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Itunes ipsw location - viable solutions

Where are Apple IPSW stored?

How to Open an IPSW File
IPSW File Locations in Windows
Operating SystemLocation
Windows 10/8/7
iPhone:C:\Users\AppData\Roaming\Apple Computer\iTunes\iPhone Software Updates
iPad:C:\Users\AppData\Roaming\Apple Computer\iTunes\iPad Software Updates

Hello! In this tutorial I will show you how to identify and download the iOS firmware for your phone Exact model iOS firmware is used to flash an iOS device is also used to update an iOS device, not necessarily when your phone is locked or bricked is. You can also use it to update the iOS version of your phone There are two methods to download the iOS firmware You can either use an iTunes software or you can use your browser to download the firmware First you need to know your phone model ID ID is usually written on the back of your phone, for example, let me show you this picture, you can see here is the model, each iPhone has its own specific model, this is A1633 so download the iOS for that model, if you want to use iTunes, then you need to download and install iTunes , then open iTunes and get your phone USB cable to your phone, then turn off the phone, even if your phone is bricked, you can just plug in a USB cable, iTunes will open, you will see this one shows that it is a new software version for my device there I can download an update I can too download without update download This is the first method with iTunesThe second method is the most important methodIf your phone is bricked, you cannot detect your phone model with iTunes, do here, open your browserThe second method is the browser methodOpen your browserin the address bar type ipsw.me and hit enter, wait for it to load, iPad Watch, Apple TV or iPod Touch.

I am using an iPhone. I select the iPhone and then small scroll down. Then here you can see how they said enter your model number.

Remember the model number I told you is under your phone on the back. You can see the model and then write the model. This is a1633 then type A1633 and click Find My Device Then scroll down to see that you can see the exact model of your phone and the date your phone was released.

It will also show you where to download your latest iOS version. You see my latest iOS version is 12.3.

If I want to download the latest version, I just click on 'Download Latest Version'. If I need an older version, I click on 'Browse all iOS versions'. I click on it Now you can see it Then scroll down a little You can see all the previous iOS versions for your device You see there are 12.3,, 12.1.4 Enter a point for this point Choose point 12.1.3 Then the iOS version you want to download and wait once you see the one you want to download then click on it, sample let me click this one and it will download you can download it here, I'll show you you can see how it downloads thanks for watching!

Where is iTunes iOS download location?

Helpful answers
iPhoneC:\Users\AppData\Roaming\Apple Computer\iTunes\iPhone Software Updates
iPadC:\Users\AppData\Roaming\Apple Computer\iTunes\iPad Software Updates
iPod touchC:\Users\AppData\Roaming\Apple Computer\iTunes\iPod Software Updates

How to Change iTunes Backup Location on Windows PC. By default, iTunes saves backup files on our system drive. And see the result.

Unfortunately there is no way to change the backup location of iTunes itself. To fix the problem we need a symbolic link and this is the only way we can change iTunes backup location, in this article I will show you how to create symbolic link with Hard Junction to change iTunes backup location, first of all we need to make sure that hidden folders are visible on our PC. So I go to the folder options.

Then watch. Then we need to select the Show Hidden Folders option here. Now let's go to the iTunes backup folder location.

We need to go to our system drive. Then users. Then we need to open our user account folder.

In my case my user account name is Rafi, so I'm going to open Rafi, then AppData, then Roaming, Apple Computer, MobileSync, and here the culprit is iTunes backup folder, let's check how big the folder is, Wow! Its 18 GB! Therefore my system drive was almost full. Well, you can either delete the folder or keep old backups. You can copy the backup file to another drive.

disk defragmenter stuck

I will copy my backup folder. Let's say I copy it to the G drive. After the backup, we need to delete the system drive's backup folder.

Now we are going to create a symbolic link to the backup folder that we copied to the G drive. This means that we are simply telling Windows everything iTunes is trying to save data to the system drive backup folder, you just redirect it to the G drive backup folder. To redirect the backup file, we open CMD here.

To open CMD in the current folder we need to right click while holding down the Shift key from the keyboard click on this command prompt open here. CMD will now open. Now you need to write the exact same command that I am writing here. mklink, forward slash, J.

J means hard link. Then double quotes followed by%, APPDATA,% again. Backslash, apple, space computer, backslash, mobilesync, backslash, backup followed by double quotes.

