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Can't encrypt folder - answering the questions

Why can't I encrypt my folder?

According to users, if the encrypt folder option is grayed out on your Windows 10 PC, it's possible that the required services aren't running. File encryption relies on the Encrypting File System (EFS) service, and in order to fix this problem, you need to do the following: Press Windows Key + R and enter services.

Hey guys, this is Brad with pc / macdot-com and today we are going to show you how to encrypt a file, decrypt the file and how to back up the automatic encryption certificate that Windows automatically creates to encrypt a file and say something important to you Your banking information I have a little fake folder here folder To show an example you want to right click it, go to Properties, then click Advanced and then check that box that says and Kirke Contents, to see the safe data press ok again ok go back to advanced properties then you can uncheck this box or I will leave it checked for the person of this article but this is how it will now be decrypted.

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If you cannot access your data and get information, these files will be lost. To do this, let's go to the search bar here and type C e RT mg r. a 2ms C this opens the vault certificate console here and you want to go under that little left box here you don't want to go in in person then click on certificates then select the option here where it says encrypt filesystem under the tab for intended Purposes we're going to double whoops, it's not a double click, it will click on it and then we are going to do all the tasks and export from there you will go through the certificate export wizard which basically walks you through the way so that you can access the certificate on their suits and can back it up somewhere.

Next go you may or may not need to export the private key, but it is usually recommended for more security. Next, you need to enter the password that you want to enter. Quickly center one here.

As soon as you are that many players, you can next enter the name, if you want to export the file we call this PC Macexample then we will paste this into the desktop Save the example next Finish the export was successful, close what here then a You can see it's right here and now we can backup to Dropbox or Google Drive or wherever you store your files and that's just the quick article to encrypt and decrypt your files just like we did with the folder here you can go to your file explorer and just under say I don't know, under documents you could go to mygames and do the same, really under every file oh yes that was again a quick tip with pc mac check out some more great ones Videos on our YouTube channel and you can actually read a more detailed article on encrypting and decrypting files on u Our website PC Macomb and we will also have the link for you in the description again

How do I password protect a folder if encrypted is greyed out?

Method 2:
  1. Press Windows + R, then type services. msc.
  2. Double-click on Encrypting File System (EFS), under General change the Startup type to Automatic.
  3. Hit Apply, then OK.
  4. Restart your PC.

Here is a question that a lot of people have been asking me lately, how can I encrypt a file or folder so I can email it to someone without anyone reading it, then they often say that do you need them to work on any computer, Windows or Mac? the encryption has to be strong so that nobody can break into the file and ideally they don't want to pay for it and it has to be free for the person receiving the file - it's always possible, well, the answer is yes and I'll show you how to do it is dave tech rescue solving your computer, internet, and technology problems.

If you have a question, please leave it in the comments and I'll do my best to answer it and remember to subscribe so you don't miss out on my next article where Imight answers your question today in The Question , How can I encrypt a file or folder so that I can email it using free software for Windows or Mac? We're taking a closer look at how they protect their data in the workplace, but it is also due to a growing awareness that we need to think more about how we protect our computers and that we are only storing and sharing more sensitive information than we used to I want to sell you a monthly plan so that you can send files safely, and while these plans have their advantages, like being able to keep track of when your files have been opened or limit how long they are available to you, you may not need them all of these features in this article i am going to show you how to record a file or a single folder with multiple files and protect it with a password this results in a single file that you can attach to an email you Put it in your Dropbox or put a coffee on a memory stick or floppy disk You can then give this file to recipients who will enter the password and unlock the original contents of the file, if someone else gets their hands on the file while it is being sent, they will not be able to break into it because you do not know the password, we will do this by running free software on your computer install and you need to ask the recipient to install some free software on their computer. The most important thing you get here is the type of encryption over the years the big heads big that work on this type of thing has found many sophisticated ways to encrypt data, but once someone declares a code unbreakable, some start as well big brains looking for ways to crack it is currently one of the best encryption methods available everywhere, but nobody. We managed to break that we know of isaes-256.

