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Ako certificate errors - possible solutions

How do I fix a Ako certificate error?

Answer 14.1: Open Internet Explorer, Click Tools, Internet options, content (tab), certificates (button) and delete all the certificates listed. Remove, then Re-insert your CAC into the reader, your certificates should automatically reload.

Hi Thomas here.

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Today we're going to discuss how to fix an issue where your Mac won't load certain websites. We have five different fixes planned for today, so stay tuned. Okay, we're going to go through five solutions in detail.

If one doesn't work, there are several more to try and I invite you to re-watch the parts of the article that I may be doing too quickly for you. I apologize for this in advance. So let's get started, and before we start, you should also make sure that your adblocker or antivirus software (e.g.

Norton, BitDefender, etc.) is not causing the problem, it is not causing the problems, just disabling it and trying to open a website that you are having trouble with. Okay let's get started Number one: the first step is to click on the Apple logo (top left corner) then click on System Preferences and once it opens click on Network.

Now on the Wi-Fi tab (left tab) click on Advanced and now we need to look for a couple of things. First, make sure that Configure IPv6 is disabled. Next, we're going to renew the DHCP lease to simply reset your connection to the network.

Now click on the Hardware tab and make sure the configuration is set to automatic. Ok, if that didn't work for you, let's move on to the second method. Number two open the terminal and in the terminal run the following command networksetup - setv6off Wi-Fi.

Remember that the description also says to copy and paste you which I recommend you as it won't work if you make a typo. This command should override any settings that interfere with setting your IPv6 to OFF. If that didn't work for you, let's move on to number three.

Okay, this method is a little more complicated now. In the menu bar for the Finder, tap Go at the top and as soon as you tap Go, a drop-down menu opens which is a tap on Folder. An alternative to all of this is to type the following command: command + shift + G Anyway, it will open a window where you type / etc / hosts.

Now open the hosts file with TextEdit and I invite you to pause the article now to make sure everything looks exactly like mine. If it doesn't look like mine, click on the article in the description titled 'Hosts Fix' as this is a little more involved and is likely your problem. Okay, number four.

system error 1355

To do this, we will basically delete our Safari data, i.e. open Safari and click on Safari at the top Now click on Settings Now click on the Privacy tab and click on 'Manage website data'.

Click on 'Remove All' below once it loads, and when you see the pop-up just click on 'Remove Now'. This will now erase all of your Safari data and possibly fix the problem. If it doesn't, we have number 5.

So for this final solution, we're going to make sure all of your web proxies are turned off, so click on Applelogo and click on System Preferences, then click on Network and open the Wi-Fi tab Click Advanced and open the Proxies tab. Ok everyone, that's basically it for today, if none of these fixes work for you I have included an apple link in the description for you to get help from them or you can comment on what your problem is and as well maybe you need a more specific solution, but i reply to comments and i will try to help you. So thanks for watching, if this helped you, please leave a like or comment or subscribe to some of these.

How do I fix my CAC certificates?

CAC Cert Issues
  1. IE Cache clearing. a.
  2. Republish your certificates. Sometimes removing certs from Internet Explorer and then republishing them alleviates issues.
  3. Run the root cert issue resolver tools provided by the government. Click the "Tools" tab to find them.
  4. ActivClient Software.
  5. Old/Expired Cert Removal.

You might be wondering what the hell a PIV certificate is so here we are running from the military communications on the website you will have military comm slash reference to the reference page here gives all the acronyms and references so let's click the P for PIV, so PIV is personal identity verification, it's basically a fourth certificate that's on every Cax, so everyone has it on their CAC, but mostly it's hidden, leaving you wondering who needs that PIV certificate exposed and why good personnel who are in the say National Guard Army Reserve who also have a job with the federal government or basically wear two Kaxes, the example could be an Army Reserve soldier who is also a DoD contractor or a National Guard and a DOD civilian so we start with the military CAC we are already in the military K so we will be here, we are on the email information page of the DoD company this is the peo request, whoever updated the PIV certificates is someone who has an email address.

