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Create zune account - how do you decide

How do I access my Zune account?

How to login to Zune account?
  1. Go to Zune.net and sign in to your account (top right corner on the Zune software).
  2. Under your Zune Tag, click My Account.
  3. Click Manage Zune Music Pass. From here, you can change your subscription type or cancel your Zune Music Pass.

Welcome back to what's wrong with this picture with Dennis Guillaume.

I'm Dave and we've just finished talking about file formats and the like, which kind of leads to the idea of ​​file sharing because you have to understand formats a little bit to know a bit about what you're doing again to get files sharing surely doesn't help you knowing what to provide to get the best performance especially if we share it online mm-hmm that's right, yes and most of us know you about digital photography to this day it's very simple, Sharing things online of course with a lot of web services we are also familiar with and we were talking about Facebook mm-hmm, that's kind of, you know, what a lot of people use, but one of the areas that one of them is The One The file sharing services are the photo sharing services that I don't think a lot of people think about or some may not know about if their facebook people are one called flickrwhich wr As in the past, Facebook became a household name and Flickr is an Ayahoo service and it allows you to share files or share photos with others, if isay files I mean photos, you share photos with other people and you can share other people's photo albums People follow, so and and you can follow photo albums with people that you know you might not know, but you have a common interest in photography.I had a couple of photographer friends sending me notices that they post something new, and you you can watch it yeah yeah and that really does it, that makes it a lot better now you know, we talked about that in the old days of film if you knew you had part of the vacation budget, the pics would get back later and Throw a party, now it's all online or a lot of it is online now because we don't send a movie out for processing but Flickr is kind of a substitute for that in a way e this is my photo page here now here is now my login here is due and I don't know in any language I think that means hello, hello or something like that, but share my picture a few pictures here and I also follow a few other people within the and me what we call it is essentially like friendship on facebook and you have friends to look at photos, now one of my friends happens to be the white house in this particular case but because a lot of the whites House photos are being uploaded and I'm kind of into photojournalism, so I'd love to see what the pros are up to? the same locale and so I can look at this so you know this isn't exactly a friend of mine, but it's something I can follow when looking at my own photo stream and this is how Flickr works. I have three or four here, but I have this one too.

Well, let's look at the big group that happens to be my son and his dog, but that's uh, you have a photo stream that only sorts offlips uh, so you can look at all sorts of pictures, this is my daughter and granddaughter now, I can show my pictures here yes and you showed your grandson that I am showing a Coca-Cola machine and there we go so Flickris is really great anyway because it allows one to share your photos as well as gives your friends the opportunity to share yours View photos, but there are some ways to print photos online too, but you know some of the outside services like Shutterfly and Snapfish and things like that, and you know that print-made t-shirts-mugs have all the bang, we're happy to go along with it Truth with photos but you know it's a great way to wait now if you tend to, if you're a little more journalistic you can go to something blogger com n ennt and Blogger is one of a couple of blogging platforms out there and blogger free Did you know I didn't, but I haven't got into blogging yet, you're not on the blog, I'm not in right now Okay, but if so, but if it is you, if you? Do you want to do more than just add a few captions or want to keep a travel diary which is a really great way to share your pictures I just set this up here Blogger is a free service from Google and your photos lets you upload photos that you even have can upload article to a blog blogger but it's very easy to set up it's free you get a gmail account or google account banned and then you can go in there I have a blog here that is empty right now because I just set it up for this purpose It's called Dave's Pictures, but Blogger gives it to you because it's a selection of many different topics. I happen to choose that little kind of tan with a couple of seagulls or birds or something flying around there but I want to add a new post, now I'm going to go in and do that and I want to add a photo and I will do that right there and then I want to choose a file Now you can choose a file that is on the web somewhere like your Picasa account, or you can choose a file that is actually on your desktop and this is where I'll go open and I know there is a good picture of Gunner the wonder dog here on the right, now I am going to set this up so that the picture wraps to the left which is a really simple task and I can upload this picture now what bloggers are doing while we're waiting for the cooking to happen here, you know we talked about file formats before this does a lot of the compression, so even you as a blogger have a pretty big D have atei? Then they compress that to a file size that is useful and primarily eats right and downloads quickly, and they have to do that because they have to control the efficiency of their site and not rely on us to know which file format and which Resolution? and so on right this is a good service right and and so and again this and and flickras well nobody doesn't count on blogger or Flickr or any other blogging service as an archive for your photos unless you want art unless you archive very much low resolution photos, but photos that you might want to print out later or that you want to keep in some shape or form forever, these aren't archival services so don't look at them like that back to that backup thing we did a couple of weeks ago talked to Brian, yeah that was two episodes last week we talked a lot about how backstill is going to be very, very important, so I'm just going to give this one title. Let's go pistol or the wonder dog and then I want to enter a text okay, let's go Gunnar is our best friend during the stories from the street, you would like to insert a few tags here, how do you know dog shooters well, you know our vnn for us, for example okay and then i will save that it is me if you want to publish the post you can save it and not publish it so it can be like a draft or you can or you can and you can write as much as you want .

