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Cortana for linux - how to address

Does Linux have Cortana?

Cortana is not available for Linux but there are plenty of alternatives that runs on Linux with similar functionality. ... Other interesting Linux alternatives to Cortana are Almond (Free, Open Source), SEPIA Framework (Free, Open Source), Presbot (Free, Open Source) and Dragonfire (Free, Open Source).

- So here is a situation. You've been concerned about or lack of privacy in Windows 10 for a while, but while you've tried Linux you just can't make the leap. Maybe some software you need isn't running properly, or maybe you're just a fan of Windows, other than privacy issues.

What can you do? Why not improve it? Yes, my friends, you can completely fix the problems with Windows 10 and remove the unnecessary junk that weighs on it all by yourself. So let's see how it's done and what it costs. But first let's see how much our sponsor costs.

GlassWire is the tool that shows you in real time which apps are slowing down your connection. It is used by security professionals to monitor for malware, block bandwidth wasted, and detect suspicious activity. Get 25% off with the offer code Linus at the link below. (Upbeat music) Which means somehow improve? Well, according to the dictionary it is a verb that means to make something bad or unsatisfactory better, and that certainly seems to be the goal of Win. to be dows 10 Ameliorated edition, a small project that has been around since 2017.

Not much information is now available on who is actually behind this, but some old links point to Actrons, a 90s kid who specifically names Outtechnology. Social sciences, philosophy, psychology and neurology, film and anime analysis and shudder as their subjects. The improved edition appears to be an offshoot of their Windows 10 install script that originally almost disabled things like Windows Update and made adjustments to Windows Explorer, but Windows builds came out with more deeply integrated telemetry, so a more direct approach was needed to keep Windows from doing it to call home bloody and get all my information.

The improved edition removes Windows Update, Cortana, Activation, Microsoft Edge, Windows Media Player, and all. appx UWP applications from the installation, not deactivated, removed, no longer available. This means that the overall size is reduced.

Removing such ingrained components naturally requires the introduction of replacements in certain cases. Killing Cortana, for example, cripples the Start menu, and Windows Search in particular. So Classic Shell is used as a replacement I have to give up too.

DirectX 12 may not be fully supported as Windows Update is out of the question, and of course you're stuck with no automatic updates. In fact, the update process itself is a bit tedious, requiring you to disconnect from the internet, temporarily reactivate Windows Update, and so on and so on. Suffice it to say that while this version of Windows is focused on privacy, it is a little less focused on security.

The last one the site claims, most of the exploitable apps have been removed anyway, so this point may be less important than you might think. But enough talk. Why don't we look for ourselves and see what else we are giving up in the name of improved privacy? The first thing I noticed is that gone is Windows Mail.

Who is using Windows Mail? How crazy do you have to be not to just use a web browser to check your email? All right Boomer, enjoy your Outlook. So no Windows Mail, no Windows Store, and no Microsoft Edge, all we have down here is File Explorer, that's it. In fact, I'm now also noticing a few other changes.

Where are all the drop-down lists for File Explorer? That feels like it's going to be very, very different. We too have the classic Start menu in Windows Vista and 7 -Style. And of course, because there's no Edge, Anthony helpfully thrown a Firefox shortcut on the desktop. - The default is DuckDuckGo, really? - Yes. - Is this the Firefox standard or the improved Windows 10 edition? - No, this is an improved edition.

Actually Firefox and Thunderbird. - ONLYOFFICE. - What? ONLYOFFICE and VLC media player were all pre-installed by the operating system - I've never heard of ONLYOFFICE - Apparently it's a junction from LibreOffice - Ha, it looks a lot like Microsoft Office.

Let's try and find some tech tips here. Tech tips from Linus. What's my Amazon page? This is a used TITAN X.

ospp vbs missing

Okay, we need to update that. Colton! - I'm here, what's up? - Oh wow are you there? (Laughing man) That was so cool. Can I summon people just by saying their name? lttstore.com.

Hey, that's a cute shirt by the way, guys. Okay what more can we try here? Okay, where is my file? Dropdown? - This is a modification of Windows Explorer called Old Explorer that restores the Windows 7 style of Windows Explorer. So it doesn't have the traditional ribbon.

It has none of the other things. It's just all basically rewritten. And there is actually a configuration file that you can modify to customize it yourself.

