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Directx keeps crashing - how to settle

How do I fix DirectX crashes?

How can I fix DirectX errors in Windows 10?
  1. Install the previous version of DirectX.
  2. Reinstall your graphics card drivers.
  3. Reinstall one of the previous updates.
  4. Download Visual C++ Redistributables.
  5. Download the missing .dll files.
  6. Make sure you meet recommended system requirements.
  7. Install DirectX using the Command Prompt.

Today's topic is ditectX error, in general it can occur in any game if your DirectX application is not available or not updated the software you install for games You need resources of your systemdirectx is a bridge between your operating system and the game takes the necessary resources from Operating system and specify the Gameso after you install your game and when you try to run it. It has failed and shows an error requires at least .. 'Whatever the version 9-11-10 errors can occur like' older direct x version 'or' newer direct x version required '' your computer does not support 'this type Error messages can be different, game by game direct x error occurs in each of your games, but the only way to fix the error is through one method, which I'll tell you sometimes already have the directx, on our machine but the error always comes still but you still need to download iti will tell you all the techniques how to do it.

The first step is: we need to know what version of Direct-X we already have installed. The first time we open the command by pressing the window, the command window will run. rrun command window appears write heredx diagnosticsdxdiag in shortpress ok The entire Direct-X diagnostic tool is displayed in front of the usbios To download it from a Microsoft site, we have a latest version as we now know our direct X versions.

Always download the latest, but before that we do one more thing see what software we are installing, see regedittype regedit by pressing the window key, you can write it in Run command and open it appears, press yes to the registry to open. Editing is very important in our computer as in real life when we buy land or something version etcregistered hereso if an old direct x version is installed then you need to adjust a little g here first go to hkey local machine, these are very easy steps to follow, understand with logic that we need to go to our local computer and then on our local computer to see our software, here is the local computer software list, click on the software after expanding the hkey local machine tree view which is output here that we need to look for microsoft software and here is the microsoft tree view, here is our microsoft software list, here we find the directx, look with the letter that sees it on the right side of the screen 1. is standard, no editing required or delete it and here is the version installed and because we are going to change it, click You right-click on the installed version and delete it, why are we deleting it because there is already a registry of the installed version, because we will be installing newer versions, so we delete the registry too, why am I telling you? because it could also be a bugMaybe the newer version was installed but the registry remained unchanged, so I double-check that our game is safe and the error clears the registryokso after deleting it, close it afterwards, your very important job is to download the directxum download directx what you need to do I put the link in the description box to download it, but there is one more way I will explain to you.

Just type direct x into browser what is downloading is the very confusing thing unwanted application can be downloaded there virus can download this to get rid of this go to microsoft link there is only one button to download no confusion click the download ok click no thanks here we don't need these things just 286kb application, it will be downloaded quick here click view in folder run as administrator while we downloaded it from microsoft web sitenote so we don't need to do registry settings click I accept as always click next, it will be installed , ok after that there is only one thing left to do just one other problem to check I told you a few things like delete this registry version if it's new install version replace registry but I have this problem over too Checks, for some exceptional cases like that, we have Turn Windows Features On and Off Option Press Window Key Write Windows Feature You get this Turn Windows Features On or Off, click on it, there will be a new window of Windows Features, in that go down here get the legacy component here it is, see legacy component expand the tree view you get direct playback here If these are not activated, check the two like this one from Mineok If you are not activated then check them, then press OK afterwards as you have to start we xdiag check here you can check and after the game play the game, that's it afterwards, you will be free from directx problems as friends as was the vid eo please tell us below and don't forget to subscribe, share it, mark You the friends on social media as thank you for watching the article until the next article goodbye marry

Does DirectX 12 cause crashes?

on Dx11 games run fine, but on Dx12 it crashes constantly. I never had such a thing before and it is annoying because some games run more smoothly than on Dx11. I had my GPU overclocked and after constant crashes, toned down my overclock and it still crashed...

Let's say you are working in the Unreal Editor and it crashes. What do you do? What do you need to know? Well, first of all, an editor crash could be the result of problems in your game code, or it could be a legitimate engine bug, or it could be somewhere in the middle. So don't yell at the programmers on your team because it might be an engine problem.

And don't yell at Epic because it might be a problem with your project. And before yelling at anyone ... relax and don't yell at people: Nobody needs to get emotional about software.

For all its complexity, a computer is just a machine that does exactly what you tell it and when something goes wrong there is always an identifiable cause. The better you understand this fact, the easier it is to deal with mistakes. So when you have a crash: Eventually you want a solution or workaround where you need to know why the problem is occurring.