Nobody has used this certificate until now, but the only way to get the different certificates for their different personalities break down how the direct government defense has ruled, if you are a civilian and a military person you only send emails based on that particular person. So if you're a soldier you're sending from your Dot Mil account, if you're a civilian or a contractor you should be sending from that particular account so scroll down on the Enterprise email page here so you can see your dual persona users are still migrating so click dual persona to have it speak here How do I add my Pip Certificate to my CAC so I can access my email , this is classified as a dual persona individual and there is the example again, so this example that I'm running right now will be Windows 7, so this information guide here from the DMDCdefense Manpower Data Center that tells you how to activate an app ill Items they don't mention above that are very important, so I have them here. So, if you have a 64-bit version of Windows 7Vista or XP, you need to use everything in 64-bit mode, i.

H. 64 bit active client, 64 bit web browser, and 64 bit java trick questions how do i know what i am using so you can right click on the computer and go to properties and you can on that computer here see that it is using a 16-bit operating system or a 64-bit operating system.On this basis, we need to check which version of Activeclient we have, so we right-click on the active client and immediately go to that active ClientCAC x64 so far that Bravo the Active Client and Windows for 64-bit match that you have to do is a 64-bit Internet Explorer sometimes you can click on the start button all programs and you have Internet Explorer 64-bit if you can't see it there you can go to the computer on the local hard drive C or whatever with you is called Program Files not the x86 but the program files internet explorer and then you have internet explorer exe, so I'll ic h start this now so that we actually have it ready for the next steps.

While we think we're going to the Control Panel in the easiest way I've found to check which version we actually need to go to Programs and Features, if you don't see that particular view I'm enlarged icon you can go to Category view too go this is going to be an uninstaller so let's sort by name or look here for a Java7 or Java in this case you need to make sure you have a 64 bit version installed no problem if you only see one if you only see one see you probably either have a 32 bit system or you weren't in a 64 bit browser to install java in this case if i didn't have it i would just go to the 64 bit web browser and go to java Go Comm and get the latest version. The current version of this shot is 751. It is also called the JRE or JavaRuntime Environment Computer If the 64-bit version of Windows is running, we checked that I had a 64-bit Java installed and I checked that I updated an active client or an active 64-bit client and also make sure it is the latest version so we will close this.

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We are in the web browser now so the site we are going to go to, actually we go back here for the guide and I have some links here there is www C or just DMV Cdot mil some people had to go to mil connect so we will do it just try using self service and see if it works for us tonight and of course it went to that browser so we don't want this one because it won't work if you get some funky errors if you leave it at this particular version we go to dmdc os d ml / selfunderscore service you have a choicehere we will log in and we read consent to monitoring we go to okokay my access center i will sign up for this particular site that I was very lucky with the email certificate so we will let you know on my page. Other screen it is a prompt from my pin so I just entered that you can see We'll get closer, it says Rabbit's Rapidsself-Service, so see where PIV is enabled here, so we click Enable PIV Now At the bottom of the page it says Java Runtime so we will allow it as soon as I allow it, it reads data from the CAGRApids self service applet marker I accept the risk and want to run the application select Execute continue to read data from CAC says it can do ten or more It takes minutes to finish it sometimes still reads data from CAC which I've learned sometimes that the browser kind of hangs the Java in the background, so I just move it around a bit to see if it does something else for us as far as it doesn't matter now, we're still reading data from CAC. You may want to fast-forward the article at this point.

