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Enable shortcut underlines - answering the questions

How do I enable keyboard shortcuts?

Hey speed demons, what do you do when your keyboard shortcuts don't work? Maybe you can find a cool new keyboard shortcut online, z keyboard and press, nothing happens which is not only frustrating because you want to use that keyboard shortcut but also has to spend a ton of time poking around and figuring out why it doesn't work five combinations that I see to help fix your keyboard shortcuts and get you to happy hour. And the very first problem is an inverted function key. And by that I mean most new computers, this is my keyboard on my Lenovo.

Start with setting those media buttons to the default, which is fine, except you'll lose your F2 to edit a formula in Excel, your F5 to view full screen in PowerPoint, your full screen web browsing in Chrome, and to do everything in Convert a PDF in one of the Microsoft Office programs. So these won't work if n your media buttons are set to default to fix you need to do one of two things. The first is that you need to either type the FN key so that Shift F5 becomes Fn plus F5 to present from the current slide in PowerPoint and Fn plus F11 for the full screen web browser in Chrome or Internet Explorer.

So you have to throw in that Fn key which is why I usually recommend resetting your function keys to their defaults so you don't have to have that extra key and by that I mean you basically have to restart your computer and set up those function keys above with that they're not the media keys, just Excel PowerPoint, full screen, PDF for web surfing and some of those other cool things. And then when you want to use the media key, throw in the FN, for example this would be mute, so Fn plus F1 would be mute. Once you've inverted your function keys and need help inverting your function keys just let me know in the comments section below here on youtube and I will shoot a article to help you out.

So this is the first problem that your keyboard shortcuts trigger. Inverted function keys. The next thing your keyboard shortcuts can trigger is your language bar settings.

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So if you use multiple languages ​​on your computer, I have set up English, French, and Chinese as the keyboards on my computer. What happens is that the hotkeys for switching between your different languages ​​can override your default keyboard shortcuts. So what you have to do, and I'm going to show you how to do it in a moment, you need to find your voice bar's advanced settings and you want to double-check that your hotkeys are not overwriting your default office hotkeys.

So what you need to do is just press the Windows key to get there. Just enter language. You want to find your voice keyboard options, once it's open, scroll down to the Advanced Date, Time and Region settings.

You will click Language again, that is a lot of clicks to get there. You would like to go to the advanced settings here on the left. And if you just scroll down you can see the keyboard shortcuts for the language bar there.

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Here you can change the order, but first just by eye to see if the hotkeys are overwritten. For example, on the Chinese keyboard in the PowerPoint control, the space bar is the shortcut to change your formatting back to the slide master formatting. So here I would have to change this if I wanted to use PowerPoint in Chinese so that this key combination was not overwritten.

That's the next thing you need to check. The next thing that can trip up your keyboard shortcuts is international keyboard shortcuts. So most of the keyboard shortcuts on the Internet are quoted using the US keyboard, which looks exactly like this.

For example, if you are using a French keyboard, here are some of the different accents that are not found in the English keyboard. So you need to double check what your buttons are. You can also see that Q and A are inverted here on the French keyboard.

So if you are using an international keyboard, all you have to do is make sure you double-check the keystrokes are on your computer as all the shortcuts online are given using the US keyboard standard. Similar to international keyboards, the Mac keyboard is completely different from the PC keyboard, so most of the keyboard shortcuts are quoted online. So if you're using a Mac, all you have to do is watch your command option control and your Shift key.

The PC shortcut you are looking at is likely a combination of all of these buttons and what is called on the shortcut. For example, the pc shortcut for the group in PowerPoint Control is G to group. On a Mac, it's the Fn option command plus G, so it's four keys instead of two.

Another common thing that can trip your keyboard shortcuts is what I call program trolls. So these are programs that you install on your computer, such as Evernote, GoToWebinar, Skype, and Camtasia, that override your default programs. So this is what happens to you, all you have to do is find the program that you recently installed.

For example, for EverNote, I would open it. You want to look up the option settings for that program and find the shortcut keys that may also be called hotkeys in your program. Once there, just like the language bar setting.

