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Gmail rotate image - listed questions and answers

How do you rotate a picture in Gmail?

All you have to do is open Google Photos, click a photo that you want to rotate, and then press Shift+R on your keyboard. This will rotate the photo 90 degrees counter-clockwise, and will save the newly-rotated image automatically. That's it.

I am a good son.

Hello cybersaltines and visitors! A Cybersalt client no longer uses Microsoft Live Mail - which is good because Microsoft no longer supports it - and chose to use Gmail online in a browser. They asked if I would do a tutorial on how to send pictures this way. So mama this is for you.

For clarity, this tutorial applies if you use Gmail online. If you've set up an email program like Outlook or Thunderbird or one of the others with your Gmail address, use that program's method of attaching photos to send to other people. However, it does when you use Gmail online in a browser.

As you can see, I have already logged into the myGmail program here and of course the first step is to start a new email. Click on Compose and then this window will open in which I can write the e-mail to whoever that I will also send the picture. You will notice down here that there are a number of buttons and you will see one with mountains and the sun on it and when you hover over it it says 'insert photo'.

So click on that and then you have a bunch of options Hey everyone, sorry for interrupting, but when I was taking this shot I forgot to tell you two important buttons. The first is this 'inline' button and if you clicked this when reinserting images into photos or using the upload option, your images will be inserted into the text of your email. If you want to send the images as an attachment, use this button, the 'As Attachment' button and If you are using photos or the upload method, the images will not be inserted into your text but attached to your email.

When the person receives your email, they can click the icons and download the images straight to their computer. Then you have several options. First there is this tab 'Photos'.

If you're using Google Images or Google Albums, or have your images on a Google product, chances are a lot of your images will show up in this tab. And if you already have pictures in that folder - let's say they are automatically uploaded from your phone - then you can just click on them and then paste them with this button and they will be sent to your email. The same is true if you have albums on Google Images.

This next option is for uploading an image. Now the picture is already on your computer and you want to attach it to the email you are sending. You can click upload.

And there are two methods of inserting the images here. First you can choose the photos to upload by clicking this button and then on your computer navigate to the folder where your pictures are, the pictures you want to send, so I'll scroll down here and is here the image i want to send i clicked on it and i was able to click open. Before I do that, there may be other pictures I want to send.

Maybe I want to send this too so I can hold down the Ctrl key on my keyboard and left click and select that. Maybe I want to send this picture too. After selecting the images that I want to send, I can then click Open and those images will be uploaded.

This may take a while now, depending on how fast your internet connection is, but these images will be uploaded and as soon as they are ready you can enter your message below or maybe you have already entered your message and of course you need a recipient subject and then you would just click Submit. Now I select this image because I don't want to send it and hit the delete button - this is not the removal. Oh here we click on it and use Remove, Remove and Remove below because I want to show you, Now if I go back to the image button and we go back to uploading you can drag photos onto that square too.

So, let me put a folder showing some pictures and I can now have this overlap - I actually had this on a second screen - and you can go where the pictures you want to drag are and you can left click and drag it into the box and when it is highlighted it will be uploaded and pasted into your email. Now the final method of pasting is to provide a web address or url for the images you want to send, and I'll give you an example of that in a moment. When you click the web address, you need to find the address of an image that is online.

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Well, you don't like it that it says here that you are not using copyrighted images and want to send them to people, but suppose there is an image on a Facebook page that you want to send to someone who is not on Facebook . So, for example, here we go to my Facebook page and here is a picture of my wife and me on our last cruise last summer. Now when I right click on the picture, you see 'Copy link address' here, but there is nothing that really matches the address of the photo.

So you really want to look in the photo you want to send the url to. I click on the photo to make it bigger. Now when I right click I get this 'Copy Image Address' option and that's the address you want to paste into Gmail at this point.

Now I right clicked the picture, copied the picture and now it's ready to be pasted. Another option I could do is right click and open the image in a new tab. Well these are options in Google Chrome, maybe you are using a different browser, they may be worded differently, maybe not even available, but when I open the image in a new tab - there's the new tab that opens up here - I click on it and nowhere is the address of the picture But we need that after the '?' Not.

