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Hotmail is slow - lasting solutions

How can I speed up Hotmail?

You could increase your Internet speed, but there are less-extreme approaches that can speed up Hotmail for free, including disabling the reading pane -- which will prevent emails from automatically downloading -- disabling add-ons and enabling only headers to download into your junk mail folder.

So my buddy Zach text me and he says, 'Hey, can I hire you to speed up my WordPress website?' And I said, 'Dude ... just do A, B, and C and I'll be pretty sure you'll see a huge boost in performance. ”A few days went by and he said,“ The speed tips you gave me worked perfectly. ”Today I'm going to show you how to speed up your WordPress site in three easy steps, and take your website speed up from something like this.

Stay tuned. Google has been using website speed as a ranking signal for desktop searches since 2010. And from 2018, page speed also became a ranking factor for mobile searches.

And while speed improvements only affect a small percentage of slow websites, faster page load times result in a better user experience and, ultimately, more revenue. In fact, a study by Google shows that the bounce rate increases as the page load time increases. it.

Well there are numerous reasons your website might load slowly, but the most common reasons I've seen are slow connectivity, caching, page size and sometimes more technical reasons like blocking JS. But if you're something like Zach, who isn't exactly the most technical person, then the three steps I'm about to show you should help you get better performance from your site. Before we begin, the important thing to note is that the things I did for this site may not necessarily translate perfectly to your site.

There are a ton of things to consider when it comes to WordPress site speed, like your theme's code, certain plugins you may be using, server configuration, image file sizes, and more. As we go through the tutorial I'll try to explain the more technical reasons behind the poor performance so hopefully you can diagnose more problems yourself.Let me give you some background about the website we're going to tweak and we'll start with a few Benchmark speeds.

This is a brand new affiliate site made on WordPress with the free WP Astra theme. He has seven plugins enabled, many of which will help improve page load time in big and small ways. To keep things simple, I've now run a single post with text, images, and a article through three page speed tools.

PageSpeed ​​Insights shows a mobile score of 45 and a desktop score of 79. Pingdom shows a load time of 1.72 seconds, a page size of 1.7 MB and 63 requests.

And GTMetrix, fully loaded in 4.3 seconds with a page size of 1.55 megabytes and 61 requests viewing one page at a time, I did a full crawl using Ahrefs' site audit tool.

And if we look in the Page Explorer, you'll find that there were a total of 23 pages with a load time of 1 second or longer, which is basically all the pages of the site, so there's definitely room for improvement. First, have it We switched the DNS provider to Cloudflare's free DNS service, so to understand why we used Cloudflare you need to understand how the web works. at least on an elementary level.

Websites are just files on a computer that is on the internet. Now every device connected to the internet has an IP address, including the server that hosts your website. If your server is in Los Angeles, California, and your visitor is in Las Vegas, you will need these two IP addresses to connect to download the file content to the device.

Now IP addresses are hard to remember and I doubt a lot of people would type in such an address to visit your website. This is where DNS comes in. DNS stands for Domain Name System and it is often referred to as the 'Telephone Book of the World Wide Web'.

In short, DNS maps domain names to IP addresses so that people can type in a domain name to visit a website. When someone types the domain name into their browser, it does a DNS lookup to find the server's IP address. So it takes time.

And usually, free DNS providers from your domain registrar are slow to respond, resulting in slower page load times. Cloudflare's DNS, on the other hand, is pretty darn fast considering it's free. But again, your mileage may vary depending on the DNS provider you are currently using.

To set this up, sign up for a Cloudflare account, then click Add Site. Enter your domain name, select and confirm your plan, and after a few seconds, Cloudflare will give you a chance to review your DNS records. Click Next and you will be prompted to change your nameservers, which you need to do with your domain registrar.

Boom! Step one is done. Next we bought and installed the WP Rocket plugin. WP Rocket is an all-in-one website speed optimization plugin for WordPress.

And they make it super easy to make technical tweaks even if you have no idea what you're doing. The plugin handles common page speed optimizations like caching, preloading, compression, and lazy load images to name a few. After activating the plugin, you can You can access WP Rocket Settings from the top navigation bar.

So let's go through some of the important settings, starting with caching. Basically, if you're not familiar with caching, it's a way to temporarily store copies of files so that they can be served to visitors more efficiently using a simple blog that's responsive. I turned on caching for mobile devices.

Next up is file optimization, which you will be spending most of your time doing. For the basic settings, I decided to minimize HTML and optimize Google Fonts. The minimization only removes spaces and comments from the code which reduce the file size.

And smaller files load faster than larger ones. I also decided to optimize Google Fonts as the theme uses them. The next section deals with optimizing CSS files.

Here, too, I've minimized CSS files and you also decided to combine them. You already know the benefits of minimizing, so let's dive into combining files. WordPress sites often contain multiple CSS files.

Some are for themes, others are plugins, and you may have added some custom ones too. Whether or not you enable this option depends mainly on how your server delivers the files. In general, your files will be loaded using either HTTP 1.1 or HTTP 2.

