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Is it safe to delete $Av_asw?

Thanks for your feedback. You have no need to worry about that folder, it is a legitimate folder created by Avast Anti-virus and has appeared in my system from time to time! ... To delete the Quarantine files, go to Avast and clean the Quarantine File.

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- Antivirus software is notorious for slowing computers down to the point that without thinking about it, the first thing I remove is when I get a new system with McAfee or Norton preinstalled, but while anti-malware apps are mature, put together Also, with the nefarious programs designed to combat them, modern computers are much faster than the Pentium 166 MHz I was using when I was used to.

So Antivirus is still running in the background like driving around with the handbrake on? Wow, that sounds awful. Terrible, unlike our sponsor. Thermal grizzly! Thermal Grizzly's Conductonaut liquid metal thermal interface material provides maximum cooling performance for your PC.

Music) (music fades out) To understand why security software affects system speed, we need a little background knowledge. As I mentioned in this 2014 Fast As Possible episode, Antivirus and Anti-Malware software are not exactly the same thing. Antivirus programs mainly focused on villains in the garden, such as viruses, worms, Trojans, and keyloggers.

And they would run in the background all the time so that nothing could slip through, which would have drained valuable system resources, could be used to render Lara Croft's tank top (clears throat) in more detail. But because antivirus programs are more focused on a specific group of known threats, they could miss newer malware. Similar to the famous attention experiment with the Gorilla anti-malware programs were added.

They are designed to perform regular, deeper scans of the entire system to look for patterns of behavior or symptoms that could indicate an infection, rather than a specific identifiable nefarious program. These deep background scans obviously take some CPU usage, and especially in the days of mechanical hard drives, would result in your disc flying around, making the system less responsive while operating Orse, most good anti-malware suites contain antivirus -Features such as real-time threat monitoring and downloaded files scanning, so this is like a textbook that triple the resources of known threats, so it always took more time and resources to search a list that was longer than a CVS -Receipt. Because of this, security applications have slowed PCs down in the past, but how bad is it today? some tests, selection of some popular security apps and no protection.

You know, as a control. Our test setup was designed to be representative of a high-performance gaming rig, but one from a few years ago, and we ran it with and without Windows Security, the built-in protection that, to our knowledge, had a pretty minimal impact on the Has performance. We've also used two of the most horrific anti-malware to ravage the prepackaged and laptops used by PC enthusiasts: McAfee and Norton. (angry computer noise) W We focused on everyday everyday activities.

They know how long it takes to download, install, and start an app. Unzip, transfer files and boot Windows. Something like that.

We also ran a handful of more enthusiastic performance benchmarks, and there are actually some surprising findings in our results. First of all, a modern quad-core CPU should be enough to handle basic background scans. Our gaming tests were pretty much a wash, and our worst outlier in Cinebench compared to our control was McAfee, with only about a three percent performance difference.

However, the following blew me away. Even with PCI Express and DM SSD, workloads that hit both CPU and memory were almost consistently slower with anti-malware than without, and both Norton and Ton McAfe had measurably higher performance penalties compared to Windows Defender. A file took 35% longer to unzip with Norton installed on the system, compared to our baseline, and Adobe Premiere Pro was between 5 and 30% slower to launch with Windows Defender and 25 to 35% slower with McAfee and Norton, compared to nothing.

Nothing at all, nothing at all. Lttstore.com.

Granted, for the most part this was just a few seconds, but in percentage terms it's just a lot more than I expected to the point where I think it's still one gives strong justification for the outrage that system manufacturers are bundling software, especially on entry-level machines. I mean even in places where I didn't expect it to matter at all. I would have told Riley not to bother with a file transfer speed test, we saw a shocking effect in the end.

All of our anti-malware programs were out of our control in a matter of seconds when we transferred a 1 gigabyte file to a server on our local network, but remember, this is one scenario where the bottleneck is our ethernet connection . When transferring to a local SSD, the difference was eight seconds with Norton and with McAfee in the background over 12 seconds is much worse than before, where a background scan started and you would literally make a hot chocolate or something while waiting that a game begins. So how did we get here? PCs have become exponentially more powerful than when I was growing up, and tasks that used to consume a significant amount of CPU power now take up a fraction of a percent.

