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Is gotoassist safe - typical answers and questions

Is GoToAssist legitimate?

Remote support tools like GoToAssist have benevolent uses, and there is no danger in using them with legitimate tech support professionals. However, like any tool, they can be used for ill as well as good. Remote access is facilitated by software tools such as TeamViewer, Splashtop, FixMe.IT, and GoToAssist.

My name is Michael and I am a software engineer and fraud researcher. I'm part of a coalition of technology professionals and enthusiasts who investigate and report tech support scammers. Today we're going to look at one scam - what they are, how they work, and what you can do to avoid them.

There are usually two ways a tech support scam can spread. The first is a cold call where the scammer calls you and claims they are from Microsoft and tells you that they found a virus on your computer. The second is that sometimes while browsing the internet, like Facebook or a news website, you accidentally click on a malicious link that shows a scary looking page, usually bright red or blue, that tells you that a virus has been found on your computer or that your personal information could be deleted or stolen, along with a handy 1-800 number to call for help.

Today we're going to call one of these scammers and allow them to run their scam on my computer with that You don't have to experience it yourself. I will pause throughout the article to explain what they are doing and why it is a scam. Please note that I am a professional and have taken the necessary steps to mine To protect identity and to protect the computer that I am using for this demonstration.

You should never give someone you do not know access to your compute r.Enjoy.Hello, uh, I have a screen here on my computer that says, 'Your computer has been locked, it was infected by the virus' YahLover'Um, and here is your tech support number.

I was hoping I could help you with this? Uh, I was just on Facebook checking out some news articles my friends posted. Yeah it is. Yeah, that's the first time I've seen this.

Okay. Okay. Uh, yes, it's the little flag, isn't it? Okay, the Windows key and R ... (Windows key + So R opens the Run box,) (This is essentially a different way to start programs,) (Just like clicking the Start menu and then clicking the program you want to start.) (Um, the Run box another way to do this is by simply typing the name of the program.) (And if you put a website address in this field, it will open in your default web browser.) (And that's what it does here.) Okay, I see a new little box on my screen that says, “Enter the name of a program, folder, document, or Internet resource and Windows will open it for you. 'OK.

OK. Uh, you said 'gotoassist.me'? It says ... 'Connect for support.' (So he let us go to a remote desktop control website,) (That when you enter the key and download the program,) (It allows him to click Access your computer, control your mouse, view and transfer your documents) (and in some cases you can reconnect at a later time even after the first session is over) Okay ...

It says 'launch application, check application requirements' OK. (So ​​what it opens up and shows us now is Microsoft Event Viewer.) (Event Viewer is a program built into your computer,) (That logs ... things that happen during the average use of your computer.) (Any application, that you have on your computer always logs information in the background that you think is important) (If there is a problem, it can be informational notes, warnings, errors of any kind) (But in 99.99% of cases will be the errors and warnings and things you'll find in Event Viewer) (were quietly resolved in the background by the same applications, and they really don't affect the security or performance of your computer.) (but to the untrained eye.) it looks like there are serious problems with your computer,) (and almost every computer is guaranteed to have these events logged in the background,) (so tech support scammers go to him To 'prove' to you that there is a problem with your computer. ) Yes, I see all kinds of errors and warnings, and I think there is even a critical point ...

Okay, okay ...

I wonder why ...

I wonder why it didn't say something earlier. How, you'd think, with all these warnings, I'd have seen something. (?)Oh ok.

Yeah ... that's strange.

OK. (So ​​what we see now is he opens the command prompt and runs the tree command.) (Uh, he claims this is a virus scan, but actually doesn't need any kind of scan.) (The 'Tree 'simply lists every single document on your computer,) (So it will go by very quickly,) (You will see some documents and names and text,) (Some things you might even recognize.) (And again, for the untrained eye looks like it is doing a virus scan or some kind of malware scan on your computer.) (But this, in fact, ABSOLUTELY did nothing more than show you every single document on your computer.) (At the end of this Scans,) (see something below that says, you know,) ('Two Hundred Viruses Found', 'Malware Found', 'Firewalls Broken',) (something like that.) (That's something he very much quickly copied and pasted right into this box) (below for him to point you out n can and d say 'oh my god! The scan found something! ' ) (In fact, he listed every single document on your computer and then typed it in by hand,) ('Two hundred of this ... malware', yadi, yadi, yada.) '210 virus found ... malware found ...' Okay ...

So how do we take care of it? Okay.Okay.Yes, I am.Okay.

Good Good. How about yourself A taxi driver? Uh ... oh, oh.

You know ...

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Not really, you know, we have our iPhones and everything, I'm a construction worker, you know, computers aren't exactly my thing. Yeah, I mean definitely. Definitely I think automatic is the way to go because I don't want to worry about checking it every day.