I used them for a while just out of curiosity, but they used it here because some of the changes they made to Windows also affected Explorer. So they had to use the old explorer to fix it somehow.- Well, I can tell you now that I only have one thing I would take care of having them fix and that is when I'm looking for something and about this one Folder go when I click the folder, you bastards! That's not what i want I want it to go up in a folder.

If I want it to go back to the previous page, I would hit back. Folder up means a folder in the directory structure. So this looks like the terrible Windows 10 type of settings menu, except there's even less stuff here, a lot of it has to do with the telemetry stuff, so Windows updates, games like the Xbox stuff, the one with telemetry and making calls was connected home.

Pretty much anything that comes into question would also be deleted - can I? even set a screen saver? - I think so. It shows up, right? - I don't know, right? Wait, here it is, here it is, I have it, I have it. So you can't look for it.

I think that's probably because they sorted out the regular search as well. - Yes, without Cortana, Windows Search somehow dies .- Ha, I actually didn't know that this bubble screen saver was still built into Windows.

This is a Windows Vista classic here. That was so cool back then. Ooh, 3D acceleration on the desktop! Now it looks kind of fake actually, I just want to watch these bubbles for days - We have evolved beyond the screensavers as a species at this point - That's weird too, the Windows tab doesn't cycle through things for some reason.

All the tabs work, but why not windows? tab? Okay, that's cool. I think that's fine - I didn't really benchmark - Okay. - But it seems a lot faster than a standard Windows 10 installation should be. - I mean, the start menu pops up instantly, which is pretty nice.

But I mean how bad is this search? So let's look for Counterstrike. That's gross. Not being able to find something that is literally a shortcut on the desktop is awful.

No worse than the one built into Windows 10, mind you. - I think it is possible to set the search folders for a classic shell or it is now called Open Shell. So if you right click on the Start menu and go to Settings you can configure everything there, but by default it isn't set up for that in my opinion.

It's just for the start menu itself. - Got it, okay. Search the internet, look for programs and settings, look for files.

It's set to search everything, sir.- Oh. Well then I did I don't apologize for that.

So what else can we try here? I mean, a game is going to be fine, right? Let's play Doom - I mean Doom should be running - There is a default password, why should that be? - Because the user account you are currently logged in with is directly a user. It's not an administrator - Why? - You are no longer receiving the security patches - Right - Most security vulnerabilities happen because users are administrators. - Right, and there's really no compelling reason to be an administrator other than just installing programs.

And if you know the admin password, you can always enter it if you want to, like you would on a Mac.- Yes.- I should just switch to Mac.Between Spotlight, and just, Finder wasn't that bad.

Me would consider it.- There are alternatives you can get.Path Finder is one.- Okay.- It's paid software, but it's actually pretty decent.- Why is everything paid for on Mac? - Yes.- Because you can afford it, you bought a Mac.

Okay, yes, we're running at 90 FPS or whatever. -Yes, it's perfectly fine.-Ultra-Nightmare.

Take the monsters. -Why don't you try a DirectX 12 game like? - Oh, well, I think that's probably probably not going to work, then hey.Okay what the --- It could be.

I got a shot from the Tomb Raider.-Oh yes it will. oh funny there is no popup in the system tray -up.- this could just be an artifact from Classic Shell.

I'm mine not entirely sure. It's been a hot minute but it could also be that we don't have any hidden icons - I can't find a way to hide them. I'm in the settings now and it's just, no, you move they just.

Even the moving animations are a little different. So you might be right. It could just be a classic shell thing.

Let's play some shadow play from Tomb Raider, DirectX 12. Here we go boys. Why should Windows Update affect this? - Apparently there are extensions for DirectX 12 that are coming down from Windows Update from time to time.

So the idea is if you have a game that has an extension that you don't have, then DirectX 12 just won't work properly - Well, Shadow of the Tomb Raider is a bit of an older game and it seems right at least in the menu to work what is being rendered in the engine so i would believe it will run. OK. So officially DirectX 12 is a no-go, but unofficially, if you try it game to game it might actually work fine then.- Yes.- You shouldn't be here, but I like it.

New task manager is here. That's nice to see. Got your GPU usage and all that good stuff although I don't see temps here so that's at least one iteration back - it's actually based on Windows 10 1903 - Got it - it should be possible to do it with 1909, but the official pictures are 1903.Okay, you might then notice in the lower right corner that you have an icon to connect to the internet wizard.- Oh, I do.- Yes and that is --- That's because that Windows cannot know that I have an internet connection.- Right, because it is not able to call home, it cannot.- Got it.- So it only knows that you have local connectivity.- Interesting.