By the way, I only wrote a little because I didn't want to come up with a whole bunch today and let's go back to the blog and whoopsview the blog there we go, it's like that, this is a quick introduction to blogging and also to sharing of photos with patch borders. These are some great ways to share your photos while out and about, second conversation about keeping it clean when traveling in your RV, with your camera all right, okay stick with us about this one Picture is wrong. Have a question or comment for Dennis Guillaume contact Pictureat RV and n dot TV and don't forget to send us your rving pictures for possible use in an upcoming episode You can also send a voicemail for Dennis at eight seven seven five seven eight rvn and the 704 extension left This way you can visit us live in the chat room, ask questions and become part of the Army Newsnet family et and cannot be returned for more TV like this when the world of RV goes to Harvey NN TV leaves

Is Zune software still available?

Zune online services were completely shut down on November 15, 2015, but the Zune software is still available for download from the Windows Phone website for use with Windows Phone 7 and Zune devices, which do not work with the newer apps designed for Windows Phone 8/8.1/Windows 10 Mobile.

Zune is a discontinued media management software for Microsoft Windows that acts as a full media player application with a library, an interface to the Zune marketplace, and a media streaming server.

The software is used to synchronize with all devices with Zune functionality, including the Zune4, 8, 16, 30, 80, 120, Zune HD, Windows Phone 7 and Microsoft Kin.Zune devices only work with the Zune software, which applies many of the design principles of Microsoft's Metro design language. The software was discontinued on October 16, 2012 and replaced by the Windows Phone app (available both as a desktop app and as a Windows Store app version) and then by the 'PhoneCompanion' app integrated in Windows 10 for PC, which Used to sync with devices running Windows Phone 8 (including 8.1) and Windows 10 Mobile The software's role as a music and article player and streaming service has been superseded by Groove Music and Microsoft Movies & TV.

Zune online services closed completely on November 15, 2015, but the Zune software is still available for download from the WindowsPhone website for use with Windows Phone 7 and Zune devices that do not work with the newer apps that are available for Windows Phone 8 /8.1/Windows 10 Mobile == Contents == As a media player, the Zune software supports the following formats: The Zune software organizes the media in its library and enables allows users to add to the library by ripping CDs, syncing with a Zune device, and downloading from the Zune marketplace. The Zune software also lets you organize song metadata.

It can automatically download album art and metadata tag data for content in the library. On the PC, the Zune software streams files to other PCs, the Xbox 360, and other compatible devices. The Zune software also connects to the Zune Social and tracks files shared with other users.

The Zune software only runs on 32-bit Windows XP or 32-bit / 64-bit Windows Vista / Windows7. Windows XP Professional x64 Edition is not supported e Zune software is also compatible with Windows 8 and Windows 10, so Zune device users would still have legacy support for the new operating system even though the Zune brand will expire prior to the 2012 operating system release === History === The 0.1 versions of the Zune software were a modified version of Windows Media Player11, while versions since 2.0 were created independently with additional DirectShow decoders for AAC, MPEG-4 and H.264.

The current version of the software is 4.08.2345, released on August 22nd, 2011.

Multiple versions of the software were released. On October 16, 2012, the Zune became Xbox Music. == Zune Marketplace == Zune Marketplace was an online store, which offered music, podcasts, TV shows, movies, music articles, and cell phones.

ms visio trial

Content can be viewed or purchased on Windows PCs with Zune software installed, Zune devices, Xbox 360, Windows Phone phones, or Microsoft Kin phones. Zune Music Marketplace has since been replaced by Xbox Music. === Music == = Initially with 2 million songs, the ZuneMarketplace had grown to 14 million songs, all of which were available in MP3 format with up to 320kbit / s and were DRM-free .

Music on the Zune Marketplace was from the four major music groups (EMI, Warner Music Group, Sony BMG, and Universal Music Group) as well as smaller music labels. The Zune Marketplace home page shows music selected by Microsoft and the most popular music. Users can search or filter by genre including rock, pop, dance, urban, and others.

