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Backspace is slow - how to solve

Why is my backspace so slow?

Backspace is always slow, because of the whole Sticky keys and accessibility built into windows. Quickest way of deleting a word or group of words has always been the mouse highlight then hit delete. bro67 said: Backspace is always slow, because of the whole Sticky keys and accessibility built into windows.

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How do you fix a backspace problem?

Follow these to turn off these two feature to get your backspace work again:
  1. Type ease in the search box from Start. Then click Ease of Access keyboard settings.
  2. Make sure the status of Sticky Keys and Filter Keys are all set to Off. If you see On, switch to Off.
  3. Your backspace key should work now.

Hi friends, welcome to a new series of tutorials from tech pros, today we're going to show you how to easily re-insert the spacebar or any other key on your laptopTools you'll need a flat little screwdriver and tweezers, let's say you one for some basic If you have a misplaced or removed space bar on your laptop, gently insert the screwdriver under the space bar and lift it up, then pull it from either side with your fingers until you hear a click when you see the space bar removed see two metal rods, look at the top hooks that the hinges slide into, we also have two holes on each side that is where the metal rods fit. here we see the plastic hinges, they are the same with the other keys, so the technique is to reset them , the same .we take it off to show you how to put it back Now take the tweezers and grab it this way you need to put the bottom pins into the hooks and then use your scr to hold the ewdriver and press the top of the hinge with the back of your tweezers.

Test it if it is tight. Now take the space bar and try to put the bottom bars in the holes first. Remember the top hooks need to slide into the pins then put the other rod in the holes it will sit in place, play with it a bit and give it a pretty firm pressure, but not too strong, we don't want to break it and that's it , we're done, thanks for watching, check out my other articles and don't forget to subscribe!

Why is my keyboard typing so slowly?

Many factors make typing feel out of sync on Windows devices. A slow computer, faulty USB ports, outdated keyboard drivers, and misconfigured keyboard settings are a few of the reasons for keyboard lag.20 mei 2021

It happens to everyone. You buy a brand new computer and when you start it up for the first time you are amazed at how fast it is. But then ... go by a few years or even months, and before you know it, the computer is struggling to even run basic programs.

What happened? Well, there are many reasons a computer can slow down over time, but I've bought a list of ten things you can do in Windows to hopefully make it run more like the first time around. And don't worry, these are all simple and free things you can do right now. Some of these may seem obvious, but others may not.

So, let's go. First and foremost, clean out your startup programs AND services; this must be the main cause of slowdowns over time, so think about it. As time goes on and you install new programs, many of them start up with Windows.

And if you don't close them, more and more programs will be running in the background, consuming resources. But don't think that's just because you don't see a lot of programs in the system tray, not a lot of programs running in the background. In Windows 8 and 10, you can open Task Manager by pressing Ctrl + Shift + Esc and going to the Start tab to see ALL programs that start with Windows.

On Windows 7 and earlier, go to the start menu and run 'msconfig'. Right click and disable any programs you don't need right away. Of course, you can always run them manually, but they don't need to be started.

This is where most of the people screw up. Because the start tab isn't the end of the story. Because many programs install what are called 'services' which are still programs that run in the background but you never see them.

So number two is to go through these startup services and disable any unneeded services. You can do this by going to the start menu and running 'Services.msc' you will get a list of all the services, and any that say 'automatically' will start with Windows right clicking on them and changing the startup type to 'manual', so that they only run when the program is started.

Remember that you should be more careful about disabling these programs, especially programs that you do not necessarily run manually - for example, disabling the printer service the next time you print can cause problems, so only disable services from those They know you don't have to run them in the background, which is also great for programs that keep starting, but you can't find it in the startup list. It is, in fact, probably a service. Now quick, as a number '2.5' so to speak, which is pretty reasonable and goes one and two, but uninstall any unused programs on disk space and remove startup junk without going through the entire list of startup programs and services to get around find out what each one is doing.

