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Does ExamSoft ruin your computer?


Hello everyone and welcome to the final article in this introduction to the itemanalysis series.

I hope the topics we covered in the last three articles have informed you and maybe even piqued your curiosity to learn more about each of the methods we discussed. Level overview and there's a lot more about reliability validity and even the cognitive levels to write our questions on, this article now talks about distractor analysis as a brief summary let's go over all the components of a multiple choice quiz Speaking question in literature that is often asked is called the stem and the potential answers are called alternatives Unsurprisingly, the right alternative is called the answer and the wrong alternatives are called the distractor. One of the benefits of this analysis is that it can help us understand how our alternatives work, when we run an article analysis report and the percentage of test takers who chose each alternative is now very, very valuable information.

Let's look at an example. Let's say we have five possible alternatives to our question when we run the report it seems like most of our students choose either the correct answer or just two of the remaining four options hmm well it seems two of the distractors are working fine but the others are not what could possibly be wrong. This brings us to some guidelines for these guidelines, analyze the research rules and guidelines for writing effective multiple choice questions to compile this information.They performed a meta-analysis of 43 rules for writing items.You combed the literature.You looked at what Other researchers found important to write questions If you are curious what they all are, I suggest reading a taxonomy of multiple choice items written g-rules andthat was published in 1989.

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How many answer choices should I get now to 510 specify? This now has a big impact on how we write our exams. More alternatives mean more writing time for teachers, it also means more time for students to consider each alternative if they are now safely taking an exam. Five answer alternatives would tell us a lot about the students and say their ideas about the subject, but it is worth spending so much time writing that many well it turns out that the answer is as many plausible alternatives as you can write, but three are often enough which means that when you rewrite your multiple choice questions try to find as many plausible alternatives as possible.

Emphasize plausibly this means no joke or obviously wrong answers This means that each answer option should be carefully considered and written. You can rely on students' misconceptions to write plausible alternatives What Would a Student Do With? A mistaken understanding of the materials is the correct answer in my opinion r You can also use the reporting to continually update your alternatives if we find that a handful of alternatives should be selected at a rate of less than 5% plus or minus we're considering editing or removing this alternative as an option when three alternatives so are the correct answer and two others are distractors is all you can think of, that's perfectly fine. The meta-analysis mentioned earlier found that when the number of answer options was three or more, the item distinction was not greatly influenced by the number of answer options available to students support article discrimination when we look at a report.

It's a good thing to look at the answer distribution of your top and bottom 27% separately, but specifically the bottom 27%, when we break down this group's responses it gives us some insight into how these students choose between the alternatives, so when there is a question with a particularly high Discrimination Index is a good start. How did the bottom 27% of students answer? Are you fixated on the wrong alternative? Oh that could mean there is a misunderstanding among our bottom students. Are they evenly distributed among the alternatives? Maybe the questions are too difficult or are you just guessing at this point? Let's take an example Let's look at this question, which looks pretty normal, but if we break out and look at only the bottom 27%, this tells us another story, which shows us that these students are more likely to choose one of the strackest than the right one Answer why could that be good? can look at any distractor they choose and then think about why these students might think this is the correct answer.

These results can give you advice on how to adjust the topic in the years to come, if you teach the topic in the years to come which students answer correctly you are reselecting the answers There is a lot of information in these reports, but I think that all of this is important for teachers to understand that there is more to an exam than the letter grade students get. There is a lot of thought that needs to go into our final written exams to understand how to analyze the results of a quiz or exam. An element-by-element level helps us write and / or choose the best possible options to to tell us which students are knowledgeable and which are not.

Take a minute to thank everyone for staying with me through this article series. I also want to thank the authors of the books for helping me learn about the subject. They say that the best way to learn is to teach it and I can attest that it is definitely correct.

I want to Dr. Will Monroe say hello to Louisiana State University Law School for being my guinea pig, and so does Beth Donohue for really studying these issues

Can I use ExamSoft on desktop?

ExamSoft Examplify - FAQ from Students. What are the system requirements for ExamSoft's Examplify to run on a PC? Examplify can be used on most modern Microsoft Windows-based computers (i.e. purchased within the last 3-4 years).

The purpose of this article is to get you up and running with the computer based testing platform called examsoft that we use at Husson.

The system has two parts, the website also known as examsoft and a program that you need to download on your computer to run tests that is called exmplify I will go over both of them in this article. The first thing you should do is download and install exampleify. So if you look at the email that was sent to you with the subject Installation and Registration Instructions, this is the same email that you probably clicked a link to get to this article.

Just go to this email and below you will see information on how to log into the Examen-Soft website, how to download and install examplify you will be ready for the rest of the training so I would recommend this article to pause. Make sure you have installed an example. If for some reason you can't install it, you can find contact information in the link you use and click for someone who can help, so I'll go over what the site is all about first.