So in this case I would just select and copy and then paste, but of course, as we've seen, it's a lot easier to just right click, copy image address, copy. When we get back to the email you are just composing, you can right click and paste it. If you have the correct code, the picture you want to send will be previewed and shown in that picture.

You just have to paste it and there it is in your picture. Well, it's not necessarily the size you want to send someone when you save a picture from Facebook to send to someone like this. You could resize it a bit in this preview here.

In fact, I'm going to be using the arrows to show the full screen mode and I want people to see this picture bigger. In fact when I click on it and select it I can tell send it at its original size and then it's huge. But at least on the other hand, the person receiving this email will be able to save it and add it to their computer in a nice big version.

But maybe you don't want to send that large for you to fit best and somehow suspect it, or you can just resize it. There are only a few ways to email images via Gmail online using the web address. If this is too fiddly for you - just as a little extra here - if this is too fiddly for you, you can still do it.

Once the picture is open on the Facebook page, right click and 'save picture as'. Now don't make the mistake of right-clicking an image and saving 'Link As', that's completely different. Open the picture, look for 'save picture as' and once you see 'save picture as' click on it and now save this picture to your computer and then you can use it in the previous method we showed upload as photo.

And here you could actually - instead of having all these numbers and gibberish - just name Tim and Susan, save and it's there to attach. So there are the methods that you can use Gmail to send pictures online. If this tutorial has helped you, this is great! I hope you would get in touch and there is a little doorbell button next to the subscribe button.

If you would ring the bell that gives you notifications of new tutorials that are coming up, thank you for watching and God bless you.

How do I rotate an image in email?

Rotate a picture sent to you in email

Right-click the image file and select Open with > Photos. At the top, select the Rotate button. (Each click rotates the image rightward 90 degrees.)

Hey guys John Oakes here and in this article I want to show you guys a really very simple way to solve an annoying problem that occurs quite often with mobile device use and article recording and that is, you take a article with you your iPhone or maybe another mobile device and then you download it to your computer your PC and you find that the article is downright upside down How does that work well on the iPhone for example the natural way to record a article when i take some kind of selfie article it's good that you can see that in the camera over there I like to hold the camera here so my thumb is on the button and the camera is positioned outward because this is going to happen now be the natural position on the iphone, if you record your articles like this and then put them on your computer they will be upside down now when you put it in the other rich tung, the problem is your hand is in the way of the camera so get the scales you know from your H or just twisting the phone naturally to article yourself is not in the right position record so how do you fix this? The easiest way is to do exactly what I'm going to show you there is free software you can download and I'll show you where to get that, just go to google and type inhandbrake and when you google it, it's the first thing that comes up, it's handbrake dot FR and you can just go to this page and download a copy of the open source software from handbrake and it works fabulous, it does all sorts of things i actually use this for a number of different things when it comes to article compression or converting articles from one format to another this very robust software can do it, but one really cool thing I recently discovered is that it can be used for flipping a 180 degree article or lots of other ways to make it very, very easy, too, but it's one of those things very few people know how to do, so I'm gonna tell you about it show u how to do it, you will see h Very simple, what i will do is go up here to pull the handbrake.

I go to the source code and go to Openfile and I'm going to open a file that I already know is upside down taken just a few days ago, let's scroll down and find it and it's this one. To quickly show you that this is indeed an upside down article, I'm going to start it up and move it to the screen here and you can see, and this article is upside down, so now let me get back to the handbrake that is loaded as a source and i will just browse i will paste it here i will just invent a new one so you can see the test article on the right above and we will also save it as mp4 and then i like to go over here and just click on iPhone iPodtouch, so that it is optimized for mobile devices and make sure I click on web optimized. Just a few extra things here I'm going to show you that before I upload a article to YouTube or you know you can use it on the internet, keep it at a large file size depending on what you want to do or you could disable that, but you can pretty much ignore many of these other settings right now.

What I'm going to do is jump to the Video tab here and down here. Below, under Extra Options, you will paste this little piece of code that will tell the system when it will convert your article to this new article file to rotate it 180 degrees , and this code is right here, so I'm going to put all of this in these quotes and copy it and I'll paste it right there and I'll leave it here on the screen for a second for you to see. It even zooms in so you can see it easily.