Okay number three, another simple task that hopefully you're already doing is scanning for malware and viruses Your computer is always running.If it's slow for no apparent reason, it is possible that malicious software hidden in the background is running from the display from advertising to using your computer resources in a botnet. Now there are both free and paid antivirus options, and free versions of paid ones.

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These include Avast, AVG, Bitdefender, and Malwarebytes. For paid programs, I personally use Eset Smart Security and I am satisfied with it. Even if your computer isn't running slowly, you should have some kind of antivirus on your computer, for reasons I've covered in many other articles.

Ok, number four is quick and easy, and that disables Windows animations. One way to do this is to go to the Ease of Access Settings window and tick the box. If possible, turn off any unnecessary animations.

You can also choose Control Panel> System> Advanced System Settings> Performance Settings and customize the animations to use. You can choose the best performance, which disables all, or choose and choose. This will likely make the biggest difference on low power computers.

Next, number five is to keep all of your software up to date. This includes Windows itself, your graphics drivers, and anything else you use on a regular basis. They often release new updates that optimize performance as well as improve security.

Plus, it's just good practice. Number Six. Check Your Power Settings! Especially on laptops, the default setting may be set to 'Balanced' or even 'Sleep' which is good for saving energy. but it will also slow down your computer significantly.

Instead, you might want to change it to high performance, definitely when you're on a desktop and maybe only on a laptop when you're plugged in. I learned this the hard way a couple of years ago I got a brand new laptop that was really meant to be high end. But when I got it, it was SO slow, I couldn't figure out why.

After a few days I finally realized it was in low power mode and when I switched to high performance it was THEN lightning fast, so be sure to check that out. Okay, we're getting a little more technical now, but don't worry, the number So seven is to check your hard drive for errors. You can do this in several ways.

First, you can check the reported health of the hard drive by going to the command prompt, i.e. typing CMD in the start menu.

Then type in 'WMIC' and then 'diskdrive get status'. If they all say OK, one for each hard drive, it means that there aren't any immediate fatal errors that it at least thinks about. If it says anything other than OK then one of your drives may be having problems and you should REPLACE it.

The other way to check for drive errors is to go to the command prompt and run the CheckDisk command by typing 'CHKDSK / f' which will look for errors on your drive and try to fix errors. In turn, if you keep getting a lot of errors, it could mean your drive is failing. This is why you always want to make a backup.

ALWAYS! Number eight. Check Windows file integrity. At the good ol 'command prompt, type' SFC / scannow 'to get t.

Run System File Checker will try to find any system files that are missing or damaged and attempt to repair them. Now there are a lot of opportunities for error messages he might spit out for you. So when you get one you'll just have to google it yourself, ok? I'm not going to help everyone with every random bug they get because I wouldn't know what they are without looking them up too.

Go to number nine. Check for memory errors Memory, it can cause ALL kinds of weird problems that you might never have suspected were related to your RAM. To do this, go to the start menu and look for 'Windows Memory Diagnostic'.

Now, careful, don't hit 'restart now' unless you actually want to restart this second. You'd probably prefer to check the next time you start up and restart whenever you want. After rebooting, it should just start automatically and let you know if something happens.

Or if you want to continue you can use 'F1' to change the test settings, but that's not really necessary.If you're getting a lot of errors, it could mean your RAM is not sitting properly or one of the sticks is defective and needs to be replaced . If the RAM is indeed bad, swapping is really the only option, although there are a couple of non-free things I'll mention in a moment.

So number ten is to just destroy it and start over. Reformat the hard drive and reinstall Windows from scratch. This is obviously the most extreme option, but when you're constantly having problems that you can't seem to fix, reinstalling Windows is often the best way to go.

Explaining how to reformat and reinstall Windows is beyond the scope of this article, and if you have no idea what I'm talking about then it is probably NOT something you should be doing. But this list would not be complete without them. Next up are a couple of bonus options, but these actually involve purchasing new hardware, so they're not free.

