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Kernal event tracing - Complete Manual

What is kernel event tracking?

More precisely, it is the name of an ETW event provider. The Windows kernel uses this provider to send trace messages and other logs so that a Windows Administrators can read and analyze them. Windows Administrators know how to access this log and make sense of it.28 mei 2017

- So here is a situation. You've been concerned about or lack of privacy in Windows 10 for a while, but while you've tried Linux, you just can't make the leap. Maybe some software you need isn't running properly, or maybe you're just a fan of Windows, other than privacy issues.

What can you do? Why not improve it? Yes, my friends, you can completely fix the problems with Windows 10 and remove the unnecessary junk that weighs on it all by yourself. So let's see how it's done and what it costs. But first, let's see how much our sponsor costs.

GlassWire is the tool that shows you in real time which apps are slowing down your connection. It is used by security professionals to monitor for malware, block wasted bandwidth, and detect suspicious activity. Get 25% off with the offer code Linus at the link below. (Upbeat music) What does improve in any way? Well, according to the dictionary it is a verb that means to make something bad or unsatisfactory better, and that certainly seems to be the goal of Win. to be dows 10 Ameliorated edition, a small project that has been around since 2017.

Not much information is now available on who is actually behind this, but some old links point to Actrons, a '90s kid who specifically names Outtechnology. Social sciences, philosophy, psychology and neurology, film and anime analysis and shudder as topics of interest. The improved edition appears to be an offshoot of their Windows 10 install script that originally almost disabled things like Windows Update and made adjustments to Windows Explorer, but Windows builds came out with more deeply integrated telemetry, a more direct approach was needed to keep Windows from doing it to call home bloody and get all my information.

The improved edition removes Windows Update, Cortana, Activation, Microsoft Edge, Windows Media Player, and all. appx UWP applications from the installation, not deactivated, removed, no longer available. This means that the overall size is reduced.

outlook limited connectivity

Removing such ingrained components naturally requires the introduction of replacements in certain cases. Killing Cortana, for example, cripples the Start menu and Windows Search in particular. So Classic Shell is used as a replacement, so you'll have to give up too.

DirectX 12 may not be fully supported as Windows Update is out of the question, and of course you're stuck with no automatic updates. In fact, the update process itself is a bit tedious, requiring you to disconnect from the internet, temporarily reactivate Windows Update, and so on and so on. Suffice it to say that while this version of Windows is focused on privacy, it is a little less focused on security.

The last one the site claims, most of the commonly exploitable apps have been removed anyway, so this point may be less important than you might think. But enough talk. Why don't we look for ourselves and see what else we are giving up in the name of improved privacy? Is that gone, is Windows Mail.

Who uses Windows Mail? How crazy do you have to be not to just use a web browser to check your email? All right Boomer, enjoy your Outlook So no Windows Mail, no Windows Store, and no Microsoft Edge, all we have down here is File Explorer, that's it. In fact, I'm now also noticing a few other changes. Where are all the drop-down lists for File Explorer? That feels like it's going to be very, very different.

We also have the classic Start menu in Windows Vista and 7 -Style. And of course, because there's no Edge, Anthony helpfully thrown a Firefox shortcut on the desktop. - The default is DuckDuckGo, really? - Yes. - Is this the Firefox standard or the improved Windows 10 edition? - No, this is an improved edition.

Actually Firefox and Thunderbird. - ONLYOFFICE. - What? ONLYOFFICE and VLC media player were all preinstalled by the operating system - I've never heard of ONLYOFFICE - Apparently it's a junction from LibreOffice - Ha, it looks a lot like Microsoft Office.

Let's try and find some tech tips here. Tech tips from Linus. What's my Amazon page? This is a used TITAN X.

Okay, we need to update that. Colton! - I'm here, what's up? - Oh wow are you there? (Laughing man) That was so cool. Can I summon people just by saying their name? lttstore.com.