Even though all of the telemetry stuff has supposedly been removed we're still up to date I have to fool Windows that it has no reason to use it because I don't have an internet connection - Yes - Oh, Creative Cloud probably won't know I have an internet connection too.- yes.- oh i bet there will be a lot of stuff that goes down because it thinks you don't have an internet connection.- because they can't ping their server.

You can't call home - so it turns off telemetry for other applications as well - I think Adobe is one of those applications that hooks into the Windows API for this, and the API itself has been removed. - I opened the Creative Cloud desktop. A new version is available.

Go ahead and update. Let's see if it gets her. Let's see if you can get a water bottle on lttstore.com Okay, it won't finish.

error code 8024401c

It's been sitting here for ages - I take back everything I said about high quality Adobe software. - Okay, with that we have svchost, like the task manager. Wow, there really isn't much in there - yes, and in keeping with the spirit of the OS, I also used NVCleanstall to install the NVIDIA driver.

So we only have the bare minimum for that, too. - Oh, I think that explains why it feels so fast. As you know, sometimes even on a fast computer you open local hard drive C and it takes about 10 or 15 seconds for no apparent reason.

It needs to update like a log in the background, that needs to go - Exactly. - On Microsoft and all that crap. You wonder how much stuff is actually in the vanilla version of Windows. - No kidding, like even if it takes a second to open and fill a directory listing, it takes a second, not 10 seconds.- Yes, accessing the vault or one of our other servers usually takes that long.- One long time.

That's great though I'm in the bank right now and it's responsive enough considering it runs on spinning g over a gigabit connection - yes - hey, MS Paint is still there - MS Paint is none Spyware.- I knew I knew you were good all along. That's pretty cool would be from an officially slimmed-down version of Windows like an embedded version that we actually talked about when we made a article about Windows 9, and more since all of the telemetry is gone.

But from a legal point of view, this is all a gray area, so to speak. According to the website, the project is now perfectly legal, based on EU Directive 2009/24, which gives them a tailor-made interoperability base by downloading telemetry images, including activation, from the website itself, even though you are essentially pirating. It is possible to do so legally, however, if you modify a Windows image for yourself, and they have full documentation of the process, as well as a repository of open source scripts that they license and a download of Windows 10 1909 should do it yourself, although the pre-built images are all based on 1903.

Legality aside, the utility of a Windows image like this one is pretty great for someone who wants to run it in a VM on a Linux machine for example. For everyday use I don't know. If you don't need some of the things of those we've found they aren't working properly, and if you don't mind jumping through some hoops trying to update or do something that requires administrative permissions, then we're honest, our better recommendations are just give in and Windows or just run Linux if you want privacy with no hassle.

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If you liked this article, maybe check out the article that we did under Windows 9. That was a really cool project too and well worth a look.

Is there a version of Linux that looks like Windows?

Kubuntu. If you're new to Linuxit is worth noting that there are different desktop environments. If you want to try something that resembles the look and feel of Windows, you can try any distro with KDE's Plasma on board. And Kubuntu is an official KDE flavor of Ubuntu.

Hey buddy, everyone knows that Linux is way better compared to Windows. Basically, you can forget about any virus, malware, or other harmful software that exists on Windows. Linux gives you more control over when to update and what software is installed on your computer.

Linux has less overhead than Windows, resulting in a smoother experience. Linux user rights management is far better than Windows. If I go ahead it would take a couple of hours to talk about Windows vs.

Linux, but here are the 3 best desktop Linux distros for users thinking of trying Linux for the first time, Zorin OS is in my opinion the most similar operating system to Windows 10. It also certainly has better UI consistency than Windows 10. By the way, we now have a Patreon page like my content and want to encourage me to learn more and make better articles.

Please consider helping me on Patreon. If you will support me , You can watch all of my articles on YouTube two days before they are posted. Check the description iption for the link.Amm, Where were we before ?, Oh yeah Zorin OS.

If you were a Windows Vista or Windows 7 user, will You will feel at home when you click on the menu, as the apps are categorized in a list along with the sidebar.There you will find your user account, quick access to various folders in your home directory and shortcuts to the store, settings and the activity overview as well the buttons for logging out, locking and shutting down, everything clearly arranged. Searching the menu feels faster and faster than the Windows 10 search interface, Zorin OS comes with Firefox preinstalled, but installing any other major internet browser is as easy as opening the store - look for the browser you're installing And click the 'Install' button and finally enter your password.

