online workouts, but if you want to step up and already have a DSLR or mirrorless camera, check out the article on YouTube Cardor or the link below for our best live streaming camera recommendations, but a webcam is all you need to get started. The next thing you need is audio. Now audio is crucial when doing live streaming as it will make your live stream more professional.

I recommend using a USB microphone that you plug right into your laptop. And it will allow your audio to be super crispy when streaming. I use the Blue Yeti X as my USB microphone.

I like that for the sound quality and easy installation, I literally just plug it in and I can start streaming live. There are customizations that you can make and if you want to see the article we have on the Blue Yeti I will link it in the YouTube card and in the description below, mistakes many creators make is that they just do say how their iPhone headphones and the little microphone that is there. This is actually not good enough audio quality for a live stream if you use it for other things like watching TV.

B. want to reuse a podcast or on social media, so I strongly recommend investing in a USB microphone so that you are already improving the audio quality of your live stream. Okay, now you have the webcam.

You have your USB microphone And the last thing I really recommend is software, on Facebook and YouTube, you can just stream straight to these platforms. You can easily activate live buttons on a desktop computer. But I think the best way to go live is to do things like bring in a guest or share your screen or other articles while you're on your live stream.

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And the best way to do it is with a simple piece of software called StreamYard. This is desktop application software that is really easy to use. And if you want to see our step-by-step guide on how to use this, by all means check out the description below or I'll link it on the YouTube map.

What I now love about StreamYard as software is that it is easy to use. It allows you to bring guests along. It allows you to customize it and have it branded on your live stream.

So when you're ready to get started, be sure to check out the links below as we have a discount code. We partnered with them to give you $ 10 off your first month. Now I have one more power tip for you guys, but before that I'll get to it, if you get added value from this article, click the 'Like' button.

And I would like to know and pass the question on to you. Have you already gone live and on which platform do you want to go live? , YouTube or Facebook? Let me know in the comments section below. Okay, for my power tip when you go live.

Make sure you schedule your articles. This is a huge mistake we so many YouTubers make Click the Go Live button with no planning or preparation. Here at Think Media we say you do your research before you hit record.

So I strongly recommend planning your articles. Do you know what you are going to say. Know how many points you want to get, know where to send people next, and if you want to know exactly what articles to make on YouTube right now, check out our free one-hour on-demand masterclass on ThinkMasterClass. com where Sean delves into the exact articles that YouTubers created should be in their niche in order to reach their audiences and get more views.

And the cool thing about live streaming is that your live streams keep going after understanding this process. You can be views while you doze. So be sure to check out our master class at ThinkMasterClass.com, start going live, and if you want to know how we do our live streams here at Think Media and how we create our outlines and schedule our articles, click Now onto the article on the screen where we will walk you through our process step by step.

This will help you get more views, more reach on your livestreams, and you can rest assured that you already know what you are doing so click the article on the screen and we'll see you in the next article (happy music)

Are PowerPoint add-ins free?

If you're someone who works with data, PowerPoint add-ins like PowerUser and Office Timeline will definitely give your presentations a little extra. ... Luckily, add-ins are easily installable, and you can uninstall them just as easily. These are all free PowerPoint add-in, so free free to try them all!

Did you know that PowerPoint for Office 365 has several add-ins. I scoured thousands of them to bring you the top 5 free add-ins from the Microsoft Store. To install add-ins in PowerPoint for Office 365, just go to the Insert tab and click Get Add-ins.

This will bring up the Microsoft Store, where you can choose from several different apps. Click My Add-ins to view the apps you have already installed. Let's begin. # 1 pexels.

The Pexelsadd-in gives you access to free stock photos. Once installed, just click Open Pexels on the Insert tab and search for your free photo. Select one from the list and it will insert the photo into your presentation.

Now you can resize, move, and edit your photo just like any other image. Pexels also offers a handy color search option so you can pick a photo that matches the color of your presentation. Choose from thousands of professionally created photos with Pexels. # 2 Pixton cartoon characters.

Pixton allows you to add Illustrated Comic characters to your presentations. Once installed, select Comic Characters on the Home tab. Pick a character from the list, choose an outfit, choose a pose, and even add a speech bubble if you prefer.

Insert your character. You can now move, resize, and adjust as needed. When you sign up with Pixton, you can create your own comics and storyboards.

Pixton is a fun way to get your message across in your presentation. # 3-QR4Office. This is by far the easiest way to add a QR code to your PowerPoint presentation.

With QR4Office you simply enter the url or text you want to encode, choose the color and background, set Resize it and click Insert. Now you can adjust the picture in your presentation. You can create several types of QR codes.

