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Fantom drives troubleshooting - how do you decide

How do I fix an unresponsive external hard drive?

Select Properties, then click on the Power Management tab.
  1. Check external hdd for “allow save power” mark to solve the not working error.
  2. Update external hdd to solve the not responding error.
  3. Use Disk Management to solve the not working external hdd.

The most likely problem you have with your external hard drive is that the cable is probably clogged, so I'll just plug mine in here and show you what it does, just to show you that it's probably the same problem as yours don't always get the error but let's see it comes open in a second, will probably ask me to format it, but usually down in the corner, there you get a malfunction in usb or whatever there it is just gone, but whatever you want when you have another Hard drive of the same type that I have so I got my passports with DS and what basically wants to be like Hague in the same type I think it could be the cable, take out the old cable, get this one, so have we plug this new cable in from one side this is from the other hard drive should work flawlessly i should be able to go into your files and have everything in your files so it's basically when that doesn't work what you can do go into your drivers i'll just show you n now i'll probably do it with the old one so you can see what it takes to clear the record on the screen but it's easiest to put one thing and I'll do it to break that.

I won't open it because it will ask me to format it I don't want to accidentally hit format so just let me remind me, okay so do you want to go to the computer click control panel sorry hardware the sound the you want to go to device manager which is just up there with devices and printers I should get a window like this should see there, itisUniversal Serial Bus Controller that you want to delete is, um, host controller we just update it by ourselves , okay um this is real, it just wants to open up but trust me it won't work so what do you wanna do, you wanna meet them, they could be named differently but it's basically the ones in control, just right click on them to uninstall and trust me they will reinstall you just have to restart your computer and then reconnect the usb devices and it will e Driver software installed like another. If that doesn't work, you can contact a professional, that's just what I found. I don't know they are a pro so yeah but if it helped, may u comment and tell me if it worked or not if you are wondering where to get the cable when you don't? Got one, you can probably just take it back to the store where you got it and just say, hey the cables are broken, can I get a new one if they probably can't point you in the right direction?

Why do external hard drives fail?

There are a number of causes for hard drives to fail including: human error, hardware failure, firmware corruption, heat, water damage, power issues and mishaps. Drives typically fail within a short time if there is a defect present from manufacturing.

- I am a professional.

I feel like we just have to pry off this lid. (Lid rattles) Don't you want people to open this, it's really like an Apple product. (Ken is breathing hard) (beeps)) (Happy electronic music) Hey guys, how are you all? Really? That's just great, you know who's not great? That poor idiot of a hard drive.

You know I plugged it in recently and it didn't quite work, I'll show you what happened. However, there is hope because the hard drive may be fine, the case may just have a power failure. So we're going to use this type, the NexStar TX from Vantec.

Now I wanted to get a Rosewill version of a drive toaster, that's basically what it is, but I have one of those nice warnings that can cause cancer in California and I think that sounds great, I don't know I don't want this, so for some reason this one didn't have that. And we're going to use it to try extracting the drive, well, we're going to try extracting the drive from that case, then plug it into the drive toaster and see what we can do with it. Now this is an old Firewire 800 drive.

I used this thing as article editing before when Firewire 800 was magic. Not that much anymore. Needless to say, it has been years since I even looked at the contents of this disk.

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I have no idea what's in here. I think we're going to have a little surprise. Let's begin.

All right, so step one of this whole process is to get the hard drive out of that case. Now it is completely sealed, similar to an Apple product. However, it is not so sealed.

We have these rubber feet on the bottom that hold the device in place, but they also hide the screws. Hopefully it's really easy to just peel these suction cups off. Let's go, and it looks like it's just a little bit of glue on an Iomega product.

It's funny because I actually have a different story about an Iomega drive that I almost destroyed. I'll tell you in a moment, but yeah, I don't think Iomega exists anymore, do I? Have they been taken over and the name has been removed or something? Are they no longer using the brand name? I don't know but yeah I think Iomega was taken over or something I bought their products quite a lot, come on baby that was a sticky one. We kicked out our good friend, a Phillips screwdriver.

Open up this baby, it's way too small. If I had a nickel for it every time I heard this. Oh, my other Phillips screwdrivers aren't in that box I have on my side, so let's just use one of those little interchangeable bit smooches. (Clinking plastic) Let's see, let's go, it works, that's happy.

How come, like every time this time of year, I have to dissolve an enclosure to extract a drive? The last time I did this at that time was with an SSD, and Druaga1 gave me its wonderful wisdom. Yes, it's like this time of year is cursed with case and drive problems. That's weird, I didn't think the Krazy Ken Curse would be so contemporary and organized. (Screwdriver clink) Okay, we got the screws out, but it still feels like it's sealed, great, whoops forget before i go any further let me show you the wonderful sound this thing makes, ain't it that bad. (Hard drive throbbing) Turn it on. (Hard drive hums) And as you can hear, somehow (mimicking a buzz) it doesn't work.

