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Computer keeps hibernating - how to resolve

How do I get my laptop to stop hibernating?

  1. Open up Power Options in the Control Panel. In Windows 10 you can get there from right clicking on the start menu and going to Power Options.
  2. Click change plan settings next to your current power plan.
  3. Change 'Put the computer to sleep' to never.
  4. Click 'Save Changes'

Hi everyone, this is Andrew Perrin in this article I want to share with you the settings you need to change to keep a computer from being annoying and waking itself up if you ever put it in a higher bonet or sleep state and you come back and things purr away because it wakes up on its own and does its own thing even though you were told to go to sleep now because that happens because we often plug devices into our computer and windows by default allow these devices to wake the device from hibernation or sleep if it is believed possible now, I'll show you the quick way to firstly find out which devices they are and secondly, how you can change them to use them What can you do to prevent them from waking a computer from hibernation? So the first thing to do is figure out what it is that is d he device is causing the computer to wake up now. The quickest way to do this is to open your Windows menu and just type in CMD, which is short for Command Prompt. I should say a window like this will open in that window now.

All you have to do is power your type of CFGPower configuration room - device query because that's what we do and what we want to know is we want to find out what's armed to wake up the system. When you press ENTER you go back and it comes back with four different things. The first is a network card and then I have a mouse and then I have some keyboard devices so now that we know which devices can wake the machine up, what we have to do is of course go in and change their ability to wake up the machine so that when I put them to sleep and come back, pretty often they sure to hibernate they come in the morning and of course it's been running since 2:00 a.m. so now you can turn these devices off by going back into your control panels are often the quickest way to get to the devices.

Something very similar to this opens up. If it looks different to you, you may see what are called large icons or a category. So if you have a category view just hit the drop down menu and change that to little icons so you can see all of the goodies the computer has in store for you.

What we want to do, by nature, make you think that you want to switch to the power options, but getting into it takes you to the wrong things we want to go to Device Manager to change some of the special settings that come with the Hardware that resides on your computer. The first thing we do on this device manager list is look for the different categories of devices that would match our little prompt list here, we're going to be looking for the H ID compatible mouse, so let's go to mice and other pointing devices and you will see that I now have two mice listed there on my computer. You can't see this, but it only has a mouse connection.Often times these different devices can be things like bluetooth, not bluetooth but wireless transmitters and things like that, so choose one of them, right click on the properties and You will see above that you have general driver details and events, if you only have these four you can click Cancel because that is not what you want because we know that this device is the one that is waking the machine up.

One of these two will be our culprit so let's go to our second, go to the properties and you will find that this one contains general driver details events like the other blue also has this power management that goes to power management and disable this device waiting leave until the computer clicks ok and it's that simple, so now if we go back to our command prompt and we run this controller there again. You'll find that the mouse is gone now and it's just this try-and-error process that we're going through and a device like me can find four four keyboards here, but only one of them becomes two of them in this case that are causing the wake up or the power problem, so here disable the power management, click OK, go to the next one and that doesn't have power management, so I can just cancel go for the next one, this one has it disabled that click OK and just to show you if I go into the properties here there will be no power management and it's not like if we do that again we will have nothing left but the network card in this case that is a network the controller of the Family is a network card, so waking up is via LAN, which is not a function that I particularly need. So if we go into network adapters we can go to whoever looks like the culprit hits properties and you have the power management here to turn this device off to save power that's fine that's great I don't mind if i don't use it save some power great let this device wake up the computer i don't really want this just hit ok and that's it so if you make this list now they will come back without and if you don't have one, when you put your computer to sleep, you can be sure that the little sucker will stay there until you come back and turn it on with the power button.

Hope this article helped and if you leave some comments below click on likesall your friends or most importantly, rejoice that you now have a computer that does exactly what it is supposed to do and keep it asleep

Why does my computer keep hibernating?

This issue can be caused by corrupted system files and incorrect Power Plan settings. Since you have configured the Power Plan settings already and you're still experiencing the issue, try disabling hibernation on Windows 10 by following the steps below and see if the issue will persist. Press Windows key + X.

Why does my laptop keep hibernating by itself?

It hibernates (or shutdowns in the case hibernation is disabled) simply because it's set to hibernate / shutdown when the battery level is under some threshold. And your battery is probably so worn out, that it's constantly under that threshold.2 mei 2016

How to fix a laptop that is hibernating?

How to Fix Hibernating on Laptop 1 Long press power button At least 5 seconds 2 Then press the power button again 3 The computer can usually be signed We think you have fixed your problem See More....

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Why does Windows 10 keep going into hibernate?

Unfortunately, Hibernate problem in Windows 10 happens for multiple reasons and there’s no such specific set of instructions that can fit the case. Although, there are few things we can do to troubleshoot and fix the problems with hibernation. In this guide, we will try to resolve Windows 10 hibernate problem and step by step method to do that.

Why is my computer stuck in hibernate mode?

In the Hibernate mode, your computer power will be completely off and it will save the state of the device in the hard drive. Later, when needed, you can resume your work exactly where you left. But, while resuming it has been reported that Windows 10 gets stuck in Hibernation mode. It means you are not able to access laptop or desktop.

Where is the hibernation button on a MB?

Because sometimes certain makes of MB's or Store Bought systems are stubborn about actually GOING into Hibernation, I always set Hibernation in the Advanced Power Settings, as the main function of the physical power button- And I set a secondary button to the Windows Start Button.

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