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Decrapify my pc - the ultimate guide

How do I Decrapify Windows?

In Windows 10 open Start > Settings > Apps > Apps & features. Select an app or game downloaded from the Windows Store, then click Move. Click on the Select a drive to move this app to: list box, choose the drive representing your SD card then click Move.

When you're stuck on a low-end PC, one of the most frustrating things to see is how Windows 10 blooms with every single update, consuming more and more of your precious PC resources that you normally use to run programs or do this Channel play games.

No wonder a article that Windows itself optimizes is at the top of the list of the most requested topics. Before. Let's start with what we want to achieve here.

In most cases, a game is not running at the desired performance due to a GPU bottleneck, and as far as I've measured, changing Windows has no effect on GPU performance, especially in full screen mode. Windows uses a significant amount of RAM even when idle and has random spikes in CPU usage. For example, I checked my Athlon 200GE computer for a new and fully updated installation of Windows 10 and 1.6 GB of RAM opened up without further ado, along with open the expected random spikes in CPU usage. 8 GB can already be low for certain games If 2 of them are used as VRAM for an integrated GPU and almost 2 more by Windows, the case where half of the RAM has already been taken by Windows.

But I decided to go further. This Intel Stick with only 2 GB of RAM! This Intel Atom PC uses Windows 10 32 bit to save some memory, but still it uses 1.2 GB of RAM, which is more than 60% of the total available memory.

If you want to minimize that, what can you do? Option 1 is to install an older but still supported operating system such as Windows 7 ... which is difficult as it does not initially support certain components such as the Pocket2's eMMC storage, which makes installation very difficult. newer super thin PCs.

Option 2 is to install Windows 10 Light, a VERY unofficial hack of Windows 10 that aims to use as few resources as possible, which means that an operating system may be downloaded from a very unsecured source and some programs may not work properly More depth on this option in my GPD Pocket 2 article. This article is for option 3, by taking your existing Windows 10 installation and removing everything we can to make it easier. Let's start with: Decrypt Windows 10! First, let's discuss the common things.

There are a number of tips that I've seen a million times on the internet when searching for the topic of Windows Optimization, such as: B. disable all notifications, go to the Windows visual properties and so on choose the best performance. In all of my gaming tests, these do next to nothing.

So I'm going to focus on the ones where I could actually measure a difference. For example, disabling the game bar in the options ... the annoying overlay Windows 10 has for games to ensure that Game DVR, the Windows software that records game material, is disabled and the typical power plan changes to high performance.

This is especially useful with laptops, which tend to be a little more conservative in power consumption. You've probably heard it all, heard this is still the common practice, but still not mentioned enough to make sure you check your Task Manager to make sure you're minimizing the amount of stuff that starts each time your PC boots . This is going to be especially important now that we forever get a million launcher game and you don't want all of these to start automatically every time you turn it off.

xbox identity download

Also, make sure you click Run, then msconfig and check which services are also started with Windows. Hide Microsoft services and try to remove a Be careful that some of these services are needed. Steam won't run if you don't start its service from boot and I've also seen some anti-cheats fail you have disabled and if a program fails to start to see if you need to enable it again.

Ok we're done with this, you've probably heard this before, too. Let's get to the good things. This debloat Windows 10, a series of scripts by Github user Warhack designer, to remove as many services and standard apps as possible from Windows 10.

Let me get this straight now. This technique does not support Creator Update and does not technically support Windows Home and is technical for administrators who know what they know I tested this on a fully updated Windows 10 Home with good results, but for the love of God you create a restore point, Before doing this, back up your files, you do this at your own risk. OK? Excellent.

Step 1. Go to Settings and update the windows, hit tha t update button and install everything until Windows is updated and there is nothing left to update. This is generally a good practice because Windows may be updating in the background while you are playing a game and making your PC very slow without you knowing why an update was released I noticed all of my test PCs suddenly super slow.

And in that case, if you run this script while windows is updating, bad things can happen .. make sure you are updated.

Step 2: Download the scripts from the Github linked in the description. Extract it and put it in a folder somewhere you can easily remember, like C, or you can leave it in Downloads and try to navigate there like I did using the Windows Power Shell as an administrator too open it by right clicking it and this is where it gets interesting. You need to navigate to the folder called 'scripts'

Does PC Decrapifier work on Windows 10?

PC Decrapifier is free to download for Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP, and Windows 2000.

Next, you will get a large list of all the programs that are installed on your device.