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You want to see the default keyboard shortcuts because these will become the primary keyboard shortcuts when you install. So when you find them you can see Create a new note here, I deleted that, pasted the clipboard, I deleted that because I am using it in another program. If you want to change those, this is Win A, so Windows plus A to copy the selection.

If you want to use this in another program you should delete this and either write your own keyboard shortcut whatever it will be or just leave it blank as I did here. So again, that's what I call program trolls, and for sure EverNote, GoToWebinar, Skype, and Camtasia are four programs that will override your default programs. So, if you've lost a keyboard shortcut, check out these programs first, Five Common Keyboard Shortcut Issues That Trip Your Keyboard Shortcuts, and you can share this article with your coworkers if they get stuck so you don't have to fix it yourself, if If you found this article helpful or learned something new please let me know by giving me a thumbs up here on YouTube so I know what kind of content I can keep adding to my channel.

And if I missed a good solution, please share it in the comments section below so everyone can keep learning. If you're just looking for PowerPoint resources to help get you through to happy hour, including PDF cheat sheets and article series for the links just below this article, that's Taylor from Nuts to Bolts, Speed ​​Training and we'll see you at the Happy hour.

How do you underline a key?

Enable Keyboard Shortcuts
  1. Click the Settings icon.
  2. Select Settings. Scroll down the General settings tab until you find the Keyboard shortcuts category.
  3. Click the Keyboard shortcuts on option button on the General tab.
  4. Click the Save Changes button.

Hi everyone, as you can tell, my voice is almost 100% back and today's article is going to be pretty cool so I really hope you're ready for this, but before I get into the article I just want to target one of my subscribers Honestly, it is the cutest person and I really want to mention him and thank him for all of his support. His name is a Sahib Ahmedmalik I really hope I pronounce your name correctly and this is him, look ladies, he is such a gentleman and sweetheart and he is so kind to meant that he always likes positive comments and put me in a good mood with all of my articles and all of my facebook posts and i really wanted to show him some love and thank him for his support and you know what i want to thank you all for your support so thank you so much for letting me at to me, even if I've been a little rebellious and haven't posted anything over the past week, but hey, I'll make up for it by answering your most requested article suggestion which is how to find keywords with accomplices I now have in recorded in my previous article textbooks showing you how to find keywords. I have to admit that all the textbooks I have used have been the standard school with the student in mind which means the keywords were highlighted or in bold and at the end of each chapter it was really easy to find but a lot of people have asked me but Anna what if I have a textbook all text, like there is nothing that can help me find the key words or phrases and I'm lost I got mine toughest textbooks I've ever taken for psychology class and I'll show you how to find keywords and things to remember in these textbooks.

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What I look for first is titles, title order, which they like or don't need to like in the book, so this can be an indicator of what's important. Other things I look for, according to our terms or words, let's say my friend who is so into computer technology won't understand when I say Folk's ecology, he will be what you talk about, you know, look for conditions, your friends don't know what they are, so let's see if we can do that with this book I'll just prepare the first paragraph hopefully I'm doing a good job because I read through the camera doesn't work to get the essence of the To illustrate wound psychology we are going to look at two topics that immediately take up it in the two branches of a cycle I see that something is going to happen something becomes important wound psychology I will write it in my notes as wound psychology and then I will divide it into two branches What are that for two branches the first applies the experimental method of ph. to ysiological psychology that is number one in a well-known question and philosophical psychology how many ideas the consciousness can contain at a certain moment; the second applies the method of Volker's ecology to the second to the question of how people form and understand sentences like you I kind of like everything is blah blah blah but at the end of the day wound psychology two things physiological psychology and volksov psychology Sodas are the two things i need to remember, these are the key words, this is a theory wound psychology their theory is an important person and I'll put that in my notes and as you've seen if you don't trust me like Anna how do you know that's importantKeywords look at this, you've seen thephysiological psychology that I took as a keyword oh my god look at this it has its own section and let me guess if i get the s Turn the page oh yeah the second has its own big explanation see this is another key to knowing which words are keywords when they have their own section.