Still reading I have no idea why it takes so long, sometimes I'll actually pause this article eo right now OhEric Potter has popped up, I don't want to run this application I learned with this site just if you think that you pointed it out, you will be prompted again so I'm on the java other than hopefully seeing this article and we're going to read data from CAC again right now we're getting some read data from cat initialize you get that percentage in Okay then we will update the CAC enable the PIP i am sure i want to do that i will do it say yes and we will go through waiting for further steps it seems to be 60 70 percent is somehow here where it hangs if You're over now, so it's about 70 percent, well, we're still getting closer to 70, but do you activate the pivot? Certificate or Pip Authentication Certificate You name it wait here should be done shortlyAll Rightpit Off has been enabled on your CAC so the next important step here is that we're done with this site so we'll just log out, okay, so have We're signed out of this before doing that, although I'll go to Tools Internet Options Content Certificates, you'll only see these top 3 here for DoD email and DoD CA Okay so we'll conclude we're going back to that Activeclient go what i guess i closed for active clients, reopen when i go to my certificates i only see three regular tools, the extended forget status for all cards and i learned i do it twice, just go, don't quite believe me when I can right-click on my stivAchatz for the first time and make Windows available ok I still get three that's no rmal, so I just pull my card out of the reader for a moment and then put it back in again You can see where it's being accessed Let's see if it did Ferb double click on my certificates and now there are four so now I am none dual person i feel like i am but i am not so let's go back and check that we see the certificates content certificates you see now there are two, there is su for two emails and two non-emails my pivot 'iv so the website using this is going to be web dot mail dot mil, if you hit ok on this page, ok for anyone who is a double person using windows 7 you will see right there where to hold your mouse over your name. Use a US Government ID Government P Certificate The authentication certificate would basically be hovering your mouse over the PIV. Select it Click OK Prompt for your PIN You will then be welcomed to the site In this example I'm not a duplicate Activate only the pictures I could show you I will enter my PIN in my other window like you here I'm on the Web - Mont If you can't get where you see Web - Mont Web - whatever that means your PIN is not activated or you are not a dual person you activate your PIN for no reason to let it call You can add your favorites if you want, but don't have to.

We're going back to the military CAC page so we've gone through all of these steps. The little guide here will walk you through what I did you can do? Change your e-mail address there too, but for all army users the e-mail is now our main address. You've talked about the different versions this computer is now using Active Client 6.2 I haven't personally tested on a Windows 8 computer, but Windows 7 and Vista and XP work fine with the client active sometimes you have to go into the Java security settings in Java and going into the control panel so let's go through this quickly and show you this while we're here I'm going back to the control panel this I want to change it back to big or small icons we are going to java.security, this time I have to give you that too Start by telling the security level you want to reduce to Medium, so Java Security and then Medium, if you don't have Medium you will have trouble getting the site up and running and that will show up here You will need to change your Java Security Settings go to java safe control panel security move the little bottom two now to medium when using internet explor it doesn't work for you there are options ns if you are on a 32 bit version of windows you can use firefox and here is the guide you click the link for firefox you download how to set it up properly will actually walk you through a guide on how to make this 64-bit Windows you have a program you can use water fox It's a 64-bit equivalent of Firefox.

Same process again, to do it, you need to have Activeclient installed for this to work. This guide tells you everything that's right in Wasserfuchs here in the setup, so we've talked about how to activate your pee you need to forget the status for all cards and make it available for Windows I'll tell you again how to do it now no way to activate your pipusing Windows 8 and no way to activate it with a mac there is another way to activate your pair to share your pit without activating it i You can try it yourself, but you should don't have to do. Basically you have now successfully activated your PIV certificate and this was another email or apology article here from Mike Danbury and the military CAC com enjoying your day

Why are my CAC certificates revoked?

Error 53 Information: This is usually caused by your certificates being revoked on your CAC. This can be because it is expired, you changed branches of the military (example: Regular Army to Army Reserve), retired, or your contract end date changed for contractors.

In the operation of some cryptosystems, usually public key infrastructures, a certificate revocation list is a list of certificates that have been revoked and therefore entities presenting those certificates should no longer be trusted.

Revocation statuses Two different revocation statuses are defined in RFC 3280: Revocation: A certificate is irrevocably revoked if, for example, it is determined that the certification authority has not correctly issued a certificate or if it is assumed that a private key has been compromised. Certificates can also be revoked if the identified entity does not comply with policy requirements, such as the publication of incorrect documents, misrepresentation of software behavior or violation of another policy set by the CA operator or its customer. The most common reason for revocation is that the user is no longer in sole possession of the public key: this reversible status can be used to note the temporary invalidity of the certificate, if in this example the private key was found and nobody had it Access to it, the status could be restored and the certificate is valid again, which removes the certificate from future CRLs.

Obs .: Value 7 is not used. Publish revocation lists A CRL is generated and published periodically, often at a defined interval.

A CRL can also be published immediately after a certificate has been revoked. The CRL is always issued by the issuing CA. All CRLs have a lifetime during which they are valid; this time frame is often 24 hours or less.