Hey, that's a cute shirt by the way, guys. Okay what more can we try here? Okay, where is my file? Dropdown? - This is a modification of Windows Explorer called Old Explorer that restores the Windows 7 style of Windows Explorer. So it doesn't have the traditional ribbon.

It has none of the other things. It's just basically all rewritten. And there is actually a configuration file that you can modify to customize it yourself.

I used them for a while just out of curiosity, but they used it here because some of the changes they made to Windows also affected Explorer. So they had to use the Old Explorer to fix it somehow.- Well, I can tell you now that I only have one thing I would take care of, that they fix it and that is when I'm looking for something and to this folder go when I click folder, you bastards! That's not what i want I want it to go up in a folder.

If I want it to go back to the previous page, I'd hit back. Folder up means a folder up in the directory structure. So this looks like the horrible Windows 10 type of settings menu, except there's even less stuff here, a lot of it has to do with the telemetry stuff, so Windows updates, games like the Xbox stuff, the telemetry stuff and the Calling home was connected.

Pretty much anything that comes into question would also be deleted - can I? even set a screen saver? - I think so. It shows up, right? - I don't know, right? Wait, here it is, here it is, I have it, I have it. So you can't look for it.

I think that's probably because they sorted out the regular search as well. - Yes, without Cortana, Windows Search somehow dies .- Ha, I actually didn't know that this bubble screen saver was still built into Windows.

This is a Windows Vista classic here. That was so cool back then. Ooh, 3D acceleration on the desktop! Now it looks kinda fake actually, I just want to watch these bubbles for days - We have evolved beyond screensavers as a species at this point - That's weird too, the Windows tab doesn't go through things for some reason.

All tabs do, but why not Windows tab? Okay, that's cool. I think that's fine - I didn't really benchmark - Okay. - But it seems a lot faster than a standard Windows 10 installation should be. - I mean, the start menu pops up instantly, which is pretty nice.

But I mean how bad is this search? So let's look for Counterstrike. That's gross. Not being able to find something that is literally a shortcut on the desktop is terrible.

No worse than the one built into Windows 10. - I think it is possible to set the search folders for a classic shell or it is now called Open Shell. So if you right click on the Start menu and go to Settings you can configure everything there, but by default it isn't set up for that in my opinion.

It's just for the start menu itself. - Got it, okay. Search the internet, look for programs and settings, look for files.

It's set to search everything, sir.- Oh. Well then I did I don't apologize for that.

So what more can we try here? I mean, a game is going to be fine, right? Let's play Doom - I mean Doom should be running - There is a default password, why should that be? - Because the user account you are currently logged in with is directly a user. It's not an administrator - Why? - You are no longer receiving the security patches - Right - Most security vulnerabilities happen because users are administrators. - Right, and there's really no compelling reason to be an administrator other than just installing programs.

And if you know the admin password, you can always enter it if you want to, like you would on a Mac.- Yes.- I should just switch to Mac.Between Spotlight, and just, Finder wasn't that bad.

Me would consider it.- There are alternatives you can get.Path Finder is one.- Okay.- It's paid software, but it's actually pretty decent.- Why is everything paid on Mac? - Yes.- Because you can afford it, you bought a Mac.

Okay, yes we're running at 90 FPS or whatever. -Yes, it's perfectly fine.-Ultra-Nightmare.

Take the monsters. -Why don't you try a DirectX 12 game? probably won't work then hey. Okay what the --- it could be.

I got a shot from the Tomb Raider. -Oh yeah, it will. Oh, weird, there's no popup in the system tray -up.- This could just be an artifact from Classic Shell.

I'm not entirely sure. It's been a hot minute, but it could also be that we don't have any hidden icons. - I can't find a way to hide them.

I'm in the settings now and it's just, no, you just move them. Even the moving animations are a little different. So you might be right.

It could just be a classic shell thing. Let's play some shadow play from Tomb Raider, DirectX 12. Here we go boys.