With 1.1 your files will be loaded one after the other, i. i.e., one file will need to be fully loaded before the next one begins.

So combining your CSS scripts can help reduce loading time as fewer CSS files need to be loaded. With HTTP 2 the files can now be loaded at the same time. That said, if you have multiple CSS files they can start loading at the same time, so a combination won't necessarily be as effective.

To see if your website is using HTTP 2, you can use Key CDN's tester and enter your url. The last option we enabled is Optimize CSS Delivery; Basically, this option generates CSS that is needed for content above the crease and loads other CSS files asynchronously so they don't block the rendering process. Well, these concepts can be quite technical, so I won't delve into them any further, but in general, these are best practices for optimizing page speed.

All right, let's scroll down to the JavaScript files section. First, I removed jQuery Migrate, a file that has been added to WordPress since version 3.6.

Now that there were no problems with jQuery for this theme or any plugins I decided to disable it as there is no point in loading an additional script with no purpose. Again, we decided to minimize JS files like we did with HTML and CSS and to combine our JS files as there were no conflicts or problems, and the last option is activated to delay the loading of JavaScript. This option basically delays the loading of JavaScript files so that the most important content such as HTML and CSS can be delivered to your visitors first.

And then the JS is loaded. And this will fix in most cases the 'How to get rid of rendering blocking JS' issue you may have seen in PageSpeed ​​Insights. Now, it's important to note that shrinking, combining, and / or deferring your JavaScript files can break things on your site - actually test the functionality of your website before leaving it on permanently.

Okay, let's go to the Media category over. Here I decided to lazily load all the media files. LazyLoad improves the page speed as it delays the loading of images and articles until they are visible on the screen again.

In fact, WordPress 5.5 sluggishly loads images by default, so you don't necessarily need a plugin if you just want that feature. Next comes the pre-loading.

With preloading you can define important resources so that browsers know the prices of orityof files to be loaded first. Assuming your HTML code looks like this: Based on this code, the JavaScript file should simply have to be loaded first due to the hierarchy. Of course, you could edit the code, but this can get messy and confusing if you don't have any programming skills.

But if we were to add another link tag to preload the stylesheet and this would tell the browsers to load the CSS file with a higher priority than the JS file. And that's exactly what this option in WP Rocket does for you. Well, the last thing I want to talk about here is using a CDN.

And the easiest way to understand how these work is to look at our first example of how devices connect to web servers. So again, if the server is in LA and a visitor is in Las Vegas, it probably won't take long for the two devices to connect as they are relatively close to each other. But what if someone from Germany, India, Australia or Singapore tries to try? It takes longer to connect to the web server, and this is where CDNs can help.

CDN stands for Content Delivery Network. And that's exactly what it is. A network of servers around the world that delivers content to visitors as quickly as possible.

With a CDN, you essentially cache files on multiple servers around the world. Then when a visitor tries to access your website, they will be connected to the closest one, creating a faster connection between the user and the content. So if your website attracts a global audience, it may be worth signing up for a CDN service, enabling the option in WP Rocket, and adding the appropriate CNAME.

Now there are other free caching plugins that have many of these features like Autoptimize and W3 Total Cache, but personally I prefer to pay a small fee for WP Rocket because they have given me the best results. And the final step in this website speed optimization tutorial is to optimize your images. Now that we've added LazyLoad to images, this will solve a lot of problems.If you're using featured images that are above the crease when loading, Lazyload won't help.

You can also save storage space with smaller images. So the simple solution is to compress your images using lossy or lossless compression. And there are some great plugins out there that do that for you like ShortPixel and Imagify.

Now, to give you an idea of ​​how much image compression can help, check out the WordPress media library here. You will see that ShortPixel has reduced the image sizes quite a bit, which helps improve page speed. ShortPixel also has a feature that lets you serve images in WebP format, which basically allows you to compress images even further without sacrificing quality too much.

Just go to Settings and choose ShortPixel. Then click on the Advanced tab here you should make sure you checked this box to allow ShortPixel to create a WebP version of your images. Now that we've done the three main optimizations for WordPress Sitespeed, let's run the PageSpeed ​​tools and use them with o.

Compare our original benchmarks. On PageSpeed ​​Insights, the site previously scored 45 on mobile and now has a score of 95. It had a desktop score of 79 and now has a near-perfect desktop score.

On Pingdom the page was previously loaded with 1.72 in second place with a page size of 1.7 MB and 63 requests.

With the new speed test, you'll find that all three metrics have decreased significantly. The page size is just over 900 kilobytes, the loading time was 200 milliseconds and the number of inquiries has almost tripled. And you'll see the same pattern for GTMetrix and improvement across the board.

Finally, I did a new crawl of the site using Ahrefs' Site Audit, and as you can see, every single page that loaded under a second, well these are the steps that worked for Zach's site and I got them with Success used for other sites. But keep in mind that each WordPress configuration will be different as you might be using a clunkier theme, more resource-intensive plugins, inferior hosting, or you have tons of third-party tracking scripts ts. So if you're after Those tweaks are still dissatisfied with the speed of your website, you will likely need to do more custom work for you.