First, you can buy an SSD to replace your main hard drive small and just boot Windows from it, but SSDs are much cheaper today to get a big one. Let me just tell you that there is probably nothing that will make your computer run faster than an SSD 'not ancient, and once you have one you will never want to come back. The other thing you can do is MAYBE buy more memory depending on how much you have now.

If you have 8GB of RAM or less, and you don't just check your email and type in Word documents, you could probably benefit from getting more. However, I definitely think it would be much more beneficial to get an SSD first. And no unfortunately you can't just download more RAM, how great I think that sums it all up, these should be some great things to try if your computer is running slower than it should be.

If there's anything I forget, please let me know, so maybe leave a comment with any tips you think will also help couple of other articles, you can click these even when you're on the phone. And if you want to subscribe I make new articles every Tuesday, Thursday Saturday. Also consider clicking the bell next to the subscribe button to get notifications as youtube's algorithm probably won't show you my new articles so again i look forward to hearing from you so thanks for watching i will see you next time, enjoy yourself.

How do I fix slow reacting keyboard?

To make sure you've disabled Filter Keys:
  1. On your keyboard, press the Windows logo key and type filter out. Then click on Filter out repeated unintentional keystrokes.
  2. Make sure the Use Filter Keys toggle is Off.
  3. Now check on your keyboard and see if this keyboard slow response issue has been sorted. If yes, then great!

But he guessed it was a joke and asked if I could do some tests. At first I thought I could just use an Arduino and send a keystroke to the PC, so that should be good enough to test if this tweak was affecting the keyboard's input lag.

However, since I would not be using a real keyboard, I was concerned that this could give ambiguous results to input lag of a keyboard, then I would have to use a real keyboard and not simulate one with an Arduino. So by using a keyboard I would not only ensure that I get lifelike results, I could then run more tests, such as polling rates affecting the input lag test when the interrupt communication n of the PS / 2 Port really has less input lag than USB, but what do I need to test input lag on a keyboard? I used to use a Logitech G402 gaming mouse to test input lag with gaming monitors, as well as ego -Shooter and fighting games. It was pretty easy to prepare the mouse for input lag testing as I only had to plug an LED directly into the left mouse button switch as this will provide the voltage needed to power the LED.

To measure the key-to-pixel input or lag of a game, all I have to do is point my high-speed camera at the monitor and press the left mouse button. In the high-speed footage captured, I then look for the image in which the LED turns on, and then I count the frames until I see the action triggered by that input, which then gives me the delay between the button being pressed and the pixel gives. What I really like about this testing method is that I get lifelike results as I am using real gaming components rather than simulating them.His testing method shows the Button To Pixel delay affecting a gamer and I wanted the same thing from got my keyboard input delay tests.

Unfortunately that turned out to be much more difficult. If you were to take your keyboard apart, chances are you might find rubber domes and membranes like these on my Logitech G19 and my Logitech G213. My testing method doesn't quite work on these because I don't have the tools needed to connect wires here.

Fortunately, there are also mechanical keyboards that have a switch under each key. So all I need is my soldering iron and get to work. But there is another problem.

While the switch in my Logitech G402 gaming mouse provides enough voltage to power the LED, the switches here in the keyboard don't. So I can't just plug my LED into one of these switches and start testing. This is how I got around this problem.

I bought a small plastic box and a 2 pin push button, then I connected 2 wires to the pins of the 'A' switch on the back of the keyboard board which you can see in this picture here. So if I now press the key on my external box, the keyboard thinks that I have pressed the A key. It doesn't know I didn't actually press the A key on the keyboard.

Now I can trigger an input. But to measure the delay, I also need a visual signal that the input has been triggered. This is where the 2nd pole of this button comes into play, as I use it to turn on an LED that is powered by a USB charger.

There is also a resistor as the 5 volts of the charger would kill the LED but I chose not to include this in this drawing to keep it simple to keep it simple, having not touched the switch of the A button, I can always use that button still use and it works fine. But when I press the button on my external box then the LED turns on and I get the letter A here inside notepadas the keyboard thinks I pressed the A key. Now that I had a working setup for the keyboard input lag test, all I had to do was point my high-speed camera at the monitor, run my tests, and then check the high-speed footage to get the delays.