Why should Windows Update affect this? - Apparently there are extensions for DirectX 12 that come down from Windows Update from time to time. So the idea is, if you have a game that has an extension that you don't have, DirectX 12 just doesn't work properly - Well, Shadow of the Tomb Raider is a bit of an older game and it seems to be working right at least in the menu what is being rendered in the engine so i would believe it will run. OK.

mac uninstall onedrive

So officially DirectX 12 is a no-go, but unofficially, if you try it game to game it might actually work fine then.- Yes.- You shouldn't be here, but I like it.

New task manager is here. That's nice to see. Got your GPU usage and all that good stuff even though I don't see temps here so that's at least one iteration back - It's actually based on Windows 10 1903 - Got it - By 1909 it should be possible but the official pictures are 1903.

Okay, you might then notice in the lower right corner that you have an icon to connect to the internet wizard.- Oh, I am.- Yes and that is --- That's because Windows don't know can that I have an internet connection.- Correct, because it is not possible to call home.- Understood.- So it only knows that you have local connectivity.- Interesting.Although all telemetry stuff is supposed to be removed, we're still up to date I have to fool Windows that it has no reason to use it because I don't have an internet connection - Yes - Oh, Creative Cloud probably won't know, I also have an internet connection - Yeah - Oh, I bet it wi rd give a lot of stuff that goes down because it thinks you don't have an internet connection - because they can't ping their server.

You can't call home - so it turns off telemetry for other applications as well - I think Adobe is one of those applications that hooks into the Windows API for this, and the API itself has been removed. - I opened the Creative Cloud desktop. A new version is available.

Go ahead and update. Let's see if it gets her. Let's see if you can get a water bottle on lttstore.com.

Okay, this won't end. It's been sitting here for ages now - I take back everything I said about high quality Adobe software. - Okay, so we have svchost, like the task manager.

Wow, there really isn't much in there - yes, and in keeping with the spirit of the OS, I also used NVCleanstall to install the NVIDIA driver. So we only have the bare minimum for that, too. - Oh, I think that explains why it feels so fast.

As you know, sometimes even on a fast computer you open local hard drive C and it takes about 10 or 15 seconds for no apparent reason. It needs to update like a log in the background, that needs to go - Exactly. - On Microsoft and all that crap.

One wonders how much stuff is actually encrusted in the vanilla version of Windows. - No kidding, like even if it takes a second to open and fill a directory listing, it takes a second, not 10 seconds.- Yes, accessing the vault or one of our other servers usually takes that long.- One long time.

That's great though I'm in the bank right now and it's responsive enough considering it runs on spinning g over a gigabit connection - yes - hey, MS Paint is still there - MS Paint is none Spyware.- I knew I knew you were good all along. That's pretty cool would be from an officially available, scaled-down version of Windows like an embedded version that we actually talked about when we made a article about Windows 9, and more since all of the telemetry is gone.

But from a legal point of view, this is all a gray area, so to speak. According to the website, the project is now perfectly legal, based on EU Directive 2009/24, which gives you a tailor-made interoperability base by downloading images with telemetry, including activation, from the website itself, even though you are essentially pirating. However, it is legally possible to do so if you modify a Windows image for yourself, and they have full documentation of the process, as well as a repository of open source scripts that they license and a Windows 10 1909 download should do on their own although the pre-made images are all based on 1903.

Legality aside, the utility of a Windows image like this one is pretty great for someone who wants to run it in a VM on a Linux machine for example. For everyday use I don't know. If you don't need some of the things of those we've found they don't quite work properly, and if you don't mind jumping through some hoops trying to update or run something that requires administrative permissions, then frankly, our better recommendations are just to give in and run Windows or just run Linux if you want privacy without a hitch.

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If you enjoyed this article, maybe check out the article we have below Windows 9 did. That was a really cool project too and well worth a look.

What is ETW provider?

ETW Provider — provides events to an event tracing session. A provider defines its interpretation of being enabled or disabled. In general, an enabled provider generates events, whereas a disabled provider does not. ETW Consumer — consumes the events from an event tracing session.