So you should consider removing plugins and scripts, changing the subject, or hiring a developer and making the appropriate fixes. So give it a try and if you enjoyed this tutorial make sure you like, share, and subscribe to more actionable SEO and Marketing tutorials. And let me know in the comments if these tips helped you increase the speed of your WordPress site, we'll see you in the next tutorial.

Why is Outlook so slow 2020?

When Outlook has performance issues, it can be caused either by a corrupt or damaged PST file, an add-in that isn't functioning, a corrupt profile, or a problem with the Outlook application.

- This article is presented to you by Woven. With Woven, you can have all of your calendars in one place and have powerful planning tools to help you save time. Stay tuned to the end of the article to find out more.

Do you want to spend a lot less? Time to manage your schedule? Want to look like a pro when it comes to managing your Outlook calendar? Well, in today's article, I'm going to share with you seven of my best tips for managing your calendar here in Microsoft Outlook. Hi everyone, Scott Fries en here at Simpletivity to help you get more done and be less stressful. And let's dive right in with tip number one, we're talking about a keyboard shortcut that will allow us to go to any date on our calendar, all you have to do is select Ctrl + G on your keyboard and you'll get this dialog that pops up.

Now at first sight you might think, oh, do I have to put it in this one? Format? Definitely not. Let's say I want to go straight to November 27th. I just type no.

November 27th, hit Enter on my keyboard and boom, this is Thanksgiving or I should say Black Friday for this particular year. Let's hit Ctrl + G again and let's say I just want to go to next Saturday on my calendar. I'll just type in SAT, hit Enter in my calendar and I'll be selected for next Saturday from today.

So no, you don't have to enter anything in a specific date or a specific date format as you can see here. How about February 2021? I hit enter and boom, I'll be taken to the second week there. I think it's the ninth because today is the ninth, but it got me right into February 2021 and I can even go back and just say today if I'm somewhere else and hit enter and it'll bring me back into Today.

So this will save you a lot of time, that's Ctrl + G on your keyboard. Now tip number two has to do with the display of time zones specifically, here on the left side of your calendar you can display multiple time zones. By default, of course, your location is shown l time zone, but what if you work closely with someone else or with clients or colleagues in a different time zone? Wouldn't it be nice to have one or maybe two additional time zones here on the left? In order for us to do that, we have to go up and then all the way down to Options.

It will open this dialog and on the left we want to select the calendar. Now we'd like to scroll down a bit, down to the time zones, a couple of different things to watch out for here. Number one is that we can add labels to our time zones, including the existing ones.

So just in case you want to remember, maybe I want to put Pacific here just so I know the difference between that particular time zone. But here I can show a second time zone, so I'll check this box here and it is already Picked East for me and that's perfect, I work with a lot of clients on the east coast a lot so I can pick the eastern time zone. And just to make it easier for me to see this on my scale ndar, I type in East, it's kept nice and short so I can see it on my calendar.

All I have to do is come down here and say, okay, and now on the left. I have two of my time zones. I can see my local time zone here, which is shown in bold here, but I also have my east time here.

So when I look at my calendar and think about making one? Appointment to make sure that, oh yeah, 2:00 p.m. is fine with me, but maybe that's a little late for some of my colleagues in the eastern time zone.

Next on our list, we'd like to look at our calendar in a different way, and especially viewing our calendar when we're dealing with email, because let's face it, if you're here in Outlook, you're probably spending a lot of time in your inbox and not just your calendar, but it can be time consuming to do this going back and forth, right? To click over here, click on the calendar, come over here and then click over here and then go back to your view here in your inbox. Well, you can actually get a mini view of your calendar and your entire schedule right in here See Outlook's email area. To do that, we'd like to come up here and select View.

And then further down the right side of your ribbon, you'll see this layout area here. Now there's one called a to-do bar and it might not be the best label here because it will show us a lot more than just our to-do lists. We can also choose to view our To-Do List.

But when we select that option we have three options; Calendar, People, Tasks, or Off. In this case, I want to select Calendar and now on the right side, I have a thumbnail of mine Calendar, but it gets better. Not only can I go up here and select certain dates and see what my schedule looks like, but as you can see if I walk in today it actually shows me an agenda view of my calendars.

So I can quickly see what's coming up for today and what I have to say for the rest of the week, I need to change this counseling session, or maybe I just want to see more details about it, I just have to click on it and it will open right here, I'll come not to calendar, right? I didn't switch to calendar view, but this event opened. I can add the location, change the date, add invitees, do anything I would do on a regular basis. And when I'm done I can click Save and Close, or I can just close it here if I just wanted to learn more information and I'm back to that view.

It still gives you a lot of space, a lot of space to work on your email and view your inbox, but a helpful little view so that you can see your email here in Outlook too. We stay on the email page here, even if this is a article about calendar tips, I want to show you how to share your calendar with someone via email, in which case we have to select this above to go to our traditional one or standard format. And I'll compose a new message.

