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Broadband connection blocked - solutions to the problems

How do I unblock broadband connection?

Click on the 'Start menu' of your computer and select 'Control Panel.' Highlight the Security tab and select 'Allow a program through Windows Firewall.' Check the connection in the 'Exception' box to unblock.

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How to block Internet access on a LAN network computer Without disabling your LAN connection, block Internet access

How can I fix my broadband connection?

Here's how:
  1. Unplug the power cord from the back of your gateway or modem. If you have: ...
  2. Wait 20 seconds.
  3. Put the internal battery back in, if applicable.
  4. Plug the power cord back in. ...
  5. Wait up to 10 minutes for the gateway or modem to reboot and your Broadband light to turn solid green.

Are you having problems with your internet? Don't worry, we'll do our best to get you back up and running as soon as possible. In this article, we'll walk you through six simple steps to help you figure out what's wrong. It pays to have your quick start guide on hand.

If you are a new customer or a moving company, we will send you an SMS when your broadband is available. Please note that this can take until midnight. So make sure your broadband connections are active before setting up your router.

Next, let's take a look at your landline connection. Using the filter supplied, plug your telephone into the telephone socket and check whether a dial tone can be heard and the line does not crackle. If you don't hear a dial tone or it crackles online, call it right from your cell phone.

Assuming your phone line is fine, turn your router off and then back on. Do the same with all other devices to make sure the router isn't causing the problem. If that doesn't work, pause this article for a second and visit this link to see if there are any major issues in your area.

But remember, if that's not the problem with the comeback, keep looking because we still have a few more troubleshooting tips. Right, plug and cable. We recommend that you only use the new plugs and cables that came with your router.

You also need to make sure that they are all connected properly and that your router has power. If your router is not working at all, contact us and we will help you. To get the most stable connection, it's always best to plug your router into the master socket, which is the jack that your line goes into the property.

If your master socket looks like this, then you should be filtering it, but if it does, you should plug your router and phone straight into the socket. After checking that everything is set up and connected properly, check the lights on your router. They should be solid green.

If they aren't solid green or red, see your quick start guide to see what the lights mean, then give us a call. First, make sure you are connecting to the correct WiFi network. If you can see the name of your wireless network, choose Connect or Join on your wireless device.

When prompted, enter the WiFi password printed on the Keep Me card that came with the router. Now let's check if there is an issue with your WiFi. If you have a device with an Ethernet port, e.g.

For example, connect a laptop directly to the router as follows. You received an ethernet cable with your router. Plug one end of the Ethernet cable into one of the yellow Ethernet sockets on the back of your router.

Plug the other end into the Ethernet socket on your device. If you can access the internet when you plug it in, there is likely a problem with your WiFi. This problem can be caused by interference from other wireless networks near your home.

Changing the channel on your router can help resolve the problem. To do this, simply press the intelligent WiFi button on your router. If you look like any of these options.

Press this briefly and your router will check that it is using the best WiFi channel and swap it out if it is not. The location of your router in your home can also affect the strength of your WiFi signal. You can find more information on this here.

Sometimes the cabling between the master socket and any expansion sockets in the house can cause connection problems. We therefore recommend that you always connect your router to the master socket. If this improves your connection but your WiFi isn't reaching every room in your house, you can boost your WiFi signal with a WiFi extender.

If you continue to have problems, there may be a problem with the internal wiring in your home. To find out for sure, connect directly to the openreach test socket. To do this, disconnect your router from the mains and make sure that nothing at all is connected to the telephone socket.

Loosen the two screws on the lower half of the base, remove the faceplate from the lower half of the base, being careful not to move any wires. You can find this openreach test socket behind the front panel. Insert the filter with broadband cable connection here.

If the connection works, it suggests that you have a problem with your home's internal wiring. Therefore, contact a qualified electrician. / Hopefully we have resolved all issues and your device is now connected to your router.

If you continue to have connection problems, please contact us.

Why is my broadband blocked?

Malware or viruses that enter your PC via a downloaded file, infected USB drive or some malicious file. These viruses can change your network and browser settings, which in turn gives you, “Your internet access is blocked” error.