Second, do you remember the large malware databases we talked about? hosted locally on your PC, but now anti-malware companies host them in the cloud, where servers can do some of the processing, which is a sweet relief for your PC, starting an app or downloading a file or whatever, actually took longer than subsequent tests. This makes sense because the security software knows that it will likely be safe next time once that app or process has been scanned that you start it. And it's nice that this feature worked because even if there is a performance hit initially, at least it doesn't always scan the same thing and slow down every task every time I'm not saying, 'Hey, go bareback, it's great you will love it 'protection is important, especially for people engaging in high risk behavior online.

We're just saying that this article definitely inspired us to be more aware of our background chores because even those that I've generally only accepted as part of the package, like Windows Defender, could be a digital boat anchor for your PC's performance. If you want to know more about it, there are entire websites devoted to Comprehensive Anti-Malware Testing. So if you have a few seconds and those few seconds are important to you, we will have some links in the description to help you figure out which ones to stay safe and fast with at the same time, e.g. some kind of tortoiseshell-bunny hybrid.

I'm not sure anyone wants this, at least not as much as they'd like to hear about our sponsor; Private Internet Access. What's in your online security toolkit? Adding a VPN will help you mask your IP and encrypt traffic to and from your devices. PIA offers a reliable service with over 30,000 servers in more than 30 countries.

They have no bandwidth restrictions and have configurable encryption with an internet kill switch that allows you to keep control of your connection. Combined with private browsing, PIA websites can make you think you are in a different country, with all sorts of benefits, such as access to content that would normally be geo-blocked or cheaper flights when it comes back You can connect up to five devices at the same time with a single account with clients for Windows, macOS, Android, IOS, and Linux, and they have a free trial. So check them out at the link in the article description.

Don't wait, it's great. Speaking of great, if you liked this article, maybe check out our-hey, we have some bold stuff the makers say. Normally I would say the actual word and just beep it in the mail, but my sons here are watching me record right now, so I'm not doing this, but we did one of those you know, some things, about the makers say? Windows game mode and whether it makes a difference.

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What is Sav ASW?

Margaret River. The A.S.W is a stylistic departure for Howard Park, being a red blend of all Margaret River fruit, and the only wine with a significant use of American oak.

Assalamu Alaikum! Walaikum Assalam! How was your day my son? It was very good Baba! How was it with yours? It was good too! Now are you ready for another Prophet's story today? Yes Baba! Good! Insha Allah! Today I will tell you the story of Prophet Isa (as) who was Er Baba? The meaning of Isa (as) can be seen from the status assigned to him.

He was the last messenger and prophet before Prophet Muhammad (saws). He was also the last ambassador from Bani Israel. Allah had shown a special favor to the family of Isa (as) by mentioning his name 25 times !! His mother's name is also mentioned 31 times! Masha Allah! This is amazing! Please tell me his story Baba! I'm so excited! Okay, now listen carefully! Bismillah! The story of the Prophet Isa (as) In the story of the Prophet Zacharias (as) we saw the Prophet the guardian of .

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The Prophet visited her daily to see her needs, and it went on for many years! The Prophet taught and directed them. Maryam (as) became a devotee of Allah (swt) and glorified Him day and night. One day Maryam (as) was praying in her room as usual.

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What is vault DB?

Oracle Database Vault provides powerful security controls to help protect application data from unauthorized access, and comply with privacy and regulatory requirements. Oracle Database Vault secures existing database environments transparently, eliminating costly and time consuming application changes.

If you need to build applications and manage application secrets, or maybe manage the infrastructure and keep those encryption keys secret I just found the right service for you, this is Adam and welcome to our introduction to the Azure Key Vault Service Key Vault, Key Vault has two main purposes one is centralization and the second is protecting your application secrets encryption keys for your infrastructure and disk management certificates but also has advanced features like HSM protecting your secrets if you need something more advanced, so the common case is using key vault for example web applications is usually inside From web applications, when you connect to a database, you store connection strings and typically use app settings for what you can do with key vaults Moving connection strings to the key vault so that your secrets are protected but also not visible in the portal, it is also of great use for the operational perspective.

Once the connection strings are secured in a key vault, you can access them from the web application with a so-called Reference the key vault reference and you just use this magic string in the application settings and it will automatically get the value from the key vault that is granted access for the web application, although there are some drawbacks to this type of referencing. Firstly, it doesn't work with Linux app settings, so it's not very good that way, you'll also find that the key in a portal is also unacceptable from an operational point of view, and thirdly, this reference you need requires to specify a secret version . So when you import keys, you have to replace them manually.