And it really does. In this example, it doesn't matter who I'm sending this to, I'd like to get to the body of the email itself. So maybe I'll write something and tell them, 'Hey, just look below.

This is what my schedule is for the next week. What is your availability or which of these times is right for you? 'To do that we need to get to the insert here, and you can see in this first section here under Include, there is one called Calendar. So I'll choose this one.

You can select the respective calendar if you manage multiple calendars. I'll be using my default calendar here and you can specify the date range as well. I'll say the next seven days, and I can also choose the amount of details that I want to include.

So I can provide limited details, full details, or just availability. This is probably the one you want to use most of the time because it basically just appears to be free and busy. It gives us the others like timid, work elsewhere or outside so you won't see your specific meeting names or invitees or anything like that.

You can also only say Showtime within my work hours, which is probably pretty smart, right? You don't want someone to pick a time that is outside of your work hours. There are a few more advanced options here, but most of the time I usually only use them at this level. I'll say okay, and what will happen is that there is a miniature calendar in the text of this message.

In fact, it looks a lot like the email view, but as you can see, it just shows free and busy, free and busy for you to take a quick look at, okay, I'll be out on the 10th in the morning for roughly an hour and a half available, only a half hour time slot here and then most of the afternoon. So they can call me and say, 'Hey, Scott, is that this? 'would be nice. We'll meet on the 10th at 3:00 p.m. ' Or something like that.

I've given them enough details. But even here they don't know who I'm meeting with or what the titles of these meetings are. Now I'll just close this and show you an example of what the person on the other end is getting.

And I think that's really great because you actually get a kind of dynamic link here. If you look at this mini-calendar and you want to say, 'You know what, I am I really want to meet on the 13th. You can click on this 13th.

That'll jump down here and you can quickly see my free and busy information. A great way to share your availability with someone outside of your organization. Now let's jump back to the calendar itself because this next one is something I wasn't aware of, but I find it so powerful and it might just change the way you look at your calendar.

It has to do with color coding or whatever other thing you'd like to do on your calendar and do it automatically. This way, you don't have to waste your time choosing a specific color or category gup for every meeting you create or receive from other people. Here you can see this example.

I have green as my default color for a number of meetings. Maybe purple is for personal things like this lunch and anything related to a counseling session is red. But instead of wasting my time entering a counseling session and then changing it to get a counseling appointment, check this out.

I'm going to create two different meetings so you can see this in real time. So let's say I'm going to create a new meeting here. I just call it a new meeting.

So I didn't do anything, right? I'm just saying new meeting. I say save and close. There is my default color green, but I'll be creating another meeting here.

And this I will call, counseling session. Again, nothing done, just given just a name. I'll meet, save and close.

And this one is red. Hey what happened there I didn't choose red. No, that's because I use the conditional formatting here in Outlook, which, whenever this term, counseling session is included in the appointment title, makes the appointment red so that it stands out.

To make this possible, we would like to come to our ribbon and select view. And then we want to select view settings. And within this view settings dialog we would like to come to Conditional Formatting.

Here is the first rule that I introduced. It's called the Consulting Session. This is really just the name.

We'll pick our condition elsewhere, but here you can see I picked the color red. Now let's add a new one so you know how to do it too. I'll choose the add button and we'll give it a name.

In this case, I'll call it a Trello meeting, okay? Meeting that has Trello in its name, I want to give it the color blue, just like the Trello application. So I'm going to call it Trell o Meet and I'm going to choose this color blue as the color I want to use. Now remember, that's just the name.

what is iseek

We haven't set the condition yet. To do that, let's come here and select the condition button, which will open a new dialog. So up here I'll say, look for the words Trello, and I can choose to only have it in the subject when I want it in the note fields, when I want it in other places too.

In this case, I just want it in the subject. Now the term subject is used because this is exactly the same menu that you can use within the Outlook email page. But remember, Subject essentially means the name of the appointment or event.

Now I can choose other options in terms of organization, who organized it, and other participants. There are more choices upfront, but let's keep it simple for this example. I'll score well in this case and I'll score well again.

We'll score well here a third time. to close this dialog box and test it and see if it works. So here on Friday, let's create a new event and I'll say this is, for example, a Trello meeting with Bob.

I press save and close and it has automatically received the blue label. Next on our list, let's take a look at how quickly any email turns into an appointment, because let's face it, you probably spend a lot more time on Outlook's email page than on the calendar itself. But let's say someone sent me a message like this and it came up with a lot of good data or information.

And I want to be able to create a meeting so we can talk about it. To convert this to an appointment, all I need to do is take the email, click and hold, and I'll drag it over the calendar icon here on the left. When I let go of it, a new appointment is created with the subject of this email now being the title of the appointment and everything in that email is listed below, so here is the table I talked about earlier.

It's all there for me and everyone I invite to this meeting, we can refer to it together now, either in advance or during the meeting itself. So I'm going to close this one. Again, you can drag any email, just click and drag it over the calendar icon and it will be automatically converted so you can create a new appointment.