Maybe part of your job description is investigating and fixing bugs, or maybe you just need to report the problem to a programmer on your team and get back to work. Anyway, there are a few questions you should first answer: First, WHAT happens? That is, can you describe what? You see and is there an error message? Then it happens WHERE in the program? Or is there a call stack? And WHEN does it happen? In other words, what conditions lead to the crash and does it consistently happen? WHO is it happening to? Does it affect others or just you? All of this information will ultimately help you or someone else answer the most critical question: WHY is it happening? So to the first question: what happens? A bug report that says 'it crashes' is very difficult to do, so we want to answer this question as precisely as possible. If this error occurs, the editor freezes for a second, then it shuts itself down and we get a crash reporter window.

The crash reporter shows us an error message and a call stack. The error message is helpful, but it doesn't always tell the whole story. In this case, an access violation reading address 0 means that our code tried to dereference a null pointer.

That's good to know, but it doesn't tell us where that is, the reading of the null pointer is taking place. This is where the call stack comes into play. The call stack tells us what part of the program was running when the error occurred, along with the chain of function calls that led to that point error, this tells you where to start.

When reporting the bug to someone else, don't just tell them, 'I have a crash': you want to tell them, 'I have a crash and this is the call stack.' can also be useful to have a full log file, and in case of a crash the error and call stack will be added at the end of the log file. Unreal automatically writes log files, both for the editor and for standalone game instances. into the Saved / Logs directory of your project.

The latest file is always .log and a timestamp is appended to the files. In short, if you installed the engine through the Epic Games Launcher, your call stacks may be missing information about crashes with the engine code.

This means that you don't have any debugging symbols or PDB. have files for the engine. If you change your engine installation through the launcher, you can download these debugging symbols.

norton restart required

These are not included by default as they take up about 30 gigs, but they are essential if we want to have useful diagnostic information about the engine itself. Why do we need PDB files? Now when you run the editor it loads a number of DLL files that contain the compiled binaries for a number of engine modules. If your project contains C ++ source modules, these will also be loaded.

Even if you have the original source files these DLLs were compiled from, there is no link between them. Where we have a nice, human-readable C ++ function in the source file the corresponding function in the compiled binary file is just a series of processor instructions that are located at a memory address. We can find out that the editor is performing the function that is at that address, but without symbol files we have no clear way of knowing the actual C ++ function.

So PDB files are essentially a paper path that leads from the compiled binary files back to the corresponding source files. If we have the PDB files for these DLLs, diagnostic tools like the crash reporter can find out exactly which functions are being called, which is important if we want a useful function callstack. This is how the error message and the callstack tell us what happens and where, and the log file is good for the context.

The second most important question is when the problem occurs. That is, what conditions led to the crash? What were we doing when the crash happened, and what do we have to do to make it happen again? This crash happens when we start a play-in editor session and then hit the eject button. When we do a little bit more test, mig note that the eject button works fine if we wait a few seconds after starting the game: there is a brief moment when the viewport is black and the crash only occurs if we eject during this time.

Our play-in editor settings are currently configured to run a multiplayer session with a dedicated server: if we switch to single player, we will find that there is no black screen and we cannot provoke the crash. So a little quick experimentation helped us come up with a more accurate description of how the problem can be reproduced. Instead of 'the editor sometimes crashes when I eject from the play-in editor' we can now confidently say 'the editor always crashes when I start a multiplayer play-in editor session within the first or second second. 'In most cases it is possible to develop repro steps that reliably trigger the problem.

But some issues are really sporadic which makes them harder to track down and fix. Therefore, it can be helpful to determine if a problem occurs 100% e.Depending on the failure, it can also be useful to look around and see if someone else sees the same problem.

This can help confirm that it is a legitimate bug as opposed to a problem with your workspace or the way your system is configured to work. So at this point we have the essential information to describe this error: we can describe how the crash can be reproduced, and we have a call stack that shows where the crash occurs. So if we just take care of reporting this crash to someone else on our team, we have everything we need.

We can tell them what caused the crash and we can give them the call stack. Ideally, we can also provide you with a complete log file, an important PSA: You can copy and paste the call stack as text. You can send log files as attachments.

Please don't be the type to send pictures of text. Thanks problem, we can use this information to find out why the error occurs. If we follow the repro steps, we should get the same error, generally with the same call stack.

