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Gfwl offline account - practical solutions

How do I make a Gfwl offline account?

To do this, open the GFWL interface by pressing the “Home” button on your keyboard while in any GFWL-enabled game and choose “Create New Profile.” Scroll down on the Create Gamer Profile screen, click “Create a Local Profile,” and enter the details you want to use.

How do I get Gfwl to work?

Download the latest version of GFWL from http://www.xbox.com/en-CA/Live/PC/DownloadClient. Install it.
GFWL Achievements on Steam:
  1. Select the game from the Steam list of games.
  2. Right click, and go to properties.
  3. Click the Updates tab.
  4. Under automatic updates select 'Only update this game when I launch it'

As many may already know, Games for Windows Live, also known by gamers as 'Torture for Windows Live', is by far the worst DRM the world has ever seen. If you listen carefully, you can hear Denuvo pissing himself. I just hear the words: 'Games for Windows Live'.

Originally introduced with Shadowrun in 2007, followed by Halo 2 a few days later, Microsoft designed Games for Windows Live to act as a bridge between PC and Xbox so you can cross-play both platforms, Xbox achievements, and more! It was an interesting idea in concept, but as you may already know, the execution was absolutely terrible. The user interface was an absolute abomination, it was too buggy to even work properly, and when it actually worked there was a random bug from time to time just to fuck with you. Microsoft originally made Games for Windows Live only work on Windows Vista because you know how great that operating system was. * INCREDIBLE SCREAM * But later other developers patched it to make it work on Windows XP too .

Now let's get into why it sucked absolute dicks and balls. Once you open the game of your choice, you are immediately greeted with this welcome screen, followed by a 154-page EULA that Microsoft can legally torture if you're okay with the rest of your life. Don't you believe me? Then read the EULA yourself What? You don't want to read it because you think it's too long? Well then, just take my word for it.

Everyone started with a Silver account that was the same as a Silver Xbox Live account, unless You already paid for Xbox Live Gold. The biggest perk of gold on Xbox was playing online, and guess what, Microsoft did? They banned multiplayer for those who didn't gold even if they were playing on PC, where paying for online multiplayer was completely unknown at the time. At least Microsoft was kind enough to make online gaming free in 2008.

Windows Live games also had this cool feature. Every time you open your game, there was a 10% chance that your file was saved e ... absolutely corrupted.

It's like playing Russian roulette, but worse. Not only that, but Microsoft went the extra mile and encrypted every file it saved so people wouldn't abuse the success system to get free points. Wow, great move, you assholes.

I tried to copy my save files to a new pc and they got fucked. Thanks for that, Microsoft. Oh, and what if your buddy was watching something on your Xbox, logged in to the same profile as you? Games for Windows Live? Well, luckily Microsoft has thought about it and decided that it would be a good idea to BLOCK YOU FROM YOUR ACCOUNT UNTIL YOUR FRIEND DECIDES YOU CAN FUCK FROM YOUR XBOX SO YOU CAN PLAY ON YOUR COMPUTER can't be signed in to the Windows Live profile on your Xbox and games at the same time, so a simple task like playing a game on your PC and watching Netflix on Xbox at the same time were completely out of the way, Microsoft decided to go with the ' Stunning 'reputation that Games for W indows Live already had at one time for opening its own Steam competitor BEHOLDTHE GAMES FOR WINDOWS LIVE MARKETPLACEN Now if you had to buy DLC for a game and then reinstall it, you can save your $ 4, 99 kiss goodbye I don't think I need to explain what happened to it.

After a couple of years, the developers finally listened to us and decided to completely remove Games for Windows Live from their games in order to eliminate one of the worst DRMs in DRM history. (Or it could be that Microsoft doesn't want to bother implementing support for Windows 10.) And so the Games for Windows Live era officially ended in July 2014, when Microsoft finally announced its retirement.

computer freezes vista

I mean, how much do you have to screw up DRM to? the point at which the games that came with italways ended up in the 'Clearance' bin in the games department in Tesco. Well, finally we don't have to deal with something as stupid as Games Windows Live anymore-oh. * Oh no. *

Is Gfwl still up?

GFWL server is still up and running, also you can register an offline account when asked to create one.

How do I get GFWL to work on Windows 10?

Select the game from the Steam list of games. This will prevent the game from getting updates automatically, however you'd still need to update it when you try to play it. You can get around this by setting Steam to offline mode when you launch the game. Getting GFWL to work on Windows 10 take a bit of extra work.

Where can I find the GFWL client log files?

The log files for the GFWL client may provide some insight into what's breaking with GFWL. These files are located here: You can access/view these by: Find your user name. The default Windows Notepad program will let you see the contents, however due to the nature of the log files they may be hard to read.

Can a games for Windows Live account be created offline?

I bring you good news, there is a trick you can use to create a games-for-windows-live account offline. I mean without an internet connection. With certain game titles, you certainly need GFWL profile. Unfortunately for me, three of my favourite games fall in this lists of games that needs GFWL to save their progress.

Is there a way to download GFWL DLC?

Now with GFWL this doesn't have a 100% success rate. However you can try the exact same steps and it'll work the second or third time you do it. Pretty annoying, but at least you get to play your game. Any DLC that you have purchased in the past will still be accessible and you can download it.

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