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Cant install directplay - search for solutions

How do I enable DirectPlay in Windows 10?

In the control panel window, select the Programs option. Now, In the Program's dialog box click on the Turn Windows features on or off. In the subsequent window, search for Legacy Components and Click on the Plus Sign. Then You will find the DirectPlay once you find make enable it and click OK.

Hello everybody! This article shows you how to turn off and delete OneDrive in Windows 10. You may need it if you don't use this cloud service or don't need to sync it with your PC and don't want to see it in Windows Explorer. Starting with the Windows 1703 Creators Update Build, OneDrive can be uninstalled as easily as any other application via the Programs and Features menu.

To do this: • Go to Control Panel / Programs and Features • Select Microsoft OneDrive • And click on “Uninstall”. . ”OneDrive will then be deleted from your PC.

There is only one drawback to this method - the empty OneDrive folder will appear in Explorer. If you ever need OneDrive again after such an uninstall, you can do it by running the OneDrive installation file. To do this: • Go to the C: Windows SysWOW64 folder on the 64-bit version of an operating system • or to the folder C: Windows System32, if you have a 32-bit operating system • Find the OneDriveSetup.exe file and double-click it • Then Windows will reinstall OneDrive and it will work again.

You can also uninstall OneDrive from your PC using Registry Editor. To do this: • Go to the Registry Editor by running the regedit command. This can be done with the run window or with the search Windows • In the registry editor go to the next section HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT CLSID {018D5C66-4533-4307-9B53-224DE2ED1FE6} You will find this link and other links to the registry editor in the description. • Double-click on the value System.IsPinnedToNameSpaceTree • Assign the value data '0' • Ok If you have a 64-bit Windows 10 like me, then: • You should also change the value: System.IsPinnedToNameSpaceTree • which can be found here - HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT WOW6432Node CLSID {018D5C66-4533-4307-9B53-224DE2ED1FE6} • Double-click the System.IsPinnedToNameSpaceTree value and change its value data to '0' • After the restart, OneDrive will be deactivated and you will not see it in the Explorer or system tray.

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To get OneDrive back, do the same things but in reverse order. In Windows 10 Professional, Enterprise and Education OneDrive can also be disabled using the Local Group Policy Editor. To do this: • Go to the Local Group Policy Editor, by running the gpedit.msc command, which can be done with Run. • In the left area of ​​the editor, select Computer Configuration / Administrative Templates / Windows Components / OneDrive • Double-click on the setting “Prevent the use of OneDrive to save files” • In the window that opens, select window Activated / Apply / Ok • This will activate the Access to OneDrive disabled and the icon will be removed from the file manager. • After restarting, OneDrive will be disabled and you will not see it in the Explorer or Taskbar. • To enable it, do everything you did before in reverse again Order it out or reinstall it like I just showed.

If you deactivate OneDrive using the Registry Editor or the Local Group Policy Editor, you do not have to uninstall it via the Control Panel, it stays in on your computer, its presence is not shown in any way. The synchronization never takes place. If after deactivating it or uninstalling from OneDrive there are still synced files and you don't need these files, you can simply delete them.

To do this: • Go to this folder: C: Users username OneDrive • Delete the files and folders, that you don't need. • Don't worry, this folder will no longer be synced with OneDrive and all your files will be untouched as they are kept in cloud storage. Only their local copies will be deleted.

That's it for now. Thank you for watching. Leave your comments.

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Should DirectPlay install?

DirectPlay is now a deprecated feature in Windows 10, reserved mostly for running old video games. If you're feeling nostalgic and want to give your favorite childhood games a run, you'll most likely need to install or enable it on your device.

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Even if you've been using Windows forever, there are likely a lot of settings that you never knew were on by default and that you should probably change. These could be settings for privacy, convenience, or just utility in general.I'll go through a number of settings in Windows, particularly Windows 10, that I think you should change right away, including things you should turn off and even features which are good but not on by default there are about 15 of these so hopefully you'll learn at least a few new ones.

Here we go. First, let's go to Windows Update Settings. To get to the main settings window, just click the Start menu, then click the Go to Update & Security, look for 'Advanced options' and then click 'Choose how updates are deployed'.

Here, make sure the setting below is set to 'PCs on my local network'. and NOT the other with PCs on the Internet. What that would do is download parts of f updates from other people who have the update to supposedly speed up the downloads.

But it would also send parts of your updates to other people and consume bandwidth. In your local network it doesn't matter, but you can disable this completely by flipping the switch at the top to off. Next, let's change some WiFi settings.

Back in the main settings window go to Network & Internet and then to the WiFi tab. Under WiFi -Services you will see two options that talk about suggested open hotspots. I would disable both.

Suggested hotspots are supposed to be hotspots Microsoft has identified as 'legit' and this would allow your computer to automatically connect to them you ask first, it's just ridiculous. Below are the settings for Hotspot 2.0, a relatively new technology, but you can leave that on.