So it's not the best way to reference this through code, so it only takes five lines of code in a Dotnet core to use a managed identity, connect to the key vault and get that key yourself so it's pretty flexible. The usual other scenarios centralize secrets, if you have multiple services ices that need to use the same connection string, you can actually use key vault to centralize the setting so that when you're back to work these connection strings are actually replaced with all referencing ones Services are getting the updated version and finally one of the most common use cases for infrastructure management is full disk encryption, so you can easily encrypt your hard drives with key vault using CLI PowerShell or perhaps an Arm template and store this encryption key in a key vault service yourself, networks in Azure or specific IPs That you also monitor so that you can review and see in the logs who has accessed your key vault secrets and if you are using Azure Active Directory integration to access the Key vault can be managed very well via other Active Directory accounts or applications that you also have. To make sure that your content is always per application, it will still never lose and finally there was always dynamic scaling, so that regardless of Your use of the key safe can handle it and serve you very well.

Finally, you can access the key vault in several ways. One of the most powerful is the REST API, which lets you connect from pretty much any application out there, but you also have out-of-the-box SDKs for Java .netsome modules for node.js libraries for Python and with CLI and Powershell you are always there to script and automate your key vault access I have three demos for you today.

First, I'll show you how to create and manage your key vault. Then I'll run two applications first. I will create a client application logic app that will connect to the key vault and grab a secret and also I will be using a data factory that stores secrets and consumes them in the key vault for ETL purposes.

So let's go into the portal so that the portal clicks the plus to look for the key vault keyvault service hit create and of course you need to provide a resource group name. You have to provide the name a4e key Vault. This has to be globally unique as this will be your address for the key vault service in Northern Europe and a price tier of course, the only price difference for Premium you will also get this HSM for your advanced secrets management Nothing we'd take as standard today, I'll click on review and Create Validation and then click Create so I'll wait here for a minute after about 30 seconds the key vault has been deployed so I can click on the resource and show you what it looks like.

First of all this is your DNS name This is the public url for your key vault service This is especially important if you are using the REST API You have the pricing information here Directory of some overall inquiries The most important things are always on the left to your key secrets and certificates three months Not important things you actually use the key vault for, but in addition you have access policies Here you manage access to your key vault and as you can see, I as a user have access to the key vault with all permissions to manage key secrets and Certificates for my key safe. So keep in mind that this is a very important section because immediately, even though you are the owner of the key vault, you can also have access to the data in the key vault on the key secrets and certificates, especially if you are new to the key vault to grant yourself access here so that you can actually manage the keys yourself, if you need to add something new simply add an access policy here and grant access to an application or possibly additional users. Of course you have firewalls here too so we talk about if you want to limit access to the key vault to specific virtual networks or IPs you can do that from here k on today I actually have two things in my resource group paper, I have a logic App and a data factory I start with the logic app for the logic app, if you go there let's start with something simple let's start with an HTTP request as a fair man normal execution step let's add a new step and look for key vault There's the azure key vault step that you can use to get a secret before we move on here and log into Key Volt on the second tab, I'll actually reopen this key vault, go to the research group, go to the key vault, go to secrets and I actually will create one of the secrets so this time i'm loading a manual high i give it a name i call it my secret and the value is 1 2 3 and all as default one of the cool features you can actually set the activation date and expiration date for your secrets if you want to use some advanced security options that use this key sometime let it expire and you always disable and enable this key to be active or inactive so I'll hit create now.

I have my secret. What Ineed needs to do now is return to the logic app. We need to provide the name of the default setting.

This is just to copy the name from the portal once that pop-up booster just hit next, once you are logged in, it will connect to that key vault. If you have the permissions you should see your secret from the drop down list, then you can actually save this and hit run. Let's see the output within a few seconds you will see that we are getting a value of our secret in the logic app.

Check the trigger successfully and we see that we have drawn the secret of the value 1 2 3 as you can imagine that this is not the best scenario, but it also shows the principle of logging with my personal account with large apps in the key vault and always pull in the secret on logic apps, go to the settings and select the safe output so the secret is not visible in the logs let me actually close and delete this so you actually decrypt the secret can by actually managing the identity. I'll save this and show you how to do it since it's using my own account at the moment, but of course it should either use the service principal or you can use Manage Identity to do this - you're going to go back to the loophole too Load, go to Identity, select it to enable Identity for Logicapp. Once that's done, go back to your key vault and need to grant access to that identity management on your key vault service, so go back to Key Volt, you go to the access policies and of course I didn't have to do this in the previous scenario as I have my own account and have access to this key vault but now I'm going to use Manage Identity This is different from my personal account so I have to give it access to the key vault service so that you have to add an access policy you have to choose a service principle that the user can or the application in the case of ManagedIdentity is an application so you have to select it from the main window You have to enter demo and this is demo One of the loopholes select it, click add and very important that most people forget here is to press save Remember to click Press save or your application will lose your settings if you close this window.