Internet Information Services is an extensible Web server developed by Microsoft for use with the Windows NT family. IIS supports HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, FTPS, SMTP and NNTP is missing in some editions. IIS is not switched on by default when Windows is installed.

The IIS manager is accessed via the Microsoft Management Console or the administrative tools in the Control Panel. History The first Microsoft web server was a research project by the European Microsoft Windows NT Academic Center, part of the University of Edinburgh in Scotland, and was distributed as freeware. However, because the EMWAC server was unable to handle the volume of traffic to Microsoft.com, Microsoft was forced to develop its own web server, IIS - each version of IIS came either with or with a version of Microsoft Windows Released: IIS 1.0 was originally released as a free add-on to Windows NT 3.51.

IIS 2.0 was in Wi. included ndows NT 4.0.IIS 3.0, which was included in Service Pack 2 of Windows NT 4.0, introduced the dynamic scripting environment of ActiveServer Pages.

IIS 4.0 was released as part of an 'Option Pack' for Windows NT 4.0.

IIS 5.0 that came with Windows 2000 ships and introduced additional authentication methods, management improvements including a new MMC-based management application, support for the WebDAV protocol, and improvements to ASP.IIS 5.0 also ended support for the Gopher protocol.

IIS 5.1 came with Windows XP Professional and was almost identical to IIS 5.0 on Windows2000.

IIS 6.0, which is included in Windows Server 2003 and Windows XP Professional x64 Edition, includes support for IPv6 and a new worker process model that increases security and reliability. IIS 7.0 was a complete redesign and rewrite of IIS and shipped with Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008.

IIS 7.0 includes a new modular design that allows for a reduced attack surface and higher performance; Developed a hierarchical configuration system that enables easier site deployments, a new Windows Forms-based administration application, new command line administration options, and increased support for the .NET Framework.

IIS 7.0 on Vista doesn't limit the number of connections allowed like IIS on XP did, but limits concurrent requests to 10 or 3. Additional requests are queued which affects performance, but they are not rejected as with XP.IIS 7.5 was included in Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2.

IIS 7.5 improved WebDAV and FTP modules and command line management in PowerShell. It also introduced TLS 1.1 and TLS 1.2 support, as well as the Best Practices Analyzer tool and process isolation for application pools.

IIS 8.0 is only available in Windows Server 2012 and Windows 8. IIS 8.0 includes application initialization, centralized SSL certificate support, and multicore scaling on NUMA hardware, among other new features.

IIS 8.5 is included in Windows Server 2012 R2 and Windows 8.1.

This release includes s idle process outsourcing, dynamic site activation, enhanced logging, ETW logging, and automatic certificate rebinding. All versions of IIS prior to 7.0 that ran on client operating systems only supported 10 concurrent connections and a single website.

Microsoft was used by vendors of. Criticizes other web server software, including O'Reilly & Associates and Netscape Communications Corp., for licensing previous versions of Windows NT; the 'Workstation' edition of the operating system only allowed ten simultaneous TCP / IP connections, while the more expensive 'Server' edition, which otherwise had few additional functions, allowed unlimited connections, but IIS was bundled.

It was concluded that this should discourage consumers from running alternative web server packages on the cheaper edition. Netscape wrote an open letter to the Antitrust Division of the US Department of Justice regarding this product licensing distinction that was alleged to have no technical merit. Features IIS 6.0 and higher supports the following authentication mechanisms: Anonymous authentication Basic Access Authentication Digest Access Authentication Integrated Windows authentication UNC authentication.

NET Passport Authentication Certificate Authentication IIS 7.0 has a modular architecture. Modules, also called extensions, can be added or removed individually. only need to add or remove modules that are required for specific functions to be installed.

IIS 7 includes native modules as part of the full installation. These modules are individual functions that the server uses to process requests and include the following: Security modules: Used to perform many security-related tasks in the request processing pipeline, such as authentication schemes, performing URL authorization, and filtering requests. Content modules: Used to perform content-related tasks in the request processing pipeline, such as: Such as processing requests for static files, returning a default page when a client does not specify a resource in a request, and listing the contents of a directory.