You can see who the publisher is and all the Asus things you don't want to do here might be the ASA power management so that all the latest power functions still work but you can get rid of the ASA registrations and away from Broadcom you can trigger and its wireless Utilities don't delete that and button coral win DVD and no thanks for that Google Chrome, which we just installed, there are other programs that your Intel corporations can't get rid of, but we can get rid of the Make Feinternet safety suit and the MicrosoftOffice demo will see that ASA is definitely one of the laptops I got recently, my Handson really wasn't that crappy as a pc producer, our way is a lot meaner to you by putting so much stuff on it and then the pcdecrepit file will get rid of all that stuff one by one and quite simply for you you don't have to do anything other than here and there okay no restarts nor different dene software settings and and and and just delete the software one after the other very quickly so that I don't have to show you the whole thing now, thanks for looking, that's it and see you next article bye

What is Decrapify?

Decrapify rate. (Adult / Slang) (Verb) to remove unwanted junk and clutter. Usage: I really need to decrapify my garage so that I may park my car.

Why does Windows come with so much bloatware?

These programs are called bloatware because users don't necessarily want them, yet they're already installed on computers and take up storage space. Some of these even run in the background and slow down computers without users knowing it.

- So here is a situation.

You've been concerned about or lack of privacy in Windows 10 for a while, but while you've tried Linux, you just can't make the leap. Maybe some software you need isn't running properly, or maybe you're just a fan of Windows, other than privacy issues. What can you do? Why not improve it? Yes, my friends, you can completely fix the problems with Windows 10 and remove the unnecessary junk that weighs on it all by yourself.

So let's see how it's done and what it costs. But first, let's see how much our sponsor costs. GlassWire is the tool that shows you in real time which apps are slowing down your connection.

It is used by security professionals to monitor for malware, block wasted bandwidth, and detect suspicious activity. Get 25% off with the offer code Linus at the link below. (Upbeat music) What does improve in any way? Well, according to the dictionary it is a verb that means to make something bad or unsatisfactory better, and that certainly seems to be the goal of Win. to be dows 10 Ameliorated edition, a small project that has been around since 2017.

Not much information is now available on who is actually behind this, but some old links point to Actrons, a '90s kid who specifically names Outtechnology. Social sciences, philosophy, psychology and neurology, film and anime analysis and shudder as topics of interest. The improved edition appears to be an offshoot of their Windows 10 install script that originally almost disabled things like Windows Update and made adjustments to Windows Explorer, but Windows builds came out with more deeply integrated telemetry, so a more direct approach was needed to keep Windows from doing it to call home bloody and get all my information.

merging microsoft accounts

The improved edition removes Windows Update, Cortana, Activation, Microsoft Edge, Windows Media Player, and all. appx UWP applications from the installation, not deactivated, removed, no longer available. This means that the overall size is reduced.

Removing such ingrained components naturally requires the introduction of replacements in certain cases. Killing Cortana, for example, cripples the Start menu and Windows Search in particular. So Classic Shell is used as a replacement, so you'll have to give up too.

DirectX 12 may not be fully supported as Windows Update is out of the question, and of course you're stuck with no automatic updates. In fact, the update process itself is a bit tedious, requiring you to disconnect from the internet, temporarily reactivate Windows Update, and so on and so on. Suffice it to say, while this version of Windows is privacy-focused, a little less security-centric may be less important than you might think.

But enough talk. Why don't we look for ourselves and see what else we are giving up in the name of improved privacy? First thing I noticed is that gone is Windows Mail. Who is using Windows Mail? How crazy do you have to be not to just use a web browser to check your email? All right, Boomer, enjoy your Outlook.

So no Windows Mail, no Windows Store, and no Microsoft Edge, all we have down here is File Explorer, that's it. In fact, I'm now also noticing a few other changes. Where are all the drop-down lists for File Explorer? That feels like it's going to be very, very different.

We also have the classic Start menu in Windows Vista and 7 -Style. And of course, because there's no Edge, Anthony helpfully thrown a Firefox shortcut on the desktop. - The default is DuckDuckGo, really? - Yes. - Is this the Firefox standard or the improved Windows 10 edition? - No, this is an improved edition.

Actually Firefox and Thunderbird. - ONLYOFFICE. - What? ONLYOFFICE and VLC Media Player were all preinstalled by the operating system. - Never heard of ONLYOFFICE tips here.

Tech tips from Linus. What's my Amazon page? This is a used TITAN X. Okay, we need to update that.

Colton! - I'm here, what's up? - Oh wow are you there? (Laughing man) That was so cool. Can I summon people just by saying their name? lttstore.com.