Now we give the target link in double quotes. Open double quotes, G, colon, backslash, backup, close double quotes and now hit enter. And we can see that Windows created a backup shortcut.

This backup shortcut will send the iTunes backup file to our backup folder in drive G. Okay, we're almost done. Now we are going to check whether or not Windows is saving iTunes backup files in the backup folder of the new G drive.

I connected my iPhone to my PC. Now I will start the backup. Let iTunes back up a little.

Ok enough to see the situation Open drive G, backup folder. Now see that Windows is now saving the iTunes backup file to this new backup folder. Remember, my iPhone backup file was a little over 18GB.

And this is less than a GB. Remember that iTunes usually overwrites backup files if you want to keep old backup files, you must always move the old backup files out of the backup folder. In my case, I just overwritten my backup file.

Hope you understood how to change iTunes backup location. If you are still having problems, welcome to tell me through the comments section. I will try my best to help you with my limited knowledge.

Thank you for watching my article. Take care. Peace of mind.

How do I add IPSW files to iTunes?

Manually installing iOS update via iTunes using IPSW Firmware File
  1. Download the correct iOS IPSW firmware file. ...
  2. Open iTunes on your computer. ...
  3. Connect your iPhone or iPad to the computer. ...
  4. Allow your computer to access files on your iOS device. ...
  5. Press & hold SHIFT and click Update in iTunes. ...
  6. Select the IPSW Firmware File.

Hey guys, I'm filming this from the iPad Mini Retina display and I just want to show you the clarity of it in this article. I actually upgraded to the 8.0 software and I'm going to show you a article of how some of these software works later, but for this article i'm just going to show you how to install it before the pre-release also updated the eyetouch and i put in something for example i want to show you so if you go ahead and so i will show your a little one Trick what to do with the new OS so this is for demonstration purposes so by no means this is really Apple and kind of authenticated and actually found a link and a German website so you can do that, but that's again just because i want to see the new software and just take a look at what it is about so hey siri what is my name that is just an example you did with the new hey sir i function and there is a lot more s for the like button and go ahead and get ready and i'll show you how to install that now.

I have my iPad here, what I'm going to do is go ahead and click on the settings and under general you can see its own 7.1.2 software and what? What we're going to do is get this update to 28.0.

So what you would need to get started would be the Lightning connector's USB cable and you need a computer with iTunes installed, so I'll go over to the computer for a minute and I'll show you the next step to get started with your Open iTunes, and then you actually want to take your iPad and plug it into the Lightning port right here now.If you notice in iTunes that it has now found my iPad, it will sync and once it's synced that's the first part did you do there and then you want to go and click on the iPad and it says check for updates now, all you have to do from this point on is hit the shift key and then check the update and it will actually allow you to now find a file on your computer saved it on my desktop, what i will do is go to my desktop here and then i will find the file that i have now downloaded. This will check if you are updating your iPad.

Just remember, if it doesn't say it's you Update you're restoring it so everything will be erased so now just hit 'Update'. What it does is actually tell the file so it can actually load it onto the iPad, so I'll let it finish that process and I'll be right back

Where is the IPSW file located in iTunes?

In this article, you will know what is the IPSW file location (the iTunes update/restore download path) for Windows and Mac. Read on to know. The exact IPSW file location depends on the username, Windows version, and the iDevice user’s iOS hardware.

How do I delete the iOS software file ( IPSW )?

Rename, move, or delete the iOS software file (.ipsw) iTunes uses IPSW files to restore your device. If those files are unusable, try deleting them, renaming them, or moving the file to a different directory. This will cause iTunes to download a new copy of the IPSW.

Why do I keep getting.ipsw files on my iPhone?

If removing the .ipsw file doesn't resolve a user-specific restore issue, then the issue is caused by other user-specific security software settings or iTunes preferences. Creating a new user will also cause new .ipsw restore files to be downloaded in the new user. You can find the .ipsw files in these locations. Mac OS X iPhone

Where do I find the.ipsw restore files?

Creating a new user will also cause new .ipsw restore files to be downloaded in the new user. You can find the .ipsw files in these locations. Note: The tilde '~' represents your Home directory. Note: To quickly access the Application Data folder, choose Start > Run. Type %appdata% and click OK.

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