Next, you need to add important dates to your calendar because I want to make sure you don't miss anything important, especially when dealing with someone outside of your country, or outside of your beliefs or geographic area, and that has to do with that You add holidays to your calendar, you can see me here. ' I've listed both a few Canadian and US holidays here, but I didn't add these myself. No, I want Outlook to do the hard work for me.

So in this case we have to go to File. We're getting back to the options and yes we're going to select the calendar here and under the second Calendar Options menu we want to get about halfway down and here you can see how we can add holidays to the calendar. So when we click this button we get a dialog here.

Now there is a combination of both countries. There are some religious holidays. There are a variety of different things.

For example, some things may only be specific to Vatican City. There are a ton of different things to browse through here, but all you have to do is select the few that are important to you; the ones that you want to add and hit OK and they will be added to your calendar, now if you are If you want to access all of your calendars in one place, I recommend checking out Woven. With Woven you can bring all of your Google and Microsoft calendars together in a single view.

They also allow you to create custom tags so that you can keep track of everything you do in a given week, typing the same thing over and over again. It also includes some very powerful scheduling tools so you don't have to use third-party apps. If you'd like to try Woven for yourself, visit woven.com or see the link in the description below.

What happened to my hotmail account 2020?

Hotmail accounts are now migrated to Outlook.com. This web application has already new features and services that helps users manage emails through the web.

Today's article was made possible by our friends at dot u. If you are looking for a domain that is one of a kind, just look for a moment in history with Nowhatsapp Snapchat or Instagram is not a dystopian novel after 2020, but an era called the 90s and by the end of this decade one of the greatest news services was born, Not just connected to friends and family, Amazon Messenger helped shape our teenage Earsus millennials from annoying nudges and animated emoticons to speak into your crush and expect a reaction, but when we look back we can seeing it was more than just teenagers chatting was part of a war between not faded giants who unwittingly laid the foundation for today's social networks and now it's completely over, so how did that happen? in the ever-growing instant messaging world, but it had to compete against three g antennas of the 90s on the market that were known as icqyahoo and aol instant messenger asaamin a detailed narration for np1 magazine former msn engineer david auerbach explains the two major challenges microsoft faces There were already millions of people who used competitor platforms and the programs were incompatible, so microsoft had to find a way to lure people into their software and also offer a way to connect to these other platforms, of course none easy job but they had an ace up their sleeve Hotmail msnmessenger would connect directly to the popular email service to give millions an instant chat, but the Microsoft staff didn't stop there and came up with one cheeky but ingenious idea, what if msn messenger could access through code, yes, it sounds like a scam and it was, but it worked when msn messenger started people talking to contacts from both competing services until aol discovered that the tiny hack aol naturally blocked the messenger immediately, but microsoft insisted on the messenger a way was found through which aol countered every day outour bag remembers that the cat-and-mouse game was of crucial importance, because after all I had 40 million users and Microsoft wanted the topic finally aol resisted and made it to Microsoft with the same bug they created, but to their advantage, they basically used their own vulnerability to scam MSN's client, which according to software analyst Jav Chappell is an ingenious but controversial move just the tech -world and how it resembles a battle in the playground this was the beginning for msn messenger, turbulent, truculent, but the first step towards g the first version of an addicting platform messenger was easy. it only had text and a contact list, but through improvements and the start of another symbol, which was windows xpmessenger, it really took off.

Also aesthetic changes The new operating system brought improvements for messenger-like voice calls and contact groups the following versions contain an integrated one Windows Media PlayerFile Transfers and More Emoticons for the Younger Audience You may not understand how important ammo was back then, we only had text so a little smiley face went a long way, and then you included webcam conversations back then, Messenger gave us what we did call it fundamental stuff today. It was a trendsetter, even some annoying trends like the Nodge, which was born in 2005, and perforated eardrums until his demise with all these tools, msn made its own way into the world of messaging so much was its success that by December13 2003 Microsoft announced that it has reached a staggering 110 million users every month, the webcam calls were a hit with 2.5 million sessions per day, you could play games like minesweeper and tic-tac-toe with your friends with version 7.5 send a 15-second voice Notice how we communicate today was largely due to MSN and instant messaging.

Messenger's success story had millions of users with innovative features and was really addicting but it wasn't perfect but in 2002 many messenger users had intermittent connections and their friend lists suddenly disappeared all of their friends were gone and that happened in many countries including chile , koreasingapur, and of course the united states estimates assumed that a third of all messenger users had a problem, then microsoft passport, the key to access many services started failing and users could not log into hotmail and messenger these challenges would not have worse times come because msn was at the height of the chat wars mitaol then the chat rooms came along with its rival Microsoft had created these chat rooms which were a kind of virtual meeting rooms where strangers could talk to each other when you think wiping n oh right or left weird l what old sex location stood, as more people logged into msnmessenger and the predators came into these chat rooms too, the risk increased so much that Microsoft took action in 2003 and closed all of their chat rooms. Miners could now only chat via MSN instant messaging. Newer security measures weren't the only improvements microsoft implemented, but there is a phrase we can use in this situation, if it isn't broken then fix it non-windows live and a new identity amazon messenger existed from 1999 to around In mid-2005 in versions 1 to 7.5 then it fell victim to microsoft's search for a new identity under the brand Windows Live Version 8 brought some changes in aesthetics and functionality, including new colors for offline messaging and even parental controls.