Hey, that's a cute shirt by the way, guys. Okay what more can we try here? Okay, where is my file? Dropdown? - This is a modification of Windows Explorer called Old Explorer that restores the Windows 7 style of Windows Explorer. So it doesn't have the traditional ribbon.

ie11 for vista

It has none of the other things. It's just basically all rewritten. And there is actually a configuration file that you can modify to customize it yourself.

I used them for a while just out of curiosity, but they used it here because some of the changes they made to Windows also affected Explorer. So they had to use the Old Explorer to fix it somehow.- Well, I can tell you now that I only have one thing I would take care of having them fix and that is when I am looking for something and this one Folder go when I click the folder, you bastards! That's not what i want I want it to go up in a folder.

Back to the previous page, I'd hit back. Folder up means a folder up in the directory structure. So this looks like the horrible Windows 10 type of settings menu, except there's even less stuff here, a lot of it has to do with the telemetry stuff, so Windows updates, games like the Xbox stuff, the telemetry stuff and the Calling home was connected.

Pretty much anything that comes into question would also be deleted - can I? even set a screen saver? - I think so. It shows up, right? - I don't know, right? Wait, here it is, here it is, I have it, I have it. So you can't look for it.

I think that's probably because they sorted out the regular search as well. - Yes, without Cortana, Windows Search somehow dies .- Ha, I actually didn't know that this bubble screen saver was still built into Windows.

This is a Windows Vista classic here. That was so cool back then. Ooh, 3D acceleration on the desktop! Now it looks kind of fake actually, I just want to watch these bubbles for days - We have evolved beyond screensavers as a species at this point - that's weird too, the Windows tab doesn't go through things for some reason.

All tabs do, but why not Windows tab? Okay, that's cool. I think that's fine - I didn't really benchmark - Okay. - But it seems a lot faster than a standard Windows 10 installation should be. - I mean, the start menu pops up instantly, which is pretty nice.

But I mean how bad is this search? So let's look for Counterstrike. That's gross. Not being able to find something that is literally a shortcut on the desktop is terrible.

No worse than the one built into Windows 10. - I think it is possible to set the search folders for a classic shell or it is now called Open Shell. So if you right click on the Start menu and go to Settings you can configure everything there, but by default it isn't set up for that in my opinion.

It's just for the start menu itself. - Got it, okay. Search the internet, look for programs and settings, look for files.

reinstall uninstalled programs

It's set to search everything, sir.- Oh. Well then I did I don't apologize for that.

So what more can we try here? I mean, a game is going to be fine, right? Let's play Doom - I mean Doom should be running - There is a default password, why should that be? - Because the user account you are currently logged in with is directly a user. It's not an administrator - Why? - You are no longer receiving the security patches - Right - Most security vulnerabilities happen because users are administrators. - Right, and there's really no compelling reason to be an administrator other than just installing programs.

And if you know the admin password, you can always enter it if you want to, like you would on a Mac.- Yes.- I should just switch to Mac.Between Spotlight, and just, Finder wasn't that bad.

Me would consider it.- There are alternatives you can get.Path Finder is one.- Okay.- It's paid software, but it's actually pretty decent.- Why is everything paid on Mac? - Yes.- Because you can afford it, you bought a Mac.

Okay, yes we're running at 90 FPS or whatever. -Yes, it's perfectly fine.-Ultra-Nightmare.

Take the monsters. -Why don't you try a DirectX 12 game? probably won't work then hey. Okay what the --- it could be.

I got a shot from the Tomb Raider. -Oh yeah, it will. Oh, weird, there's no popup in the system tray -up.- This could just be an artifact from Classic Shell.

I'm not entirely sure. It's been a hot minute, but it could also be that we don't have any hidden icons. - I can't find a way to hide them.

I'm in the settings now and it's just, no, you just move them. Even the moving animations are a little different. So you might be right.

It could just be a classic shell thing. Let's play some shadow play from Tomb Raider, DirectX 12. Here we go boys.

Why should Windows Update affect this? - Apparently there are extensions for DirectX 12 that come down from Windows Update from time to time. So the idea is if you have a game that has an extension that you don't have, then DirectX 12 just won't work properly - Well, Shadow of the Tomb Raider is a bit of an older game and it seems right at least in the menu to work what is being rendered in the engine so i would believe it will run. OK.

So officially DirectX 12 is a no-go, but unofficially, if you try it from game to game it might actually work fine then.- Yes.- You shouldn't be here, but I like it.