During the lifetime of a CRL, it can be obtained by a PKI-enabled application to validate a certificate before use. To prevent spoofing or denial-of-service attacks, CRLs wear usually a digital signature made with the CA from which they are published. In order to validate a particular CRL before relying on it, the certificate of the relevant CA is required, which can usually be found in a public directory.

The certificates for which a CRL should be managed are often X.509 / public key certificates, as this format is often used by PKI schemes. Revocation vs.

Expiration Expiration dates are not a substitute for a CRL. While all expired certificates are considered invalid, not all non-expired certificates should be valid. CRLs or other certificate validation techniques are a necessary part of any properly operated PKI, as it is to be expected that errors in the certificate verification and key management will occur in real operation.Microsoft was incorrectly issued to an unknown person who had successfully passed himself off as Microsoft to the CA.

who was in charge of maintaining the ActiveX 'publisher certificate' system. Microsoft saw the need to patch its cryptography subsystem so that it could check the status of the certificates before trusting them. A patch for the corresponding Microsoft software was released at short notice that explicitly lists the two certificates in question as 'revoked'.

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Problems with CRLs best practices require that the certificate status be maintained wherever, however, and that this must be checked if one wants to rely on a certificate. Otherwise, a revoked certificate can be falsely accepted as valid. This means that in order to use a PKI effectively, one must have access to current CRLs.

This online validation requirement negates one of the original key advantages of the PKI over symmetric cryptographic protocols, namely that the certificate is 'self-authenticating'. Even symmetric systems like Kerberos are on the existing ce of online services. The presence of a CRL implies the need for someone to enforce policies and revoke certificates that are considered to be in breach of operational policies.

error code 0x800f0805

If a certificate is erroneously revoked, significant problems can be created Since the certification body is tasked with enforcing the operating guidelines for issuing certificates, they are usually responsible for determining whether and when a revocation through the interpretation of the operating guidelines is appropriate. The need to consult a CRL before a certificate is accepted leads to a potential denial-of-service attack on the PKI, in the absence of a valid CRL available, no certificate acceptance-dependent operations can be performed. This problem also exists for Kerberos systems where the failure to obtain a current authentication token prevents system access.

However, there are no comprehensive known solutions to these problems, but there are several workarounds for various aspects, some of which have been proven in practice on ptable. An alternative to using CRLs is the Certificate Validation Protocol known as the Online CertificateStatus Protocol. The main advantage of OCSP is that it uses less network bandwidth and enables real-time and near-real-time status checks for high and high value operations.

Firefox 28, Mozilla announced that CRL will be discontinued in favor of OCSP. Authority Revocation Lists An authority revocation list is a form of CRL that contains certificates issued to certification authorities, as opposed to CRLs that contain revoked end-entity certificates Trust Certificate Server ReferencesExternal Links RFC 3280RFC 5280

Why does it say no client certificate presented ako?

No Client Certificate Presented Error on AKO Login is a common error seen by the Army personnel. This is due to using a browser that doesn't have the required certification. You will come across this error when you're trying to have access to AKO (Army Knowledge Online) on a personal computer.

okay in this article i show you how to install the dod certificates so that you can check your military mails and use the ako website from your home computer this is now mainly aimed at people in the army but with a little research it should be be pretty similar for all the other branches, so what I have here is a brand new Windows 7 installation, um the only thing I really did was just install Google Chrome just because when I'm working with military websites is in my experience it is best to just use windows 7 and not upgrade internet explorer, just leave it with whoever came with it, it just seems that their systems are archaic and work best with archaic technology.

Now, I wouldn't recommend using this Internet Explorer for anything else, so we're going to put everything we need through Chrome and then we're going to use Internet Explorer to check everything properly. The first thing we do is go to Google Mill up CAC on this website right here military capcom so right here this is a treasure trove of information if you skim this they let you know everything how here you can get the 2016 office for $ 10 we actually the military have a lot to do with all these companies to give a software and everything for cheap. The only problem with this is that you set up your inbox so that your military forwards this email to another location as the Download hyperlink will be disabled so you won't be able to open it even after purchase We are going to come up here now and we are going to go to software install and then click on DoD Certificates and then we are going to come down here now we can still do it the complicated way , but this website made an all-in-one installer.