At first, many users didn't like the new messenger because it didn't evoke the earlier feelings. It was a good platform, but the users didn't take the excessive bugs and software issues kindly. Also, there were compatibility problems especially with windo ws 2000 or earlier, even those who use Windows XPhad to forcibly upgrade to Livemessenger, but for every bad thing there is a good one, I think, in 2006 Microsoft announced that it would deal with none other than Yahoo would join forces with this alliance of all things New Version that came user-friendly started to take Windows Live Messenger, it crashed frequently, and advertisements were visually annoying, but those who criticized it eventually assumed it was just a another good product at a time when average just wasn't enough Microsoft knew this but didn't know how to solve it desperate efforts to get an identity until 2009 it was very clear that Messenger was a success that year it was reported that Messenger had 330 million active users.

Other social network integrations and features The product was ab impressive messaging service, but not much else. In 2010 there was some effort to add more Facebook-like features. You added a social problem where you saw what everyone else was doing.

The problem was it was too much like Microsoft, that strange uncle who wants to be young and remember, this is the company that brought you Windows Vista so they know how to screw up a Windows product took themselves too seriously and no one used this social color because no one uploaded anything to itmessenger, started out as something fun and addicting product, then evolved into a well-rounded product but until 2010 it only rode on its previous successes and some of Microsoft's successful experiments that weren't many, look at the products Microsoft made with a gaming platform that was, of course, a hit thanks to the Xbox, and then there was ping, whatever the 2010s decade was where Microsoft shot itself in the foot for failing to find myself and start the fireSocial networks skyrocketed, so guess what d o these social networks had what Messenger only did better Facebook had even copied Messenger's fucking nudge of death It's no surprise Messenger numbers were falling and guess whose numbers Skype soas were rising? When Microsoft set up its star player for the newcomer, Microsoft decided to ditch Onmsn Messenger and get Skype for $ 8.5 billion, their new purchase was already well established with a solid user base and most of its bugs were eventually written out, but Microsoft would one Finding way to screw it up too, we've made an entire article about it, now this marked the beginning of the end for messenger announced that its legendary instant messaging platform would no longer exist except that Chinese users around the world now either, too could migrate skype or shut down the platform altogether to prevent the latter microsoft did something to remind users to go to skype after all, you still kept your hotmail address and skype was still a messaging service, but it was tense and corporate it just didn't feel funny anymore in 2014 Messenger wasn't the first still the last one but a lot of us came from school to talk to people we just saw, we spent many hours using our own weird abbreviated language and having pointless conversations just to keep Messenger there us hope and romance and the chance to express our heartbreak cheesy status speaks of hope as a startup founder.If you ever hope to get a catchy, memorable name for your business, we are the web address of choice for anyone who dreams of having one Pursuing idea to share the cost of a champion or company to advertise like give us domains a chance for us was built on the spirit of innovation and inclusion and is home to the largest startup hub in the world with fo subjects California from across the planet as we prepared to introduce our new product monthly.

One of the first domains we secured was Monthlyapp.us. We did the same for sniping of course it's memorable it's easy to remember it's unique and it's great for small business civil groups and causes and no kiddingmsn messenger dot usis are actually still available i was trying to turn a teenage platform into an adult too do

Why has Hotmail changed 2020?

Hotmail was updated by Microsoft to make the user interface a better experience. The brand new Outlook is smoother, more efficient and lets users have more control over how they manage their emails.

It's 2021, and like every year before, it seems like scammers are becoming more common. So, in this article, I'm going to be going over a bunch of different scams that are either brand new that I've really never heard of, or they are getting more and more common even if they aren't exactly new, so you'll still have to hit them up this year So let's start with the so-called car wrap scam. You either see a job posting, or maybe even an email or an ad for something that claims you can pay you to just drive around in your car.

And the idea is that you reply to that ad and they say, 'Yeah, all you have to do is put a car advertising logo on your car, drive around like you normally would, and we'll pay you several a hundred dollars a week for it. 'If you accept that, they'll usually send you a check that is a fake check for a few thousand dollars. It is cashed in at the bank before they realize it is f.

But in the meantime, they'll tell you, 'Oh, use that money and go to our supplier who specializes in car wrapping and just give him the money and pay him and he'll take care of it.' I'm going to tell you to do this in a way that isn't really reversible, like a wire transfer or money order, something like that. At some point, probably not long after you've made that payment to the so-called specialist who is simply part of the fraud, then after a few days the bank will find out that the check is fraudulent.

And then the money is withdrawn from your account because it should never have been deposited was deposited from the check and the money you sent to the scammer. So you've lost everything. So this is just another variation on counterfeit check scams.