So go back to the logic app designer and now you may be able to use HTTP requests. I'll show you how to connect via the REST API so I'm using HTTP This is a get request You need URI to get URI just go to your secrets click on your secret click on the latest version and grab it on secret identifier This is the URI for the variant This is the secret version, while each secret can have multiple versions, but the cool thing is that if you don't specify it, it will get the most recent value. One important thing here is that you need to add a version of the API in order to be able to call it through the RE ST API.

Once you've done that, all that's left to do is select authentication. As you call this API, you are actually authenticating yourself by managing the identity that I just created and granted access. Now just set an audience and the audience is very important and you you need to set it to 'vault.azure.net' which means when this is done and the managed identity changes to Azure Active Directory you will get a token for that service for this audience which is 'vault.azure.net' and with this token a request is sent to this secret This key vault a4e key vault reaches the secret endpoint and snaps my secret value so let's see if that works, let's hit save and run, then hide this and watch our logic app run.

We checked the trigger successfully and it was completed correctly. Answer of 200 and the value was 1 2 3 That was very easy it wasn't exactly I showed you how to use restfulendpoint and also how to use the out-of-the-box connector with Logicapps but also a very common case very used for key vault and secrets usage Datafactory Data Factory is your ETL tool that allows you to connect from multiple services. If you save the connection to these services, you can actually use the key vault for that.

So let's go to our resource group, go to the key vault and open data here, click Author and watch an open data factory window. Go to the Author tab and go to Connections. First you need to connect to your key vault from another subscription and of course don't forget to test the connection.

If everything is fine you should see the successful connection once you have the key vault link service which means your datafactory can connect your key vault there but you need to grant an access so go back to On your key vault click on it, go to Access Policies and grant access to the Data Factory to add access again Policy You need the secret permission Get and List In this case you can just select get and list, but list is also for some functions useful, so select the main type Demo in this case this is the Demo2 Datafactory Select Add Always remember the Save button Now your Data Factory Access to read secrets from the key vault. So, since we've defined a link service, your data factor knows which key ball to use, and we've granted access to the data factory to use the key ball servicelets. Do a quick demo test of my resource group I have a storage account so I go here to access keys and copy a connection string as I copied a connection string I go to Generate or Import my secrets I go to itstorage and add the value the connection string into the secret you can always click on the store check the current version you can even view the secret value, so as you can see this is our connection string to the storage account now in the data factory you can click on the azure blob -Storage and here select the azure key vault instead of the connection string, if you do just select your link service to your key vault enter a secret name for our walls called storage and if that works, if your key vault actually does an access granted with this data factory you can actually make a test connection and if everything works the connection is successful so just click create and your data factory will now connect to the key vault and the latest version of the secret with this blobstorage let's do one here very quick demo.

Let's go back to the store and generate the key it should successfully fall on but we currently have it and we are replacing it with a new key including a new connection string. So if you go back to the data factory and test the connection it will now fail because the key vault now has the old value, so if you copy the new connection string and go to key and go back to the store and choose a new version, type a new value and save it now. If you go back to test the connection, you will see that the connection is successful.

So we can manage your keys centrally. Solet lock in a few things first in the key vault itself. Let's go back to Key vault maybe use this tab back to key vault.

Remember, every secret has a version, and you can get that version by including that version ID in the URL. If you don't provide them you will always get the latest version, but of course you can Always check the head version history for every key in a key vault These are the most common cases for the key vault in the next few episodes I'll also show you how to use drives encrypt with the key vault, but for today these are the most common cases that the key vault is used for The Application Secrets There are many more scenarios you can use the key vault for, but today I just want to leave one important thing up to you, which is You should remember, if you manage secret certificates or encryption keys, key vault is the right service for you and the more secure you want to be, the more reasons to use key vault service, to be honest, I use it for almost all applications I'm making If you liked this article, thumbs up , leave a comment and subscribe if you want to see it more and see you next time

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