You just click a button and it does it for you so let's go right down here where it says Download i nstall route 5No and we will click on frommilitary kak and it will install now I tried 7-zip it said it's corrupted so if you don't want to pay more than I tell everyone, google is your friend, do a little research and you should be able to figure it out, go ahead and unzip it and then you can try something different I'll show you how it works Okay you're wondering - because I have everything up here, that's a virtual machine, it's basically a computer in a computer, but that's over for another day so that's done so I'm coming just pull this out here, don't need that anymore, let's double-click on it and we'll run it let's click next next next next comes without ads or anything, so you don't have to worry If you're just using this, I recommend that you just keep clicking and then just clicking Run. Now everything will be updated and this will go through and show you how to use it It's really simple all you do, this install click yes everything goes on and it will show you all the certificates that have been installed so just click ok yes all right, we see here you can click on the smart card reader installed below that is ok now we are going to open this upnow switch that is online and that's it, i mean you are like this pretty there, there's no no black magic, you don't have to sit there and try to do a lot of research and get a bunch of different files more like just clicking a button and then that's what your email is concerns, um, since I'm an army reservist I'll show you how to do it the reservist way. I don't know how you would do it on active duty, but I suspect that while on active duty you probably have access to computers connected to the network anyway so this whole thing mostly affects reservists because I don't know if it's like one Year unit is running but in my unit we have nothing and we have to do everything with it basically click on it, we were moved to enterprise mail so now just click the link a many people will think it failed because of this one Banner it will bring you You will come back to this banner as soon as you log in when you visit it a second time With this one you want to click on your email certificate so click on this one and then click OK and then enter You enter your PIN, then click on it now, you see it will take you right back and then you just have to go through the process one more time and then it should get you in d log in to an email and that's it so that's all there really is to do with installing DoD drivers these days, it's pretty easy, um, if you don't have windows 7 i'll probably be going to do some more articles make the h show how i do it in windows 8 and 10 probably won't be a month or two because my80 is coming so i will be walking away but when i come back i will probably do this i will also be links in those Description up to about If you want to get a cheap laptop and get an internal card reader for it, you just have something around that you want to turn into your own little government mini laptop, you can do that and go through the process with it and then always have a laptop ready for togo i will make some articles i will make a article about DTS a lot of people don't understand the travel systems and how to do it it's easy, it takes n Just another program that's installed there probably will make a lot of articles about how ALMS works and show you a lot of stuff because apart from Microsoft Office for tendollars I don't know if the other branches do this, but the army will provide you too the full McAfeeAntivirus suite is available and it's a three year subscription ly free, so I'm going to show you how to do that and go through pretty much anything tech and internet in the army in the hopes that You watch these articles to go smoothly because with this setup you can do things like the gap from home if everyone has the option to do the gap from home that will save you from being a drill, until eight at night so everyone can regularly switch off that one computer they can use and it will just make everything in life a lot smoother you go and that's it i will stop this article here and then more expectantly in the future it will go on

Is there a certificate problem with Ako email?

Using IE 8, I was able to access the AKO website. ( https://www.us.army.mil ) I'd get the error page stating, 'There is a problem with this website's security certificate.' I could just click on the, 'Continue to this page. (Not recommended.)' to access AKO. I recently upgraded to IE9 and now I can't get past the error screen.

How to install DoD root certificate in Ako?

Enter your AKO username and password. iii. Select the link labeled DoD Root Certificate at the top. iv. Click the link for Install Root V2.18.A and save the file to your desktop. v. After the file has completely downloaded, go to your desktop and click on the InstallRoot2.18A file then follow the directions.

How to solve Ako specific problems and solutions?

Answer 19: Internet Explorer users: 1 Answer 19: Internet Explorer users: #1. Verify you have the latest DoD certificates installed 2 2. Follow the guidance in this PDF to make sure your browser is configured correctly. 3 3. Go to: Tools, Internet Options, Advanced (tab) and click on: Restore advanced settings (button) 4 4.

Why do I get certificate error even after correcting date?

If you see the Security Certificate error even after you correct the date, then either the certificate of the website has really expired as it had to be renewed from time to time, or the site is not trustable.

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