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System error 1355 - how to deal with

How do I fix error 1355?

33.44 is the IP address of the DNS server. Run nslookup and verify that it connects to the same DNS server. Check your DNS client settings to make sure it is pointing at the right one. Check the event log for error messages for additional clues.

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Lens problems are common with all camera brands.

Usually this is caused by sand or grit interfering with the lens extension mechanism. Or the camera was dropped with the lens extended. Or the camera turned on but the lens was blocked and prevented it from extending.

Or the battery was empty with the lens extended. Fortunately, around half of the cameras that are experiencing this error can be easily fixed using one of the methods below. Neither of these methods involves opening the camera, although some others can cause damage to the camera if done in excess.

If the camera is still under warranty, please contact the manufacturer of your camera first to see if they will handle the repair or how much they will charge for the repair. These repair methods are in. listed the order of risk of damaging your camera.

So make sure to try them out in the order listed. And remember, these fixes (# 6 and 7 in particular) should only be considered for an out of warranty camera that would cost too much to repair and would otherwise be considered for disposal if not repaired: # 1: Remove the batteries from the camera, wait a few minutes. Insert a new set of batteries (preferably rechargeable NiMH 2500 mAh or better) and turn on the camera.

If you're using rechargeable batteries that are more than a year old, consider buying new batteries as they may not provide enough power to start the camera. # 1a: If new batteries don't work, try the menu button hold down. Function, Function Set or OK button when switching on the camera.

This, along with Fix # 1c and # 2, sometimes works for lens failure caused by battery depletion while the lens is extending. For those of you who are still able to access your camera's menus with this error, try finding and selecting the 'Factory Reset' option to restore your camera to its original factory condition. With some Canon cameras, this can be done by holding down the menu button for up to 10 seconds with the camera switched on.

Be aware, however, that lens failure can sometimes override the reset option and therefore the option may not appear. # 2: If the camera's batteries were completely empty with the lens still open, the camera may display a lens error or not start properly with new batteries installed. Remove and leave the memory card removed and insert the new batteries.

Turning on the camera with the card removed may bring it back to life as it will reset some cameras. Error E30 (for older Canons) means you don't have a memory card installed, so turn it off, slide the SD card in and turn it on one last time # 3: Insert the audio / article (AV) - Cable of the camera and turn on the camera. Plugging in this cable ensures that the camera's LCD screen stays off during the startup process.

This means that additional battery power is available to the camera's lens motor during the start-up process. This extra power can be useful in overcoming sand or sand particles that can block the lens. If the AV cable does not fix the lens defect on its own, consider leaving that cable installed while you try Corrections 4, 5, and 7 to provide extra performance to aid in those corrections.

Note, however, that I DO NOT recommend leaving the cable installed during Fix 6 as you can damage the AV port when you tap the camera. Do not plug the cable back in until AFTER tapping the camera. # 4: Lay the camera flat on its back on a table facing the ceiling.

Hold down the trigger and press the power button at the same time. The idea is that the camera will try to activate the autofocus while the lens is extending and hopefully put the guide pins of the lens barrel back into their slots. # 5: Blow compressed air into the gaps around the lens tubes with the idea of ​​blowing out any sand or grit that may be in it and blocking the lens.

Other variations include inflating with a hair dryer on the 'no heat' setting or sucking the gaps with a vacuum (be careful with this setting). Some people have also used a 'shop vac' with this fix to extend a retracted lens. # 5a: If you actually find that sand particles are stuck in the gaps around the lens barrel and blowing air won't help remove them, consider using a thin sheet of paper or a sewing needle to remove them.

Be especially careful not to scratch the lens barrel with the needle. I also don't recommend drilling too deep around the lens barrel with the paper (don't go more than 1 cm or 1/2 inch). In particular, I do not recommend probing deeply around the outermost (largest) gap in the lens barrel, as you can remove the lens barrel dust seal, which is located just inside that gap, during the repair.

The following repair techniques definitely carry some risk, so carefully consider your options before considering the following fixes. The following fixes are NOT recommended for a valuable camera. The following corrections should only be considered for an out of warranty camera that would cost too much to be professionally repaired or would be more than the value of the camera, and only for a camera that would otherwise be considered for disposal if it were Has not been fixed # 6: Repeatedly tap the padded / rubberized USB cover on a hard surface to remove any particles that could be blocking the lens gears inside the camera.

Other variations include slapping one side of the camera against the palm of your hand. Many people have reported success with this method. HOWEVER, there is obviously the possibility of damaging or removing internal components, e.g. # 6a: This is a variation of Fix # 6 and should be tried if the lens tubes appear straight (not crooked).

In other words, try this if there is no obvious mechanical damage to the lens tubes causing the problem. With the lens pointing down, try tapping 'gently' around the lens tubes with a small object such as a ballpoint pen or pencil. The idea is to try to remove any sand particles that might be blocking the lens barrel.

Try turning the camera on and off at the same time. The next repair steps discussed are very extreme and can damage your camera. However, they have also proven to be most effective at correcting a lens aberration.

