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Afterglow headset drivers - lasting solutions

How do I connect my afterglow Bluetooth headset?

Plug the Afterglow wireless transmitter into an active USB port on the Xbox One console. Your transmitter's LED light will flash, indicating that it is on and searching for your headset. 2. Press and hold the large ON/OFF button on your headset to power on.

Who company makes Afterglow headset?

The AG 9 is a premium wireless headset officially licensed by Microsoft for Xbox One from PDP, the #1 third party manufacturer of video game accessories.

Okay folks, we're back to test some brand new headphones and that is going to be the PDP afterglow today, a g9 that's a bite as you can see this one is available for the PlayStation 4.

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They have them available for the Xbox One too, the only difference is really that they are green and I think it might make the Xbox One come with some kind of adapter, I'm not entirely sure, but they are both wireless and they actually are wireless chats so you actually don't have to have anything plugged into the PS4 before we dive into the headphones. Let's go and start with the accessories Now with the accessories, you get a very long microUSB charging cable, which is important because you keep it charged but the box says there is actually 16 hours of playtime, so 16 hours is really really impressive on a full charge, you also get an when you want to use it, the auxiliary cable plugs straight into your mobile device or tablet or anything else so you can use this option These come wirelessly with a small USB dongle, which is here a Has a connection button so you don't know you're not plugging it in, that no cable goes from this to the back of the device or to the back of your PC or whatever? you just plug it into the boom you'll go now the included microphone isn't really pliable it's very very stiff straight plastic there's nothing that covers the microphone itself as much as your pup and all it really picks up it's pretty much sensitive how that works, but we go ahead and let you hear a microphone test, well folks, this is a microphone test with the PDPafterglow ag9 Now I wanted to record that with the headphones so that you can get an idea of ​​what the microphone itself sounds like personally that it's very tinny compared to some other headphones I've used, the microphone isn't necessarily the strongest point on these headphones, but you know what price you're getting for and what you're getting Wireless you go I have to see it this way but again this is just a test to give you an idea of ​​what the microphone sounds like. Okay so now we're on to the headphones themselves as you can see that they are very similar to the PDP afterglow prism headphones that changed them on top of the very very softphone-like stuff and although they look big, they actually weigh a lot lighter than their previous headphones, especially for people who have the game and you know these things can be under your head for hours, making sure they're comfortable is pretty important.

The build quality of them is one thing that worries me a little where it's marked right from right and left, but the plastic and the fact that it just looks like it's barely stuck there just makes me feel like it could they snap stupidly they have it so I can't really talk about it. I would just say it's a problem that they're all made of plastic and a matte plastic so it won't fingerprint unless there's gloss here so it fingerprints has the clear look so you can see the circuit in here and this lights you press and hold here boom so to speak you see the blue that is your power button on the left side it is also your mute button and then you have a mode button here and that is for bass boost or something gets the bass boost mode and then there's a precision mode that somehow lets you hear things the way they're supposed to, so the bass boost is the one I liked the most, we get right into the sound, the auricle is very soft, it's not memory foam but it's really soft, very flat. So if you have ears that stick out like that, you can feel it inside.

Now I got warm after a while but most closed headphones really don't help but now the sound itself is the most important thing I start with the wired mode for that when I used it connected to my cell phone it was okay it was nothing overwhelming and when you plugged it in via the additional cable you can't use the bass boost or the precision mode it's just like that, you just have no choice you just hear it the way it does is a whole different story sound with the USB connection to my PC is really amazing as far as playing games goes, it did a really good job separating your left and right sounds. Now that's not 7.1 surround sound or anything like that, which most people don't understand, this is really just simulated surround sound, but overall, as far as the USB goes, I now listen to a bit of a movie checked out music playing games if that USB plugged in it's really good the bass boost mode was my favorite is really punchy, but it never drowned out anything and it wasn't muddy, it was very clear, it was fun to listen and when you play games you want to having fun anyway so sounded a blast, great bullets sped by oh my head sounded really impressive with these they were just kidding, there's no other way to say that so i have to say these are a huge improvement over their earlier wireless headphones.

So if you have any of the previous headphones and you really like them you know these are better than you've had some in the past, he didn't really like them but you kinda knew about them you might want to try these out because for 99bucks completely wireless also gives you the option, like my red it's really impressive 16 our battery lives really impressive sound really impressive but this is a quick review I hope you like it, if you have any questions about this headset, please let me know know thank you very much for watching this article and stay tuned for more

How do I troubleshoot my afterglow wireless headset?

Follow these steps to run the troubleshooter. a) Press the ‘Windows + C’ to activate the charms menu or move the mouse pointer to bottom right corner of the screen and you will get thecharms menu. b) Click on ‘search’ and select ‘settings’ and type ‘Troubleshooting’ and select ‘troubleshooting’.

Why is my headset not working with Windows 10?

My afterglow wireless headset no longer plays the sound since my upgrade to windows 10. In windows 8 there used to be two settings in the playback menu, one was the afterglow headset and the other was just a generic headset option.

How to set up and use a headset on Windows 10?

To do this, we run through similar steps carried out for the headphones. Right-click the sound icon in the taskbar. Select Open sound settings. Choose Sound control panel on the right. Select the Recording tab. Choose the microphone. Hit Set as default.

Is there a generic headset in Windows 8?

The generic option is no longer in my menu and that was the one that made my headset work the option named after the headset is there, but like in 8 it doesn't work. The mic still works and my pc has recognized the headset it shows in devices and the drivers are all installed and up to date. I have tried reinstalling them as well.

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