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Can't create homegroup - pragmatic solutions

Why can't I create a homegroup?

In the local services list find "Peer network grouping", "Peer network identity manager", "Homegroup listener" and "Homegroup provider". Check if those services are enabled or set to "Automatic". If not, then start them and set them to "Automatic".

can't create homegroup

Open this, go to the View tab and open the options on the far right and click Change Folder and Search Options click View Tab scroll down Now we're done with the settings let's create a homegroup now right click on the start menu go back to the control panel and under network and internet you have this option create homegroup next shared and document will not be shared you can decide whether you want to share it next or not created a password that we have to enter in the other pc i will mine write down this password and switch to the other pc m on a soosPC I'll show you how to join the homegroup that was created on the other laptop in the start menu, right click and go to control panel and click under network and Join Internet on Homegroup Now Next decide what you want to share libraries and folders default remainder are all set to shared and documents to not shared I choose shared and next I have to enter the password that I wrote down from the other pc I pasted it next yes we are now Part of the Homegroup Let me show you how to access the Homegroup I double click this PC icon on my desktop and under Users on the left we see we have Homegroup let's expand this open the Homegroup This is my PC we double click on it and these are the document music pictures and articles shared from this pc on the network as you can see these are the file folders of my C user homegroup document folder this was a way to share documents through homegroup. Let me show you the other way software folder ondesktop let me right click it and share with there are two options either just grant view permission or view and edit I choose view and edit, if you use this method to share, click just right click on the folder again and go to properties and make sure it shows the tab 'sub-sharing' you go to advanced sharing and show - share this folder option is checked apply and go ahead let me guide you show now how i can access this ADB software on my other system welcome back now to access the folder i shared from the other pc i have to go to the network and here are the asus pcuser and i am suz desktop again and this is the ADB software that I can access that is super quick and easy too pursue was. Plus, it's a safe way to share files and documents if you want to learn how to connect multiple PCs using the Windows Explorer method that I've got a separate tutorial on that and you can also check out how to connect using another method again connect to the network.

I have separate tutorials on this. The link in the description of this article was like, I look forward to your comments and thank you for your time

How do I create a new homegroup when already exists?

  1. Go to Network and sharing center. Change network type from Home to Public. Click Close.
  2. Click "Change Advanced sharing settings". Click OK or Cancel.
  3. Change network type back to "Home" and then press Next.
  4. After this you may create a a new Homegroup automatically.

Can't connect to a homegroup Windows 7?

Run the Troubleshooter

Just click on Start, type in troubleshoot and then click on the HomeGroup option. In Windows 7, click on View All to see a list of all the troubleshooters. It will automatically check all the settings required for the homegroup to function properly and tell you whether there is a problem or not.

How do I create a HomeGroup on my computer?

Click the network icon in the notification area of your taskbar, click the network you want to connect to, and then click Connect. You might be required to enter a network security key. After you've connected to the network, you can join a homegroup if one exists on your network.

Why is there no homegroup in Windows 10?

FIX: Can not join or create homegroup on Windows 10. If the issue is with your Computer or a Laptop you should try using Reimage Plus which can scan the repositories and replace corrupt and missing files. This works in most cases, where the issue is originated due to a system corruption.

Can you create HomeGroup on Windows RT 8.1?

You can get to libraries and devices on other homegroup PCs, but you can't share your own libraries and devices with the homegroup. You can join a homegroup on a PC running Windows RT 8.1, but you can't create a homegroup or share content with the homegroup.

Do you need a password to join a HomeGroup?

To join a homegroup, you will need the homegroup password, which you can get from the PC that created the homegroup or any PC already joined to the homegroup. When a PC joins a homegroup, all user accounts (except guest account) on the PC become members of the homegroup.

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