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Device configured null - how to solve

What does device configured null mean?

could not be migrated' and 'Device USB\VID_... was configured. Driver Name: null' which means it has no driver loaded. Uninstalling and reinserting has no effect.

(upbeat music) - Hey everyone, David and David from payetteforward.com and upphone.com, and in this article we are going to tell you about some Android settings that you can turn off right away.

We have a Samsung Galaxy S10 with Android 10. If you have a different phone or operating system it might look a little different, but the settings are all the same. - Everything we are going to talk about today is either designed to take the load off your phone's processor, which will speed it up, or it will save your battery life.

Both good things. Or it will increase your privacy, which is also a big consideration these days. - Yes. - So we have to go to the Settings app, to get started do that, swipe down from the top of the screen, I have the Settings app here, if you don't see the Settings app in this menu, just go to search and enter settings.

I'll just tap on it. We are in the settings app. First, we're going to disable the nearby device nning.- Scanning nearby devices does what it sounds like.

Your phone is constantly looking for other devices nearby that might want to connect and that can really drain your battery life - so let's tap Connections, tap Click here for more connection settings and then tap on Device Scanning in the Proximity, tap this switch, turn it off. - Next, we're going to talk about how to choose which apps to allow to keep running in the background of your phone even when you're not using it. Pretty easy to get there.

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However, we need to enable developer mode. So let's do that. - So let's go back to the main page in that Settings app and scroll all the way down to about Phone, Tab on it tab.

Then tap Software Info. Now tap the Build Number seven times. One, two, three, four, five , six, seven.

Then enter your PIN or passcode. - Developer mode has been activated. Excellent. - All right, So let's go back to the main page of the Settings app.

Back. - Back. So now you see developer options and erneath about phone.

Tap Developer Options. And we'll scroll down to Background Check. Background Check. - It's under the Apps section - Under the Apps section.

A lot of stuff in here. Cool stuff. There it is.

Apps.Background Checking - Background Checking tab. Go through this list and pay special attention to which ones have an amount of time underneath as it will tell you how long that app or service has been using the processor on your phone, but it will only Discharging your battery.- Okay.- So if there's anything on that list, especially things that have been using it like Bixby voice.- Let's just tap that switch and turn it off. - Turn it off right away.

Let us go down the list. Anything you don't see here doesn't need to be updated in the background when you're not using your phone, such as the Galaxy Essentials widget. Let's turn that thing off. - Turn it off. - Just turn it off.

You can always come back here and turn it on if something doesn't work t. - as we expect. Next, we're going to turn off usage and diagnostic information.

This is information sent to Google or background Android developers when you are not using your phone. (indistinct) - So let's go back to the main page and Settings app, tap the tab. Here we go.

And then tap Google. Then tap on those three dots in the top right corner of the screen and tap on Usage and Diagnostics. Here you can see this little switch, it's on right now, just tap on it.

It's over now. - Saves the battery life, saves some cellular data, easy. Why not? Next, we're going to talk about turning off ad personalization.

I know it's anonymous, but it still sends information about the way you use your phone to ad networks so they can send you more relevant advertisements --- they stack data about you and so you can say: in talked about cookies in my living room. And now all of a sudden I'm getting cookies on my phone - I know it's weird - So we're just tapping the back button, the top left corner of the screen, and you see ads down here, tap on it, disable Personalizing ads. You know it's the article off settings that you need to turn them on in order to turn them off.

We'll turn this toggle, turn off interest-based advertising. You will still see ads that may not be based on your interests, however. if you disable your cache, you will lose your opt-out setting.

OK. Now it's on. - Interesting.

You will lose your opt-out setting. - Yes. So if you clear your cache, (indistinctly) - that's a lot of crap! do that.

Because they don't have to. Right. This is insane.

Anyway, next we're going to look at the location settings on your phone - So let's go back to the main page of the Settings app and we're going to tap on the location . The first thing we want to do is improve the accuracy. Use Wi-Fi and Bluetooth for more accurate location detection d Bluetooth scanning.

I've actually seen a lot of posts on forums where people say I turned these two settings off and saved a ton of battery life. This is because it just keeps scanning and scanning and scanning and it drains your battery - and your location is still working - GPS is still built into the phone, right? You don't need to have these things on - let's go back Next, let's talk about google location history, it will be a location history of all the places you've been. It's similar to Important Places on iPhone that allows you to save a long list of all the places you've been.

