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Disk defragmenter stuck - common questions

Why is my defrag taking so long?

Defragmentation really depends on the hardware you are using. The larger the hard drive, the longer it will take; the more files stored, the more time computer will require to defrag all of them. The time varies computer to computer as each one has its own unique case.2 mei 2019

What does it mean to defragment your hard drive? Now defragmentation will reduce the amount of fragmented files on your hard drive.

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It reorganizes related data files and places them in the same physical location on your hard drive. For example, if you install data on your hard drive; For example, programs, documents, music, articles, etc., this data is actually broken down into multiple data blocks that are stored on the hard drive.

So, after a while, your hard drive will look something like this. All of your data is distributed and mixed with other data files. So when you perform a defragmentation, the defragmentation will reassemble any related blocks of data that were broken up and put them together in the same physical location.

So all files belonging to a certain program are merged, all files belonging to a certain article, the same with documents, music and so on. And it will also summarize all of the free space on the hard drive. And after the defragmentation is complete, the files on your hard drive will look something like where all of the related files are together and everything is nice and organized.

So, for another example, let's install a program on this empty hard drive, and as we install it, note how the files for that program are in close proximity to each other and not scattered in different places, but close together. Now let's install another program and install another program. As you can now see, the data files of each of these programs have been installed on the hard drive in close proximity to each other, which means that if you want to run any of these programs the computer will run faster because the hard drive doesn't require you to do any additional work You can retrieve data from different areas of the hard drive.

Now, as data is added and deleted, the free space on the hard drive dwindles over time and tends to be scattered around the hard drive in different places rather than in one general location. As you can see, the free space on this hard drive is divided into different blocks. So, if another program is installed, the computer may not be able to find enough free space in one place on the hard drive to house the program because the free space is scattered in different places.

So, for example, if we install another program on this hard drive and the computer cannot find enough free space for that program in an area, the computer will distribute the program's data files in smaller pieces across the entire hard drive. So there can be 50MB here, 30MB over there, and 20MB elsewhere. And when you have related files that are scattered in different places on the hard drive it is called fragmentation, and when you have a fragmented hard drive it makes the computer slow down as the computer has to work harder to read and write data because the data is scattered all over the hard drive.

And in this case you need to do a defragmentation. During a defragmentation, all of the related files that are scattered around the hard drive are collected and combined so that they are in the same physical location on the hard drive. And it does its best to pack the free space into one big chunk, too.

And after the defragmentation is complete, the computer will run faster and more efficiently. As you can see in this before and after graphic, all associated data files are together and all free space is put together. Now all you have to do is defragment mechanical hard drives, as mechanical hard drives have hard drives that spin so heads can read and write data files.

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Now solid state drives or SSDs don't need to defragment. Because SSDs have no moving parts. The computer can simply pick and choose the file it needs, regardless of which memory chip the file is on.

How long does it take for Disk Defragmenter to finish?

Disk Defragmenter might take from several minutes to a few hours to finish, depending on the size and degree of fragmentation of your hard disk. You can still use your computer during the defragmentation process.

Is it okay to stop defragmenting halfway?

You can safely stop Disk Defragmenter, so long as you do it by clicking the Stop button, and not by killing it with Task Manager or otherwise "pulling the plug." Disk Defragmenter will simply complete the block move it is currently performing, and stop the defragmentation.

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How do I fix my hard drive defrag?

To run Disk Defragmenter manually, it's usually best to analyze the disk first.
  1. Click the Start menu or Windows button.
  2. Select Control Panel, then System and Security.
  3. Under Administrative Tools, click Defragment your hard drive.
  4. Select Analyze disk.
  5. If you need to manually defrag your disk, click Defragment disk.

Why is Disk Defragmenter not working in Windows 10?

Disk defragmenter is often used to optimize your hard drive in Windows 10/7. Sometimes, however, you may encounter the Windows defrag not working issue. How to fix disk defragmenter not working? MiniTool explores the top 5 solutions to fix it. Fix 1. Check the Disk Defragmenter Service Fix 2. Stop Other Running Applications Fix 3.

Is there a way to run The defrag tool?

If this service is disabled, you won’t be able to run the defrag tool. Now, let’s see how to check the Disk Defragmenter service. Step 1. Press Win + R keys to open the Run dialog box, and then type services.msc in it and hit Enter. Step 2. Make sure the Disk Defragmenter service is set to Manual status.

How often do you need to defrag your hard drive?

I don't think you will ever get it to zero. Watch your defrag about once a week and you will find out you will most likely not need to defrag but about every two week or maybe even longer. You will find that 10 % fragmented is no big deal. Defragging when not needed is just wear and tear on the hard drive.

What's the DeFRaG percentage on Windows 7 Ultimate?

I am running 7 Ultimate and started with check disk, then analyze then defrag, after 2 days only got to 36% and that was for the last 23 hours. Tried starting in safe mode so it could clear it's throat, then started again, shutting everything off, it stopped at 12%??????????

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