Always be careful of any company that says we'll send you a check and you will go and use that to buy something. It's kind of sketchy. Okay, next we have what is known as the family f.

You may have heard of this. These have been around for a while, but they seem to be getting more and more common. On this call, you get a phone call claiming to be a relative of yours and it is an emergency where you need to give them money.

This is often like they are out of town on vacation and have just been arrested. For example, they need money on bail targets the elderly and then they pretend to be grandchildren. And they'll say, 'Oh Grandpa, Grandma, I'm in jail.

I need a deposit, 'whatever. And then they'll say something like, 'Please don't tell mom and dad. You will be so mad.

Please send the money over now and I'll sort it out and then tell you. 'And the idea is to get them to send the money, before you confirm this story with anyone, to find out if that person is out of town at all. So they are trying to get you to send the money urgently for whatever reason.

It's always very urgent. They need the money now, maybe the hearing is tomorrow and they need the money for a lawyer, or they need to get out of jail now because I don't know there are scary people in jail, things like that, and these scammers are smarter than You may think so. I saw a post where someone asked why they sound different.

They say, 'You don't sound like my grandson.' And they said, 'Oh, well, I broke my nose when I was arrested and that's why I sound different. So if you ever get a call from someone, even someone you know, who claims they need money right away and you need to transfer the money or do something similar, it is best not to answer a call from a number first who you don't know but at least somehow check history and know this is a scam.

So if you get a call from someone who needs a deposit it is likely a scam. Okay, keep it up, the next scam is fake phone calls from people claiming to be Apple or Amazon Support lly a variation on the fake order confirmation scams you may have heard of in the past. Usually this has been an email until now.

They send you a fake order confirmation saying to cancel this order, go in here, and it's a phishing thing. Well that's different. They actually call you and do a robocall.

And they might say something like, 'This is Amazon support and this is warning you about an unauthorized purchase of an iPhone for a thousand dollars. Press one to speak to customer service to cancel. 'And of course, if you pick up the phone and say,' Oh, I didn't order that, 'press one, you're talking to a scammer, and then they'll usually ask for your credentials.

They will be trying to get your bank account number to say, 'Oh, in order to cancel this we need your original credit card information' or something similar. But be aware that it's a scam. And actually the FTC has a couple of sample audio clips.

I'll play one now to get an idea of ​​what that might sound like. An unauthorized purchase of an iPhone XR 64 gigabytes for $ 749 is ordered from your Amazon account. To cancel your order or to connect with one of our customer service representatives, please press one or just stay on the line.

That's just one example for Amazon. But apparently Apple is another account used by scammers. They call you again with some sort of robocall and say that there is unauthorized access to your iCloud account.

Hit one again or speak to customer service or call that number to access customer service and then you go and you connect with a scammer, so if you get one of those calls never call the number, that they tell you, only if you are really unsure then go to Amazon or Apple's official website and contact them using the official number listed on the website, not a number that will give you a phone call as it is could be a fake. As a side note, if you ever get a robocall from this type of scam or another, never hit numbers on the phone. Just hang up immediately.

Because when they hear you press the number they now know that it is a live work number and then it can be added to a list and you will get more and more spam calls it is best just not to reply if you don't realize it and immediately hang up if you discover it is a scam. All right now the next type of scam is the overpaid utility bill scam kind of a phone call, usually a robocall, maybe a voicemail that says, 'Hey, you overpaid your last utility bill' or whatever. 'And you are entitled to a cash refund.

You just have to. press or call that number to speak to customer service. 'It may not be a cash refund.

You may say, 'Oh, well, confirm and we'll give you a discount on your next bill.' Something like that. Of course, when you press one or connect with this customer service who is actually the scammer, then there will usually be some kind of confirmation for the payment in the form of your bank account number where you have to deposit the money.

We need to know where to deposit the money or something like that, your personal information, which they use to steal your identity, anything they can pick up from you - and even in the best case, it isn't you a downright thief trying to steal your money, at best it's like a really sketchy marketing firm trying to get you to switch to their crap supplier and they're basically still lying there. So you don't even want to interact with them. You are still using sketchy, lying marketing tactics.

So it's either a scam or someone you don't want to have anything to do with anyway, we're in fifth place. We have what is known as parcel waiting fraud. And what's new about it is that they are actually text messaging, while previously it's some kind of fake order confirmation email you get like I mentioned before but now you can start getting text messages and know them maybe even your first name or something from data brokers and the like.

And they'll say, 'Oh, you've got a package from USPS or from Amazon waiting. Click on this link to learn more and how to 'receive' something like that. But when you then click the link, you will be taken to a sign-up page for likely Amazon or whatever website they claim they came from.

But of course it's a phishing site and they will instantly steal your credentials and then use it to order from your real account and then collect your money that way, but again, if you get one of these, never click that Link scam and you are curious about what the website will be like, don't do it because they definitely have trackers on those links to know who is clicking the links and who is not. And then you'll start getting even more text message spam because they know you have a job number. So just don't do it.