If someone ever needs to double-check how you are securing your data when you tell them you will aes-256 encrypt your files before sending them, they will be happy that you are using strong encryption. How do we encrypt ours? Files with aes-256well I have two ways to show you this. The main method I am going to show you is to first create something called a ZIP file, if you happen to have Microsoft Office365 or other fice 2016, you can already encrypt individual files, provided that you have created them in Officelet Open a file in Microsoft Word on my Windows computer I can encrypt this file by clicking on file then info then on protect document and encrypt with password then all you have to do is think and enter a password.Please note this note if you do this Forgot password, there is no way to reset it so keep a list of your passwords in a safe place.

Click OK and re-enter the password and now click OK. If we close this document and try to open it again we can only access if we know the password you can do the same thing if you have a Mac with Microsoft Office open a document in Word then go to Tools and click ProtectDocument There are a few possible places where you can set a password. Make sure you look in the first box that is labeled Set a Password to open this document, come up with a password and enter it here, then click OK, repeat the password and click ok, we can close this document now and when we open it again we can only get in if we know the password.

It doesn't matter if you set up this protection on a Windows computer or a Mac, you can turn it to anyone with Windows or Mac, and they can open it on their computer, provided you say one of the passwords and you can get that Protect files that you create in the various Office apps, be it Word Excel or PowerPoint Microsoft has published a website confirming that this password protection actually uses aes-256 encryption and which earlier Office versions can open your protected files the link to this page is available in the description of this article before we move on to using zip files I want to emphasize the importance of the password because you can have the strongest padlock in the world but if you take the key to it everyone can just go with them, take the key and unlock it. For the same reason, if you give someone away, you should ne e-mail an encrypted file, never send an e-mail with the password that you should always use. This password has to be strong.You should use a password of at least eight characters, but ideally it should go with it and it's stronger if it has a mix of uppercase and lowercase numbers and special characters and one more really important thing is making sure your passwords are safe are unique in that when you give someone a password that goes into the protected file that is only for them, you need to know that that password will not put them in a protected file like the one you've created for others now, let's see offers us the most versatile way to send encrypted files using a zip file.

Zip files have long been built into Windows and Mac OS, and they are the perfect way to prepare a file or folder for sending as an attachment had nothing to do with encryption, the zip file was invented to compress a file. So if you had to send a large file to someone, you could compress it to a much smaller size without losing its contents on the Windows computer.You could take a folder with multiple documents, then right click on it and put it in a compressed ZIP -Send folder it can right click the file click extract all and the original files will appear completely untouched.It doesn't have to be a folder, although you can compress a single file into the zip file and you can do the same thing on one Mac do.

Right click any file or folder and click Compress on Create a Zip File to unzip the file, just double click the zip file and you will see the original contents. Now we would like to take this opportunity to create zip files and add our a es 256 encryption. Unfortunately, this is something that isn't built into Windows or Mac, so let's go and show you how to install the software on Windows and we'll encrypt a file that's ready to send, which your recipients on the other end will need to do in order for them to Then open your files on their Windows computer, I'll show you what you need to install on a Mac and encrypt a ZIP file on the Mac, and finally we'll see how your recipients will open your files when they have one Have Mac Don't Forget What Kind of Computer You Have You need to prepare instructions for your recipients for Windows and Mac so they can open your files no matter what type of computer they have Okay, to have an encrypted zip file on a Windows -Computer we're going to be downloading a tool called 7-zip, so open your web browser and go to seven - ziporg The downloads we need are done z above.

We have a choice of 32-bit or 64-bit and I'll show you how to spot that you need to right click the start button and select System, this screen will appear and if you search for system type you will see 32 or 64- Bit My computer is 64 bit let's close this and click the download for 64 bit once it's downloaded click run and click big once it's installed click close now let's look for something to encrypt. Use this file. Right click on the file and you'll see a 7-Zip option that wasn't there before.