And it's just ... it's a little strange for my taste.

Tap the switch and then tap pause, in the lower right corner of the screen, and now that has been paused, perfect. And come back to the location settings here, and the last one is network data analysis. It's like sending data analytics to your carrier. a pony.- It's not me again.- That'll just burn your ass off You keep sending data to your cellular provider.

Tap the switch at the top of the screen, turn it off. Are you sure? Yes. And don't show this message again.

Great. - Sorry sprint. - Sorry sprint.

Fix your own too late, we're being bought out. (laughs) The next thing we want to talk about is restricting background data for certain apps. As mentioned earlier, if an app keeps getting new data in the background of your phone, it can drain your battery pretty quickly.

So let's go back to the main page of the Settings app and then tap Apps. You'll see a list of all of your apps, just choose one. I'm going to choose Bixby Routines, and then I'll tap on cellular data.

Here you can see limited background data. We will always set this this way, it always restricts the background data that the app uses, especially for apps that you don't use. Not used very often. - It always saves.

It will save your cellular tariff. It will also save your battery life. It's just a matter of being deliberate about which apps you want to use to download content, e.g.

B. ESPN, and which apps do not require you to download content, e.g.

B. your bank or something. - Correct.

The last thing we want to show you is how to disable the installation of unknown apps. for pretty much all of your apps. This will prevent your apps from installing the other apps --- From unknown sources on these sources like ransomware - Yes.

You just don't want to end up with malware on your Android because another app downloaded another app, and then hellishly, no good. So let's go back, let's go back one more time. Now here we are on the main apps page and tap on those three dots, the top right corner of the screen, and then tap on Special Access.

realtek findfile failed

Scroll down here and tap Install unknown apps. And practically turn this off because anything we share is not allowed. - Yes. - When you see an app you're allowed to just tap on it, and then you would say allow from source, if that switch was on, turn it off. - Often apps are wil I ask for permission.

If they are allowed to, just tap yes because you are not careful and bad things will happen. So just go through, this is a really important security of course, if you're ok with installing an app, - Unknown apps - Yes, unfamiliar apps, I mean you can go ahead and leave it out. It's only for certain apps, but most of the time you don't want this .- Yes, you may be surprised.- Surprised, this is malware. (laughs) Thanks for watching this article.

These are some Android settings that you can turn off right away. Give this article a thumbs up if you liked it, leave us a comment comment below with any more questions, don't forget to subscribe to this channel for more great articles about cellphones.

What is a null driver?

The Null. sys (NULL driver) file is a Windows driver. Generally, drivers are used by Windows to enable internal components like graphic cards and drives, or external devices, such as printers, backup media or input devices.

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Someday I'll make a joke so bad, so ruthlessly cheesy, that one of you is going to snap. You will march straight to your nearest DMV, throw a few bills on the counter and ask for a shiny new make-up plate with 'SAMSUCKS' ”emblazoned on it. Unfortunately the DMV guy is likely to shrug his shoulders and tell you that 'SAMSUCKS' is just one of the things you can't put on a license plate while making a compelling argument for other ideas, you can't even get death threats, names reproductive organs, hints that you are a cop, religious reprimands, swear words, calls for mass genocide, claims that you are wildly intoxicated while driving, or a little debacle in 2016, 'ZERO' afterwards.

Not 'null' as in nothing, but 'null' as in, you know, the word 'n.' Ull. 'Well,' null 'isn't secretly offensive or a really vague allusion.

It has more to do with how police databases work, but to explain how we need to look at what first? happened to the one man who made the terrible mistake of changing his license plate to 'ZERO'. In 2016, security researcher Joseph Tartaro decided to get a shitty pair of matching license plates for him and his wife - 'ZERO' for him and 'VOID'. ' for the woman.

Do you know how ... this legal doublet means 'without binding force or validity!' Sweet is not it? Well, as romantic as that sounds, Romeo had a secondary motive in mind: He thought that these cute matching license plates could theoretically confuse citation systems and enable him and his wife to lead a life of petty crime completely undetected - I mean, when did Did your pathetic box of chocolates do that for the last time? used in all sorts of different computer databases to indicate missing or inapplicable information; Tartaro found that this also applied to every database dealing with California license plates, and sadly he was 100% right.