Consider the following only for a camera that you discard when you cannot repair it yourself. # 7a: Note that this particular fix is ​​only for cameras with lens tubes that try to extend but then stop halfway and then return to their saved position. Try to grab the smallest inner lens barrel and hold it in its most extended position to prevent it from returning to the camera.

Inspect and clean the area around the lens barrel for dust or dirt. Turn off the camera and restart it. If the lens expands any further, grab it again by its furthest extent and prevent it from coming back.

Clean again. Repeat the process until the lens is fully extended. Turn off the camera and restart it to see if the lens error is resolved. # 7b: This is particularly important to consider if the lens barrel appears to be obviously damaged, bent, or crooked, e.g.

B. by a fall. In this case, think of the lens as a dislocated shoulder.

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Try forcing the lens to straighten it and put it back in place. In such cases, the guide pins on the lens barrel have come loose from their guide slots (see illustration below). Your goal would be to try to put them back in by straightening the lens.

Stop for a 'click' to indicate they have been reinserted and at that point immediately stop forcing the lens. More people reported success with this method than with any of the other methods (see the surveys in the right column). Variations on # 7b include gently pulling, twisting, and / or rotating the lens barrel while pressing the power button.

Examine the lens tubes carefully for slopes or unevenness. Again, the goal is to try to straighten or straighten the barrel if it is crooked or twisted. Another variation is to look for uneven gaps around the lens barrel and then press down on the side of the lens barrel that has the largest gap (note that pushing the lens barrel all the way in is NOT recommended as it can get stuck there ).

During each of the above steps, look for a click again, indicating that the lens barrel guide pins may be seated back in their guide slots. If you hear that click, stop immediately and try the camera out. The following photo shows uninserted guide pins that would cause lens failure.

Repeated attempts at the above steps may be required. Consider repeating these steps, especially as you see progress in operating the camera. The camera was finally repaired after three attempts with Fix # 7b.

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If you try these fixes, please post a comment about how the fixes worked for you. Your experience can help others. Note that most of the fixes listed here actually came from reader comments on my blog site.

If the above fixes didn't work for you, please visit my blog and read the comments made by the readers, especially the newer ones. There are other techniques listed by readers that might work for your situation. When posting a comment please include your camera model and the specific fix that worked.

Also, please comment if none of the fixes were successful or if you've tried something else that worked. Kamerareparatur.blogspot.com

How do I find out what Net users are using my domain?

2 Answers
  1. Use remote desktop to get to a computer in the domain.
  2. Use the Windows runas command-line command in front of your net user command.
  3. Shift + right-click Command Prompt and select Run as different user.

Next I want to create a group called helpdesk so I type in net group helpdesk / add / domain and hit enter and I have a group called.

created helpdesk I would like to add user Jerry to the group helpdesk. So when I type in net grouphelpdesk jerry / add and hit enter, I add the jerry account to grouphelpdesk so I close my command line interface by typing exit and then hit enter and then I want Active Directory users and Start up computer to check out the work I've done so we're in the users container, which is the default container for users and groups, and there's Jerry, my user. I just added their help desk.

We just created and when we double click on Helpdesk and go to the Members tab. Jerry is now a member of the help desk why is this useful? I see a huge advantage in this if you want to write a script like a CMD file there is no group called Cartoons I'm going to minimize this and go into my libraries and double click on documents and I have net command dot CMD which is a script that I do previously, if I right click on the script and left click on Edit, what this script will do is add two users, Rocky and Bullwinkle, who will ask me for their passwords, and then I will become a group name cartoons and then i will add Rockyand Bullwinkle to the group so the script i wrote it innotepad and saved it net command dot cmd so there is no txt extension, it is a cmd file and when i double click on the script watch what happens i I'm asked for Rocky's password I enter it I have to confirm I am then asked for Bullwinkel's password I have to confirm and it disappears would create domain users and domain groups and manage group membership by adding users to a group using the netcommand command line interface or using the netcomman d within a CMD script which is Brick House Labs Comm and thanks for watching

What does error 1355 mean on Windows 10?

If you are on a domain, you need to be signed in as an administrator to change user account passwords. Error message 1355: means 'ERROR_NO_SUCH_DOMAIN'. The message associated with this error code is 'The specified domain either does not exist or could not be contacted'.

What does error 1355 mean in Miis reskit?

1355 translates to ERROR_NO_SUCH_DOMAIN and is usually related to a DNS problem. You need to make sure that you've got DNS setup correctly such that you can correctly resolve the SRV records in the other forest. To add on to Paul’s response… In the MIIS Reskit, you can find a tool called MIISDCInfo.

Why was dcdiag error 1355 named clinic instead of medical?

The error was 9906.' But it may just be another symptom. DCDIAG information is below, but the first failure, error 1355, has me stuck. This domain is now named 'CLINIC' whereas before it was named 'MEDICAL'. This was done intentionally to avoid a conflict when workstations were added.

What is the error code for Microsoft System Error?

The specified attributes are invalid, or incompatible with the attributes for the group as a whole. Either a required impersonation level was not provided, or the provided impersonation level is invalid. Cannot open an anonymous level security token. The validation information class requested was invalid.

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