Once the installation is complete, you can launch the app by simply clicking the Start button. Next to the Firefox icon in the system tray you will find the file manager, which has just enough functionality for a new user with support for opening multiple tabs that even Windows Explorer doesn't have. In the future we will have the store that we just opened to install an alternative internet browser.

On the right side of the system tray we have the system tray with Sound, Network, User Options, along with a shortcut that takes you straight to the Settings app which is very organized and easy to navigate. Finally, in the system tray is the clock which, when clicked, shows your calendar, notifications and the weather in a single menu. Zorin OS's taskbar feels more minimalistic and clear than the cluttered Windows 10 taskbar layout.

The second operating system is Solus. Unlike Zorin OS, which is based on Ubuntu, Solus is an independent operating system, which means that all tutorials and articles written for Ubuntu will not work in Solus. Also, Solus OS has fewer software packages than Ubuntu.

While commonly used Linux software is available on Solus, applications that do more specific things are not available. If Solus had more oftware in its repositories, it would be the perfect operating system for new Linux users coming from Windows. Speaking of the desktop, the layout is pretty similar to Windows and comes with a sidebar called the Raven menu with tabs The calendar and controls for your audio devices and the Notifications tab you can see the notifications received.

Solus comes with Firefox pre-installed supplied, but installing Google Chrome is very easy thanks to the bespoke software center where you go to the Third Party tab and click the blue install button next to Google Chrome and enter your password. I would say try Solus for a week and see if that works. If you can find all of the software you need, Solus works great Long-term Linux users recommend Linux Mint for new users.

However, I feel that Linux Mint lacks the sleek look and feel that Windows 10 or Zorin OS have. Even so, Linux Mint is based on Ubuntu, so you won't have the problem of not finding the software you need. If you hit the menu, you'll find that the layout on the left follows the same categories of apps in the right style, but now we have the search bar at the top with an additional area where you can pin your favorite apps for quick access .

Next to the menu, you'll find the Show Desktop button, which is located in the right corner of the taskbar in Windows 10. Linux Mint also comes with Firefox as the default browser, but installing Chromium or any other internet browser is just as easy. Look for a software manager in the menu, open it, then find your favorite internet browser.

Once found, click on it and then hit the 'Install' button and enter your password. The file manager that comes with Linux Mint certainly has more features than the file manager in Solus and Zorin OS. Plus, you can customize Linux Mint more extensively than with Zorin OS or Solus.

Well, if you've been watching this article so far, here is one Bonus d distribution you might like. Kubuntu is one of the official versions of Ubuntu with the K desktop environment, or better known as KDE. Kubuntu gives you a highly customizable desktop that has no limits to your imagination.

Plus that is Standard desktop layout pretty similar to Windows 10 desktop. If after watching this article you still can't decide which Linux distro to go with, I'd say Zorin OS is a good choice. If you're into one want to get used to a different desktop layout, try Pop_OS !, or Manjaro Linux? Linux is not as difficult as it was a few years ago, many things are constantly being improved in Linux.

If If you are thinking of playing on Linux, this is the best time as we now have built-in support for AMD graphics cards as well as Steam, Wine, PlayOnLinux and Lutris to help you play your Windows games on Linux. So that was it for this article. Please subscribe and click the bell icon for more articles like this one.

This is the logout of Vasanth Developer.

What replaced Cortana?

voice assistant

Is Cortana open source?

To replace Cortana on mobile, Microsoft says customers will still be able to use the voice assistant over the Outlook app and in the Microsoft Teams app. Cortana will also remain available on Windows 10.

Cortana is perhaps one of the most basic multi-device, multi-sense surfaces out there. Cortana is part of Windows Shell, it is integrated with Outlook, it is integrated with Teams. It has these unique features.

It has unique features for scheduling meetings, transcribing meetings, meeting commitments. It saves me every day because it knows the emails I send, where I commit, and it reminds me like many other surfaces. Another thing we've done with Cortana is that Cortanacan even communicates with other personal digital assistants.

We want to enable our customers to make the most of their personal digital assistant, not be tied to a single walled garden and have access to the maximum number of users for developers, bringing Alexa and Cortana together to suit every user and developer out there help. And to really show you that, I wanted to introduce Megan Saunders from Microsoft and Tom Taylor from Alexa on stage. MEGAN SAUNDERS: In my real life, I go to the people I trust in advice.