Okay so here I am doing my best with my amazing 3G signal that I am about to figure out how to actually open these suckers. Now a lot of articles either don't quite show the steps and they have a lot of dislikes or they show the steps and it looks like we have to stick knives in that damn suitcase to open the bottom. So, I don't know how much additional research I really want to do because I feel like we just have to pry this lid off, kind of like the old Mac Minis.

The screws are out, but this thing (tap your fingers) won't move so we have to break up. You know, originally I was just kidding. I'm going to smash this thing with a hammer to open it, but I'm starting to think that we actually have to do that.

The only problem is that the content we have to extract from this damn bulletproof shell is very fragile so we need to be careful with that. Honestly, if I have to pry open the case and damage it, I don't care because the case doesn't seem to be working anyway. I just want the hard drive out of here in one piece, please.

And okay. (Screwdriver rattles) Something more durable, I think, will do the trick. This is a very bizarre case.

OK. (Hard drive lid rattles) And (in a foreign language), here we are. So here is the hard drive, it looks like we need to take out a few more screws, but I suspect the hard part is over.

Ooh, I should never say that. (Hard drive booming) The nice thing about this particular hard drive assembly is, again, I don't have to worry about reassembling it because the thing won't work anyway, so unscrew it. Or unscrew it (laughs).

as well, i'm proud of myself. Okay, screw, well, stay in there, I don't care. What the hell is that? What's that, come on.

It's like there are always screws to loosen, but every time I undo them there is something else holding the case in place. It's like a fucking puzzle box. It kind of reminds me of the time when I disassembled the Mac Color Classic, which happens to be actually sitting about three feet away from me.

Yeah, that was a fun time, the thing also opened up somehow, and worse, I had to reassemble the thing because it had to keep working after that. For that I don't know, I really don't care if I just break the whole thing because as long as the disk is good. I should probably wear eye protection.

I'll just look away. (Hard drive snaps) Ah, I can't get this damn thing I don't know if this is because of something we already took apart from the broken slash, but look at that. Oh, okay, so the screws kept that in place.

Okay so that's kind of loose, what is it? Well, now I just have to get it out of here. Okay so I check out a few other articles on the tubes and most of them show the important parts of the procedure outside of the camera frame, what awesome cinematography is, we're all on our own. But after all I get out of the awesome cinematography is that this site is probably going too far and you're not taking the disc out of the ground here) Oop, that was probably stupid.

But you take it off the top. So, it's an exaggeration. (Screwdriver rattles) I don't like it that much, but I've spent so much time on this thing, it's like come on man, just open it. (Screwdriver rattles) Man, (sighs) never buy something like that again, but I guess the brand doesn't exist anymore anyway, so whatever. (Screwdriver rattles) Okay, it looks like there are a few little nicks in there. (Screwdriver tinkles) Are you on the other side? Yes they are.

I've seen other articles where people w he cut this open with knives, it's like what the fuck. (Screwdriver rattles) (Ken groans) (hard drive snaps) (Ken groans) Cheese and rice, and that's sticky too. What to do (hard drive lid rattles)? You just don't want people to open these up? It really is like an Apple product.

Well here we are. Looks like a Samsung hard drive. (Hard drive snaps) (Hard drive case rattles) And there they are, the remains of this beautiful work of art.

Wow. (Hard drive case rumbling) Seriously. So who on the board of directors or the product design team just gathered in a room and said, hey, let's design this thing like a puzzle box and no one can get in on it, ho-ho! Yeah, I don't know why they thought this was a good idea, but anyway, we're out of the way now.

Three and a half inches, and if I did my homework right we should be able to just slide this into the toaster and everyone should be happy. Let's open that thing up. (Plastic cracks) That was a failed attempt. (Plastic cracks) (Screwdriver pops ing) Oh, now I've gone through the box, okay. (Plastic crease) This is actually pretty decent packaging for a damn $ 15 drive toaster.

Installation instructions. (Plastic crunch) (Hammer objects) (Hammer boxes) (speak foreign language), there we are. (Plastic buckling) look at this, just (swing lid) that's satisfying. (Swing lid) I can have fun with it, so we have USB 3 and DC thinking Remember, the case I had earlier is USB 2 so this will be a lot faster.

Not to mention, this will be a lot easier to use since we don't have to do any assembly and you're good to go, the advantage of the other case is that you can actually turn an internal hard drive into an external hard drive, and it's in the Pocket size, but I don't really care, I just want access to, for example, internal drives, you know, (mouth pops) pop them in there. (Drive toaster roars) Okay, so we have the power, undo the little twist. We can be do that, trust me I'm a professional.