Uh, alright. OK. Yes, I understand what you are up to.

Yes / Yes. Give me, give me a second to track this down OK. Okay, can I ask you a question? My name is Michael and we're doing a series about tech support scammers and I'm curious what it feels like to be a tech support scam? Oh, we think you're a tech support scam, the bugs and Virus scans that you ran on this virtual machine that we are using are not really any real critical bugs on the computer, nor have you run a virus scan, so how does it feel to cheat people out of their hard-earned money? ? Well, that's the bottom line of this article.

The scammer continued to insist that their company was legitimate even after I debunked his claims and proved to him that my computer was 100% clean and virus free. If you have a question about a potential scam or think you have been scammed, you can call the Stop Phone Scammers Coalition helpline at 1-815-246-2357 and one of our members will record your report. As always, thank you for watching , and I hope you enjoyed watching this article as much as I enjoyed doing it on Twitter for some funny jokes, that's 'twitter.com/eachandeveryyt', there is a link too in the description below, until next time.

Can I uninstall GoToAssist?

Uninstall the GoToAssist Customer application (Windows)

Click the Windows Start button > Control Panel > Programs and Features. Right-click the GoToAssist Expert desktop application and click Uninstall.

If you clicked on this article, it means that either you or someone you know has been the victim of one of these technical scams. In this article I want to show you the steps you can take to get rid of these bad people.

Your machine and how to secure your life all over again, please if you take a few minutes and go through the simple instructions I'm going to give and hopefully by the end of the article you will have those bad guys off your machine if you can If you have any questions or still have a problem removing these people from your computer, I would suggest emailing support at skinbitsniper.com or you can just post in the comments. I will contact you anyway.

I hope the following article is useful to you. One foolproof way to make sure the scammers can't connect to your computer is by simply disconnecting your router. What is a router, you may be wondering yes, I know some people may not know what a router is, but it is the little box that is probably plugged into your bedroom or closet, or maybe even your laundry room, but is connected to the Internet with a cable.

So if you disconnect this cable or simply pull the power from the machine, it will no longer be able to transmit Wi-Fi or create the local network, that is, if it is connected by the ethernet cable we will only cut the source that The first step is computer without being connected to the Internet. You are now turning on your computer. You're looking for an icon in the lower right that says you're not on the internet, it will look something like this or that.

Okay, so you've made sure your computer can't connect to the internet. The reason you want to do this is because some scammers create something called unattended access which I do and when you try to log into your computer you enter your password. In the background, your computer is already communicating with the servers, already contacting them, and when you are logged in and all your programs are started you may already be able to see what is happening on your computer which is not very good for you.

We therefore want to disconnect from the internet, that is why and the next step is to go through your program files and make sure none of the remote control software is installed properly so you can see this little part down here where I move my mouse you want yours Move your mouse like this and once you've covered it you want to be sure it says no internet connection ok this is what we're trying to reach. Now that you've made sure there is no internet connection, we can get to work now. Here is the first thing that is easiest.

Just check your TA skbar right here because most of the time when you start your computer where it appears, it will just be a tiny little icon. Take a look at how tiny these symbols are. ii have a few on my computer for demonstration purposes, but i'm going to bring up a list as well.

It's not an exhaustive list, of course, as scammers can download new software and install it on any computer, they're the top 10 or 15, okay so here is the most common one that is any disc team viewer and supremo control. So at the bottom right you can see whatever desktop icon is right there, and then this is the supremo up to your windows, start typing okay, start typing the program, the first thing that comes up is likely to add or remove by programs by category and then just hit uninstall a program here it will list the software you have on your computer here i don't have much because this is my scan bid machine so i haven't really installed anything here what you want to look for, things like teamviewer are any desk, whatever you want, which is easier for you to use. I would recommend checking that both are OK to uninstall.

There's no real difference in uninstalling it, but it could be a program showing up in one area but not possibly another. So we want to uninstall everything. Remove configuration files.

I will finish Supremo. Okay so now we see the ones we don't see anymore remote control. What you really want to do is look for something that says: Here are a few others that the scammers use and sometimes will it won't always be a desk, it won't be a team viewer or supremo.

There are hundreds of them, but the most important thing is to search your computer and make sure they are not there. Think this camera could use you. You should also check your extensions here and make sure nothing is in your extensions.

For example, don't put a desk or a Teamviewer extension in your browser to hook into your computer again later. I hope that this article has been informative to you, any member of your family, or someone else, ictim of a technical scam and that you will be able to regain control of your computer account whatever it is if for some reason you don't have one have regained access, please send me an email to the support on scanbaitsniper.com, if you found this article informative Please leave a comment or like and share it with someone else so that you don't become a victim too Watch out

What is GoToAssist?