Choose from website urls, email addresses, phone numbers, text, geographic locations or create your own custom QR code. Use the QR code in a flyer or other presentation in PowerPoint and it can be easily scanned from mobile devices. For example, use your phone's camera to scan the QR code and you will be directed to that address link.

Create a QR code for a phone number and when you scan the QR code you will be redirected to that phone number. A well designed tool that is also easy to use and free. Take a look at QR4Office. # 4-OfficeMaps.

To add a map to your PowerPoint presentation quickly and easily, use OfficeMaps. Once installed, OfficeMaps will appear on the Insert tab. Open it up and enter a location, select it from the list, zoom in to your desired view, you can even select a satellite if you wish.

After you've set the view, insert your card into your presentation. Move and scale the image as needed. As simple as that! OfficeMaps works in other apps as well as PowerPoint.

Check out # 5-Kwilt. Kwilt is a great tool for accessing photos from multiple locations in the cloud or social media. Once installed, Kwilt is available from the Insert tab.

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Kwilt displays your most recent photo posts. You can also view them by date, location, or app. Select a photo and drag it right into your presentation.

Go to Settings to add your favorite social media and cloud accounts so that Kwilt has access to all of these photos. It's a simple tool and a very effective way to transfer your photos to PowerPoint. If you like Kwilt you might want to check out their mobile app as well.

These are the top 5 free PowerPoint add-ins, but wait! There is another add-in that is worth mentioning - PresentationPRO. PresentationPRO contacted me with a special offer to my subscribers for their PowerPoint add-in. They offer 50 PowerPoint designs for free and a discount on their total package.

I was impressed with PresentationPRO so let's see how it works. You can install the free add-in by following the link in the description of this article. Once installed, it will add PresentationPRO to your menu.

Click on it and select Find Designs. From here, you can scroll through the list of templates, graphics, icons, and slides, or find one that you want to use. Just click the bar to the right of an image and apply it to the current presentation.

It's that easy to use! All images are royalty-free and PresentationPRO works with versions of PowerPoint up to PowerPoint 97. The free add-in contains 50 images, but if you want to access the full 30,000 image library you need the paid subscription. If the paid subscription to PresentationPRO is of interest to you, be sure to use the link in the description below this article, which is offered exclusively to SeleTraining subscribers.

Thank you for watching! Hey, if you want to see more articles like this please subscribe and if you liked this article hit the thumbs up and leave a comment. I really appreciate your support!

What can I add to PowerPoint?

Free PowerPoint Add-Ins
  1. iSpring Free – Convert Your Presentations to HTML5 & SCORM. ...
  2. Power-User – Quickly Design Beautiful Presentations and Spreadsheets. ...
  3. Pexels – Populate Presentations with Beautiful Photos. ...
  4. LiveWeb – Insert Live Webpages in Your Presentations. ...
  5. PowerPoint Labs – Enhance Your Slides with Visuals.

- Today we're going to talk about three PowerPoint features that do justice to the technical trifecta and blow my customers away every time. (Joy Folk Music) Hi, I'm Doctor Echo Rivera of Creative Research Communications, helping academics, scientists, researchers, and evaluators communicate their work more effectively and creatively. One way to do this is through private one-on-one article sessions.

My training and technical support -Video calls. And I almost didn't do this article because I have a favorite moment that happens on those calls, and if I do this article, I may not have that moment anymore. So this is what happens.

We're on our call, I've shown them a lot in PowerPoint, and then comes the moment when I can finally tell you about this feature in PowerPoint that you've probably never heard of. It goes something like this. We're on the call and I'm like, 'Hey, check out this feature.' Did you know that? Could powerpoint do this? People are usually skeptical.

For example, 'What's this, is this getting complicated' or you just really love PowerPoint Echo, 'Maybe you're crazy, but I won't be.' And, but then I show them the thing and they say, 'Wait a minute.' It was so easy. 'And I said,' I know, right? 'And they say,' I'm going to save so much time. ' then we have a party and then there is fireworks and we are both just so excited about this feature.

So, yeah, I wasn't sure if I should make a article about these features just to let everyone know because maybe that moment won't happen on my calls anymore. But I decided to create this article and share it with everyone because over the years I've worked with many clients, I've noticed a shared challenge getting in their way. And it's that people feel like they really can't learn the technical stuff.

That some people feel like it's too complicated and advanced and they just can't learn it. But most people feel more like I'm really busy, don't they? Again, I work with academics, scientists and researchers and they are all very busy. So a lot of people worry that the learning curve is getting too much and that it is just taking too long to learn, and that makes me really sad because it's just not true.