They are important and you need to know them so the second book I have here let's see which section I picked, what is important, so motivations affect what modes work oh man this is going to be a bite, if the primary modes of social perception are authentic and unconscious thoughts versus controlled and conscious thoughts with gradations, for them how people move between modes is important, as the motivated tactic metaphor implies that the tactics of the people use the forms depend on their motives in social cognition a variety of motives have had a meaning in the last few decades grasp the most common motives belonging to understand control improve self-confidence and trust in the group some reminder see them as a bucket of motives Ha this textbook will help you, to do a little trick to stick to it too remember and hello, if the book tells you a trick on how to memorize these words, it means your keyword that means teacher like AHA I'll put this on the exam so don't be fooled, you know bucket owned Understanding, self-control and group trust and again like I said these keywords get their own title later and they have lots of things to say about them, as you can see so you definitely need to know them and them also have their own tablehint-guys tables are supposed to help you, they are supposed to summarize the long and bulky information for you any like great graph or just a table like this it is important it is supposed to help you look how cool it looks and the subject it tells you the goal of being accepted by others the group understands the socially shared cognition the belief that the views of others correspond to those of the group so this is perfect, I can put a small copy of this chart in my notes and that was it at the end of the exam day because I remembered it because it was that type of exam that will assess you for a lifetime. So what I can do to help myself with keywords is that I am now creating a little review document that is for a different class for consumer psychology, so consumer behavior and we did a lot of keywords and they were so important and I just put them together in one document because at the end of the day folks what would you rather learn, go back to all of your underlined things in this book or just go over it again before the exam I don't know I know not about you but i prefer that and i want to show you today because it's different from my usual and note taking method i made this up recently and i find it really helped me it's a bit repetitive it's a a little uh, why should you? Say it's strange, you'll know what I'm saying, okay, so I'll just show you an example, so individual decision making This was a chapter These were the keywords that I thought were important: So there are three types of perspectives that someone can have, so instead of just copying what the book tells me, these terms mean that a lot of people tell me, Anna I don't know how to write in my own words number one use it in the sentence number two use it in one Example, so a rational calculation, I just chose a name that contains as much information as possible, with what I already knew about the product and the advantages and disadvantages of each alternative I found the keywords and used Bill who like my imaginary friend is and i said if bill does this it means he is using a behavioral perspective of decision making and you don't believe but i got this for it r done all the key words lving bill wasn't that motivated to search for information or to evaluate rigorously so he used simple decision rules to choose, advanced problem solving initiated by a motive central to self-concept in the sentence, so that I know, centered hostand concept bill felt that the ultimate decision carries a certain level of risk. You see this will help you because it is in your own words if you would like me to go into the details of how to make this document and how to put things in examples by using only keywords in an aphrase you will they are better to remember.

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How do I underline the shortcut keys on my keyboard?

Scroll down on the next screen and check “Underline Keyboard Shortcuts and Access Keys.”. Now when you open menu items, you’ll see the shortcut keys are underlined. Here’s an example of Notepad menus before without the underlined shortcut keys. And here it is after, with shortcut keys enabled.

How do I Turn Off underline access key?

1. Open Settings, and click/tap on the Ease of Access icon. 2. Click/tap on Keyboard on the left side, and turn on or off (default) Underline access key shortcuts in menus when they are available on the right side for what you want. (see screenshot below) 3. You can now close Settings if you like.

How do I Turn on the keyboard shortcuts?

Open the Start menu by clicking its icon or pressing the Windows key on your keyboard. Click the Settings icon. Click Ease of Access . Scroll down to the Interaction heading and select Keyboard . Under the Change how keyboard shortcuts work heading, click the switch below Underline access keys when available to turn it on.

Why are the underlined keys on my keyboard not showing up?

The underlined keys are disabled by default, but it’s easy to make them show up. Open Control Panel and select Ease of Access Center. Scroll down the list and click “Make the Keyboard Easier to Use.” Scroll down on the next screen and check “Underline Keyboard Shortcuts and Access Keys.”

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