Compression modules: Used to perform tasks related to compression in the request processing pipeline, z. Such as compressing responses, applying Gzip compression transfer encoding to responses, and precompressing static content. Caching modules: Used for perform caching-related tasks in the request processing pipeline, such as: B. storing processed information in the server's memory and using cached content in subsequent requests for the same resource.

Logging and Diagnostic Modules: Used to perform logging and diagnostic related tasks in the request processing pipeline, e.g. B.

Passing information and processing status to HTTP.sys for logging, reporting of events and tracking of requests that are currently running in worker processes. IIS 7.5 includes the following additional or improved security features: Client Certificate Mapping IP Security Request Filtering URL Authorization Authentication slightly changed between IIS 6.0 and IIS 7, mostly in that the anonymous user named 'IUSR_ {machinename}' is a in Vista and future operating systems integrated account called 'IUSR'.

Specifically, in IIS 7, each authentication mechanism is isolated in its own module and can be installed or uninstalled. IIS 8.0 introduces new features aimed at performance and ease of administration.

The new features are: Application Initialization: a feature that allows an administrator to configure certain applications to start automatically when the server starts. This reduces the waiting time for users who access the site for the first time to access a server restart. Welcome page during application initialization: The administrator can configure a welcome page to be displayed to the site visitor during an application initialization.

hotmail mailbox unavailable

ASP.net 4.5 support: With IIS 8.0 is included with ASP.NET 4.5 by default, and IIS also offers several configuration options to run in parallel with ASP.NET 3.5.

Centralized SSL Certificate Support: A feature that makes it easier to manage certificates by allowing the administrator to save and access the certificates on a file share. Multicore Scaling on NUMA Hardware: IIS 8.0 offers several configuration options that optimize performance on systems running NUMA, such as: B. running several worker processes under an application pool with soft or hard affinity and more.

WebSocket Protocol Support Server Name Indication: SNI is an extension for Transport Layer Security, which enables the binding of several websites with different host names to one IP address. Dynamic IP address restrictions: a feature that allows an administrator to dynamically block IPs or IP ranges hits the server with a large number of requests CPU throttling: a set of controls that allow the server administrator to monitor CPU usage Control Each Application Pool to Optimize Performance in a Multi-Tenant Environment IIS 8.5 offers several improvements to performance in large-scale scenarios such as those used by commercial hosting providers and Microsoft's own cloud offerings.

It also has several additional features related to logging and troubleshooting. The new features are: Inactive Worker Outsourcing: a feature to suspend inactive sites to reduce the memory footprint of inactive sites Dynamic Site Activation: a feature that registers listening queues only for sites that have received requests Enhanced Logging: a feature that enables the collection of server variables, request headers and response headers in the IIS logs ETW logging: an ETW provider that enables the collection of real-time logs with various event tracing tools Automatic Certificate Rebind: a function which recognizes when a site certificate has been renewed and automatically binds the site back to it IIS Express IIS Express, a lean version of IIS, is available as a stand-alone freeware server and can be installed on Windows XP with ServicePack 3 and subsequent versions from Microsoft Windows.IIS 7.5 Express only supports the HTTP and HTTPS protocols.

IIS Express can be used separately or as part of of . WebMatrix. Extensions IIS releases new function modules between major releases to add new functions.

The following enhancements are available for IIS 7.5: FTP Publishing Service: Allows web content creators to securely publish content to IIS 7 web servers using SSL-based authentication and data transfer. Administration Admin Pack: Adds support to the administration interface for administration functions in IIS 7, including ASP.NET authorization, custom errors, FastCGI configuration and request filtering.

Application Request Routing: Provides a proxy-based routing engine that forwards HTTP requests to content servers based on HTTP headers, server variables and load balancing algorithms. Database Manager: Allows easy management of local and remote databases within IISManager. Media Services: Integrates a media delivery platform with IIS to manage and manage the delivery of rich media and other web content.