It's very important that you have the comma there. Even if it doesn't really look like it belongs there, you have to put a comma and then - -rotate three, that's the code that tells the system that it will be rotated 180 degrees once you put it there all you have to do is click the start button up right here and that will start the process now I've already gone through this so you don't have to know, have you seen the whole thing while it's being converted I'm just going to show you that going through this process actually flips the article and now the article is right-side up so super easy to use again just download this free software. You know there are a lot of things you can do with it, but it will absolutely help you.

It's the easiest way I've found to rotate those articles 180 degrees that are upside down and make it very clean without compromising the quality of the article from some of the other solutions out there that I've seen other software Other methods of doing this degrade the quality so you may get your article rotated 180 degrees and it is? right side up, but now it's kind of grainy or has a few cracks. You know you don't really want, that you don't want that you want to avoid ality as the original article. Hopefully you found this tip useful and helpful when you are sure and click your thumbs up while watching this on YouTube.

Maybe leave me a comment below if you found this to be good material for you, if you have any questions you can ask them In the comments I try to reach those who you know, it is often the way I can but i have a lot of article content out there so i don't always reply to every comment but if you want to connect to meon facebook and send me a message the better way is to have a conversation and i add my facebook link to my profile at the end of this article, even if you are interested in knowing what I do, how it is I create these simple little articles, post them on the internet and use them to generate traffic and leads in my online Business largely automated to make multiple six figure income and be able to do it anywhere from my laptop See what I'm doing on Facebook. You will see that I am one of those people who actually live what I teach so you can see that you know what I am talking about is real. I encourage you to click on the link in the description of the article or description under the article you are watching on youtube right now or if you see this on my blog there will be a link under the article too

Why does Gmail turn my photos sideways?

Gmail displays the photo in its natural orientation. If you have set rotation in photos to show a landscape photo in portrait orientation (or vice versa), the raw file is not altered and it will show in the original orientation when used elsewhere.

Hi folks, this article is meant to show you how to rotate a article on the google photos or actually on your phone.

That means you've uploaded your articles to Google Photos from your PC or phone, wherever you want, from your PC or from your phone and you've found out that your article is just on the wrong side, so this can really be a problem so what can you do, you have a couple of options that means you can download it and use third party software to rotate there, some of the most of it you have to pay for and you can do it online how but unfortunately you can't do this directly on google photos i don't know why google didn't implement this maybe to save some cpu time so they mainly leave it up to the customer cpu to do it, the only way to do this online do is on youtube that you can go to youtube and import your article from google photos and then go to edit and drag your article into it and there are two buttons to left od it turn it right and then save the article, download it and re-import it into goog.

le photos so then you have it back and turned, so that's yes you can do it it's a bit of work so it's a lot easier if you do it on your cellphone like here i actually prepared a article yes i expected, being on the wrong side but it wasn't that i had it i had to prep and so i'm waiting so and i probably have to pause these articles let you know it works, yeah you see it's 90 degrees wrong, so not that good I mean, actually I recorded it, yes let's say it. This way, especially when I miss my watch with my, the Elem has 4m3 yes and that's a good camera, but it works i mean this article is from line by line three and sometimes i mean it's weird anyway that it is taken in portrait, not landscape, but usually even if you take it it is yes it has the right format, so is It's not that it sits in the right shape, but sometimes the sensor on the line says the article is rotated 90 degrees and it ends like this So okay, if you have a article like this, what can you do? You have the buttons you see above that you can delete, you have information to share, but you can't rotate and the only problem is that it's not on your phone, it's actually from the cloud, so Right up top, you have three buttons, that's the menu and there is one of those four options that says Download sometimes it says Restore I don't know why I haven't figured it out until now, so sometimes it says Restore, sometimes it says Download I don't have one Seen difference so just click on Download or Restore and then in your menu you will see that the menu for Showtime has been downloaded and now you see that the menu button has now been changed yes we have this pan and we press the pan, then it's yes yes I have to open it up again yes whatever he likes I'll do that okay let's open it up again I hope this works not okay this is really weird because normally this is how it worked from here, so every time i do this it's a different behavior from google i kind of dont know mes it's a bit annoying to open it from the Photos, superokay so i pause this article for a few seconds and i will find out what the problem is so yeah i can move on to this article now i don't know why that happened, it has to do with the selection, that I took in my local Photos app on my phone when I selected Today's Chesty Videos doesn't work when I choose I mean, let's say yes, show me all the articles, it works so it's Googles, so google is nice google is good, but google is not perfect, i have ayeah a lot of box and especially on google foto so yes at least when i have selected a article from all the articles and all the photos it worked so now you can see you we have this extra button with the pen and when i click on it i have the option to shorten it from the end or from the beginning or rotate itokay so i have rotated it and it is in the right direction i press save and now it says it saved and yes, just work so you have your article yes what i wanted to show w you are the information the information that is somehow important you have to be careful when you have your information sometimes google doesn't keep the original record of the date and details the time at yes, i think it did this time too, it will apply a new date and time, so you have to be careful, yes you will see the date of the file 15 minutes before Date and time is and since Google saved it, Google obviously saved it with a different date and time, so at least you can find it in the online Google Photos-So ftware, if you go to photos.com you can edit this information as follows so that you should have it back.