Now, a side effect of my testing method is that I've completely removed the keyboard switches from the equation. This means that the delays I measure are not affected by how hard or fast you can press a key, or if your keyboard uses Cherry MX black, red, brown, or speed switches, all of which have a different feel as well as actuation travel and - have power. So I think it is a good thing that my testing method is focused on the delay that occurs after the switch triggers the input as this will give us the basic delay that there is nothing you can do about it.

The delay coming from the switch, e.g. B. how hard you can press the switch or what type of switch you have in your keyboard is literally in your own hands.

So far I've only talked about what it takes to take the test, which I'm sorry. But I think it's important to explain my testing method to avoid confusion. Also my patrons and subscribers who m.

My work in progress on Twitter and Facebook asked for a thorough explanation of my testing method. I hope you can understand why I did this. What exactly have I tested now? Modern keyboards use a USB port that offers polling rates of 125, 250, 500 and 1000 Hz.

At a polling rate of 125 Hz, the PC asks the keyboard 125 times per second for its current status, as if a key was pressed since it was pressed last spoke. The communication of the old PS / 2 port, which you can still find even on high-end gaming motherboards, is based on interrupts. This means that a keystroke is sent to the PC almost instantly and 'pauses' what the PC is doing.

The theory that many gamers hold is that this offers less delays than polling the USB connection. There are also PS / 2 to USB adapters that I used to test the PS / 2 connection. These have no electronics inside, as you can see here in this picture, where I opened one.

If you connect a USB keyboard to an adapter, then the keyboard changes from polling to interrupt. However, many, if not most, modern keyboards no longer support these adapters. To do all of these different tests, I bought 3 keyboards USB port and it won't work with or with a PS / 2 adapter.

It also has a USB polling rate of 125 Hz, which Cherry support told me. I had to contact them as there was no information about this keyboard polling rate. That also means that unless your keyboard's specs explicitly mention a USB polling rate greater than 125 Hz, it will likely run at only 125 Hz.

The second test keyboard is the Cherry G80-3000, which also uses USB, but comes with a PS / 2 adapter. And just like the MX-Board 3.0, it also has a USB polling rate of 125Hz according to Cherry Support.

Keyboard number 3 is a Corsair K70 Rapidfire RGB that uses USB and won't work when plugged into a PS / 2 adapter, it also has a switch that allows you to see select a specific polling rate. 1 means 1ms delay or 1000 Hz, 2 means 2 ms delay or 500 Hz, 4 means 4 ms or 250 Hz and 8 sets the polling rate to 8 ms or 125 Hz. You can also check the active polling rate in the Corsair software.

uninstall tablet drivers

So, all of these keyboards got my special treat where I connected 2 wires to the pins of the A switch on the back of the board. And in order to be able to connect and disconnect my external test box quickly, I simply used a 3.5 mm audio extension cable, as you can see in these pictures here.

Now let's finally take a look at the results of hundreds of high-speed input lag tests that I ran on these keyboards. In my first test, I just set the desktop refresh rate to 180 Hz and then started Notepad. Then I measured the delay between pressing the button on my test box and the appearance of the letter A on the monitor.

In the second test, I ran CS: GO at 300 FPS, with minimal graphics and a refresh rate of 180Hz with V-Sync and G-Sync disabled. I then measured the time between pressing the button on the external box and my player model responding to this input. With the Cherry MX-Board 3.0 I measured an average input delay of 39 ms in the notepad and about the same in CS: GO.

The Cherry G80-3000 showed 1ms more delay on average, but I would argue that this could be within the margin of error. So these are the delays in using USB. But when I then connected the Cherry G80-3000 to the PS / 2 adapter, I noticed about 9 ms less delay on average in the Notepad and about 11 ms less delay on average in the CS: GO.

