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Homework spreadsheet template - how to fix

How do I create an assignment sheet in Excel?

  1. Gather the syllabi from all of your classes. Flip to the part with the due dates (you know, the only part of the syllabus that we actually read). ...
  2. Open a Spreadsheet in Excel. ...
  3. Create Columns. ...
  4. Put in every assignment due date. ...
  5. Sort by due date. ...
  6. Format it so that it all fits onto one page. ...
  7. Print it out. ...
  8. Track your progress.

Welcome back guys today we are going to try and do something different instead of solving a problem we are actually trying to create a template for our homework. You have to do your homework on tech paper and some of us don't have access to tech paper or don't want to enter by typing paper because it is a bit expensive. So there is a way to make your own engineering paper where you can control the size of the grid.

And as a bonus, actually, if you have a PDF copy of your book, you can just copy the text or capture from the screen of the Problem that you want to use, copy and simply stick on this paper before printing '' Resubmission of homework or the date of homework and the title of homework 1st to 5th September the name of the course on top or in the header, as I am now giving you so let's start by doing a very nice looking homework first before I want to let you know that there are so many programs that you can use to make such a template and the other one I do Here are ready-to-use templates that you can google under images. google.com and just put in tech paper or something and you will find some templates, you can just print them out, but the way I am showing you today is to customize this template for your specific course to allow them look kind of professional and actually make your life easier.

So let's go ahead and get started, before I start I want to check something in Excel I want to make sure I'm using the correct units for sizing the grid and I want to switch to this view right here, which is what the page layout view is. This will show me how to define an appearance of my page before printing. Before I do the grid size I go to File and Options then I click Advanced and I scroll down until I see Rulerunits.

You can choose the units you want, you want to work in inches, centimeters or millimeters, it's up to you so let me work with millimeters to start with then I'll click OK now if I want to size mycolumns or my rows The height of the Roll The width of the column Everything is given in millimeters. A standard template will be 10 millimeters by 10 millimeters, which translates to 1 centimeter by 1 centimeter, how does that work? I got into this corner here and select all the cells in the file or on this page I then right click on one of the columns and scroll down to the column width and I need 10 millimeters Would be nice if a third grader or fourth grader did math so i just chop it in half so i do that again i go column width, let's do that five millimeters and the height will be a different um five millimeters they look good now if i want to go and preview them there is nothing because I didn't specify the range and if there is a printout or basically nothing on the page the grids you see on the screen are invisible to the printer so I'll go back and now i carefully mark the one side going down ok to the end of the page and i do whatever the cells are formatted ok or let me do it all over again g Before you go down you go more limits now what you do you will go and pick the color of the grid if you choose a black also it will be too dark when you print because you remember why we do we want one Print it all out I'd experiment a little with the shades of gray or the shades of gray here so just to watch it so it looks good the screen for you guys I'll pick this one and I'll click outline and then click OK, now you may be able to see that it's a little darker than before to check that we need to go back to the file and print again and now we can look at the creds when you print, that gets a bit dark but you can only look at it show the screen I'm going to keep that shade of gray, you can experiment like I told you before with the lighter shade so I'll go back now assuming that this is the grid that i want to use, let's go ahead and customize it okay first i can go ahead and click here and put my name john smith and id number, here is number one two three one two one two three four and I can go over here and maybe see a civilian Engineering 200 andJen listening statics and maybe homework number or three something I'll say by the 30th or 31st whatever 2014 and I'll do this, that's a very good thing to dopagen an open product, it's the three shits of the Spacebar backslash hittingtimes the space about three times and closing it you might hear that we need to add the number of pages from the total pages so that you can keep track of the pages you are going to print and put them together as the last task you have anytime can call here d press the space bar one two three go behind it and go one two three so that you have more space to work and by the way d his text is 100% customizable, so you can use whatever I really can like some text, some font might be couriered, or is it jakarriere new and I'll make it bold and I'll say okay, this thing new okay the same thing goes here no no it isn't said so let's do it okay and it will be the same here couand okay now i see the thing is too big so i could go ahead and say one and two and go here and do one two three and go ahead and choose a three and when i select everything, how do you choose everything in this one, it doesn't work so you just do mark and control B for bold and control V forbold it looks something like this how let's preview it print yes this is how it looks let's see i can zoom in yes i can this it looks okay now you can go ahead and print this out and start doing the homework, but like i said, if you do one Copy of the PDF file from. got the textbook or if you are scanning the problem you are facing you can go ahead and paste the pictures here.

Let's say you wanted to say problem 1-1 and maybe make this a little bolder, maybe increase the text size, do this 12 and even serve graphics here I already have an example I'll switch to this one I'll copy that and go here and ctrl-v to paste it's a bit big so I'll shrink it and move it like that, okay and I'll go again this is the number that comes with the problem and I'll put it here it's too big let's do it reduce probably something like that and so you can go on and copy this cell and put it here and solution and there you go maybe you need the cell to be underlined and that is underlined okay so and of course you can scroll down and add something here on the right Footer of the page okay and okay this is now the standard layout that I use and I leave a large margin and a large margin here in myliving just in case I want to h just punch holes on this side and put a folder in it, but if you don't care about folders or know you're going to start writing just a little bit to the right, you are not very close, you can change the margins on this side, to maximize the number of credits what you do you go into the file and front you choose narrow and go back to your document you see this part, it is not the whole document has been moved to the left you can now see that we left a small one Have margin but that part of the document has no gridlines so what i can do i can just slide this thing to the left, pick a pair and go to 4 months from a painter and highlight this page all the way up here and now i have the same formatting to make sure i can preview it it looks ok from the top when i scroll down and it looks ok so one last adjustment is to place this now I have more space, maybe I can make this figure a little bigger and I can make this text a little bigger so my last and my last d should then be like my last homework or look for my final homework problem and again when you use another page a new page follows the header with all the information so after creating these two options you have either to go ahead and print this out and continue if you know how to solve the problem on one page but if you need an extra page you may have to duplicate everything you did on another page meant for the pages without numbers and a right. Hope this was clear and helpful and see you in the future tutorials

How to create a homework schedule in Excel?

Here is preview of this Homework Schedule Template created using MS Excel, Download link for Homework Schedule Template. Here is preview of this Homework Schedule Template in MS Word format. Download link for Homework Schedule Template.

Where can I find a homework list template?

The homework list template on this page was designed based on my original To Do List Template for Excel. I simplified it a bit for and modified it specifically for tracking homework assignments. You can download the Excel file or the blank printable PDF version if all you need is a blank form to use for your student planner.

Can a spreadsheet be used to track homework assignments?

A spreadsheet can be a useful tool for tracking your homework assignments, due dates, and completion status. The homework list template on this page was designed based on my original To Do List Template for Excel.

Is there a free homework planner for Excel?

Download a free printable weekly homework planner for Excel, Word, or PDF. The best thing I can say about this homework planner is that my own kids like it enough to want me to print a copy for them each week. The design for this planner came from a mash-up of the techniques that my brother and I used in college to organize our time.

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