Instead of crossing under the police radar, blowing past stop signs and running over pedestrians without a slap on the wrist, Tartaro caught started collecting tickets right and left - but not for violations he had committed almost all violations since registering the license plate, and he definitely had no violations in any single California city with dozens of different vehicles over a period of committed two years before his license plate even existed in all of the media interviewing him. Who knows? The simplest explanation, however, is that every time a lazy Californian cop forgot to enter the license plate number for a ticket, the system put it under 'ZERO', which just happened to be Tartaro's plate. All told, he cashed $ 12,049 in fines before finally managing to put an end to this bureaucratic nightmare, which also makes this the most expensive romantic gesture since the jeweled toilet seat Ben Affleck J.

Lo bought in 2002. Well, Joseph Tartaro knew he was playing with fire when he had his plate changed, but you know who knows nothing about the consequences of exploiting security flaws in structured query languages? Babies. Especially babies who were born and the unfortunate last name of. received 'zero' before these databases even existed.

There are tens of thousands of people around the world whose last name is “zero” and, like Joseph Tartaro's license plate, they run the risk of destroying almost any modern database they come in contact with. Sites that use registration forms - like banking sites, digital stores, streaming platforms, pizza delivery services, illegal online poker rings, conspiracy blogs, fan fiction blogs, dirty fan fiction blogs, well, pretty much any website, actually - normally check out Think of the name Null and think, 'Hmm, this person has no name, this is clearly not a true member of civilized society, under no circumstances can we allow them to join our illegal online poker ring.' As a result, the Nulls of the world see each other often Faced with crashing websites, unusual bugs, or simple explanations that they just don't exist.

As for the internet, they're ghosts, and results can range from annoying to downright creepy. For example, Christopher Null, the owner of NullMedia LLC, often receives mail to “Mr. at Media LCC “- coincidentally also the name of the department for new money laundering of Wendover Productions.

Well, while there are no easy solutions to these awkward databases, and that word sends them into a spiral of virulent denial worse than my antivax neighbors, data analysts have come up with some creative workarounds over the years - take this place for example: Null Island. Well actually this footage isn't Null Island at all because it's a completely imaginary place marked by that sad little buoy. Located at 0.0, where the equator meets the prime meridian, GIS analysts added Zero Island to certain maps to help identify geocoding errors caused by the word 'zero'. t to determine the geographic coordinates of a certain place - for example, if you take a photo with deactivated geo-tagging - the place is output as “zero, zero”. a real set of coordinates and dec I wanted to land you right on Null Island - which was to tell those analysts that those four insidious letters struck again unless you swam to the buoy in the middle of the Gulf of Guinea.

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How do I fix an unknown device in Device Manager?

Unknown Device in Device Manager
  1. Open Device Manager. ...
  2. Type devmgmt. ...
  3. Device Manager opens (Figure 2). ...
  4. Right click on the 'Unknown Device' and select Properties (Figure 3). ...
  5. Select the Details tab. ...
  6. The top line should list something like: PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_1916.

Hello everyone, welcome to my channel. In this article I will show you how to install the driver of an unknown device, let's start, after formatting the computer you will see an 'Unknown device' in the device manager list. In this case we can install this driver without knowing the name, we should right click on 'Unknown Device' and click on the 'Details' tab to know the name.

Here this value is the identity of the device. Now we right-click this value copy as we are looking for it on the internet. I close the device manager and open the web browser.

This problem generally occurs on Lenovo computers, so we should visit the address support.lenovo.com I paste the device identity into the search box at the top of the webpage and search it.

I click the solution text in the search results to see the driver name. The solution page tells me that I need to download and run the power or power management application. We should write our computer model in this search box to find available drivers.

I am click the drivers and software menu at op ened page, we should select our operating system and processor base to download the real driver, after selecting the required fields it will show the driver, double click the text and click the Download button. After the download is complete, I will run the setup file. We accept the agreement and click the 'Next' button.

First, the installation will extract all the files it needs to the destination folder. The extraction process has been completed. I'll hit the 'Next' button again to install the extracted files.

After the installation is complete, the computer must restart. I choose 'No' because I want to show you the result. I open the device manager again and as you can see there is no 'unknown device' in the list.