Go to 7-Zip and select Add to Archive. This gives us a lot of scary options, but don't worry, we just need to change a few things, check that the filename suggested here looks right, you can change it if you want, then change the archive format to zip then go to the encryption method and choose You aes-256 Now enter the password here and repeat -Enter below, finally click OK and 7-zip will create a new file next to the original. It looks almost the same, but if you right click it and go to properties you will see that it has this yellow icon with a zip file and the file type is a compressed, zipped folder, so that file is encrypted so we can send them to someone else if we want.

Now let's look at encrypting a folder I have a folder with multiple files here all we have to do is right click on the folder itself then go to 7-zip and select display d to do exactly how archive beforehand then make sure we are using zip and aes-256 and enter a password then click ok this will copy the whole folder to a single encrypted zip file that we can send to someone when We'd like to end, if you're sending someone encrypted files, you'll need to give them instructions on how to open the files on their computer because we've encrypted the files that need to be decrypted before they can be used first, if you don't already have them maybe show how to download and install it from the 7-zip website once they have installed 7-zip and downloaded your zip file to their computer, all you have to do is right click on the file and get started up 7-zip, then you have to select one of these extract options. I recommend choosing two extracts and then the filename means everything is kept in a single folder. Next, they will be asked to enter the password w Once you have told them to click OK, the file will be decrypted.

They will remain in a folder that contains all of your original files for them to open. It would be nice if I could say download7-zip for Mac but unfortunately they don't make a version that works On the Mac you'll need a tool called Cakers instead so open your web browser and go to tokake-dot-com to download the Button and wait for it to download then open your Downloads folder and open Caker now all you have to do is drag Caker to your Applications folder and open your finder go to the Applications folder and search for coca drag Caker to your Dock next click on KK The first time you open Caker you will be asked if you are sure you want to open it click Open then the Caker will tell you that it needs access to the storage Click on 'Grant Access' on your Mac then click on' Grant access to KK 'and now this is the screen you normally see when you open KK. I'm going to close this for a moment if you want to expand ypted zip file you just have to open caker.

First, click the cake icon in the dock. We can leave most of these options as they are simple. Make sure you select Zip from the drop down list above and enter a good password here, then repeat the password Make sure this field this is marked for using AES256 encryption Now you need to find the file or folder you want to encrypt.

Drag this onto the cake icon and Keiko will encrypt it with the settings you have chosen. You will then see a ZIP file next to the original. This file is encrypted and you can now securely send this to someone.

Next, let's look at opening the zip file on someone else's Mac, if you want, you can show the recipient how to install cakes, but if they only open the zip files you send them and none create it yourself, there is an easier app to use it's called unarchive err and you can download it for free from the mac app store so we're going to open the app store and look for bond archiver i will now click on get and i just need my apple Enter ID and Password Once the Unarchive ER has been installed we are ready to go I'll right click on the zip file then go to Openwidth and click on the Unarchive ER when I'm happy with the contents To get this location extracted, I just click Extract Now I am asked to enter the password and click Next. There is a new folder with the files we want to see, I chose to use files as they are universally recognized again, but there is a little downside to using Zip look at the folder that I do on Windows converted into an encrypted zip file. Look what happens when I try to double click the zip file Windows tries to open the zip file instead of letting 7-zip decrypt it Windows lets us see the files in it without us having to enter the password now The files themselves are still encrypted so we can't see their contents, but it's worth noting that anyone who gets their hands on the ZIP file can see these filenames tial in the filenames themselves a way to get around this, is to use a different file format instead of Zip.You can encrypt your files using the 7-Zip format, and you can do this with 7-Zip on Windows and Caker on Mac, whether you use the ZIP format or the 7-Zip format.

