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D3derr not available - common questions

How do I fix d3derr not available?

Usually such error messages are because of DirectX.
  1. a. Click on Start > Run.
  2. b. Type regedit and press enter.
  3. c. Go to the following location: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\DirectX.
  4. d. Right-click on DirectX and select Delete.
  5. e. Restart the computer.
  6. f. Download and install latest DirectX.

Today's topic is ditectX error, in general it can occur in any game if your DirectX application is not available or not updated the software you install for games You need resources of your systemdirectx is a bridge between your operating system and the game takes the necessary resources from Operating system and specify the Gameso after you install your game and when you try to run it.

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It has failed and displays an error requires at least .. 'Whatever the version9-11-10 Errors can appear as' older direct x version' or 'newer' directx version required''Your computer does not support these Error messages can be different, game by game direct x error occurs in any of your games, but the only way to fix the error is by one method, which I'll tell you sometimes by the directx, on our machine, but the error comes still but you still need to download iti will tell you all the techniques how to do it.

The first step is: we need to know what version of Direct-X we already have installed. The first time we open the command by pressing the window, the command window will run. rrun command window appears write heredx diagnosticsdxdiag in shortpress ok The entire Direct-X diagnostic tool is displayed in front of the usbios.

Here is the system info and our Direct X version is 12 It's a Microsoft software and we're going to download it from a Microsoft site we have a latest version as we now know our direct X versions. Always download the latest, but before that we do one more thing see what software we are installing, see regedittype regedit by pressing the window key, you can write it in run command and open it appears, press yes to the registry to open. Editing is very important in our computer as in real life when we buy land or something version etcregistered hereso if an old direct x version is installed then you need to adjust a little g for this first go to local computer from hkey, these are very easy steps to follow, understand with logic that we go to our local computer, and then we need to see our software on our local computer, here is the local computer's software list, click the software after expanding the hkey local machine tree view that is output here that we need to look for microsoft software and here is the microsoft tree view, here is our microsoft software list, here we find the directx, look with the letter that sees it on the right side of the screen 1. is standard, no editing required or delete it and here is the version installed and because we'll change it n, right click on the installed version and delete it, why are we deleting it because there is already a registry of the installed version, because we will be installing newer versions, so we also delete the registry, why am I that tell? because it could also be a bugMaybe the newer version was installed but the registry remained unchanged, so I double-check that our game is safe and the error clears the registryokso after deleting it, close it after that, your very important job is to download the directxum download directx what you need to do I put the link in the description box to download it but there is one more way I will tell you.

Just type direct x in the browser You will get the top link download directxmicrosoft link When we visit other sites you will find a lot of download buttons, what is downloaded is the very confusing thing unwanted application can be downloaded there Viruses can download this to get rid of it, go to microsoft link it just one download button no confusion click download ok click no thanks here we don't need these things just 286kb application it will download quick here click view in folder run as administrator while we downloaded it from microsoft web site note, that's why we don't need to make any registry settings click I accept as always click next, it will install, ok after that there is only one thing left to do just one other problem to check I told you a few things like this regis for example Tration version deleted when it's new Install version Replace the registry, but I've also checked this problem, for a few exceptional cases like this, we have turn Windows features on and off. Option Press the window key Write Windows function You get this Windows features on or off click on it a new window will appear the Windows functions in this go down here you get the legacy component here it is, see legacy component expand the tree view you get direct playback here If these are not activated, check the two like this one from Mineok, if you don't are activated, then check them, press OK then out, as at the beginning we have xdiag check, here you can check and after the game play the game, that's it afterwards, you will be free from directx problems as friends as was the vid eo please tell us below and don't forget to subscribe, share S ie it, mark the friends on social media as thank you for watching the article until the next article goodbye

How do I fix error 0x8876086A?

Repair: Error code 0x8876086A – D3DERR_NOTAVAILABLE
  1. Method 1: Update the DirectX.
  2. Method 2: Update your graphics driver.
  3. Method 3: Execute a Clean Boot.
  4. Method 4: Running an application/game in compatibility mode.
  5. Method 5: Have the repair done by a repair shop.

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