GoToAssist is a robust, cloud-based solution that allows you to connect to a customer's desktop computer or mobile device to provide real-time support - anytime, anywhere! ... Log in to your account from your desktop computer to access the web app. Install the desktop app on your Windows computer.

There is a lot of desktop software to choose from these days and the good news is that a lot of it is free. Let's start with Windows Remote Desktop. If you are using Microsoft Windows, this is already supplied with your PC.

It's stable, easy to use, and you don't need to download any other software. But the problem is, it's only available on Windows. For example, if you have Macor Linux it won't work for you.

Also note that the host computer or the computer that you want to remotely connect to must be running Windows Professional or later. So if you're running Windows 10 Home, for example, it won't work for you. Another app that you can use to remotely connect to another computer is Google Chrome.

One reason Google Chrome is ideal is because it's so popular. In 2019, for example, Google Chrome was the most popular web browser. And most likely, now you have to use Chrome on your PC and now you can use Google Chrome to remotely connect to another PC and interestingly, you can also remotely connect using your mobile device like your smartphone or tablet.

Another app you can use is TeamViewer. It's definitely one of the most popular standalone remote desktop apps out there, and it has great premium features for free. Free for personal use only.

For example, getting paid to remotely connect to someone else's computer to fix something is considered commercial use. But TeamViewer actually offers amazing functions as free software. Next on our list is Cloudberry Remote Assistant.

It's not nearly as popular as TeamViewer and not nearly as sophisticated, but as free software it also offers great features. As free software, it comes with extra features like encrypted connection, file transfer, unattended access, and even text and voice chat, plus a nice, simple user interface. So it's easy to use.

Now let's see Cloudbery in action. I will be using it to remotely connect to my laptop. See the article description for the links to download Cloudberry and the other remote desktop software.

Once you've downloaded Cloudberry, install it on your computer and the host computer and open it. As I mentioned earlier, the user interface is really simple. When you open the app, you'll see these two buttons in the top left.

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The top one with the down arrow pointing towards the computer means this is the host computer, meaning you will be using another PC to connect to the one you are currently using. And the one with the up arrow pointing away from the computer means you are connecting to a host computer. So the other PC that you are not currently using.

On the computer you want to connect, make sure you are on this screen so you can see the computer ID and PIN number. On the computer you will be using to connect to the other computer, make sure you are on this screen so you can enter the computer ID and PIN number. Also, as you can see, you can allow unattended access.

Now there's a setting that is very, very, very important if you don't just want to control the computer you want to remotely connect to. Click the menu button in the upper left and select Options. Go from the left to where the incoming connection is. and then where it says Default Inbound Access Level, make sure you select Full Control, not just View as it is set by default.

Once you do, you will have full control over the computer that you are remotely connected to. And that's it! You are now ready for the remote connection. Now all you have to do is go here and enter the computer ID and then the PIN number for the host computer.

And that's it! You are now remotely connected and in full control of the host computer! As you can see, Cloudberry Remote Assistance is great, great remote desktop software, and the truth is that there are other effective free remote desktop software besides Windows Remote Desktop, GoogleChrome, TeamViewer, and Cloudberry. So if you know any, please write them in the comments below. For more interesting, straightforward articles like this one, please subscribe and thank you for watching.

Does Apple use GoToAssist?

Experience your sessions right from your pocket on your iPad or iPhone. ... Experience your sessions right from your pocket on your iPad or iPhone. GoToAssist Seeit for Android. Use your Android phone, tablet or watch to see what others see.

This episode of Tekzilla is brought to you by GoToAssist Express. We received an email from Andrew who wrote, “I know I'm a little late. But I was just wondering if you could give me your advice on upgrading to Lion when you are on the Mac desktop.

Many of Lion's features are obviously aimed at notebook users. So, as a desktop user without a Magic Trackpad, is it really worth upgrading from Snow Leopard, which does pretty much exactly what I need? Andrew in London. 'It's always a sensible good idea not to wait late for Andrew for other people to find the huge gaping flaw in the new operating system.

We thought we tested someone who's been spending some time on Apple's newest OS X, Will Smith from.com.Hi surprise, we have Will Smith here.Wow.

It's a big revelation. I know he mostly asked about desktop features, but what are some of the things that you immediately like about OS X Lion? The first thing I really love is the Mission Control integration. its ExposePlus Spaces.Right.

The nice thing about it is that you can see all of the virtual desktops that are running on your computer and all of the apps open at the same time, so you can have virtual desktops that are specifically designed to do things like, You know, web browsing and communication and, you know, applications that are not open yet. I see here that you named them like Desktop1, Desktop2 ... you know ... not exactly the most original in terms of how your desktop looks.

It's nice to think I have the option to name these, but unfortunately you don't have one. You can only use the names in spaces ... you can't rename them? ... or mission control applies.