Use format as long as the person on the other end understands how to open the file being sent so that you can send encrypted files to anyone else for free Using Windows or a Mac Please let me know in the coming tare below with how you goton and if this article helped you give it the thumbs up and if you want to see more tutorials like this one from my future please click the red subscribe button thanks for watching and see you next time

Why can't I click Encrypt contents to secure data?

The encryption option may be grayed out because some registry values are not set properly. To resolve this, follow the steps below. 1. Press Windows + R to open Run dialog and type “regedit" in it to open Registry Editor window.18 mei 2021

techshop is a proud member of the techpodcast network tech podcast com if it's technical it's here I want to keep the man out of your personal files I'll show you different ways you can protect your data with encryption stay tuned this episode of Tech Chop will get you started presented by gotomeeting with HD faces welcome to episode 14 of Tech Shop I of course in PaulBauer and Kate twitter com / l de pabloin this episode I will show you different ways to protect your data with encryption, whether you use your email, want to protect a few sensitive files or your entire hard drive protect you might drive yourself saying Paul it's not that i work for the CIA why should i need encryption, the answer is pretty simple i have two words for you identity theft your Ears a little awake yes Identity theft is a huge buzzword that you almost hear in the N hear the news and commercials hear every day it's an increasing epidemic to protect yourself from, think about how much sensitive information you have on your computer tax information banking information all some of what you need to keep it safe Phillip Zimmerman, the creator of PGP, the most widely used email encryption software in the world, once asked this question to those who saw no need for encryption, maybe the youngsters think that your email is legitimate enough, that Christian is unjustified, if you are genuinely law-abiding citizens with nothing to hide then why don't you always send your paper mail and postcards then why don't you submit to a drug test upon request wyd request a search warrant in your house you are trying to hide something you must be a subversive drug dealer if you are hiding your mail in envelopes or maybe paranoid? Nonetheless, law-abiding citizens have a need to encrypt their emails, we know that sending a letter in an envelope is not in itself a sneaky act.

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We just don't want strangers to poke their noses where they don't belong.The things you do on your computer are the digital equivalent of sending snail mail after giving birth to everyone between you anyone and the destination could possibly take the posthard to read it What if this postcard had sensitive information, I have your attention, so what can we protect pretty much anything with encryption? Here's what I'm going to show you today, I'm going to show you how to protect the files on your computer and even protect your entire hard drive, I'll also tell you how to protect your communications through email, instant messengers, and even internet phones. Are you ready? or even just a director that you want to protect in Windows first a ZFS or an encrypting file system EFS is built into the Microsoft NTFS file system It's available for all versions of Windows since Windows 2000 It's easy to use Right-click on the file or folder you want to protect, select Properties from Advanced and then check a box and you will see that all files that are encrypted are now shown in green font EFS is transparent to the user when you click on double-click a file it is decrypted on the fly when it is closed is encrypted again the encryption keys used are protected by the user's Windows credentials If an administrator changes the user password, the encryption keys are lost and the files cannot be recovered so be prepared Right with that, if you want to use something other than the built-in EFS encryption, you can also use a really cool open source program called Truecrypt.

True Grip can protect individual files in interesting ways. Basically, it can create encrypted virtual volumes that like look like a regular fly that you can mount if you want, you may need a key file to mount the encrypted volume for two-factor authentication. Once the volume is mounted, you can save your documents in an encrypted volume, e.g.

B. EFS, once the volume is mounted Files are decrypted on the fly, if you open Truecrypt, you can also create Hidden Volume with a different password.If someone did it to ask your head for your password, you can give them that Give password to the fake volume that opens another virtual encrypted volume with a bunch of random things in it that you don't really care, your sensitive stuff will be safe and hidden in another layer pretty tricky right truecrypt is available for windows linux since we're talking about Truecrypt.