I won't go into that in this article. Now we can go through a number of privacy settings and eliminate them all at once. So go to Settings and then to Privacy.

First, let's start on this general tab. You should definitely uncheck the first box, and probably the second check box, as well. These basically allow websites and apps to track you using a unique 'Advertiser ID' in order to learn more about you and show you more relevant ads.

The next one to your language list might not matter, but I just turned it off, if you are using a language other than English you might leave it on. The third setting is also something you may or may not want to turn off. It essentially keeps track of which programs you start the most often so you have a 'most used' feature 'list in the Start menu.

If you don't care, turn it off. The next tab we'll look at is' Speech, Ink, and Input. '' This feature basically records everything you type or say on cortana, the virtual assistant, and apparently use it to get to know you and make better suggestions disable, so just turn that off.

Move on to the Location tab. Right off the bat, if you don't want Windows apps to use your location, turn them off. If you have some apps you want to allow, you can turn the feature on and turn apps on and off in the list one by one after you post have scrolled down.

The next tab is 'Feedback and Diagnostics' which adjusts how Windows tracks you use Windows and then sends it back to Microsoft. Unfortunately, Microsoft isn't making it easy to disable it completely, and that would be beyond the scope of this article to collect them. Otherwise, see what it's chasing.

Browser usage, e.g. For example, what websites you are likely to visit, 'feature usage' which can mean anything, 'write and enter data' which is literally all you type.

So yeah, you REALLY don't want to have it on Full. And maybe you disable the toggle below about bespoke Experiens as well. And finally for privacy settings, these are actually specifically for Cortana.

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To access it, click the Cortana Button, then click the Equipment. Or search for 'Cortana Settings' in the Start menu. want to disable all of these.

If you're using Cortana, you can go through these and change what you'd like to track. But I definitely recommend turning off Cortana on the lock screen, otherwise a person could potentially access a lot of your data even when the computer is locked. Okay, now let's do something about all those pesky notifications that Windows seems to be giving you all the time.

So go to Settings, System, Notifications and Actions. Personally, I wouldn't turn off notifications entirely because they can be useful, but if you see an app that is particularly annoying, you can scroll down and turn off the ability to show notifications. On top of that, you'll probably want to turn off the option to show notifications on the lock screen.

As you know, a notification can sometimes display private information such as email. Also, I would enable the 'Hide notifications when duplicating screen' option. Suppose you're going to a presentation and plugging your computer into a projector, again you don't want to see a notification on the screen with sensitive content that everyone can see.

Now you don't have to worry anymore. Finally, you can turn off notifications for tips and tricks that might be annoying. Speaking of annoying, let's disable the obnoxious 'recommended' apps you see in the Start menu, which are essentially advertisements.

In Settings, go to Personalization, Start and uncheck where 'Occasionally suggestions appear in Start'. Next we want to change a setting under Settings, Games, Game DVR, you almost definitely want to turn off the option that says 'Record in the background while I'm playing a game'. Leaving this enabled means that every time you play a game, even if you don't save it, it will record article all the time, which will use up resources and can seriously affect performance.

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One setting you may want to ENABLE while gaming is Game Mode, which will only appear if you have the latest update version of Windows. This setting could supposedly free up system resources for your games if your computer is really crappy. Though another tech channel, LinusTechTips, did some testing and found that it makes little difference on computers with decent performance and, in this case, could actually decrease performance.

So probably disable it, unless you have a really old computer then it might help. Okay now we've disabled a lot of things so far, so how about if we actually find some nice features on the ENable. First up is a super cool feature called 'Night Light' which can be found in Settings, System, and then the 'Display' tab, but this feature will only appear if you have the latest so called Creators Update.

This feature changes the color of the screen at night so that it is much easier on the eyes and doesn't disrupt your sleep disrupt p planning so much. And it does this by cutting out blue light, which keeps us awake at night longer than we'd like to be In the night light settings you can set the strength of the effect and the time at which it should be activated, including sunset to sunrise. But you need to have Location Services turned on if you want to do this.

If I were you I would literally tune her to the strongest possible setting. Get used to it at night. Here are a few more settings you can enable for Windows Explorer.

Just open any Explorer tab like My Computer or whatever. Click on View at the top, then check the two boxes for 'File Name Extensions'. and 'Hidden Items.' If for some reason these don't show up, you can find the same settings by clicking on Options and then going to the View tab.

The first check box makes sure that for every file on your computer, it will contain the file extension with the file name. So the ENTIRE file name is displayed. This is REAL important for many reasons.

For example, you might download a suspicious file that claims to be a article, but with it you can see that it is actually an exe file, an executable file! Guess this file is almost certainly a virus, the virus maker may even add their own fake file extension like 'virus.mp4' but now you can see that the real name is 'virus.mp4.exe'.

Another example is when you have a folder full of files with the The same icon will not be opened by the same application. That way, you can still see what types of files they are knowing that what you are looking for is a article rather than an image or something like that. The other check box we selected was for Hidden Items.