I talk to my mom about my teenagers, which happens quite a lot now. I speak to Joe B. about my hair, and in the local area we believe assistants will work together every day to help us.

TOM TAYLOR: Thank you, Megan. It's been really great to work with you and the rest of the team here at Microsoft with Alexa and Cortana. At Amazon, we believe that voice will make customers' lives easier at home, at work, and everywhere in between share the vision that many successful intelligent agents will work together to provide a more helpful experience for customers.

Now we all know it's just getting started, but I'm very excited to show the progress so let's do it. MEGAN SAUNDERS: Okay, you go to your office and I'll go to my house. TOM TAYLOR: Okay.

MEGAN SAUNDERS: At my house we now have an echo in the kitchen. But Cortana manages my appointments and emails. And to start my day, coffee is very important. and I like milk.

But we often go with voracious teenagers. Alexa, add milk to my shopping list. ALEXA: I added milk to your shopping list.

MEGAN SAUNDERS: Alexa, open Cortana. CORTANA: Cortana here, how can I help? MEGAN SAUNDERS: How's my day? CORTANA: I'll take a look. I see two events for today.

First at 5:30 p.m. party with Tom at Harvest Vine, and then at 8:00 p.m., pick up Maddie from football.

What can I do for you? MEGAN SAUNDERS: Email Tom Taylor and say, 'I'll see you tonight.' CORTANA: Sure. I'll email Tom Taylor. ' See you tonight. 'Ready to send it? MEGAN SAUNDERS: Yeah.

CORTANA: Great. I sent it. How can I help? MEGAN SAUNDERS: I'm done.

TOM TAYLOR: Very cool. CORTANA: Later. ( Laughter.) TOM TAYLOR: I love being able to talk to both Cortana and Alexa on my PC, show you how they help me through my day.

Oh, I see I have an email from Megan about dinner Tonight at Harvest Vine. Hey, Cortana. Where is Harvest Vine? CORTANA: Harvest Vine is about two miles away at 2701 East Madison in Seattle.

TOM TAYLOR: Better get started. Hey, Cortana, open up Alex Alexa, how can I help? TOM TAYLOR: Take me to Harvest Vine.ALEXA: There's an UberX two minutes away from your Alexa address.

Should I order it? TOM TAYLOR: Yes, please.ALEXA: Okay. Request your ride This may take a moment.

Do you want to continue? TOM TAYLOR: Yes. AALEXA: Okay, your Uber driver Sarah is coming. Look for a Toyota Camry.

What's next? TOM TAYLOR: Please turn off the lights. ALEXA: What else can I help you with? TOM TAYLOR: What do you think of Cortana? (Laughter) ALEXA: I like Cortana. We both have experience with rings of light, although yours is more of a halo. (Laughter) Is there anything else? (Applause.) TOM TAYLOR: Thanks, that's it. (Applause.) Just a few of the things Alexa and Cortana have been helping me with all day.

Well Megan, it's been really great to be here with you today, can't wait to see what the customers are doing. MEGAN SAUNDERS: Yes, we are very excited about taking the first step on a longer journey as intelligent friends, both in real life and in the environment. Now we strive to meet customers anywhere on the device that is most convenient for them.

This experience is still in limited beta, but you can go to this website to be notified when we go live. Well, for all of the developers out there, skill building for Cortana and Alexa will allow access to more people on more devices, and we can't wait to see what you will build, thank you.

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Are there any alternatives to Cortana for Linux?

Cortana is not available for Linux but there are plenty of alternatives that runs on Linux with similar functionality. The most popular Linux alternative is Mycroft, which is both free and Open Source.

What does Cortana do for you in Windows 10?

Cortana, your personal productivity assistant, helps you stay on top of what matters and save time finding what you need. Simply type or speak requests in natural language to connect with people, manage your schedule, find a free hour, set a reminder, add a task, and more.

When to release Cortana for Android ( family of Linux )?

when you release cortana for android (family of linux), its be easy for you do this for ubuntu. This thread is locked. You can follow the question or vote as helpful, but you cannot reply to this thread. hahaha I don't think that is coming anytime soon, or ever. Linux distros are different OS! so it's.. the competition..

Can you run Cortana on Windows 10 IoT?

But here its really strange that they are not using W10 IOT. But at the same time its interesting that Cortana can run on anything. Presently IOTs are mainly running on Linux core. Cortana on Windows 10 IoT has not hit production yet as I remember. It should with creators update I think.

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