URL Rewrite Module: Provides rule-based rewrite Mechanism for changing request URLs before they are processed by the web server. WebDAV: Allows web authors to securely publish content to IIS 7 web servers, and enables web administrators and hosters to manage WebDAV settings using IIS 7 administration and configuration tools . Web Deployment Tool: Synchronizes IIS 6.0 and IIS 7 servers, migrates an IIS 6.0 server to IIS 7, and deploys web applications to an IIS 7 server.

Usage According to Netcraft, IIS is the second most popular web server in the world on February 13, 2014 after Apache HTTP Server with a market share of 32.80%, an increase of 3.38% compared to the previous month.

Netcraft shows a rising trend in market share for IIS since 2012. However, one day later the W3Techs show different results. According to W3Techs, IIS is the third most popular web server behind Apache HTTP Server and Nginx.

In addition, it has shown a steadily falling trend for IIS usage since February 2013. Security Earlier versions of IIS had a number of vulnerabilities, most notably CA-2001-13, which related to the infamous Red Worm code; However, both versions 6.0 and 7.0 currently have no reported issues with this specific vulnerability.

In IIS 6.0, Microsoft has chosen to change the behavior of pre-installed ISAPI handlers, many of which were the culprits of the 4.0 and 5.0 vulnerabilities, which causes the attack surface of IIS.

In addition, IIS 6.0 added a feature called 'Web Service Extensions' that prevents IIS from starting a program without the express permission of an administrator. By default, IIS 5.1 and lower running websites in the process run under the SYSTEM account, a standard Windows account with 'superuser' privileges.

Under 6.0, all processes for processing requests were placed under a Network Services account with significantly fewer privileges, so a weakness in a feature or in custom code does not necessarily compromise the entire system, as these worker processes are sandboxed in .IIS 6.0 also included a new kernel HTTP stack with a stricter HTTP request parser and a response cache for both tic and dynamic content.

According to Secunia, IIS 7 had a total of 6 security vulnerabilities in June 2011, while IIS 6 had a total of 11 security vulnerabilities, 1 of which was still unpatched. The unpatched security recommendation has a severity of 2 out of 5. In June 2007, a Google study of 80 million domains concluded that the IIS market share at that time was 23%, but on IIS servers hosted 49% of the world's malware, as did Apache servers, which saw 66% market share Te also looked at the geographic location of these dirty servers, suggesting that it could be due to the use of pirated Windows that couldn't get security updates from Microsoft's Real Verification.

The 2013 mass surveillance revelations made it common knowledge that IIS was particularly bad at supporting perfect forward secrecy, especially when used in conjunction with Internet Explorer.Possess the use of one of the long-term asymmetric secrets that are used to establish an HTTPS session should not make it easier to derive the short-term session key in order to decrypt the conversation, even at a later point in time. Diffie-Hellman Key Exchange and Elliptic Curve Diffie-Hellman Key Exchange are the only ones known to have this property in 2013.

Only 30% of Firefox, Opera, and Chromium browser sessions use them and nearly 0% of Apple's Safari and Microsoft Internet Explorer sessions. See also WISAIIS Metabase LogparserMicrosoft Personal Web Server Windows Activation ServicesComparison of Web Servers List of Mail Server ReferencesExternal Links Official WebsiteIIS on Server and Cloud Platform Portal Security Guide for IIS on TechNet

How do you capture a trace ETW?

Configuring ETW Log collection
  1. Step 1: Locate the correct ETW provider. Use either of the following commands to enumerate the ETW providers on a source Windows System. ...
  2. Step 2: Diagnostics extension. ...
  3. Step 3: Configure ETW log collection. ...
  4. Step 4: Configure Log Analytics storage account collection.

As already mentioned in this course, the Windows Performance Toolkit consists of two main modules Windows Performance Recorder WPR and Windows Performance Analyzer WPA. In this lecture we will explore the WPR functionalities. From here you can click the Start button and start recording a trace Trace will be analyzed so we get information about ProcessesThreads Tags CPU usage etc.

