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Can't resize minecraft - common answers

Why can't I resize my Minecraft?

It's a bug that's been in minecraft for a few versions now (it was in 1.8. 7 and is in the new snapshots). It means you used fullscreen at one point, which permanently disables that button.

Sorry to be interrupted by my mom but I'm back so I am going to resume the article we talked about, the width of the chat screen and I wanted to set it to 130 so see mine Chat screen looks like this at the moment and i think this is exactly how i like it and let's see if i missed anything because i got these things covered them all the colors you want colors because it's better looks and yeah i don't understand why we want to disable prompt links i have no idea what that means web links i mean i dont know if you want to turn it on web links mean that is sometimes for example when you click on are a server and want to vote for the server in a minecraft forum and you have the option and say doslash vote and then you will get a link in your chat screen and you can click on it and it will automatically open a screening or an office wser who connects to the Minecraft forum where you can vote. So you may want to turn on web links and then chat when you only have commands.

When you play online you don't see all of the text, but you see things like the server? is supposed to say so when it says the server will be reset in a minute or something like that and I don't know, yes it also shows the command youth so you just show the command text but no text you write, as you write can see that i would not use any commands, only i mostly didn't show it, but when i work with command blocks i sometimes hid it and then it doesn't show up at all but that has nothing to do with the chat Doing settings is just because when you go to minecon you get a cloak and you are your character and when you turn this off you don't see any one-capes and when you turn it on then I can see who all of you are going to Minecon is gone, so yeah that's all there is. I made my perfect little chat screen, but of course, if you want your chat screen to cover your and the surveillance and you can put it so that you can just make it so small that you can't? even read it, that's all, thanks for watching, please like and subscribe for more and see you next time

How do you make a window smaller in Minecraft?

then u need to press alt-space, then use one of the options in the popup menu 2 make the window smaller again.

Why is my minecraft not full screen?

When you're on Minecraft just press F11 which is one of the function keys at the top of your keyboard. Or you could go into settings (Minecraft settings) and find the video settings and find the full screen toggle.

Why does the maximize button not work when restarting Minecraft?

Make sure when you restart the game that in the menus your fullscreen is set to off. If not you'll get the same problem every time you restart. ??? ...now the maximize button is enabled. This is a common problem everyone gets, it happens to me (I have Windows 8, Minecraft 1.8.7). Restarting will always work. Highly active question.

How to maximise the window time in Minecraft?

Can't maximise Minecraft window. 1 Open Launcher. 2 click 'edit Profile' Button. 3 activate Checkbox 'JVM Arguments'. 4 next to this checkbox remove the string '-XX:-UseAdaptiveSizePolicy'. 5 save Profile. 6 click 'Play'. 7 ??? 8 Profit.

Can you change the anisotropic filtering in Minecraft?

Can't change anistropic filtering. My game has set my anisotropic filtering to 4, if i try to change it, up or down, my game freezes and eventually I have to close it as it won't do anything, I want to turn it off to improve my fps but I can't, any ideas? First of all, the performance impact isn't that dramatic.

Is there an issue with the game Minecraft?

This is an account/login/download/purchase issue, not a bug with the game. You can try the customer support link below. Michael Wobst added a comment - 02/Dec/20 9:06 PM This issue has been closed as invalid . This is an account/login/download/purchase issue, not a bug with the game.

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