Alright, next we have a whole category of scams commonly known as income scams. And these have become so much more common over the past year that even the FTC has launched a new campaign to raise awareness, Operation Income Illusion, to let people know that these scams are becoming more common. These scams come in all shapes and sizes.

In fact, the car wrap scan we talked about at the beginning was basically a form of it. But usually you see some sort of job ad, or maybe an ad on social media. You can even get an email.

And basically it will say, oh, work from home and you'll be making tons of money in a short amount of time. And it will basically be something that is just too much. It's good to be true.

And regardless of the pretext they use to get your attention, there are several ways they can take your money. You can do the fake check scam again and say, 'Oh, you are for this job' You have to go out and buy a printer or something from our supplier y it's an investment opportunity or a business opportunity, 'Oh, you will be your own business and you'll use our best business method, 'something like that. And of course you have to invest your money, but you will never get any of it.

But usually the common thread is that you need to somehow invest your own money upfront. And then of course they will instantly disappear several times, it's like a fake check fraud. So you are hiding the fact that you are using your own money, but in reality it is you.

Or maybe it's like some kind of multilevel marketing thing where you have to buy the product before you sell it. But with all of these you can just ask yourself, wait a minute when they say they'll reimburse me for going out and buying this thing, why don't you? If they don't just buy it themselves? And that's obviously because it's a scam. Well, next, the next category of scams is Coronavirus Relief and Stimulation.

Basically, given the upcoming tax season, there are scammers in the USA and the discussion about incentive laws offer many opportunities for fraudsters to take advantage of and defraud people. A common tactic is for scammers to contact you in a variety of ways, whether it's an email, a text message, a phone call, whatever, and they will say, hey, you are now entitled to congratulations on your Get stimulus check of $ 2,000 whatever. And all you have to do to claim it is XYZ after which they can steal your money or personal information in various ways.

For example, they might say, “Hey, your coronavirus check is ready. We only need your bank details to deposit it. Maybe your bank account number or your bank login. 'And then of course they go in and drain it if they can.

Or they'll contact you and say, 'Hey, to even get that coronavirus check, you have to log in to be at all.' entitled. You're not logged in. 'And then of course they'll give you a link to a website at will either steal your information and use it to steal your identity, or in turn they could steal your bank login, stuff like that.

If you're curious about whether you're eligible to receive any type of stimulus or when, it's always best to stick to official news sources. I think there are a lot of news outlets that are official for your local or national news and they tell you and describe who is eligible, if you have to sign up at all, I don't think you really have to, and you do Don't have to rely on those sketchy emails coming in and you don't know who they are from. Okay, now we're going to talk about the last type of new scam that is vaccine-linked cams.

I'm not talking about the vaccine itself, of course, being a scam, but the FBI and state and local governments have said that scammers use the vaccine as an excuse to trick people into cheating on them in various ways. And you can Get in touch with these scammers in a number of ways by posting an ad on social media. You may get another text message, an email we were talking about.

And then when you click the link or reply to the ad, they'll likely try to do, for example, get you to enter a whole bunch of personal information, such as: B. 'Hey, to sign up for the vaccine listing, you need to give us all of your information, social security number, bank details for payment' or something like that. Or you could say, 'Oh, you need to enter your credit card number to claim the processing fee Another example I've heard is that you might be trying to say, 'Hey, if you just pay us a fee, we'll 'take you to the front of the line.

You can get the vaccine first. ' That is also a scam. There is no way to pay to get to the head of the line an official way to sign up for the coronavirus vaccine.

So always go to your state or local government official website and look for information on how to do this t. Don't sign up by clicking on social media links or unsolicited emails you receive but be aware that this is a scam so you can just check that you have received an email and check that it is from an official source. And again, you can always just go to the official website and not click any links if you want to be sure.

Hopefully you are now better prepared for these scams that I mentioned that are more common now. or you can spot similar scams, say, hey, this sounds a lot like other scams. It could just be a variation of that.

And you can be better prepared in the future. If you want to keep watching, I would recommend checking out last year's article about new scams in 2020. These scams haven't stopped.

You haven't disappeared. So you can be even better prepared by checking this out. You can just click on it there.

Thanks for watching guys, and see you in the next article.

Why is Hotmail so slow lately?

If you find Hotmail very slow, it is either because of your computer or maybe a web browser. If your computer operated much better in the past, as well as Hotmail, you can use System Restore to revert Windows to an earlier point in time.

Are there any problems with the transition from Hotmail to Outlook?

The transition from Hotmail to Outlook hasn’t been without problems, in fact there’s been a few outages with users reporting Hotmail or Outlook has gone down throughout this year at different times.

Is there a problem with my Hotmail account?

Hotmail and Outlook down, or login problems. The transition from Hotmail to Outlook hasn’t been without problems, in fact there’s been a few outages with users reporting Hotmail or Outlook has gone down throughout this year at different times.

Is it possible for Outlook to run too slow?

When you frequently use Microsoft Outlook, you will soon notice that Outlook will begin to run much slower, sometimes slowing to a halt if you are not careful. With some precaution, you may never have to deal with Outlook running too slowly again.

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