If I click here you will see more options, in this section you have ProfileProfile allows you to Define the providers that you want to enable for this session Information that enables common providers such as CPU usage and disk usage. Usually the starting point is when we fix a problem we trace the first level triangle open and analyze it, and when we need to dig deeper into the area we are interested in we can create another trace and adding more details about this you have to keep in min keep the more details you add, the bigger the trace file will be and you should have a big machine to analyze it, for example if i look at the file I / O or want to focus on network activity I go to Resource Analyzer and choose File I / O and Network I / O This way I will enable the providers I need so that I can make this data available to myself within the trace. We also have a scenario analysis section that provides some predefined scenarios that we might be interested in, such as audio and article glitches, Internet Explorer edge performance issues, etc a specific application or system behavior and you cannot find the corresponding profile in the list you can add the custom profile, for example I can add this profile here which is called an example of general large server profile that can be found in Windows performance toolkits but I guess it is in the trace of the Provider is enabled that helps analyze large servers right here you have the performance scenario that you choose depending on the situation you want to focus on, you have the general one that you choose when you want to troubleshoot an application problem, an audio failure in case of high CPU usage etc.

Level drop-down menu where you specify whether the details are leic ht or detailed. Verbose is the default and that means you get more data like the charcoal steak, and since you are recording more detail on your trace, the overhead will be important in some situations. You don't need the verbal level of detail if, for example, you want to analyze networked audio activity you don't want to trace every send / receive acknowledgment packet Usually choose the memory login mode for the long tracks which I mean when you track a want to record predictable events that can occur at any time.

So if you choose to log to a file, it can result in a large giga-trace file that can be difficult to work with. WPA In this case we prefer to record the trace in a circular memory buffer, ie if the buffer is full with the old data it is overwritten by the new one. Another situation in which logging on to a memory can be more relevant is when You want to analyze a disc problem, such as B.

Slow Disk I / O In this case, we will not love a file and cause more IO overhead due to the recording of trace events that result from it. In the case of inaccurate data to be analyzed, logon to a file is used when you boot -Select quick starter, exit boot cycle, standby resumes and even a scenario to continue wpr will always block a file and you cannot change this in the user interface and it makes sense if you select the boot scenario you cannot log into a memory for the simple reason log on because the data will be lost after the system is restarted. If you select the boot scenario and the number of iterations istthree, which is the default value, then wpr records the trace of three boots.

You may have to select more than one iteration to analyze relevant traces as the first trace registers many events relates to a system update that was applied during sputtering and added more time to the boot process, so as a rule of thumb take more than one trace and compare between them when one trace is longer than the others, start with when the boot times in all traces are longer or close less so choose one and start the analysis now let's start recording atrace for a general one Performance scenario for demonstration purposes only.After a few seconds of recording, we stop it by clicking the Save button.By default, the trace file is saved in the wpr files folder in the user documents with the file name consisting of the computer name, the date and the hour the file extension is ETL I personally prefer to give a trace file and a Na men in the following format to computer name - a brief description of the problem - trace version - action taken to solve the problem for example you need to fix a problem with slow startup so your first trace file name can be my PC - slow startup - v1 runs ETL after analyzing and identifying the trace, let's say a script is slowing down your boot you remove the script and take another trace and give it the following name my pc - snow boots - Vito - shut upscripts remove this ETL by giving your trace files a meaningful name will help you to recognize them quickly and in which situation you made the trace, because in real trouble-shooting situations you may have to record more than one trace and compare between them, to see if the changes you've made in the system or application improve things or not you can add them too If you have a description of your trace in the area reserved for this purpose, it is useful if you send this trace file to someone else who can read the description of the problem and get a quick overview

What are event trace providers?

A trace provider is a component of a user-mode application or kernel-mode driver that uses Event Tracing for Windows (ETW) technology to generate trace messages or trace events. Typically, the trace events and messages report discrete actions of the provider.

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