Maybe you knew this or not, but there are files and folders on your computer that are not visible to you by default. These can be settings files for specific programs or log files. You don't need them, but occasionally you may come across a tutorial that shows you how to fix a program pointing to a hidden file.

If you didn't enable this, you might think the file is gone. Also, viruses often create hidden files for obvious reasons, so the average user has almost no chance of being able to remove everything on their own. So at least it's good to know that these files exist.

And I think that pretty much covers everything. Hope you found this article helpful and maybe learned a thing or two to make Windows better I'm sure there are some I didn't mention. If you'd like to add more, let us know in the comments section.

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If you want to keep looking, here are some more articles that you are going to like, such as: For example, some hidden Windows features and programs you may not be familiar with. And if you want to subscribe, I'll make new articles every Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday. I look forward to hearing from you, so thanks for watching, we'll see you at the next one Time, have fun one.

How do I download DirectPlay?

Step 1 – Download and install DirectPlay:

Go to control Panel settings. Click “Programs” > Programs and features. Click on “turn Window feature on or off”. Double click on the “legacy components”.

Hello and welcome back for this article. This article should show us how to add certain additional features, optional features that are in windows that should not be added during installation, for example the older Dotnet versions or certain language packs, language packs, etc. Option is to go to Settings, okay very just go here, click Settings, if you don't have that, just type SD e TT Yes OK and open the OK basically it's in the system part which is the very first one click system ok above and manage appand functions optional functions okthat will basically tell you which one you currently have ok, if you want it to be ok i want to add a function and then it is scanned to see what features can now be added.

For example, you might want to click on this and then hit install and at some point give it ok.It takes a bit to warm up and start installing, but roughly depending on your Speedok you might need a reboot at the same time or so times there another option where you can do this through the control panel control panel ok ok let's do that and here you have programs and turn windows features on or off, this is the traditional classic view okay where you can then go through all the options you might have , for example the dotnet one you click there click ok and then it will basically start downloading ok this is a bit more efficient ok let's take for example one of these ok english english gb voice recognition click install ok ok install ok and we will go back you will see it installed take your time, give yourself time ste Make sure you did all of your updates first, okay so basically make sure you went here in your settings and it basically says your device is up to date, make sure you do that first did okay that's a problem okay the finale option ok and that's the good old tech geek wait ok the power shelf is ok make sure you run it as admin you have to right click on it okay do it Give us that our PCs are running a little slow since we're running on multiple instances, okay, which means multiple computers are running on one PC at the same time, okay, okay, now that we've installed and running Windows PowerShell we can basically do a search to see what optional features are installable, okay we'll just use one of those commands I typed earlier ok so it's a bit easier what that it will search the list of features that could be enabled, now you need to enable that feature, okay for example in this instance we are going to do dotnetlocated 3 and 2 etc together so it's basically enabled - windows optional feature - online - feature name dotnetFX 3 Okay and then we should set up the Dotnet system on our computer. It takes some time depending on which feature you install through all the layers zerosokay at the same time, once it's done I'll show you how to disable each featureokay and in the end our Dotnet installed three and earlier, okay if we wanted to disable a feature okay, the same, you just tap disabled and that will basically disable it and you also need to get the way the progress meter is like, okay the command we showed before OK, get the optional feature from windows - list all features online and then this is the name you actually use when you put the function name above it, okay for example microsoft hyper-v okaythat would be installed okay let's just take a quick look that all of our features were installed as desired okay go to system here okay then it's absolutefeatures optional features okay and when we see that we have our downloaded speechones, i ie we wanted ok the gb typing etc except those speeches got downloaded once ok let's just go over and we go to the control panel okay programs and t here you can see it is enabled in the.net too

What is DirectPlay?

DirectPlay is a high-level software interface between applications and communication services that allows games to be connected over the Internet, a modem link, or a network. It features a set of tools that allow players to find game sessions and sites to manage the flow of information between hosts and players.

Is there a way to install DirectPlay on Windows 10?

Just restart it to fix Windows 10 can’t install DirectPlay. Solution 2: Download DirectX to enable the DirectPlay. Microsoft DirectPlay has been deprecated. So when you are prompted to download DirectPlay to solve the problem, you only need to download Microsoft DirectX to open the game or program normally.

What is the error code for installing DirectPlay?

Make sure you're connected to the internet and try again. Error code: 0x80070490. Click to expand...

How do I disable DirectPlay on my computer?

Right-click the taskbar and select to open Task Manager. Select the Start-up tab to open a list of programs included in the Windows startup. Select your anti-virus package, and press its Disable button. Restart Windows and install DirectPlay.

Is it necessary to update Windows Live games with DirectPlay?

Restoro has been downloaded by 719,694 readers this month. DirectPlay is an antiquated API library that was a component of earlier DirectX versions. However, Microsoft sidelined DirectPlay in favor of Games for Windows Live. As DirectPlay is obsolete, it’s no longer required to update Windows games.

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