Here at Husson, you can go to examsoft.com/husson. This is the place where you can monitor your testing activity, you can see how you are performing on different results that have been tagged with two different questions in these ratings by going to the Performance tab in your portal and the task you are doing Probably the most going to do on this portal is managing your account that just means you can change your password, the system has automatically generated a password for you which is sometimes difficult to remember so you might want to come here and use it Make it something you can remember this is what the icon looks like on a Mac, it may have ended up in your Applications folder, just be careful because sometimes the desktop is just the installation file, not the actual program.

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Don't click any further, make sure you can find this icon in your Applications folder. This is the program you will open when you take a test you know in class.Access the internet and no other programs can be accessed during a secure exam.

This enables us to let you know that you are using your own computers to take exams, that you really have no way of accessing other information during an exam, and what you are going to do is just walk you through a series of questions provided by your teacher for the exam. So today we want to make sure everyone has exmplify installed and hopefully you have already done that and then we are going to go through the process of downloading a practice quiz and uploading it, and this three step process is going to be something you need to do for each test, since the Internet is turned off during an exam, you must first download the test file to your computer. This is something you would normally do before coming to class on the day of the test so that your instructors open that download window, usually you will know at least the night before the exam so you can download the test your test Computer anytime within the window your teachers have provided and they will let you know what that window is.

Once it's on your computer, you won't be able to take the test until your teachers give you a test password that takes place in class so that you can take your practice quiz in class and then upload that quiz at the end of the course. The internet will turn back on on your computer and you can upload it for us to go through this process with do a practice quiz today before you get started. We strongly recommend that you disable all antivirus on your computer, if you are not sure how to do that, go to examsoft.com/support and look for Disable Antivirus and it will tell you for your specific antivirus on your computer how to do this as on some computers this may collide the antivirus program with exmplify and prevent you from starting the scan.You are in no danger of getting a virus if you use exmplify because your internet will be turned off and anyway You can't get a virus if the internet is not turned on, once the test finishes your internet will be turned back on so you will definitely want to restart your antivirus after it finishes, it is closed and usually the easiest way is that just means to restart your computer, you also want to close all other open programs before starting the Pr Start exam and speed up the exam this will also speed up the process of starting the exam, example will try to turn off these other programs but sometimes it takes a long time to do this.You can speed up the whole process by doing it yourself, so go ahead and open the sample If this is the first time you log in you will see a screen that says loo that if you are like that and want to hit the 'add new account' button, you usually only have to do it once.

For example, if you come here and open up you will see your name and you can just click on it there, but the first time you click on a new account for the Institutions you can ask for an Institution ID you just put Husson in this field and You may see a couple of things that show up make sure you select the one that says Husson University and just Husson then you can hit the 'Next' button you put in your User ID and Password and here this is the information that was included in that email installation registration instructions make sure you also have this information on the day of all your exams so you might want to remember it like I said you could go into the portal and change your password to something that's easier to remember, so go ahead and enter that in and then you can hit the sign in button n. This is the main sample screen, and it should look like you have your name up here too, so the first thing you need to check is make sure this is your name and you haven't somehow signed in to someone else's account you are unlikely to have followed the previous steps, but sometimes when you borrow a computer that person has not logged off. Just want to make sure it's you, then on this left hand side you'll see a list of all the exam files waiting for you if you haven't downloaded them already.

You will see this download arrow if you have already downloaded and taken an exam. You'll see this green check mark when you don't see an exam awaiting you here. Hit the Refresh Exam List button below and that usually solves a problem, if you still can't see it then you would reach out to your teacher and tell them to check out the exam you should see for that day can't see so today we're going to do this exemplary orientation Goahead and click over here and then yo you click the download exam button on the right, once you download the exam the screen will change and you will see this area to look around enter an exam password.

This is what your teacher needs to tell you on the day of the exam so that you can't go ahead, you can download the exam, but you won't be able to start the exam until they give you this password. Usually today they just write it down on the whiteboard in front of the class for this sample orientation quiz the password is 123q is case-sensitive, so go ahead and enter that in 123qwe and then click the Start Exam at this button Your computer will be locked. You will not have access to other programs and your internet will be turned off so it will warn you this is happening and then you can click the Next button and you will see that one final warning screen before you can begin.

Usually, you can just go ahead by checking the box here and clicking Start Exam, even if it says you can't get started until most instructors are fine if you start right away so they will tell you if they want to for you to stop here. Typically, instead of just clicking the 'Examine' button and then clicking the 'Start Exam' button, you will be provided with information on how to use the various features of Example within the quizzes. Please see the questions, if you have any questions, when you're done or something is confusing, get in touch with the contact I'll give you at the end of this slide presentation, it's Dr.

