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Emails at live.com - listed questions and answers

What email address is live com?

@live.com email? The address of the page for email accounts on all free Microsoft domains (@hotmail, @msn, @live, @outlook, @windowslive and many others) is http://mail.live.com.

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Hi folks! I'm Subhang from Websitelearners.com, today I'm going to show you how to create your business email address for free So after watching this article instead of using a regular Gmail account like this one (123@gmail.com) You can use an email ID like yourname@yourSite.com which will look a lot more professional.

This means that you can send or receive emails using addresses like contact@yoursite.com or support@yoursite.com Let's see how to connect your work email to Gmail so everything can be managed in one place.

So, all you need to follow this tutorial is a domain name on GoDaddy, so if you don't have a domain name, now you can simply by clicking here, you can get the domain and then follow this tutorial like that Now that you try to create an email account on that domain, you will have to pay around $ 5 a month to create a business email. In this article, I'll show you how you can avoid this amount and create your business email address for free. So let's get started! We're going to create a business email address in just 5 steps! The first step is to sign up with Godaddy So let's go to godaddy.com and then hit 'Sign In' Sign in to your account now Okay, now I'm signed in! and you can see that this is the domain that I have on my account, so we'll be the E - Set up mail on this domain Create an email forwarding in Godaddy So ​​by creating the forwarding we can forward all the emails that are sent to your business email to your Gmail inbox.

So let's create a redirect, let's scroll down and click 'Additional Products' and then next to Email Redirect click 'Redeem'. forward'Now in this field enter the business email address you want to create It can be anything @ yourdomain.com So I'll enter contact @ Now when you enter @ it will automatically show the domain you are on your Purchased Godaddy Account, so you can see select it and then you need to enter your Gmail address here.

Here we are telling Godaddy to forward all email sent to this address to our Gmail address, Okay! So let's hit create! And our email forwarding has been set up So now let's go to STEP 3 is to check that our DNS settings are correct To make sure the emails are being forwarded we need to make sure our DNS is set up correctly To use our DNS Check Settings Click on 'Tools' And click on 'Server Settings' OK! Now you can see that we are getting an error message that says no MX records were found. This means the forwarding we just created is not working and entering the settings given here 'Now click on' DNS 'next to your domain name so we will add our MX records on this page. So let's scroll down and click 'Add' and select the 'Type' as 'MX' Now in this field just type '@' and now we need to copy and paste the correct server settings into this field, so let's go back to this page and copy and paste this text here Now enter '0' in this field and click on 'Save' Okay so the first entry has been added Add the last entry by clicking on 'Add' and then select 'MX'.

Now type in '@' here and let's go to this page and copy and paste the second setting here Now type '10' into this field and hit 'Save' Okay! So now we've added the MX records So let's go back and before we had this error message Now that we've added our MX records click 'Refresh' and as you can see Godaddy is telling us that the 'MX -Records' are correct This means that our e-mail forwarding will work. So before that we told Godaddy to forward the e-mails that come here to gmail Okay! So let's go to a random Gmail account and hit 'Compose' and try emailing contact@quicktechy.com and hit 'Submit'. the Gmail account we forwarded our email to and hit 'Update'.

You can see that we received an email. So let's click on it. If you click here you can see that it has been sent to our business email So now we can receive emails to our business email Next we will see how we can send email from this address.

So now if we reply to this email it will still be sent from our Gmail address, which we don't want. We want our email to be sent from contact @ quicktechy. comTo send email from our domain we need an SMTP server So, we get a free server from a website called 'SMTP2go'Okay! So let's go to STEP 4, which is to create an account on SMTP2GOS, to create the account, let's open a new tab and search for 'SMTP2GO' and then click on the first link and click on 'Try for Free'.

Now enter these details and click on 'Register' OK! Once you have reached this page, your SMTP account is now ready. Now let's go to the last step! This is adding this account to Gmail, this will allow us to send email from the work email address by using gmail, so you can add this account to. Let's go there and go to 'Settings' Now click on 'Accounts & Import' And now that we want to send emails, from our business email we need to 'Add another email address' click and you will get this 'new window' Now first, we are going to enter the 'From Name' we want in our emails This is the name that will appear when someone receives an email from you You can do anything here So I type 'quicktechy support' and then here you need to enter the same email that you used when setting up email forwarding.