We can delete the setup file and its extracted files after the installation is complete. Thank you for watching. Please don't forget to like, comment and subscribe.

Have a nice day.

What is Apple null driver?

You might install a 'null driver' (that is, nonexistent driver) for a device if the device is not used on the machine and should not be started. ... Additionally, the system installs null drivers for devices that do not have a function driver, if they are capable of executing in raw mode.

Perhaps you've been using an iPhone for years or only recently switched to it. Either way, there are so many little settings you probably don't know about, but really should. They may be security related, or privacy, or just useful.

Today we're going to go over 13 settings in iOS that you really should change right away. Keep in mind that this list will look a little different based on iOS 11. We can start with some privacy settings as I think these are pretty important.

The first will prevent Apple from tracking your behavior and using it to advertise you. Go to Settings, Privacy, then at the bottom, Advertising, then just enable the 'Restrict Ad Tracking' option. You will still see advertisements, but they will not use your personal information to deliver them.

Another setting that you should turn off is back in the privacy menu, then Analytics, here I would turn off 'Share iPhone Analytics' which will send the app all kinds of data about how you use your phone and even your location data. Companies always claim that they 'make the product better', but I don't trust it. Next up here is another really big one that you should turn off, again under Privacy, then Location Services, and click on 'System Services' at the very bottom.

Find the 'Apple Location-Based Ads' option and turn it off. It should be self explanatory, but I definitely don't want to drain my phone on battery life just to send me commercials, what a joke. And like the other setting we did before, if you scroll down you will see a section called 'Product Improvement'.

I don't want Apple to use your information for anything. The next one is pretty awesome. Go to Settings, iTunes, and App Store, then look for the In-App Ratings and Reviews option and turn it off.

This prevents apps from asking questions, so you can check them on the App Store which is really disgusting. Apple recently changed their App Store policies so that apps take this setting into account and use a new API to request ratings. However, this means that the app you are using may not have been updated if it has not been recently updated Some apps that are up to date and still annoy me about reviews, so hopefully Apple will start cracking down on apps, who do not consider this option.

But it should still help. Next comes another setting in this menu called 'Video Autoplay'. 'where you have the option to enable, disable, or enable only when Wi-Fi is enabled.

I'll leave this disabled so when I surf the App Store it doesn't automatically start playing article previews that I don't want to see. Of course, you can still click them to play them manually, which I think should be. Okay, the next ones have to do with security four digit numeric passcode.

restart outlook 2013

You want something stronger than that for several reasons, but by all means go to Settings, touch ID & Passcode and then click on 'Change Passcode'. After entering your passcode once you will see an option for 'Passcode Options' so click on it. Here you can choose several types of passcodes.

Four digit number is the weakest, and you probably shouldn't be using it. I would recommend at least using custom numbers and choosing something with at least 5 or 6 digits. Or choose an alphanumeric passcode for the highest level of security.

An obvious benefit to this is that it makes it much harder for a thief to guess your password. Each additional number makes your password 10 times stronger, and when you use Touch ID you don't have to enter it that often anyway - a longer password makes it harder for others to spy on you entering your password and remember it as if they were Looking over your shoulder, you can access it right from the lock screen without your phone being locked. To fix this, go to the Touch ID and Passcode menu again and scroll down to the options under 'Allow access when locked'.

Take a look at these and see if you want to disable any. For example, you don't want someone to be able to call back a missed call without entering the password. Or, say you have a smart lock on your door or something, you probably want to turn off 'Home Control' so no one can unlock your door from the lock screen.

But a really big one is Siri. Siri can do a lot, and you might not want people to be able to access it from the lock screen. Apple actually improved it so that you have to enter your passcode in order to access most sensitive information like your emails, still showing everyone without a passcode on the last call.

So if you don't use Siri from the lock screen often, it's best to leave it disabled. This next setting has to do with two-factor authentication, something I've always advocated, in Settings, click your name at the top to see Apple ID, iCLoud, and iTunes. Then c Click Password & Security and enable 'Two-Factor Authentication'.

The process makes it so that every time you want to sign in to your Apple account from a new device, you have to enter a second code, which is either sent to your phone number or shown on one of your iOS devices. This is great for a number of reasons, especially if somehow someone gets your password, such as B. from another database break that you do not know about.