So the PS / 2 connection really has less input lag. However, if you look at my results from the Corsair K70, then this keyboard crushes the PS / 2 results, even if it is running at a polling rate of only 125 Hz. Again, the keyboard switches make no difference, as I explained earlier in this article.

So if you skipped this part please go back and watch the entire article to understand what these numbers mean here. How can the Corsair K70's input lag be so much lower with the same butt fill rate? I think this shows us that they simply use superior electronics in the keyboard that detects a key press much faster than any other board. After all, the input delay of a keyboard is not only influenced by how quickly you can call up data to the PC, but also by how quickly the keyboard internally recognizes a key press and then makes this data available for transfer to the PC.

This applies to both USB and PS / 2 connections. Now what happens if I increase the query rate? from 125Hz to 1000Hz. Theoretically, this should reduce the input lag by another 7ms.

However, I only measured 3ms less delay in both Notepad and CS: GO. I used the Corsair software to ensure that the polling -Rate changes and I restarted CS: GO every time I changed the query rate. But even after restarting the PC to make sure the keyboard and windows are using the new polling rate, I still have a delay of only 3ms, not the theoretical 7ms.

As expected, the courses in between show only minor improvements in delays. A delay averaging 14.6ms is really good and nothing to seriously complain about, especially considering we have 5.5ms between 2 frames at a display refresh rate of 180Hz.

How about this Windows registry? Tweak I mentioned earlier that was supposed to reduce keyboard input lag? Well, as you can see here, it doesn't work at all and those who said it worked for them just suffered from the placebo effect which just shows how powerful your imagination can be when you want to really believe something . So what can we learn from these tests. If you have an old keyboard that works when you plug it into a PS / 2 adapter this will reduce your keyboard input lag a bit; but I'm not sure you will notice if you buy a new keyboard If you can't find that information anywhere in the specs, the keyboard will most likely use a polling rate of just 125Hz.

That said, the input lag of a gaming keyboard is a decent one Brand may not be that bad even if it has a polling rate of only 125 Hz. But I'd have to test a keyboard like this to be sure when it comes to mechanical keyboards, the key switches make a big difference. As a gamer, you might be tempted to jump on a keyboard that uses switches that have very short travel, like the Cherry MX Speed ​​switches, often tapping incorrectly or triggering a key incorrectly, as placing your thumb on the spacebar is enough pressure can cause your character to jump.

Whenever you want to buy a mechanical keyboard, always go to a store and type on different keyboards for a to find out which type of switch you like best. Again, I want to apologize again for the length of this article and how much time I spent explaining what it takes to run these keyboard input lag tests. But I think this was necessary to avoid confusion and it was used by my patrons and subscribers.

I also want to make it clear that this article was not sponsored by Cherry or Corsair. All in all, this article took over 40 hours to create and it was only possible thanks to the support of my patrons, as I had to buy the hardware I needed myself as my channel is just too small and the number of views on my articles is too low is than companies like Corsair sending me hardware for free that I can keep and torment with my soldering iron. So, if you enjoyed this article and what I'm doing here then it would be great if you could support me on Patreona's YouTube.

Unfortunately, the advertising revenue is no longer enough to run a niche channel like mine. Without the great support that I get from my sponsors, Battle (non) Sinn would no longer exist. You can find a link to my Patreon in the description below, there you will also find links to my social accounts, in case you want to stay up to date on the articles I'm working on.

If you liked this article then p Lease give it a like, subscribe more and I hope to see you next time! Until then, have a nice day and take care, my name is Chris and that was battle (non) sense.

Why is backspace so slow to delete in Windows?

Backspace is always slow, because of the whole Sticky keys and accessibility built into windows. Quickest way of deleting a word or group of words has always been the mouse highlight then hit delete. Wrong! Incorrect! Backspace is not slow! I used Backspace all the time to delete large text in short times!

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Type msc in the search bar on the taskbar and select Device Manager. Now right click on device type and select Uninstall device. Restart your PC and it will reinstall the system keyboard automatically. Check if backspace not working is fixed.

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