Before the Zune Marketplace music became DRM-free, songs were protected by WindowsMedia DRM, but the Zune software only allowed WMDRM content from the Zune Marketplace to be transferred to Zune devices; Zune Marketplace DRM content could be played by others WMDRM Compatible Applications and Devices. === Videos === Zune Marketplace offers TV shows from the following companies: A&E, Anime, Bravo, Cartoon Network, CBS, Discovery Communications, E !, Fox, G4, GamerTV, History Channel, Marvel , MLB, NBC, Paley Center, PBS, Spike, Starz, SyFy, TNA, USA Network and Viacom. Films from Paramount, Universal, Warner Brothers, 20th Century Fox, and other studios are available for purchase or for limited time rentals.

Some films are available in HD. Select content purchased through the Zune Marketplace on Xbox 360 also offers 5.1 surround sound Music articles were also available for purchase.

The Zune Video Marketplace was replaced with Xbox Video. === Applications === The Zune Marketplace included an application area where apps and games for the Zune HD could be downloaded. The store initially started with nine apps, all of which were developed by Microsoft and published for free.

The selection of apps was expanded to 62 games and applications over two years. The apps available included several games, Facebook, Twitter and Windows LiveMessenger. Applications are also available from various independent developers that were created with XNA GameStudio or OpenZDK and that use C # and C ++ On August 31, 2012, the apps sections of the Zune Marketplace and users' media collections were disabled in the software.

The Zune software also enabled users to browse, purchase, and install Windows Phone apps through the Windows Phone Marketplace. === International availability === The Zune Marketplace was originally only available in the US. In October 2010, certain Zune Marketplace content became available in additional countries in North America, Europe, Asia, and Australasia.

There are a number of workarounds for accessing the Zune Pass and other Zune Marketplace features outside of the countries where it was launched === Platforms === Zune software for Windows PCs offers the full range of music, podcasts, articles and applications. Xbox 360 offers movie and music article downloads, and Zune Pass streaming. Zune devices, Windows Phone devices and the Microsoft Ki n Phones allow you to download and stream music; Windows Phone devices also allow applications to be downloaded. === Prices === Purchases are made in Microsoft Points currency, which can also be used to purchase content from Xbox Live and Games for WindowsLive marketplaces.

The exchange rate is one US dollar to 80 Microsoft points. Most songs cost 79 points or 99 points. This is the equivalent of $ 0.9875, or $ 1.24 per song. === Zune Music Pass === Zune Music Pass is a music subscription service that allows subscribers to download an unlimited number of songs while their subscription is active.

The songs can be played on up to 3 Windows PCs and up to 3 other Zune-compatible devices, but cannot be burned to an audio CD. Songs downloaded with the ZuneS The pass is provided in WMA format at 192 kbps and is restricted by DRM. Zune Music Pass subscribers in the United States and other select countries were allowed to keep 10 songs per month after their subscription expired, but the incentive was ultimately ely.

On October 3, 2011, the price of the Zune Music Pass was reduced to 9.99 Lowered $ / month and removed the 10 song credits. On October 15th, 2012 Microsoft renamed the Zune to Xbox Music on the Xbox 360 with the promise of a complete rollout on October 26th == See also == Comparison of the online music storesZune Zune SocialXbox Music Xbox VideoWindows Phone Xbox 360

Where do I get the software for my Zune?

You’re directed to the Zune software page. Either sign up for free Zune Music and Video and download the software. Or just download it without creating the account. If you’re new to Windows Phone and Zune, I recommend just downloading the software. Then you can decide later if you want get the Zune media account. Next install the Zune software.

Can you use Windows Media Player on a Zune?

You can use the Zune software to watch movies, listen to streaming music, watch videos, manage podcasts and more. It lets you rip CDs to your collection too. In fact, you can replace Windows Media Player with the Zune software. I want my Zune to start working at this time , I can’t wait please help to get my Zune back please.

Do they still make Zune?

Microsoft ends Zune service but you can still get the Zune software. Microsoft’s digital music service Zune was recently shut down. However, that doesn’t mean owners of Zune hardware are stuck in limbo with no way to access content on their devices. For now, it looks like the Zune software download is still an option.

How can I cancel my Zune Music Pass?

Click Manage Zune Music Pass. From here, you can change your subscription type or cancel your Zune Music Pass. If you cancel your Zune Music Pass, media usage rights will expire at the end of your current billing cycle.

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