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Kinect turns off - how to decide

Why is my Kinect not working?

Make sure that the connector on the end of the Kinect cable is plugged firmly into the Kinect port on the back of the console. If the connector is firmly connected, unplug it, wait 10 seconds, and then plug it in again. If you're still having trouble, restart your console.

Okay, let's get to it, here we have an Xbox 360 Kinect, not to be confused with the new naked body scanning Xbox One yes, it scans you through your clothes, now this one doesn't work and that's why we're going to take them apart, I'll show you which of the ones common parts that fail when your Kinect isn't working The first thing to check is the power supply the easiest way to do it The supply is good, it's not a guarantee, but that won't turn on then is your Connect -Power supply bad. You can get generic for very cheap on eBay, so okay, now for the main event, now there are a few pieces here if it doesn't move, if your Kinect doesn't turn? in the lower part are all the gears and motors and to get there you need to remove this pad. Of course you want to be a little careful about putting it back on, but you know if you take things apart they'll never come back together the way you want them, all right, so here we look like that's okay Okay, that's a T10 bit and there are four of them if you don't have a torque wrench or the safety bits.

The best place I found is at HarborFreight with all the different types of bits and they are very long so you can use them with a narrow shaft Okay, well, so we got the mezoom a little more tidy, so want to keep this upside down first, all the screws are still in, then you have this plate and then you have this base will just flow freely and there are now four phillips screws, all right, if you take this off you want to be careful because there are a lot of gears and things that are aligned and you don't want to miss aligning them if you can. There's the spring, for example, and then that brass plate with the plastic washer that just fell off to put it right back on it fits so be aware that I'm saving this now so I really don't care that much, but as you can see there. Lots of gears and levers and there is this tiny little motor, the chances of the motor burning out is very slim but it can happen and so these women are just kept there and if you want to sell something like that I'm just being gentle so you don't do it? Break the wiring so you have this, this is the little motor that flips the connection so when the base is removed to show you what's inside.

Now we come to the main part of the connection. The first thing you want to do is under those stickers, here and here are a couple of screws so just break the sticker, these were just the standard hex bits, these are the safety bits, which means they are hollowed out in the middle, so it's like the star shape and then you gotta see the hole if we can get this See, there's such a rod in the middle of the star, okay it took me a while to find it so i actually did tidy up but this is what it looks like when you can see there's a hole in the middle and it's kind of this star shape but you put them on these two screws here, okay now the next thing here we have to pry off the whole grille, if you want to reassemble it, just put this aside as you can see there are little tabs there and then there is some adhesive material you put that on this plastic opening, this is actually metal, and that exposes four more screws so with all the screws we're ready to remove this okay so it just slides off like that, now you have a couple of boards, there is aplastik here vent plastic ventilator here that is a fan and it is one Kind of rubberized stuff we go on and take these boards out and the first thing we're going to do is try to slide down the floor, okay that just pops off and then you have the vent, vent the fan and then you have all of these T10 screws ok so now you have this and you can just pull it out so carefully and then this should show up there is a connector right there that came a little too hard ok so this board here is usually the board that Fails on your connection if it is not the power supply Chances are this is the next component to fail You can sometimes look up that you have an error code e r hold when it turns on but if it doesn't work don't turn on and it's not the power supply, it could very well be this board here the part number for this board go ahead and hold it up x8 five four four eight eight zero zero five so that's it this a heat sink right here so if you want to take this off you'll just warm up you can pry it off cold we go and do that is easier if it's warmer we go fine so there is the thermal paste pad right there and then the processor, okay, I'm just going to unplug the fan here like that and we're going to go ahead and take out those screws, there are four on each side one two three four okay, so now let's look at the actual lenses on the Kinect that you have: one Heat projector or an infrared projector infrared camera and then a regular camera ns and that's fun. You can take them off and use them for part of the project if you're so inclined, or you can just sell them on eBay, but I haven't mentioned yet that I can buy this part on ebay too if your just a try? Fix your Kinect so we can go ahead and pull this all the way down as you can see there are more screws on the front and then with those special tape clamps that you just want to push up on each side you don't want any Use metal tools when you're trying to get this because those solder joints are so small, but you could just use your thumbnail and fingernail and just push up slightly, which will release the clamp and then this tape will just wiggle out like that, so you should be careful not to damage these ligaments if we are trying to salvage one of these parts again, so here we are going to take these out and we are going to undo that now let's move on.

You'll need a 3/16 inch or a five millimeter socket and that means removing those standoffs here either one off.If these sizes work, if you don't have one you can use pliers or a sickle shaped wrench, but it's a lot easier and the right tool to use, okay, and we're going to disconnect that, okay, now we're going back to the t10bit because right here and then we're going to remove those two connectors just be careful not to break the wires here these are very small wires , okay with all of that out of the way we're going to remove this piece of plastic here and we have a couple of small torque screws if you don't don't have a torque wrench for some of these screws like this one is on 7 t6, maybe you can use a torque screw that size that you can just use the way I use them with WireClippers and undo the whole thing. My torx wrench was a bit stripped so it didn't work that well Okay, right here on this sensor of this thing, right here, this just comes out like that and then you can go through the rest of the harness, so here you have the three Main camera sensors on the kinect and that's it hopefully this was helpful and gives you an idea of ​​o of course i don't plan on reassembling this or it would have been much more careful with the parts i placed where i put the screws, and all of this hopefully gives you the confidence to fix a lot of these parts on ebayor if yours is broken and you don't want to fix it you can sell these parts to OneBay so let me know what you think in the comments below

Was the Kinect a failure?

These were designed to make the Xbox 360 more appealing to families. At first, the Kinect peripheral was a big success — Microsoft introduced it on Nov. ... But, by 2015, Microsoft had stopped talking about the Kinect and Polygon declared it to be dead. In 2017, Microsoft stopped manufacturing the Kinect for the Xbox One.

Why does my Xbox keep turning off?

If your Xbox console is unexpectedly shutting down, it may be because it's not getting enough ventilation, or there may be a problem with the power supply.

How do I fix my Kinect?

Make Sure It's Plugged In: Ensure the connector on the end of the Kinect cable is firmly connected to the Kinect port on the back of your Xbox One. Reset the Kinect: If the Kinect sensor is already firmly connected, unplug it. Wait ten seconds and then plug it back in again. This will reset the Kinect.19 mei 2017

Why does my Kinect keep turning itself off?

Icon appears top right of the screen and says it is disconnected. Have to unplug the power brick in order to get it working. And it works fine but it will eventually turn itself off again. Been reading that the kinect is bad and if I have to buy new one, so be it. But curious if anyone else has had the issue.

Can you check if the Kinect fan is working?

Check that the fan is working correctly in the Kinect itself, it has its own fan and supply. They have a tendency to turn off, burn out, and sometimes (in my case) destroy the internal j11 thermal fuse.

How does the temperature sensor work on the Kinect?

There's a little cooling fan in the back of it, and the Kinect gets quite warm. If the fan or temperature sensor have failed it'll turn off either when it's hot, or whether it's cold, depending on if the temperature sensor is an NTC (Negative Temperature Coefficient) or PTC (Positive Temperature Coefficient) type.

Is the Kinect X1 out of warranty?

Have to unplug the power brick in order to get it working. And it works fine but it will eventually turn itself off again. Been reading that the kinect is bad and if I have to buy new one, so be it. But curious if anyone else has had the issue. Pretty sure my X1 is out of warranty is it is a day one edition. Think I got this fixed.

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