Based on the call stack, we can find the point in the code base where the crash occurs. If we want to see more information about the status of the program, we can attach a debugger beforehand. We reproduce the crash.

This bug turns out to be pretty straightforward: when we hit the eject button, the editor performs a function that turns us off from playing in the editor and returns control to the editor viewport from a local player's point of view, then updates this function the editor viewport to correspond to this position and rotation so that there is no jarring change in perspective for the user. The null pointer dereferencing happens here when we try to access the PlayerController to get its point of view. Generally, a crash occurs because code was written with certain assumptions but executed under conditions that violate those assumptions.

In this case, this function checks whether the PIE session has a valid LocalPlayer, but then uses the associated PlayerController without checking whether it is valid. It is assumed that this function, when called with a valid LocalPlayer, will always have a valid PlayerController. Avoid mistakes in the first place, it is a good idea to carefully consider the assumptions of your code.

If we expect this to be a fair assumption - that is, the PlayerController should always be valid here - we can make this explicit by adding an assertion. When someone else looks at this code, this assurance makes it clear to them that this assumption is a conscious choice. And if the assumption turns out to be incorrect, we crash with an assertion error that clearly identifies the problem.

However, in a case like this, the more likely we just don't want to make that assumption. In this case, we'd like to make our condition a little stricter. So if this were code that we were maintaining ourselves, then we could test this fix to make sure it solved the problem without introducing new problems, and then we would be done.

However, this seems to be a legitimate engine bug, and we're only using one launcher build of the engine right now: we're not building the engine from source. So if we want this issue fixed the easiest way is to file a bug report. Before we do that, there are a few additional things we should do: First, we want to make sure that the bug isn't already a known problem.

To do this, we can search the official Issue Tracker and AnswerHub site to see if there are any similar issues. For this crash, I looked for references to the function that was crashing and the word 'eject' and I did not find any existing issues describing a similar problem. We also want to verify that this is indeed a legitimate engine bug by ruling out the possibility that our project might be doing something strange to cause the problem.

This crash is pretty cut-and-dried, but it's not a problem just to create a brand new project and see if the problem persists. Some errors are more complicated and may only appear as our project's code or assets are set up In these cases, creating a clean test project is important as it allows us to isolate the crash conditions outside of the complexity of a real project. We don't want to file bug reports that just create a lot of useless noise.This level of care is important; once we have verified that our bug is valid and not a known problem, we want to endeavor to submit a clear report with all the information we need.

status code 80072741

So that we can copy the call stack, prepare our repro steps and write down all the notes. I find it helpful to write a clear description of what I think is happening. I just found that this is a great way to test my understanding of the problem and spot any gaps in my reasoning.

Then we can fill out a bug report and make sure we enter all the required information as clearly and accurately as possible. It's also a good idea to send a crash report from the editor: this will only send an automated report that includes the call stack plus a log and minidump file. Once our bug report is confirmed, that's it! If the QA can reproduce a problem will be created to track the problem.

From here it can be fixed, it could be backlogged as a low priority problem, or it could be classified as not a bug. Unless we pay for support as a licensee, we shouldn't file a bug report with the expectation that we are entitled to a bug fix. If it's a serious problem or a really easy thing to fix it will likely be fixed for the next engine version, but bugs but must be spotted and that decision is out of our hands.

In this case, the solution seems to be quite simple as the problem was resolved within a day. The fix was sent to Epic's Perforce depot under this changelist number so we can see if this change will be incorporated into the GitHub repository for the next engine release. So we started with a frustrating crash that interrupted our work.

It took a while to gather all the necessary information and give it to the right people, but now the problem is resolved. I hope this article helped you understand how to deal with bugs ... and look: as you go through life you will experience suffering and loss, bad things will happen, and some people will try to tell you, ' It all happens for a reason. 'Well these people mean it really well, right? But you can take comfort in the fact that when software fails, everything happens for a reason.

Sure, it's frustrating dealing with crashes when you're trying to get the job done, but every crash has a reason for it. And by the time you find that reason, well, you've got it fixed halfway. Whether you're the programmer submitting the fix, or just a frustrated artist reporting a bug, or a QA analyst working to fix the missing pieces of the puzzle ... you're doing a meaningful job of getting the projectless one To make buggy.

And speaking for myself, this work is appreciated. So just to check: if you are not a programmer dealing with a bug: find the call stack, try and describe how the problem can be reproduced, and send log files and text; do not send pictures of text. If you are a programmer: start from the call stack; Use a debugger; look at the code and try to figure out which assumption is not satisfied, and ask yourself: is it wrong to make that assumption, or is the program doing something strange to violate that assumption? If you suspect an engine bug: rule out project-specific problems, look for existing problems, and write good bug reports.