Hey guys, what's up, this is Masroor here from Maaz Tech, today I'm going to show you how to stop people from using your WiFi connection, now before we start we have to break off two things, first you have to in order to know the router's username and password and secondly, you need to have this software called Wireless Network Watcher. I have provided the download link below see if there are any people using our internet to identify this! We're going to use this wireless network watcher software and see if there are any people we want to get rid of, okay! If you are 100% sure that you want to get rid of this particular guy who is using your internet, you can click the button and jump to the blocking part of my article. So let's open up the wireless network watcher.

So this software shows the users who are connected to your network. The users mentioned here are connected to my network and here I am. It says your computer and this is my router and there are two other people connected to my internet.

Suppose this guy is an outsider who hacked into my internet and I need to get rid of him, so I'll use his MAC address to do that. The MAC address is the tool used to block people. So this MAC address is basically the address of its network adapter, which is basically like an IP address. and block that particular guy.

Go to your browser and type, hit enter.

Alright, now we are presented with this dialog box asking for your username and password of your router, so mine is admin and the password is also it's a password. * Laughs * very easy, you can add your username and password in the link below check. Assuming you haven't changed it before you can find your default username and password in the link below.

So, let's press Register, now I'm shown with this router setting. Different router settings exist for different routers, in my case to block people I have to go to interface setup, wireless, and this is where I have to go. Wireless MAC address filter.

Well what you need to find is to find this feature on most routers, it may not apply to some routers, but in most cases you can always find it. This now means that the MAC address of devices is blocked or allowed. For example it is disabled, first we enable it and then there are two other functions.

Now if I say allow, the MAC addresses below can connect to this network and block the rest of the other devices. If I say deny now, these MAC addresses will be denied by devices and allow other users to connect to this network. In my case, I need to block this particular type.

So I'm going to refuse the assignment, so just let me remove all of this. Alright now I need to block this type, this particular type, so right click on it, go to HTML Report Selected Items and now you might want to put that on the left and copy that MAC address, copy it and paste them in. Okay, so that's the MAC address of this particular guy, I want to get rid of it, right? So I say Deny Association, so what this is going to do is deny that particular guy to connect to my internet connection.

So when I say save it gets kicked off my internet. So let's go ahead and save hit save, this guy will be rejected so let's see if this guy gets kicked out. Liteon Technology Corporation, let's see if it's still there.

As you can see it scans the whole ip address and looks for people stop the guy won't be there, as you can see the guy got kicked out, he was only there 3 seconds ago, I mean 10 seconds ago, and now is It's gone. Just because we denied people from connecting to your internet can you perform many functions with it. Assuming you want to have a monopoly connection on your internet you can always put your own MAC address here, in my case it would be E8 DE 27 I need to put this in here and then all of the internet connection will be assigned to my device.

That way I can monopoly. And suppose if you just want to add two or three more users to your network, suppose your family members can put their MAC addresses here. There are around 10 options, you can connect 10 users to this network and the rest of the people will be rejected, no matter if they have a password, if they were somehow hacked into your password or learned of your password, anyway they will be rejected.

This is a cool feature for blocking people legally. I hope you found this article useful. I like it and will subscribe to more articles in the future.

Thanks for watching, see you in my next article.

What to do if your Internet access is blocked?

Check the Internet Connection 1 Check the Internet Connection #Reboot your computer. 2 Restart your router and modem. 3 Use the LAN cable rather than Wi-Fi. 4 Boot your PC to Safe Mode with Networking and connect the Internet again. 5 Run Windows Troubleshooter to detect and fix the network issues. 6 Update the firmware of the router or modem.

How to fix broadband connection problems in Windows 8?

Troubleshooting broadband connection issues in Windows 8 Read and follow each step in order until a resolution to the issue is found. Step 1: Using Microsoft System Restore to troubleshoot broadband Internet problems in Windows 8 Microsoft System Restore uses automatically-saved information to restore your computer to a certain point in time.

Why do I have a problem with my broadband?

Broadband needs a working phone line. Check you can make a phone call and that there's no noise on the line. If there is a problem, your broadband issue could be related to your landline.

Why does Google Chrome Say my internet is blocked?

However, firewalls can block your Wi-Fi and prevent you from connecting to the Internet. When using Google Chrome to visit some websites, you will get the following error message: “ Your Internet access is blocked. Firewall or antivirus software may have blocked the connection.

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