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Hotmail encrypted email - innovative solutions

Can you send encrypted email in Hotmail?

In message that you are composing, click File > Properties. Click Security Settings, and then select the Encrypt message contents and attachments check box. Compose your message, and then click Send.

- Hey guys, Christie here from DPC Technology.

Today we're going to talk about how an encrypted email is sent, what it looks like when it is sent, what it looks like to the person receiving the email, so that we can be a little more comfortable with sending encrypted emails every day. If you're new here, DPC Technology is a managed service provider providing IT managed services to small businesses throughout the southeastern United States. On our channel, we like to make articles about product reviews, the use of technology in your company and articles like this one.

So, if that's what you're into, go ahead and hit the Like and Subscribe button below. Get that out of the way. And let's go straight to the article. (Upbeat music) So you might be thinking, why do I have to use encrypted email and when do I need to send encrypted email? The answer is whenever you have private information, payment information, and most importantly Patient health information such as social security, birthdays, x-rays a Make sure you use encrypted email when sending it to someone else.

The way we use it today, and the way I'm going to show you, is to use Microsoft Outlook with an Azure subscription, you can't just send an encrypted email without a subscription .You must have a subscription to have all of these options that you see in my email, if you don't have a subscription click these buttons, you just won't see the options. So if you need help getting it set up, please do not hesitate to contact us, especially if you are a Complete Care customer.

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We've probably already set you up with at least one account that you can send encrypted emails using. Okay folks, let's go to my computer and I'll show you how to send encrypted emails. Okay, we'll show you how They send an encrypted email from Outlook, and in this case I send it to my Gmail account, but it would look the same if you sent it to Ya hooor any other type of non-Microsoft Outlook account.

So, let's go. I'll check up new email and send it to my Gmail account. I just say test.

I just press so I go to options and encrypt. And you have four different options here. I'll start with just encrypting.

This is really all you absolutely need if you want to be HIPPA compliant, which is only encrypt.There are other options such as no forwarding. There is the option that we have set up some rules internally that say that only confidential internal emails and only one confidential internal email view are displayed.

So when we send email within our organization, you are kept confidential. But if I just send something that I want encrypted, I just click on it, encrypt. This message is encrypted.

Recipients cannot remove the encryption. And then I'll hit send here, and we'll go to our Gmail account and see how it looks on the other side. The idea is that in Microsoft you are using a portal that you kind of have to sign into that portal on the other end so you can see the email.

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So it is not necessarily transmitted like a normal e-mail. It is kept on this portal and is therefore less likely to be stolen, hacked or anything like that. So that's the point of using an encrypted email.

And that's why we like to use Microsoft Office 365. It's the easiest way, especially in Outlook. So here is the email, I'll click in here.

And you will see it says Christie sent you a protected message. I click here to read the message. It says, I sent you a protected message.

Please log in to see the message. You So you can either log in to your Google account again, I know you are already logged in, but this will log you into the portal part. Or you can sign in with a one-time passcode.

This time I just log into my Google account again. And there it is. In this scenario I can copy it, I can forward it.

But the email is encrypted. It can be seen on this portal for me. You can see up here it is no longer in my Gmail.

I am signed into this portal to see this email. Let me close it and let's say try again. Now that I'm on it, I think it just opens again, so this time after I got in it just opens back to normal.

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So let's close it. Let's delete and send another one. And this time I'll send it with Don't forward.

And then at this end, let's see what it looks like. Another great way, sometimes people are worried, how do I know it has been encrypted? They want to know what it looks like at the other end. Send yourself a test Email or send one to your personal account and see what it looks like and make sure it works.

But if you see these options in your Outlook it should work. Here we go. This is what it looks like.

Right again, but when I open it, you will see I can't copy it, I can't mark it, when I want to forward it it's grayed out. When I want to print it, it's grayed out. So it isn't Forward.

Recipients can't print or copy content. All right. So now I'm going to show you what it looks like to do the same thing, but instead of from your Outlook on your workstation, it will be from the Outlook app on the web.

On your laptop, on vacation or something, and you need to send someone an encrypted email. To be able to sign in to your Outlook, go to portal.office.com and sign in this way.

Go to your Outlook and go to Write a new message and the same thing I did before but we will go to my Gmail account. I will do a test. You will see a button at the top that says 'Encrypt'.

However, if you've never looked there before, you probably never say. So there it is. I'll click encrypt.

And you will see, now it is called encrypt, this message is encrypted, recipients cannot remove the encryption, change the permissions or remove the encryption. If we click on Change Permission, you will now see that on our computer, the desktop version, we have a drop-down list with the same choices that we had in Outlook PC Confidential Load, Show Only, Do Not Forward or Encrypt. So I just click on encrypt again.

And we click send. It is being sent. And then I go back to my Gmail account.

So here we go, same message. We will click on the message. Since I'm already logged in, I am not prompted to log in.

But you can see here it is. Encrypt, this message is encrypted. So, the same.

Also, let me show you what it does when you want to send within your organization. I click encrypt and then want to change it to make it confidential The content can be changed but not copied or printed. So we're sending it to my Gmail account, which in theory doesn't work as I'm outside of the organization.

Here it is. When I click read the message, I am now logged in and it shows that an error has occurred. We're sorry, an unknown error occurred.

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Please try again later. And that's because outside of the organization it won't get through. I just get an error message.

This will make sure that you don't accidentally send anything outside of your organization. Now I'm going to tell you how to see if the email you sent is actually encrypted, when you go into your sent email inbox you will see the little lock next to it and that means it has been encrypted. Same thing, if you are in your Outlook online web application you will see the little lock and you will also see at the top that this message is encrypted and the recipients cannot forward it.

So this is a great way to check this out. Sometimes it is also good to send one to yourself first. and make sure it comes across that way, then re-send it to whoever you are sending it to.

Alright guys. I hope you enjoyed the article. Go ahead and subscribe below.

And if you have any questions, add them to the comments. I hope you have a nice day And see you in the next article. (upbeat music)

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Are Hotmail emails secure?

In terms of security, Hotmail really is one the most secure emailing services around.

How do I decrypt encrypted email in Outlook?

Open Outlook and click on File tab to navigate to Options. Click on Trust Center >> Trust Center Setting. Select Email Security tab. Go to Encrypted Email section and check the box “Encrypt contents and attachments for outgoing messages.”

Are Hotmail accounts encrypted?

You couldn't encrypt specific email or message in Hotmail. You could try put it in Microsoft Word and protected (encrypted) it by password and send it as attachment, but there is no direct encryption for specific message. You are encrypted over network when you are using Hotmail.

How do you encrypt an e-mail message?

Click the Security Settings button, and in the Security Properties dialog box, select Encrypt message contents and attachments. Click OK, and then close the Message Options dialog box. Compose your message and send it. Choosing to encrypt all outgoing messages means, in effect, your e-mail is encrypted by default.

How to encrypt email in Gmail, Yahoo and outlook accounts?

1 Log in to your Outlook. 2 Click the blue New message but ... 3 Select the encryption option f ... 4 Click Encrypt or Encrypt & Pre ... 5 Compose your message and click ...

Can a friend decrypt an encrypted email?

If your friend wants to send you an encrypted email, they can use the public key to encrypt the message before sending it. Since you are the only person holding the private key, nobody else but you can decrypt the message. When you want to prove that you are the sender of a message, you will use your private key to digitally sign an email.

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