First, I know these things can definitely be learned, but second, they don't take much time. What brings me to the technical Trifecta Have you ever heard of it? (Häs and Haws) Probably not because I somehow made it up for this article. So, let's talk about what the Tech-Trifecta is.

Okay, so, a Tech-Trifecta is when one feature, one makes your slides look good, which is actually important, secondly, it's easy to do and thirdly, it saves you Time. When a feature does all three of these things, we've officially hit the technical triple, which is actually pretty rare for one or two of those things, but all three are really rare. So let's talk about the first feature Align Objects Perfectly in PowerPoint.

So I'll show you a article and it will go by very quickly because I didn't want this article to be too long so be careful that you pay attention. And I'll show you a couple of different ways. Okay, first you always select all of the objects on your slide so that's what I'll do, now click the arrange button, go to Align, and I'll align to that select top. let me show you how to align down one more time. click everything again, arrange, align, then align, then align down, let's do it different ways, ok click all, click Arrange and then Align, and then Align Left.

Click all again, click Arrange, Align and Center Align. Ah, how cool is that? I used to have to insert a line and then manually insert it into PowerPoint, you know, move all the objects to meet that line. It was time consuming, it didn't work very well, it was really annoying.

Now you can perfectly arrange objects ctly in just a few clicks. Okay, feature number two. You can also distribute objects perfectly in PowerPoint.

So it actually starts the same way, but the last one you choose will be a little different. And there are two options. They can be horizontal or. distribute vertically, and I'll show you both twice, are you ready? Okay, it always starts with selecting all of the objects, hit arrange, go back to align and choose distribute horizontally.

Click all objects again, go back to arrange, align, distribute horizontally. Now let's switch it to vertical. So click on all of these objects, arrange, align and distribute vertically.

Click again on all of these objects, arrange, align (sigh) vertically, so if you can't really tell what's so great about it, it happens, if you distribute it perfectly, you get the same amount of white space between each object. No more guessing, no more trying to do it with your eyes, it'll be perfect every time. Okay, let's talk the last few feet talk ature.

Did you know that PowerPoint has built-in free icons? And not just that , they are not clip art, they are modern and flat and really well designed, let me show you how to find them. This will be in the Insert tab. So you click Insert, and then you go straight to the shapes and click the icons.

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And then you get this window that pops up or it's on the side. And check out all of these great icons. You have a wide choice.

I think they'll be adding more in a moment. And then you click a few or just one, click Insert, and they're on your slide. Even better, you can actually click the icon, switch to graphic format, and change the color.

You change the fill of the graphic and you can adapt the symbol to your color scheme. Uh these are awesome, I highly recommend you use them bad news icons are not available in all versions of powerpoint. It's available in Office 365.

It's PowerPoint 2016, I'm not sure, I think PowerPoint 2019. Either way, search online for r version it should have. And if you search and see that your version of PowerPoint is listed but you don't see it , check in with IT as it needs the internet to connect to the symbol library.

IT may have blocked them email them, contact them, let them unblock this feature for you, it's worth it, I highly recommend you use these icons trifectain powerpoint, so what do you think ? Are you excited or did you already know about it? And most importantly, what other functions in PowerPoint meet the technical Trifecta? Let me know if you know something and maybe I'll make a article about it Well, a lot of people ask me what I use and how I make my presentations. To give you some statistics, this article was made in PowerPoint. Even the animations, I don't use After Effects or anything; it's Office 365 on a Windows that was made in November 2019.

All the graphics were free and hassle-free I don't use google images it's such a waste of time and you don't even find the best visuals this way so I found it another way. The exemplary shot of showing you how to set it all up was made in advance with SnagIt, and this short article had 22 slides, well if you were shocked. I was just saying that Google Images isn't efficient, and doesn't even give you the best images, and if you're a member of my online course then definitely be sure to check out the behind-the-scenes information.

So I'll let you know where I found the pictures and the links to the pictures if I can. You can download specific slides so you can click through and see how I set up the animations. And I made a bonus article telling you how to set things up and explaining some of the more advanced design and animation techniques shown in the article.

So yeah thanks for watching u found this helpful, please like, share and subscribe and all the good stuff. Make sure to check out my free online courses if you haven't already. And hey, if you are an academic, scientist, researcher or reviewer and want to have better presentations, book me for group training.

I can train your entire department or organization. Or book one of the one-on-one meetings mentioned at the beginning. Or, hey, I can just design your presentations for you if you don't have the time.

Either way, thank you again for watching. Have a nice day, see you in the next article, bye.

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