It's especially important if you don't do this on the same day, like maybe a few months later, and you otherwise lose your original date and time information sookay hope this works for you - it worked for me gle offers this simple feature not online it would be a lot easier, yes maybe google will update this later so thanks for watching see you next time thanks

How do I rotate a document in Gmail?

Click on the Print button (or Ctrl + p ) Click on the Cancel button (or Esc ) Right click on the PDF and choose Rotate Clockwise or Rotate Counterclockwise.

Welcome to Edtech Teaching Tips, we usually use PDF documents in PDF format when we have a final version of a document that we no longer need to edit or we don't want other people to edit, but sometimes it's useful to have a Edit or edit a PDF document Start by writing a document from previous text contained in a PDF file.

Of course there are a lot of different programs we can use to do this, but when we use Google Drive there is a very simple, very simple solution to it, so here we have this PDF Document I created from a Wikipedia page It contains text and some pictures, but imagine if I am particularly interested in this text and would like to be able to edit it to make changes, in which case we can follow the simple procedure of let’s drag and drop our PDF Document on our drive - there we are and now we right-click and select Open with Google Docs. When we do this, Google Docs will use its own OCR software for optical character recognition to convert that PDF or the text in that PDF into an editable Google Docs text file, analyze the PDF and it will give us the Enter text in this document - there we are, the first thing we notice is that the images in the original PDF file have disappeared ok it only works with text with plain text some of the formatting functions also disappear for, for example, there is no bold, but we have some italics. For example, you know that some of the features are there, some others are gone and we should also check the document for spelling mistakes as like most OCR software programs they translate the static text the PDF file sometimes has misspellings for example in this one In case we have a spelling mistake here, it's a capital letter and instead of a key okay here again so we can go through the document and correct any misspellings we find and then we can start editing our text by changing everything what we want to add or delete content.

The process is as simple as this. I hope you find it useful if you liked the article about Google Apps in our collection, thank you for watching. Bye!

How do I rotate pictures in email?

Rotate the image then save changes. Close the image editor. Save and close the message. Select the image and verify it is rotated. In some cases, you need to select a new message in the message list then reselect the message you just edited to see the changes.

hotmail inbox link

How can you rotate an attached image sent in...?

Such a tab or function does not appear in Outlook 2013. The only way I have managed to rotate the image so that I can view it correctly is to press the 'Save all attachments' tab and save the image into a separate file in My documents.

Is there a way to rotate an email attachment?

The only way I have managed to rotate the image so that I can view it correctly is to press the 'Save all attachments' tab and save the image into a separate file in My documents. I have then been able to open it using an app and rotate it. Can I do all this directly in the attachment of the email without having to save the attachment first?

How do you rotate an image in a fax?

Select the image and verify it is rotated. In some cases, you need to select a new message in the message list then reselect the message you just edited to see the changes. The Windows Photo Viewer (Picture and Fax viewer in Windows XP) saves changes to images automatically as soon as you rotate the image.

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