Yes. So you can't rename, reorganize, move them, and they don't actually save the state when you close them. Let's say I lined up my communications desktop with email and tweet deck and I close that, all of that stuff goes back to the first desktop which is a bit of a hassle.

I just assumed it wasn't as thematic as it was in iOS. It's a fair assumption. Yes.

But it doesn't do that at all. Don't guess. One of the other great things is the full screen mode.

Oh yeah. So, if you are using a laptop it doesn't apply to your user who is a desktop user, but if you are using a laptop you can open commonly used apps like iTunes or Email. This requires API support, so not everything is supported yet, but it seems to be coming for most apps, especially popular things.

And it shows up in the mission controls like a dedicated area, so you can use the Quicktouch pad shortcuts to navigate from areas straight to full-screen apps and then back to spaces again, which is surprisingly handy on ... especially on one Laptop.

Yes, I like this function a lot too. What do you not like so much? So what I really don't like is the launch pad. I will open it in advance.

Because I just can't do it, I can't do the pinch gesture for it. You are physically unable to do the pinch. That's not how they work.

I have goofy claws. Launch Pad is basically the iOS home screen you know from the iPhone and iPad, ripped large over the Mac and broken in a lot of ways, mostly because it doesn't really make it easier for you to organize your apps if I could explain , how it works. Basically, it's just really confusing that you end up with a huge mishmash of apps spread over 5 or 6 pages and you can't even find what you're looking for.

And the organization isn't the best. It makes no sense. It's not alphabetical.

Apple stuff is on the first page, stuff you installed before Lion is on the next pages, and the stuff you installed after Lion fills in the blanks on those pages or is just marked at the end, whatever .. I mean, it doesn't make any sense to me.

So as a desktop user, yeah, is this something he really needs to upgrade to or is it really mainly for the folks on the notebooks? I really think right now for anyone who's having window management issues that I've had, I know you've had some issues with files, not being able to copy paste copy and paste, right. Yes. Basically, I think everyone should wait to fix the window management issues and the other little bugs they have been experiencing, whether you are a desktop user or a laptop user, unless you have a MacBook Air, of course , and you know you can now only get this with Lion.

I wish I waited a little. I find a lot of compatibility issues with applications that I used to have. It's like no, now they just don't work.

Well, and even things like Chrome. Chrome is a really incredibly popular web app, you know. They don't properly support the APIs, but Apple would say, 'I don't care because I'm the end user and Chrome just happens to be in the background and in the foreground when I try to type in there.

That makes it unusable for me. ' So ... it seems like everyone had a different experience.

It's not the OS 10 versions we've come to expect from Apple in the past, so ... well, good to know.

What's new on test.com lately? We just finished CNT week last week, where Norm and I actually built a Thing-O-Matic, a second generation maker bot. I brought our old cupcake here a few months ago.

And then Norm built a robot that can print on eggs. On eggs! It is very sweet. It's a little tiny.

And it prints words and globes and all sorts of crazy things about eggs. A unique gift for the loved ones in your life. Well, thank you very much for stopping by.

Thank you, Veronica. We have more of your emails, but first it's time to thank one of our sponsors. There are two things IT professionals and their customers have in common: They want work to be done right and quickly, like yesterday.

That's what we recommend. Go to Express by Citrix For Everyone in IT. Reassures your customers with easy and secure remote support and empowers you to do what you do best.

Access, diagnose and resolve instead of suffering at the airport. Do yourself a favor. Try GoToAssist Express.

It's free for 30 days. Visit gotoassist.com/textzilla to learn how you can use Go To Assist Express to deliver live tech support to anyone, anywhere.

That's Gotoassist.com/techzilla for a free trial, and you'll be helping Techzilla hit the market every week, oh my god!

Is it safe to use GoToAssist tech support software?

Note that tech-support scams should never be trusted, and the software advertised on them should never be downloaded or installed. Scammers might use programs such as GoToAssist to install other malware such as ransomware - these programs cause data and financial loss.

What should I do if my friend has GoToAssist?

Ben Franklin revisited. Your friend can look in his list of installed programs for the remote access program and simply uninstall it. GoToAssist is a legitimate program and can be easily uninstalled. If the shortcut is still on his computer after uninstalling then right click on it and delete.

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What's the difference between gotoassist.exe and remote access?

GoToAssist.exe — legitimate process which might be exploited by criminals. GoToAssist.exe is an executable file which belongs to an entirely legitimate remote access tool.

Are there any problems with go to assist me?

No problems found by Norton. I know that Gotoassist is a valid product for internal corporate support. Have scammers got a hold of it and are using it for getting access to targeted computers? Re: is go to assist me a scam? Norton/Symantec will never cold call you up like that. You would first have to call them if you have a issue.

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