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Interactive logon failure - practical solution

How do I fix Interactive logon failure?

How to fix the 'Interactive logon initialization has failed' or 'Logon Process Initialization Failure' issue in Windows 7.
  1. Method 1. Install Microsoft's Hotfix KB2615701.
  2. Method 2. Replace LogonUI.exe from Another Computer.
  3. Method 3. Enable Administrator Account & Apply Hotfix.
  4. Method 4: Restore Registry from Backup.

What is logon process initialization failure?

This issue occurs because a system-wide event is used during the logon process before the event object is created. This behavior causes the logon process to fail.

How to fix interactive logon process has failed?

Another method to fix the 'Interactive logon initialization has failed' or the 'Logon Process Initialization Failure' issues is to enable the Administrator account on the problematic computer and then to use that account to apply Microsoft's Hotfix.

How can I resolve the logon process initialization failure?

The first method to resolve the 'Logon Process Initialization Failure' is to download and install the available Hotfix from Microsoft, if you can login to Windows normally.

Why do I keep getting failed logon attempts?

The reason is obvious. Any anomaly in the audit report will help us detect security risks in multiple ways. An employee's account getting locked out after multiple logon failures is a threat to the company's data security. A failed logon attempt can be flagged as one of the biggest security threats.

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How to audit successful LOGON / LOGOFF and failed logons in..?

Check “Success” and “Failure” boxes and Click on “OK” The event ids for “Audit logon events” and “Audit account logon events” are given below. You have to check these event ids in security logs to track successful logon / logoff and failed logon attempts. For an example let’s search for Event ID 4648 to get the particular record.

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