I'm HowToBasic, no, I'm not, just kidding, that would be a disappointment. USB 3, that's type B, type A. Okay, power.

We have a little switch on the back there and a little light on the front. (Button click) It's blue and red, that must mean something. So, let's plug that into a computer.

Here we are all connected, well almost. (Hard drive booming) All right, where is the port, where is the port, where is the port, all right, where are you, where are you, there you are. Okay, all right, little NexStar.

Let's see if you were worth it. (Hard drive rattles) Put in the breakfast pastries. Power up.

Ooh, it's spinning. Age, if that works I'll shit myself. Enter the password to unlock the hard drive Spica .Spica, all right, that's just really a date Yeah, I named my floppy disks after stars and stuff, yeah that was years ago.

Okay, I need to find out the password now. Huh, well, yeah. All for free, okay, yeah, okay Would you excuse me for a second, just a second, yeah (Ken screams) son of one (beep), mother (beep), lorem ipsum (beep), hippopotamus (beep), alakazam. (Ken is breathing heavily) (Ken laughs) (hard drive brush) (hard drive rattles) (hammer pops) (Clink pieces) (hammer bang) (clink pieces) (clink pieces) (Ken groans) (camera slams) (Ken laughs) (clink pieces) (Ken laughs) (Ken scream) (Ken laughs) (brush scraper) (Ken screams) (Ken laughs psychotically) (Ken breathes heavily) Bird, bird, bird, bird.

bird, bird. bird. bird, bird, bird, bird, bird, bird.

Bird, bird, bird. (Bird chirps) bird! Bird, bird. (Bird chirps) bird. (Ken breathes heavily) (hammer clinks) (Ken breathes heavily) (hammer rattles) (Ken breathes heavily) (hammer rattles) ( Ken breathes heavily) (Snow crunches) (Get me a salami) (Ken breathes heavily) (Hammer pounds) Admittedly, I've lost consciousness here.

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I suspect this is not the best way to repair the hard drive. Yeah, that's broken. Well, (hard drive brushes) on the plus side, however, I now have a 1 terabyte hard drive that has nothing on it.

I could use these to save my research, save my articles to advance human evolution, or just put them in the closet and collect dust. Terabytes is still good, it's not that bad. (Hard drive throbbing) So how can we get a high grade? I mean, that's kind of a high grade, that's like a middle grade, let's go up a higher grade, it's story time with Krazy Ken. (Rock music) So I've alluded to it before and some of you may know this story, but a long time ago I had another Iomega product.

It was actually the first Iomega product I ever bought. I forgot what it was called, but it was an external hard drive. Firewire 400.

The funny thing was the shape. Since I was the good, kind, ecclesiastical Krazy Ken that I was, I didn't know much about alcohol or booze, so I carry this hard drive around with me without knowing what it actually looks like. And I went to a birthday party once.

along with some of my other geeky friends, and I had the hard drive with me. And someone was like, and again, that was like middle school, they thought is that a bottle? I noticed that the hard drive looks like a bottle. Iomega shaped their hard drive to look like a bottle.

Now it lives in disgrace as a 'bottle drive'. And that, ladies and gentlemen and ladies, is my story today for you victory. (Happy electronic music) I'm a little cold now.

Oh, I hope I don't get sick. Thanks for joining, grab the crazy one and pass it on. It's contagious.

Why won't Windows 10 recognize my external hard drive?

If your Windows doesn't recognize the portable hard drive, it's possible that there's an issue with its cable. Be sure to inspect your cable, and if your cable is broken, you'll need to replace it. If the same problem appears on another PC, the problem is most likely related to your portable hard drive.

Hello Windows family! Michael with The Windows Club here brings you another article to help you rule over the kingdom we call the land of Windows 10.

So you have an external hard drive that you plugged in and you know it was installed correctly, the computer confirmed it, and everything. But now that you're trying to use it, nothing! You are at the end of your wisdom and need that external hard drive that worked yesterday. Well, in this article we are going to look at some possible solutions to fix this problem and as always we will link the article to the description below which describes the problem in more detail.

Before we look at the computer software fixes, let's look at a few hardware issues that you can try. Try a different port. If it works, you may have a port that is dead or that needs some attention.

If not, try a different USB cable. As anyone who has spent long periods of time with computers learns very quickly, USB cables seem to love to die at the worst. If that doesn't solve the problem, we can run the troubleshooter, update or install the device driver, create a new partition on the device, or turn off USB selective setting.

The first thing I would do is check the troubleshooting. I cannot stress how helpful this is enough. So let's get to troubleshooting.

In previous versions of Windows 10, I'd probably tell you to go into troubleshooter and look for hardware troubleshooter where hardware devices just can't be found in troubleshooter. However, now you can find it. What you have to do is, you have to go into command prompt and type msdt.exe space hyphen id, and device diagnostics is all a word hardware and devices.