For me it's contact@quicktechy.com So I'll put that in and then hit 'Next'. Now we need to enter the username and password of SMTP2GO.

So let's go there and copy and paste the username here and then copy and paste the password Okay! So now, to get the SMTP server details, let's click 'Finish' and copy the setting from here, then paste it here Now set the port to '25' and click on 'Add Account' So now Gmail will send a verification code to your business email So let's go to Gmail and go to our inbox! Now click on this confirmation email and copy and paste this code here Now click on 'Confirm' and we are done! If we now go to 'Settings' and click on 'Accounts & Import', see our work email has now been added! If you want you can now make this the default From address If you want to make it your default just click 'Make Default 'And now all email is being sent from your work email OK, so let's test it now by sending an email from our business email and see if we can receive it. So let's click 'compose' and you can see the email is being sent from, our business email, you can now still send email from your Gmail address by clicking here and your Google Select email addressOkay! Now we're testing that we can send email from our business email, so I'll select the business email and put in a test email, and hit 'send', now if we go to that inbox, you can see that we got the mail! So we open the mailAnd now when we click here you can see that the mail was sent from our business emailOkay! So now we can send emails from our business email Next we will see how to remove this message that says 'via smtpservice' Now we see this message because we are using SMTP2GO If you don't want 'this message' to appear in your emails, there is a way to remove itSo NextLet's see how we can remove the 'Sent Via' message Okay! To remove this message we go to smtp2g and then go to 'Settings' and click on 'From domains'. Now click on 'add a domain and enter your domain so I'll enter quicktechy.com and then and click on' add domain 'To remove this' Sent via' message in Gmail we need to give SMTP2GO access, To use our domain, for this we need to add these records to our DNS page, since our DNS provider is Godaddy, we go there and then click here and click on 'My Products' Now click on 'DNS' and scroll down and click on 'Add' Now select 'TXT' as shown here I added the first entry Next we add the second So, click on 'Add' and select 'cname' and then copy and paste this and then paste it and click on 'Save'Okay! So now we've added both DNS records.

Now we go to SMTP2GO and then we scroll down and check our settings Okay! So now you can see that all of our settings are correct! This means that 'the message' is no longer showing in our emails, so now let's try sending another email, so let's go to Gmail and hit 'Compose' and then write a test email and click on 'send' so now we go to that inbox, you can see the message that was in our previous email and now when we look for the new email we just sent and open it you. You can see that we no longer have the message, Okay! Here's How To Build Your Business Email Now If You Want To Learn How To Build A Website You Can Watch This Video! We'll Show You How To Build A Website In Just 10 Minutes. Now that you've built your website, you can follow the same steps we saw in this article to build your business email and even if you haven't subscribed to website learners make sure you click the ' Click Subscribe 'to receive more articles from us.

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Is Live Com A valid email?

The mail domain live.com is valid, has proper DNS MX records (live-com.olc.protection.outlook.com), and is able to accept new email. Live.com is a popular email service commonly used for personal account creation.

Hello, this is Pnau again and today we will see how to inspect a browser with the inspect element option, but first what exactly is inspectelement and then we look at every webpage on the surface all we see is a bunch of text with images and articles right below that it was created by HTMLCSS and JavaScript code and inspectelement is a tool that now allows the user to interact with that code. The important question here is why should the average user bother inspecting Element, what I want to say is it understandable if you are a web developer and then use it? Inspected event but how would the average user benefit if you know how to use inspect element properly you can do pretty nice things with it and we are going to see five of them in this article so without further ado, if you can see it, can you download it now, what i want to say, if you can see a picture or article, you can probably download it to your s ystem even if the webmaster does the whole thing you take that for example let's twitter say i want the cover photo Now download from this twitter profile as always, there is no direct option here so I right click on the cover photo and then select the inspectelement option, you will see a new window that pops up from the bottom of the screen is opened. Go to the Items tab and look for the Div that led pictures and there you will find the surfer link of the pictures.

