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B scorecard research - search for solutions

What is scorecard research?

It provides market research data to website owners through a mixture of online surveys and the use of web beacons. According to comScore, websites elect to take part in the company's market research. The website owners place ScorecardResearch web beacons into the pages of their website.

Hello, this is Gary from MacMost.com. Today, let's take a look at the new privacy reporting feature in Safari 14.

MacMost is brought out thanks to a great group of 750+ supporters. Go to MacMost.com/patreon.

You can read more about the Patreon campaign there. Take part and secure exclusive content and course discounts. After upgrading to Safari 14, a new Privacy Report button will appear at the top of the screen.

Let's go to a website and you'll see this button come to life. If you click on that, you will see a number there. Usually quite a large number for most websites.

The number of trackers that prevented you from creating your profile. Click to view the list and see a list of all websites. Websites you have never heard of and websites you are currently visiting.

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So let's go to another website. How do we say yahoo. We can click here and see the number for it and a number of new websites.

Now you may see some websites that are the same on different pages. Clicking the i here will give you a full report of the number of trackers that have been stopped in the past thirty days, the percentage of sites that have trackers, and a list of sites including all of the trackers that have seen on these websites. .

Then you can also create the list by trackers and view the websites for each tracker. The good news is that all of these trackers have been blocked from tracking you. This is because there is a function under Data Protection, Prevent Cross-Site Tracking, in the Safari settings.

As long as you have that activated, this report will actually show you the trackers that have stopped. So what is a tracker? When you find yourself on a website like this you might think that everything you see here is from this website. This is yahoo.com, and you might think that everything here is yahoo.com.

But that's not true. Some parts of the page are from another website. Like this ad here.

So the ad is basically an empty rectangle on the website and is filled in by another website of this advertiser. So any advertisements you see on a website are not from that website. You're just a reserved space and another website comes along and fills that space.

This is how web advertising works. So you're not just looking at this website. You're not just looking at yahoo.com here.

You are currently viewing yahoo.com, and in this case you are viewing 14 other websites. These are the 14 other websites that you will also view either in rectangles like the ones used for ads, or in hidden little bits of code.

These hidden pieces of code are loaded onto the website and are trackers. Sometimes trackers do nothing but actually collect statistics. The website owner may want to know how many users visit this website on a daily basis and a tracker is simply used to count this.

So you can see that 800 users came to your website today and 900 users came to your website tomorrow. So the traffic is increasing. The tracker is saved there so you don't get double counted.

If you visit the site once, you will be counted as one user and not several times during that day. However, other trackers remember the content of the page. So when you're on a travel page, it says you're interested in travel.

When you are on a car buying page, it shows your interest in buying a car. This information is then used to serve ads when you are on other pages. So if you look at some of these, like doubleclick.net here, it's one of Goggle's advertising services, and doubleclick.net can be seen on almost every page that serves ads.

So if you're looking at a topic-related page and you move to another website, both of them use Doubleclick.net and the ads can be customized based on your interest in topics, webpage to webpage. This is not inherently bad.

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It doesn't really know who you are or really know much about you. It just knows that at some point you were interested in buying a new car or finding a cheap airfare. Instead of showing you a random ad, you will now see an ad tailored to those interests.

Fortunately, these are prevented thanks to this cross-site tracking prevention feature in Safari. Safari detects that an advertising company is trying to track you from page to page and stops doing it. So whenever you go to a new page, you may still see an ad that matches a previous topic on another page you went to.

But it won't be because of a tracker like this one. Of course, if you voluntarily log into a system, e.g.

For example, you are logged into Facebook and you looked at certain topics on Facebook and then you go to another part of Facebook or a website that uses Facebook in some way and see an ad Well that will be able to to follow you for being logged into Facebook the whole time. You pass on your information to the system to which you are logged in. This is not a cross-site web browser tracker.

This is actually a tracker within the system that you are logged into. While this privacy report is interesting and keeps websites honest and shows you exactly which trackers they are using, it really is nothing to worry about. Cross-site tracking has been around for a long time.

Advertisers will always try to customize ads so they don't waste their money. They don't want to show you an ad of a service that you're not interested in. On the other hand, they want to make sure that someone is interested in their services and that these advertisements reach them.

It's nice to see this standout feature in Safari to raise awareness of Internet privacy, but all you can do is enable this feature. Although in the future we will likely have the effect that advertisers and advertising networks use fewer and fewer trackers. However, it is doubtful that this will happen in other browsers outside of Safari and also Firefox as a browser like Chrome is owned by Goggle and of course Goggle is interested in serving relevant ads as ads are their main source of income.

Is ScorecardResearch com safe?

B.scorecardresearch.com is a legitimate advertising service that website publishers use to generate revenue on their sites. Unfortunately, there are some adware programs that are injecting these ads onto web sites you visit without the permission of the publisher in order to generate revenue.

What is ScorecardResearch COM used for?

ScorecardResearch conducts research by collecting Internet web browsing data and then uses that data to help show how people use the Internet, what they like about it, and what they don't. ScorecardResearch collects data through from two main sources: surveys and web tagging.

Who is the company that does scorecard research?

ScorecardResearch, a service of Full Circle Studies, Inc., is part of the comScore, Inc. market research community, a leading global market research effort that studies and reports on Internet trends and behavior.

What does b.scorecardresearch.com mean on my computer?

If the Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer and Edge shows the b.scorecardresearch.com unwanted web site then most probably that your PC system is infected with an ad supported software.

Can you opt out of the scorecard research program?

You can control your level of participation in ScorecardResearch’s market research programs, along with other research programs that are operated by Full Circle Studies, Inc., or its affiliates. To opt-out of having ScorecardResearch’s market research programs associated with your browser, please click here.

Is there a way to block scorecard research?

There are many ways to simply block a website such as ScorecardResearch.com and block scripts from running per browser and system. The instructions below explain how to use the Adblock Plus plugin by Wladimir Palant as well as how to restrict website URLs. Google Chrome has a great free plugin called Adblock Plus.

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