Plus, someone might even call Apple Support and convince them they are you and have all of your information changed. That is exactly what happened to me once. No kidding, someone from China called Apple Support, had my password and account information changed, and spent all of my iTunes credit on a random app.

Fortunately, it was such an obvious scam that Apple was able to restore everything for me. Turning on two-factor authentication makes it even more difficult for someone to impersonate you. For maximum security, you can also turn on the Recovery Key option.

The last time I checked, you get one when you sign up for it, but if you want you can set it to ONLY use your recovery key to reset your password. Not even an Apple support representative could do it. Of course, if you do, DO NOT LOSE THE KEY.

Make multiple copies of it, keep it in a safe place like your passport or other important documents because if you lose it and forget your password, you will permanently lose your Apple account without this recovery key. All right, we need to change a few more settings. For the next go to Settings, Display and Brightness and Auto Lock.

The lower you have this setting, the more secure your phone is. If you just put your phone down, it will take that long for your phone to lock itself. Of course 'never' is not a good idea because then anyone who walks by can get inside your phone unless the battery is dead, ideally you would set this to 30 seconds but I actually set it to 1 minute, because because the screen will dim for 10 seconds before locking.

That said, if it's on for 30 seconds and you say you're reading something and not touching the screen, it will dim after just 20 seconds, which is really annoying Favorites and you may already know this feature as the 'Night Shift' ' referred to as. Under Settings, go to Display and Brightness, then Night Shift. This feature allows you to change the color of the screen at night so that it is less irritating to your eyes and this makes it a little more orange.

This reduces the blue light coming off the screen, which is known to disrupt our sleep. I would recommend setting it to the max, and believe me, you probably won't even notice the difference because your eyes will get used to it, but it will help. And I like to keep mine from sunrise to sunset so change it automatically.

But you can also either turn it on manually or choose your own times to schedule it, and if you're skeptical, try leaving it on for a few hours at night, then turn it off for a second, and me I'm pretty sure you'll be surprised. Ok, almost done, I really like the next one too. Go to Settings at the top, click on your Apple ID, then on iCloud, then on 'Find my iPhone'.

Well, me knows you've probably already turned Find My iPhone on, but that's not what we're here for. You want to activate the setting 'Send last location'. When your phone's battery is low it sends a final signal of its location.

If you've forgotten your phone somewhere, at least you'll know where to look first. And if it hasn't moved since then, hopefully it always should still be there. And finally, that setting might be good to change for anyone with a limited data plan, which probably most people are.

Go to Settings, Cellular and look for 'Wi-Fi Assist' at the bottom. This allows your phone to fall back on cellular data when the current Wi-Fi network has a bad connection. That sounds great, but if you're on a limited data plan, it could eat up a lot of data a.

It actually shows right there how much data is used. So if it's not a lot, you can probably just leave it on. And of course if you have unlimited data, you can keep it because it doesn't matter.

But if you have a data cap and you see that it is e.g. For example, if you're using a few hundred megabytes or more, you should probably turn this off if you tend to run out of data each month.

So, that should cover it. When do you really have others? Good settings to change, let us know in the comments and also check there to see if anyone can come up with something I didn't do. If you want to keep watching I'll post a few other articles right here, and if you want to subscribe, I'll make new articles every Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday.

Also, think about turning on notifications by clicking the bell or YouTube probably won't show you any new articles anyway, so thanks for watching. I'll see you next time, enjoy yourself.

Can a null driver be installed on a device?

You might install a 'null driver' (that is, nonexistent driver) for a device if the device is not used on the machine and should not be started. Such devices do not typically exist on a machine, but if they do, you can install a null driver.

What does it mean when a device is null?

The null device means that no device is active. Here is a short code sequence that I used to find out whether I had an open device ( dev.cur) and close it ( dev.off ). When I closed it, the remaining device was the null device.

What does it mean when graphics sybsystem is null?

The null device means that no device is active. Here is a short code sequence that I used to find out whether I had an open device ( dev.cur) and close it ( dev.off ). When I closed it, the remaining device was the null device. The meaning of graphics sybsystem is a bit more unclear. This seems to be the only page in all of help that uses the term.

What does / dev / null do in Unix?

However, unlike most other virtual files, instead of reading, it’s used to write. Whatever you write to /dev/null will be discarded, forgotten into the void. It’s known as the null device in a UNIX system. Why would you want to discard something into the void?

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