New task manager is here. That's nice to see. Got your GPU usage and all that good stuff even though I don't see temps here so that's at least one iteration back - It's actually based on Windows 10 1903 - Got it - By 1909 it should be possible but the official pictures are 1903.

Okay, you might then notice in the lower right corner that you have an icon to connect to the internet wizard.- Oh, I am.- Yes and that is --- That's because Windows don't know can that I have an internet connection.- Correct, because it is not able to call home, it cannot.- Understood.- So it only knows that you have local connectivity.- Interesting.Although all telemetry stuff is supposed to be removed, we're still up to date I have to fool Windows that it has no reason to use it because I don't have an internet connection - Yes - Oh, Creative Cloud probably won't know, I also have an internet connection - Yeah - Oh, I bet it wi rd give a lot of stuff that goes down because it thinks you don't have an internet connection - because they can't ping their server.

You can't call home - so it turns off telemetry for other applications as well - I think Adobe is one of those applications that hooks into the Windows API for this, and the API itself has been removed. - I opened the Creative Cloud desktop. A new version is available.

Go ahead and update. Let's see if it gets her. Let's see if you can get a water bottle on lttstore.com.

Okay, this won't end. It's been sitting here for ages now - I take back everything I said about high quality Adobe software. - Okay, so we have svchost, like the task manager.

Wow, there really isn't much in there - yes, and in keeping with the spirit of the OS, I also used NVCleanstall to install the NVIDIA driver. So we only have the bare minimum for that, too. - Oh, I think that explains why it feels so fast.

As you know, sometimes even on a fast computer you open local hard drive C and it takes about 10 or 15 seconds for no apparent reason. It needs to update like a log in the background, that needs to go - Exactly. - On Microsoft and all that crap.

You wonder how much stuff is actually encrusted in the vanilla version of Windows. - No kidding, like even if it takes a second to open and fill a directory listing, it takes a second, not 10 seconds.- Yes, accessing the vault or one of our other servers usually takes that long.- One long time.

That's great though I'm in the bank right now and it's responsive enough considering it runs on spinning g over a gigabit connection - yes - hey, MS Paint is still there - MS Paint is none Spyware.- I knew I knew you were good all along. That's pretty cool would be from an officially available, scaled-down version of Windows like an embedded version that we actually talked about when we made a article about Windows 9, and more since all of the telemetry is gone.

But from a legal point of view, this is all a gray area, so to speak. According to the website, the project is now perfectly legal, based on EU Directive 2009/24, which gives them a decent base of interoperability by downloading images using telemetry, including activation, from the website itself, even though you are essentially pirating. It is possible to do so legally, however, if you modify a Windows image for yourself, and they have full documentation of the process, as well as a repository of open source scripts that they license and a download of Windows 10 1909 should do it yourself, although the pre-built images are all based on 1903.

sqm telemetry microsoft

Legality aside, the utility of a Windows image like this one is pretty great for someone who wants to run it in a VM on a Linux machine for example. For everyday use I don't know. If you don't need some of the things of those we've found they aren't working properly, and if you don't mind jumping through some hoops when updating or doing something that requires administrative permissions then our better recommendations are otherwise, honestly, just give in and Run Windows or just run Linux if you want privacy with no hassle.

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If you enjoyed this article, maybe check out the article that we did under Windows 9. That was a really cool project too and well worth a look.

How does the decrapifier tool on my PC work?

However, after tests by CHIP Online, the Tool repeatedly slips a larger chunk through the net. The operation of PC Decrapifier is simple: you just have to start the EXE file and click through the menu step by step. The Tool automatically suggests programs to Delete.

What does decrapify do to free up space?

'Decrapify' has become a technical term for deleting 'Crapware', freeing up space on your computer. It can be extended to include unwanted files. . You expect a new computer to be optimized and ready to go. But it is not. The installation is generic, settings favor MS's views. And builders are paid to install 'demonstration' software.

How can I get rid of crapware on my computer?

If you want to get rid of this pre-installed Crapware, you have two options: either reinstall a bare Windows or remove the unwanted programs with a special Tool. PC Decrapifier is such a delete Tool. It detects some of the most annoying programs and removes them with a mouse click.

Can you run decrapifier from an existing profile?

Running from an existing profile on an 'in-use' machine won't affect any already-existing user profiles and won't give the best results. # Read through the script to see what is disabled, and comment out anything you want to keep. By default a transcript is saved at SYSTEMDRIVEWindowsDCtranscript.txt.

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