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Cpuz136_x64.sys - how to address

What is Cpuz136_x64 Sys?

The genuine cpuz136_x64. sys file is a software component of CPU-Z by CPUID. CPU-Z is a monitoring utility for the CPU, memory, motherboard, and other hardware and software components. Cpuz136_x64. sys is a system driver associated with the CPU-Z program.

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What is cpuz149?

sys file information. The process known as cpuz149 or CPUID Driver belongs to software CPUID service or cpuz149 by CPUID.

Where is cpuz136 _ x64.sys located in Windows 10?

Cpuz136_x64.sys is located in a subfolder of C:Windows—common is C:WindowsTEMPcpuz136 . The file size on Windows 10/8/7/XP is 25,832 bytes. The driver can be started or stopped from Services in the Control Panel or by other programs . The program is not active. The program has no visible window.

Is the cpuz136.sys a critical driver?

Cpuz136_x64.sys is a system driver associated with the CPU-Z program. This is a critical driver file and should not be removed unless absolutely necessary.

What causes BSOD in cpuz136 _ x64.sys?

Cpuz136_x64.sys is causing a BSOD in the first couple of minutes after start. I found the file in the temp folder but can't delete it as some service is locking it. If I use Unlocker to delete it on next start it is gone for a few seconds then shows up again, still undeleteable.

Is there any way to remove cpuz136 file?

Hey there I've scanned my drivers with ESET and it says cpuz136 is unknown, google tells me it's malicous... if so how can I remove it? Thanks in advance! . I've tried locating the file myself but it is not there.

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