Charlie Wakeling. So when you're done and the last question in the quiz tells you how to submit the exam, you should see this green confirmation screen that means your file was successfully uploaded to the servers, if you don't see this green screen let your teacher do it know and he can either help you or contact whoever you need to speak to to upload the exam file don't worry, everything will be saved twice on your computer.You won't have lost any questions if you can't upload at this point.

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Okay if you have any problems or questions please feel free to contact Dr. Charlie Wakeling at wakelingc@husson.edu Thank you very much

How do I get rid of ExamSoft background?

Go to Control Panel > Programs > Programs and Features. Look for ExamSoft, then right-click to Repair. If there's no repair option, uninstall ExamSoft then disable your antivirus before reinstalling it back.

Hello, this is Gary from MacMost.com.

Let me show you how to change the sign-in options on your sign-in screen, including one thing that you'll want to set up right away. MacMost is brought to you thanks to a great group of supporters, go to MacMost.com/patreon to read more, join us and get exclusive content.

The login screen is when you log into your Mac. If you wake up your Mac or have the screensaver hit the spacebar while running, you'll be asked to enter your password to sign in. There are several ways to configure this screen.

So let's look at the different settings. So your login screen will probably look something like this you will see an icon for each user on your mac, I have several here as I have several test accounts to create these tutorials, you might also see one for guest users, you will see Sleep, Restart and Shutdown buttons at the bottom of the screen, then when you click on the user you want to log in just go to this icon and enter a small password field. You enter the password there, press Enter and you are logged in.

But there are ways to customize this and you can find them under the Apple menu, System Preferences and then go to Users and Groups Group, from there click on Sign In Options which is here on the left. Now all of the options will be grayed out until you authenticate by clicking the padlock and entering your password. All of these options are now available to you.

The first option here is Automatically Login. You don't even have that option if you're using FireVault like you do on any MacBook, but even if you have the option, you should turn it off as you don't want everyone to be at your computer to log in automatically logs into each account. You want to be able to enter your password.

You should only have to do this occasionally and it is your main computer password so it can be entered quickly and easily. Of course, if you have a current MacBook Pro you can use Touch ID to log in and the Apple Watch also allows you to log in automatically. But activating the automatic login with a selected user account is basically the equivalent of leaving the front door to your house or apartment unlocked.

Maybe no one will ever try, but if they wanted to come in, it would be super easy for her. So you want that to be turned off all the time. Next you have the login window show as and you can select either list of users or name and password.

I've set it to the most secure level, which is name and password. The list of users means you will see a screen like this one showing you all of the users. So the first step of getting into your computer is already done.

small caps mac

You can see who the users are and all they have to do is enter a password. But if you've got things set to name and password, you have no idea who the users are on the computer. You'll need to enter the username, the short username which should be Enter just a few characters.

Maybe your first name then enter a password. Now you can also disable the Sleep, Restart, and Shut Down buttons that appear at the bottom of the screen. For most of us with our own personal Mac, of course, we'd like to have those.

It's useful when it's a login screen to be able to say no, want to shut it down, or just put it to sleep; I don't want to log in right now. Deactivation is primarily intended for public computers. So if you have a computer set up in a library or a coffee shop or something similar and you don't want users to be able to shut it down, then you want to disable this option.

You can still log into the account as usual and then Apple menu and Select energy-saving mode, restart or shutdown. You can only do this if you are logged in. Show the input menu in The login window is used to change the language.

So if you are in a situation where you want the user to be able to change the language before logging in, then the activated input menu will help. Password hints now only work if there is a password hint for this user. For example, I can select a user here on the left.

When I go to password reset you can see that I can do New Password and Verify and I can put any text I want in the password hint here. Of course this will hurt your security a bit because if there is a hint that can help you to remember the password then uh aps it's not the best password to start with. But in some situations at home, if you have problems remembering a password and want to set something simpler, you can use the hint here and then activate password hints in the login options when you then click on the question mark in the password field or a few times enter a wrong password, then the message appears.

So these are the main options for the login screen. But I want to show you another one that you want to hire right away. It's not here under Users and Groups.

It's located under Security and Privacy. Under General there are a few options here and you want to re-authenticate by clicking the padlock. This is the show the message when the screen is locked, this message will be shown on your locked screen, it can be anything you want, let's check it there, click the button, now I can set the text as I want, so the thing that makes sense, especially if you have a port mac like a macbook, you may want to include your name and a phone number where you can be contacted.

multiple skype calls

The idea is that if someone finds your MacBook they will get to the locked screen but they will see this message there. Then they have the opportunity to find you. You can enter a phone number there.

Maybe an email address or some other way to get in touch with you.

Does Examplify slow down your computer?

However, Examplify sometimes struggles with closing down the Spotify program and this can cause your computer to bog down or freeze in the middle of an exam… so for the sake of your own sanity, please make sure you quit the Spotify program Before you open Examplify.

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