Let's talk about full disk encryption. That said, every single bit of data on your hard drive is encrypted, even the operating system encrypting your hard drive is really great because it protects your computer from encryption if the administrator account is compromised with an offline password reset, which is a very common one Method for bad guys is to get into your computer, let's say you are at Astarbucks and you are running to the bathroom quickly and while you are there some guys swipe the laptop out of your pocket that you can rest assured your data Safe, when this guy boots up your laptop, he'll be prompted for a password that you can't crack if you try to bypass the security with a boot floppy disk, the hard drive looks like a blank disc. Surely you have one lost cheap laptop but at least they didn't get your banking information or something else more valuable to Windows users Truecrypt has the ability to fully encrypt your hard drive Windows and allit require a password at boot time to decrypt the drive and access this feature, and Truecrypt is currently only available for Windows and will not work with Linux or Mac version Windows users Since WindowsVista was also able to encrypt their entire hard drive, the use of BitLockerBitLocker is only available in the more expensive Enterprise and Ultimate versions of Windows and there are also some processor requirements if you don't have the right CPU or the money for Enterprise or Ultimate Instead, a good alternative to Truecrypt or BitLocker and Windows hard drive on pset compusec is a real ly fantastic free encryption sweetie that not only offers full hard drive encryption but also allows you to encrypt third party media on your system , how CDs and DVDs as well as many other free tools here in a number of Linux users and you want to encrypt your hard drive which to think about when you first set it up because this is the easiest way to get it done with an atypical Ubuntu To reach installation disc, you can choose to encrypt your hard drive if you want to do it later, there is a process but it's kind of a thrill for you Mac users or at Least Lionuser Apple has File Balt Food, the XTS introduces aes-128, fits full disk encryption FileVault 2 and the original file vault also allows you both to encrypt all files in your home directory, much like EFS Canon window, now we know how to encrypt our computer files next We will discuss encrypting our communications with others, but it is important that the first sponsor is able to provide an N Name a face to the way we do business, but unfortunately it can be impossible to meet all of your clients and colleagues in person.

That is why we recommend that you meet with HD faces. With gotomeeting from Citrix, you can meet face-to-face from anywhere in the world. All it takes is a webcam and clip to collaborate in a group HD article You can see your participants from I to I as you collaborate on documents in real time You instantly feel connected with one of your thousands of miles apart + gotomeeting is easy to set up and easy to use I've used gotomeeting for article conferencing and it's just amazing with HD article it's almost as if the person is in the room with you right now start your own personal online meetings today with gotomeeting TechShopviewer can do it for free for 30 days testing.

Don't wait for the special offer visitgoto meeting.com hit the 'try it for free' button and use the promo code podcasts be sure to use the promo code podcast in the first part of this episode where we talked about file encryption and full hard drive Encryption It is now our turn to keep our online communication secret. First, let's see if you're using Microsoft Exchange, e.g.

B. Your administrator has set it up correctly. When you access your e-mail box over the Internet or through outlets, the connection from you to the mail server is encrypted by testing yourself, what? happens when you send an email to your friend's Gmail account while she's on the go, it is sent over the standard SMTP port 25, which is a lot of text meaning anyone using the network between your Sniffing mail server and its mail server, can capture what you're sending straight from the wire I'll postcards let's say an envelope over our postcard we should do for it, even though both the person you're sending to and you are set up to send encrypted emails There are two main ways to send encrypted email.

The first one involves SSL Certificates and Certification Authorities It's called smine, this is a good kind app and about getting set up properly so I won't explain, but here I am letting you know that you will get free SSL Certificates for this right from the start AlternativeThis is fully compatible PGP called gpgor The new privacy protection gpg is pre-installed with a number of Linux and other distributions, but you can also download a Windows version for Mac users You can download mac GP, but gpg lets you use an encrypted private key and creating a public key that you can pass on to people is actually great if you want to send an encrypted e-mail you first encrypt your message with a unique session key, which turns your text into a random pile of nonsense the session key is then with encrypted with the recipient's public key elt and then the only thing that can decrypt something that has been encrypted with a specific public key is the associated private key. When the recipient receives the message, they decrypt the session key with a private key and then can the message with the session key decrypt the message is intercepted in transit.All badguys are given a random bunch of letters and characters all shuffled together when you decide to send encrypted email.You can follow my blog post on setting up a PGP keyserver with it Your friends can easily save their public keys and others will be able to check them next.