What you would do is run the troubleshooter. What I love about troubleshooting in Windows is, like I said, if there's a problem that troubleshooter can look for and fix, it will fix it. and if it can't fix it it would give you some alternatives.

If that doesn't work, we can probably check the drivers. If that doesn't work now, the next step would likely be to check the drivers. Many device problems are caused by out of date drivers, especially with Windows updates.

So let's go into Device Manager, find the device you want, right click on that device and just click Update Driver. Now if we look around, you will see an unknown device that could be this external hard drive, so select it. So right click on it and choose to search for updated driver system software.

And if the problem is still not resolved, I would suggest that you uninstall the drivers and then reinstall them. Sometimes it helps to turn them off and on again. Now the problem could also be the partitioning on the removable disk.

If you've never connected your hard drive to your computer and are trying to connect it for the first time, the hard drive may not be recognized because you didn't create partitions for it. So we have to open the Disk Management Tool and it can see if we can find the external hard drive. If it's listed, just format it properly so it will display properly.

You can learn more about how to create a new partition using the disk management tool from the linked article. Did you experience this problem with an external hard drive? Did any of these tips work? Do you have other tricks when the external hard drive is not showing up that we might want to try? Let us know in the comments below. You can find more tips, tricks, hacks, fixes and the latest Windows news online at thewindowsclub.com and don't forget to give this article a thumbs up and subscribe to our channel where we keep posting more and more content, aim is To make your digital life a little easier.

Thank you and have a nice day!

Are Fantom Drives any good?

Fantom GreenDrive3 USB 3.0/2.0 4TB External Hard Drive is a 4.3 star rated drive that has features to provide optimum storage for all sorts of data. About 75% of its customers have rated it as 5 star product. The drive which offers a good rating and warranty with less issues by its customers make it a good choice.

mmm-hmm what's up it's Chris one more time games on Smash Tech I'm here setting the Phantom Drive.

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It's a megadrive g-force a terabyte so it's 1,000 gigabytes so see what's in all the right box you know some people I might be a little hard for others it's easy for me it's a little hard because I don't know exactly how to open this box well so you put the box aside for a second even have to drive some weight to it yourself it's i have an aluminum i think i relocate it outside phantom drives has a cooler in front i guess for the cooling and nice i like it i mean it's clean not a great name, but you know it's affordable so you also know the reason i chose it as opposed to any other drive is that it is an eSATA Port so the external serial ata is the build i will have, some eSATA ports and connectors so i am going to plug it in so that it is faster than USB so now i went with this model the? there is an on and off switch and your power input is okay so let's see what else is in the box you have the QuickStart installation instructions some cardboard you don't need the cardboard I usually throw it away you have your tiny USB cable one thing I attach to this Hate Mobile Hard Drives That the included USB cable is always tiny, as you can see it's only about long enough for you to drive You have the stand erected like this and the power connector you have the big break I personally hate that Bigbrick but he comes with it so what can I do and that's it we have the drive power connector and the USB cable now for the east side of the cable my motherboard comes with an eSATA cable or I could buy one myself so that's it Phantom Drive is a terabyte mobile hard drive with which it rotates at 7200 rpm and is compatible with anything newer than Windows 2000. It has a one year limited factory warranty and is now both PC and Mac compatible, as I said, you know I said this SAT A is faster than USB with USB you could download around 480 megabits per second with eSATA it is about 3 gigabits per second so it's not much faster so that's all on the phantom mobile hard drive stay tuned for the next unboxing as the leaves will come soon it will be on the geforce gtx 260 GPU sountil then this it starts let's Chris play again Mass Spec another unboxing this one is the Phantom Drive Mega Drive I stay GeForce Megan

What to do if your Fantom exernal drive is not working?

If you need the data, remove the disk from the enclosure and attach it directly to the SATA port of a desktop to test. This will eliminate any potential issues with the enclosure. If the data is not critical, then you are better off to return the drive for replacement under warranty as Linderman mentioned.

How to troubleshoot Fantom Green Drive in Windows 10?

Click on Troubleshooting and click on Hardware and Device. Click on Advanced on the Hardware troubleshooter dialog box and click on Run as administrator (Enter the credentials if required). Click on Next and follow onscreen instruction complete the Hardware troubleshooter. Method 2.

Why is my Fantom not recognizing my NXT?

NXT Fantom Driver Troubleshooting If you are having problems communicating with your NXT via USB then you probably have a Fantom driver installation problem. Check whether your NXT is properly recognized by your system by right-clicking on the My Computer icon on your desktop and then selecting Manage from the popup menu.

How do you install driver on Lego Mindstorms NXT?

With the LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT device selected bring up the Properties either via the right-click menu or by double clicking on the item. Switch to the Driver tab and click the Driver Details button to confirm that the driver is properly installed.

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