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That's it. And I try to make more of it, so if you want to see me cover, please leave a comment ... and follow me on Twitter if you want.

Thank you for watching!

Can DirectX cause games to crash?

After loading any DirectX 9 game, DirectX 10 & 11 games all crash upon launch. ... Likewise, launching Civilization V in DirectX 9 mode will cause it to fail in DirectX 10/11. Failing is freezing on a white screen if games are set to Windowed Mode and black if Fullscreen Mode (process has to be ended to carry on).

Why does my modern warfare keep crashing DirectX?

The DirectX issue could be related to your Windows 10 version. ... But who knows, there might still be some users who have not updated their Windows since then out of fear and are still facing performance issues. So check whether you have pending Windows updates or not and then update your OS.

warzone I'm assuming you've already tried all of the other things that have been stated on the internet, but believe me this is just the game broke. It's not your PC, so let's look at the settings first, which I set the settings for the Call of Duty in my Nvidia control panel so that you can simply pause the article and see all the settings that I have although I think it won't make much difference because if the problem is in the game and not really okay with the graphics settings so first you need to make sure your Blizzard is running as administrator so do this for your client and also these two launchers in the qualitative folder make sure they are running as administrator so first need to delete your temporary files, just delete them all, then we go to 'my documents' and delete this crash dump and we mac do the same for the Blizzard client cache. We just clean everything up okay so you can slow down the article or pau see it, if you miss a step, now just empty the trash and restart your PC which is what I do then all you have to do is restart your PC launch client and run the game, you really don't have to do anything else I'm going to speed up the article here a little bit because it will take a while and yes the pop-up as you could see, the pop-up was for it was over the permission to run the game in safe mode so you don't really have to run it in safe mode as there is no need to even enter the game while your shaders are loading, let the shaders load first before entering it, when the installation is complete then start the game okay, now we're in the game.

You can see it didn't crash for the first few minutes and I'll show you my graphics settings. Make sure it's full screen with no borders and you can pause the article again and see all the settings I'm using, although it doesn't make any difference either as your graphics settings don't matter. It doesn't matter that the game is broken so now you will find the game.

I'll speed up the article one more time and let's see I'll play for a while and show you guys that the fix works and the game doesn't crash. Okay so the game has loaded and as you can see the graphics aren't that bad. My settings are somewhere between medium and low I don't risk getting it set on high because you never know what is causing the game to crash.

To be safe, I run it on medium and lower levels even though my resolution is 1080p and the frames you have missing are lacking Seeing is because of the recording on the article and not because the game is running at low frames. You can see the FPS counter on the left. He says I capped the FPS to 60.

So yes as you can see it works fine works fine as long as you're playing it might crash ii it doesn't really crash for me but once you close the game you have to go through all the steps again if you want to play again . So this is like a one-time run. You have to repeat the steps to keep playing every time you start the game I hope it works for you Just share it with your friends and let me know in the comments if it worked for you and if it worked for others Fixes out there I find a new YouTube channel and I mainly play Counter-Strike.

So if you want to check out my other Counter-Strike articles, which I mainly stream online so you can subscribe to, and that's it I'll just play the game for a while and show you it doesn't crash and we'll see you at the next you

Why do I keep getting a DirectX error?

I keep getting directx error when i try to play any game. Everything works perfect on windows 8.1 but after i upgraded to windows 10 pro i started getting these errors.

What to do if game cannot run on DirectX 11?

Reduced the graphics setting of the game to the lowest and reduced framerate. Opened the game in Windows, Windows Borderless, and Fullscreen. Updated DirectX. Installed DirectX through End-User Runtimes/Redistributables. Restarted/shut down my computer. Disabled Steam, NVIDIA, and Discord Overlay.

Is there a DirectX error in GTA V?

I got DirectX error in Crysis 3 and GTA V. Sometimes i get error - NVIDIA display driver has stopped responding and has recovered successfully. 4) Contacted NVIDIA and the game manufacturers and tried their fixes. But none of these helped me.

Why does Windows 10 crash in DX12 mode?

Every DX12 game I've tried, BF1, Rise of the Romb Raider, Deus Ex Mankind Divided, all crash immediately saying the display driver crashed. Only in DX12 mode. This is a brand new install of windows 10, edition 1803, build 17713.1002 insider preview. Driver 398.36, tried uninstalling as well.

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