Instant messengers just like email. When you send an instant message, your transmissions can be intercepted or they can be signed in to the instant messenger server to protect themselves from both of which I recommend the use An open source instant messenger client called Taube Taube supports MSN Yahoo gtalk a manso you can continue to use your favorite IMservice Taube itself does not encrypt instant messages, but there is a plugin for Taube that works with gpg with the plugin, you can create a private and public key pair and automatically send your public key to other users who have the plugin.If the person you are chatting with also has a plugin, you will see a notification and you can both encrypt your conversation using the plugin an end-to-end encrypted conversation and nothing you write can be intercepted or taken from my own server logs finally let's talk a bit about guys the new hotness for phone service is invalid or voice over ip Many services cater to boys one way or another free to i'm most instant messenger there is one free sen voice chat service so you can talk to your friends most of the time indeed vulnerable to recent eavesdropping on the news avoid conversations between the FBI and Scotland Yard intercepted by the hacking group Anonymous and posted on the internet so yes this threat is real broadcast good, that is, if the other person has also closed what you want to encrypt your gtal k Conversation WellPhillip Zimmerman, the creator of PGP, has a working solution called Phoneit is currently in beta and was tested with gtalk msn messenger yahoomessenger magic jack and it, but callers have to use zphone for it to work but they can use it over their existing void service to encrypt calls which makes this tool really badass I think I have all tricks for encrypting drugs exhausted when you think of other cool tools programs or services that offer some form of encryption, let us know in the comments, also if you have any questions about the programs follow let me know in the comments or email me at Techshop com Don't forget some of our Watch sister broadcasts on tech podcast network and also follow me on twitter I'm with Elde Pablo I'll see you next time for your prescribed dose I'm tech shop just right click on the file or folder create a private and public one Key pair with the plug-in you can do it just sew it in with the plug-in peas with the plug-in private public key pair say that ten times fast the connection from your e-mail server from here is really hard It's really long, okay a brother can do it get a few subscribers here?

How do I encrypt a folder in Windows 10?

How To Encrypt Files (Windows 10)
  1. Right-click on the folder or file you want to encrypt.
  2. Select Properties from the drop-down menu.
  3. At the bottom of the dialogue box, click Advanced.
  4. Under "Compress or Encrypt attributes," check the box for "Encrypt contents to secure data." ...
  5. Click OK.
  6. Click Apply.

How do you encrypt a folder in Windows 10?

Right-click the folder or file you want to encrypt, and then click Properties. In the General tab, click on the Advanced button. Check the Encrypt contents to secure data box, and click on OK. Click OK and close Properties window. Apply changes to the folder, subfolders and files when prompted.

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Is it possible to encrypt files on a PC?

File encryption is the best method to protect your files, however, many users reported that the encrypt folder option is grayed out. If you can’t encrypt files on your PC, perhaps you can fix this problem using one of our solutions.

How do you remove encryption from a file?

If you’re encrypting a file, you’ll be asked if you’d like to encrypt the entire folder. Select the option that works best for you, then click Okay. To remove encryption from a file or folder, follow the first three steps in the encryption process above and deselect the box: Encrypt contents to secure data.

How do you encrypt a file on a CD?

Open ‘cmd‘ from the start menu and change your working directory to the folder where your files are. This can be done by using the “cd”. E.g. C:>cd Desktop C:>cd specific Type ‘cipher /E’ and press Enter. E.g. C:specific>cipher /E and automatically the command prompt encrypt the files in the folder.

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