Just copy and paste it to a new tab and there you will see your download options, also use this option to download articles where there is no option, for example we take Instagram, so as you know this is an official way to download articles for Instagram, but you can easily do this using the items option. Let me show you how to right click on the article you want to download and then choose the Inspect Element option like in the previous case, a new window will open from the bottom of the screen and move around in the Elements tab the cur so that the article is highlighted and then expand the div and then we find the download link copy it to a new tab and there you will see the article in full resolution now. All you have to do is right click it and there's a download option right there.

One is the most popular use of inspect element and I'm pretty sure most of you already know, but this one Click is so useful that it should be mentioned again. Let's say you want to log into the Amazon mobile app but don't remember the password but luckily it's stored in your browser password manager Now all the browser do, hide the password in dots, you can easily do it with the inspect -Check Element Just right click on the password field and select inspect-element scroll the item until you see the package fee highlighted, then open the div tag and under it enter type replace password with text now click on the webpage and your password is visible in the clear pretty cool now on a related note if you are with goon you can also go to password google.com from any device sign in with your google account and there you will see all of these secure password yes google knows a lot about you now i don't mind paying for the quality content.

However, it is a good way to support the author. Sometimes things can be a little exaggerated, for example if we take this article on Financial Times, unfortunately it is practically affordable, if we only read one article then it makes no sense for the whole Month to pay so here is what you can do and right click and select Element now go to the Element tab and click the cursor icon and then place the cursor on the Powerbox, now go to the inspect element and delete the highlighted part and that is, but wait, we will see more content. Why is this so good because bigger websites are smart enough? so as not to render the webpage content but most of the websites on the internet that use this popup are not that smart and they don't have the resources like Financial Times so this trick will work there too, for example you might have pages like seen these on which the author asked to negotiate the article if you want to read the entire post while in such cases you can just use this trick.

Just right click on it, select the pop-up and delete it, and in some cases there are also transparent layers that prevent you from highlighting and deleting Plagues like that, and you've got the contents right in front of you . Now there is a practical use to this trick other than playing a prank on your friends, but it can also show you why you shouldn't trust any screenshot you find on the internet, for example, let's say I want this Wikipedia page edit so i just have to open the developer tool then go to the console and paste from a command i will also paste it in the description of this article now close the window and you can write anything you want here you can even put the pictures and replace the article so you can see that is why you shouldn't blindly trust any ny screenshot you see on the internet I know a lot of people who use this trick to change their results. Now attach on university websites The previous trick only applies to the webpage you see on the screen, once you refresh your page the changes will be gone, but there is a practical implementation of implementation this trick will let me show you how .

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So let's say I am writing a post on WordPress and I made the same misspelling throughout the post. This is only an example. In your case it could be an email you are typing in manually now, editing that is not an option yes I can copy a document into a word processor and then use the Find and Replace option, but then my formatting gets messed up and here the console of the control comes into the picture once you get it copy it to your clipboard, now go to the console tab and enter standard income and i will leave it in this the description of this article for now also replace that with here the one you copied and replace the before and after text with the text you want to replace in tanta and as you can see all the words are replaced now as most editors have auto-save functionality, this will automatically saved on the server, too.

By the way, this is also a common method of hackers breaking into the server, so here you are If you've learned something new today then give this article a thumbs up, even if you have a article request, let me know in the comments section below and yes in case you haven't realized I have a new schedule on the hard drive, I will publish new articles every second Saturday so if you have not yet subscribed to this channel, please do so now until the next time that Pinal unsubscribes and as always, thank you for watching

Is there any way to create a Live.com email?

Microsoft have discontinued @Live.com emails. So you can no longer create live.com email account. @Live emails have been replaced with @Hotmail and @Outlook.com emails.

Can a live email be used as an outlook account?

These email domains have been consolidated to Outlook.com email and replaced Live.com emails. You can use any of these accounts as a Microsoft account for the purpose of logging in to a Windows PC. At iTechGuides.com we love to hear from you.

Where can I find a Windows Live email address?

Live.com Email Accounts. Microsoft finally allows people to create @live.com email accounts, now that most of the Windows Live applications are out of beta. Because there aren't too many registered accounts and you can create accounts at many international domains, it's likely you'll find a good email address.

How do I access my live.ca email account?

Please note you’ll need to be signed in with a Microsoft account to access the form. Note: I will be locking this thread. For other users who are experiencing the same issue, do not hesitate to create a support case thru the link provided above. Was this reply helpful?

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